Her Return


For those of You that have asked (and You know who You are!), this is fiction, as were my previous two submissions. Of course, if there is a willing (Dominant) Woman out there who would like to make it a reality…

Her Return:

There is a knock on the door, and I hurriedly jump up to answer it. Opening the door, I am greeted by a wondrous sight, She has returned! As we hug warmly, I enquire how Her trip was.

“It was a long one, but not a bad one, thank you. Anyway, I am back now, so things can start getting back to normal can’t they!” She replies. “Why don’t you fix us some drinks, then you can take these cases upstairs, ok?”

“Of course,” I reply, as I step past her and pull Her heavy luggage into the house. She had been away on business for a long time, and I had missed Her greatly. The few calls She had time to make were a comfort to me, but in no way made up for the loss of Her presence. But She was back now, and my mood had lightened.

Coming back into the lounge with a bottle of beer, and a glass of chilled, white Chardonnay for Her, I notice that She had already made Herself comfortable. She was reclined on the sofa, Her shoes kicked off Her feet, and was idly flicking through the soft rock music channels on the TV. Handing Her the wine, I slide to the floor by Her feet. “I see you slipped back into bad habits while I was gone?” She says, as She raises an enquiring eyebrow towards the bottle in my hand. Sheepishly, I smile up at Her. “It’s OK, you can have that one, but that will be the last!”

“Yes, Mistress, thank You Mistress.” i meekly reply. i am immediately surprised, though i know i shouldn’t be, at how easily i have slipped back into my role, my role as Her submissive. “May i massage Your feet, Mistress?” i ask.

“Yes, that would be very welcome, little boy.” i unclip the stockings that have adorned Her legs, exposing Her softly tanned flesh, and pour some Almond Oil onto my hands. Taking one foot in my hand, i kneed the soft underside. From heel to ball, each thumb strokes upwards and out, from the centre of the heel to the outside edge of the foot, slowly, deeply, i stroke. Then i take each toe, gently pulling on it, stretching it, finally rubbing between each one, spreading the light sweat that lays within. i then lay the foot on one hand, and stroke the top of it with my other, strong strokes, feeling each of the tarsel bones with my fingers, circling Her delicate ankle, gently stroking at the achilles tendon. i repeat the actions with Her other foot, taking my time over the task, for i know that She has used these feet to exhaustion during Her work.

“Ah, that feels much better, keep going” As She opens her mountain of mail, She encourages me to continue, and i am only too happy to oblige. Reapplying more oil to my hands, i lay Her foot in my lap, where it pushes on my growing erection. With long strokes, from ankle to knee, i gently massage Her lower legs, speading the oil over Her already glowing skin, kneeding my hands into Her tired muscles. i also rub the front of Her leg, long slow strokes, taking my time on Her, carressing Her skin, relaxing Her soul. As i massage Her other leg, between ankle and knee, She (absent mindedly?) rolls Her foot across the bulbous head of my cock, pushing it down, then stroking the sensitive skin through my clothing. “OK, that’s enough,” She tells me, now that i have massaged both lower legs. “we need to finish this upstairs!”.

As She stands, She picks up Her glass of white wine, now half full, and makes for the stairs. “You need to bring your beer bottle, and my luggage, oh and bring Me that magazine too”, and She disappears up the stairs. Looking to Her pile of mail, i see three magazines. “Shit!” i whisper, which magazine did She want? i take the easy option, and grab all three, then reach down to get my bottle.

When i reach Her bedroom, i see that She has already stripped down to Her panties and a bra, and is busy spreading a towel on the floor. “i didn’t know which magazine You wanted, Mistress, so i brought all three” i mention to Her. She smiles, shaking Her head. As She sits Herself on the bed, She asks me “Where is the oil, you haven’t finished my massage yet?”.

“Sorry, Mistress. i will go and get it now.” i reply.

As She lays back on the bed, She tells me “Yes, go and get the oil, and my luggage!”. i leave the bedroom, with a backward glance, i see Her taking a deep breath, kuşadası escort then slowly letting it all out. As i descend the stairs, i frown, thinking ‘it must have been a tiring flight home for Her. What can i do to make Her comfortable?’. Reaching the lounge, i grab the bottle of Almond Oil, and Her luggage, which, although it is heavy, i manage to get upstairs all in one go. As i enter Her bedroom again, leaving the luggage by the door, i look to Her, only to find that She has fallen fast asleep. Suddenly, i know what i can do to make Her comfortable! Nothing. Quietly placing the oil on Her bedside table, next to Her glass, i kneel beside Her on the floor.

As i kneel there, i watch Her, watch Her chest rise and fall, slowly with each steady breath. i watch Her eyes flutter slightly, as She dreams Her dreams, and momentarily, i wonder of what She dreams. i watch Her face as She sleeps, Her lips parted, they gently purse in and out, pushed by Her breath. Laying on the floor by Her feet, i wait for Her to awaken, for i know that when She is ready and has rested, She will.

As i lay by Her feet, i look at them, they are always an enchanting sight. Small toes curl slightly toward the ground, the nails polished with red. The delicate ankle that has been so thoroughly massaged shines in the light from the window, its smooth curves belying its strength. Her calf is strong, its muscle and tendon slides easily beneath Her skin. As i lay there i watch Her sleeping, letting Her recuperate at Her own pace.

Some time later, as i watch Her feet, i see one satrt to twitch, and know that She awakens. The sun now streams in through the light gauze at the window, lighting the room, it must be around four in the afternoon, i think. i sit up, and watch as She raises Her torso from the bed, a frown creases Her face as She looks down on me. “How long was I out for, little boy?”

“Not long, Mistress, it is now four o’clock. You must have been very tired.” i reply.

She smiles, and replies “Yes, I am” and stifles a yawn with Her hand. “But we have something to finish don’t we?”

“Yes, Mistress.” i crawl over to the bedside table, and move the oil to the floor by the towel. As i do, i notice the glass that still stands there. “Would You like a fresh glass of wine, Mistress.”

“I think I would, thank you.” She replies. As i nod my head and disappear down stairs, She rises, and settles Herself on to the towel, leaning back on the bed. On my return with Her fresh glass of Chardonnay, i see that She has Her eyes closed again. She is *so* tired i think, as i quietly place Her wine on the bedside table, only to turn around and find that She is watching me, a smile playing on Her lips. “No, I am not asleep again, just resting my eyes.”

“Yes, Mistress.” i smile to Her, and hand Her the glass. “Is there anything else You would like before i resume Your masssage, Mistress?”

“Just pass Me the garden brochure, then begin again.” i pass Her the brochure, then fall to my knees, by Her towel.

i pour Almond Oil into my palm, and rub my hands together, spreading the liquid. Gently, as She sips Her wine, i massage Her thighs, starting with the knee, each stroke a small circular motion, pushing deep within Her tired muscle, moving the blood, massaging Her aches away. Slowly i rise up Her thigh, now massaging Her mid thigh, where Her skirts fall to. Slowly rising higher, now massaging where Her stocking top would lie. Slowly higher still, now where Her mini skirts rise to, almost to the Nirvana that is Her pussy.

“Whoa, boy, whoa!” She smiles at me, “don’t forget the other leg.” She takes another sip of wine, and watches me repeat my actions on Her other thigh, kneading Her muscle, smoothing Her skin, rubbing Her troubles away. Reaching the lower edge of Her satin panties once again, She stops me once again, and stands up. “Take off my panties.” Momentarily i glance down to my own groin, knowing of the pink silk that i wear beneath, then realise that i must remove the panties that She wears. Reaching up to Her knees, i slide my hands up the outside of Her thighs, enjoying the soft, silky feel of Her skin. Sliding a finger beneath each strap of satin on Her hips, i slowly pull the material down, it resists slightly within the juncture of Her legs, and glancing up to Her face i see She has closed Her eyes. i watch Her for mere seconds before i resume my task, kuşadası escort bayan and have soon slipped the panties down Her long, slender legs. i wait patiently for Her to make Her next demand of me.

“Nice.” She sighs, as lays Herself down on the white towel. “Thank you for the massage, but i need something more from you now. Give me what i have not had for long and long, pleasure me. Oh, and please wear more appropriate attire!”. A blush rises on my face, and a quizical look appears on Hers. i remove the Orca adorned t-shirt, and guiltily smiling, peel down my jeans, revealing Her pink silk panties, wildly stretched over my erection. She smiles, but it is not a happy smile, more a wicked, thought-provoking (for me) smile.

“We’ll deal with that later, for now, just get on with what i have asked for!” She says, Her voice low. Humbly, i kneel between Her legs that She has spread slightly. i lean toward Her and wish that She had showered first, Her scent is heavy and strong. But then, is this not the very thing that i have missed these long days and nights since She left me? This wonderful aroma, Her essence, Eau d’Mistress! Smiling slightly to myself, i lean further forward and breath in that scent, those molecules of Her that have been released into the air, those molecules that enter my nose, my mouth, my lungs, that become fused with me, and feed my devotion to Her. Slowly i kiss Her lips, a slight salty taste enters my mouth as i softly lick the skin around Her pussy, the valley where each leg joins Her thigh.

With each thumb, i gently part Her pussy, a barely audible snick as moist flesh parts from moist flesh. Slowly, softly, i blow over Her skin, cooling the sweaty area. Then my tongue enters Her, enters that heavenly place. In a slow circular motion, my tongue wide and flat, i stroke Her within, and can feel the blood engorge Her flesh, Her muscles quiver. Continuing the motion, i delve deeper, easily finding that part of Her that gives Her the most pleasure. The source of Her pleasure has swelled in size, growing toward my beckoning tongue. As they both touch, i feel Her whole body shake, Her breaths quicken, Her pulse pounds, as does mine as She clamps my head between Her strong thighs. With each stroke of my tongue, She pants more, writhes about on the floor more. Sweat falls from Her legs, making the contact between us slick, slippery. Her sweat also beads on Her breasts, falls across Her slim stomach, pooling slightly in her belly-button. Closer to Her climax, Her pussy attempts to clamp down on my tongue which is now buried right up to its root, my lips mashed against Her pubic bone. Then the floorgates open, my face becomes drenched in Her liquids. As much as i can, i drink from Her, but still Her passion is so great that my chin, cheeks, and nose soon start to glisten with Her juices. With each pump of Her muscle, more flows from Her, i can feel the long days that She worked being drained from Her body, Her soul becoming cleansed of the frustrations She has felt. With each thrust of my tongue, i remind Her of whay i am Hers, what She means to me, of Her power over me, i remind Her of Her place in my heart.

After the storm, a lull, but not a long one. Soon after i have satiated Her, She wants, no demands, more. “69 Me, now!” She roars, Her primevil lusts deepening Her voice a shade. Swivelling around so that my pantied groin hangs above Her face, i once again lick at Her pussy, this time tasting only the sweet nectar that was produced such a short time ago. Meanwhile i feel Her hands at Her panties, where they nestle my cock and balls. Pulling down on the front of the waistband with one hand, Her other scoops out the erection that She easily finds within. As She lets the panties ‘ping’ back into place just behind my balls, She starts to lick at the cock that hangs above Her. Soft, slow, gentle licks caress the very head, where all the nerve endings are, and in my lust i bring Her to another climax. Slowly She nibbles the foreskin, gently biting, licking softly, kissing the length of my shaft. Taking a break from Her ministrations, She asks me:

“Whose cock and balls are these, little boy?”

“Yours, Mistress”

“I see you have kept them shaved, but have You also played with them while I was away?”

“Yes, Mistress” my head burns with shame.

“Did you cum? And You know that i will find out!”

“No, Mistress, escort kuşadası i could not cum.”

“Why not little boy?”

“For You had not let me, Mistress!”

“Of course! Carry on.” Though i cannot see Her, i know Her lips smile, and eyes burn brightly in their sockets.

“Yes, Mistress.” Slowly i lick within Her once again, feeling Her lips on my source of pleasure, even as i find Hers with my tongue. Her fingers trace Her balls, as my tongue traces Her inner walls. Her tongue traces Her cockhead, as mine finds that secret source of Femminine Power within Her, and i am beseiged with liquids once again. Her hands now find Her balls, heavy as they are with many weeks buildup of cum, they hang to nearly half the length of Her engorged cock. Still She licks me, kisses me, sucks on me, teases me, brings me so close to the edge, only to stop before i fall over it. All these weeks i have missed Her, wanted Her back, lusted after Her words, and still She teases me, does not grant me release. Well, such is my lot, it is one i certainly would not change.

When Her body has recovered from the many climaxes that i provided for Her, She sits up, smiling at me. “Soon you will get what is due to you, but for now go run me a bath, little boy.” She tells me. As i move to the bathroom, my mind wonders what ‘what is due to you’ actually means. Will i get to cum soon? Have i dispeased Her in some way? Has She bought me something, or arranged something for me while away? my mind is in turmoil, again She has successfully scrambled my brains. Up is down, left is right, down is up and right is left, inside is outside, and black is white.

In the bathroom i pour a generous amount of moisturising bubble bath, with a relaxing evening primrose scent, into Her bath, and turn the taps on. Making sure the water is not too hot, i wait while the bath fills. i wait and think of Mistress’ firm body slipping into the water, of Her soaping Her pert breasts, running the sponge down Her body, through Her legs, and my aching erection burns, telling me to rein in my thoughts, but i am unable. i see Her washing Her long, slender legs, the suds almost covering Her soft skin. i see Her lying back in the bath, Her head resting on the bath side, He eyes closed. The top of one knee is visible through the floating bubbles, as are the twin mounds of Her breasts as they gently sway with the movement of the water. Soap bubbles gently cling to Her shoulders and upper chest just like the fine lace of Her silk nightgown, the nightgown that i have slept with these last few weeks.

With a sharp slap to my naked ass, i am rudely thrust from my daydreams by my Mistress. “How is the water, little boy?”. Quickly i check the bath, and am relieved to find that it has not overflowed.

“It is ready now, Mistress.” i tell Her as i turn off the water flow.

“Thank you, but i think you need to leave the room now, don’t you? Why don’t you sort my things out, then take an early night, tomorrow is going to be a long day!” She informs me.

i reply, “Yes, Mistress”, and leave Her to Her bath.

As i sort through Her laundry, separating the whites, from colours, delicates from cottons, i realise why i have been in such a mess for the past few weeks. While She was in my life, i had failed to realise how important my Mistress was to me, and my life. Is it not the case that “you don’t know what you have, until you lose it”? Yes, in this situation, that is so true. i had only realised it when i felt the void that Her departure had created within me. Now i never want Her to leave me again, but i know that She will, know that She must. They will be so difficult to bear, those departures, and i can but hope that they will not be too frequent, or last too long, for i am scared to think of what i become when She is not with me. For when i feel that She is not in my life, i regress. Regress back to my former life, the anger that i felt most days, the depression with my lot, even though that lot was not as bad as i always imagined it to be. When She leaves, my submission is starved of a target and it turns inwards, eating me up from the inside, devouring all that i am, all that i would be for Mistress. But She is back now, and Her words are like a salve to my emotional wounds, they will heal, and i will be stronger for having suffered them. i will also remember the pain that i felt, and will know not to be so foolhardy in the future, whatever that may bring.

Loading the washing machine with the first of Her loads of washing, i retire to bed, and sleep a sound sleep, knowing that my Mistress is near, that She has returned, that my plight is over, at least, for the time being.

The End.


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