Her First Play


The girl had been nervous for most of the day, the anticipation of this evening, her first public scene. she knew she wouldn’t have a problem with the scene itself, she had been tied down and whipped many times; it was knowing that others would be watching. Several times, her Master assured her, she would be the loveliest slave there, but still deep inside, her heart raced.

Entering the huge hall, her eyes darted around the room quickly, looking for a familiar face, even a face she didn’t think belonged there, like a coworker, or client. Finally her eyes fell on her dear friend, janie, and her eyes lit up. she felt comfort knowing she had another friend here with her. janie was there with another dear Friend, Sir Charles. Eyes still scanning the room for others she might know, her Master attached her cuffs, collar and finally hearing the click of the leash, she realized she hadn’t been focused on Him, as she should have been. Quickly she dropped to her knees, thanked Him for her cuffs, collar and leash. Then she apologized for the lack of focus. He pulled up on her leash, raising her to her feet and forgave her, He did understand her excitement and how she could forget. He did remind her to be more aware the next time; He wouldn’t be so lenient the next time that happened.

Taking her by the leash, He led her over to the table to join their friends. The scenes had already begun, there were two crosses, a frame with hooks so that one could be tied spread eagle, yet standing giving complete access to all sides of the submissive. Tonight there were two spanking benches, she was hoping that her Master would start her on a spanking bench her first time in public. she was given the opportunity to voice her choice earlier in the day, so her Master knew of her wish. He had figured as much.

They watched several scenes take place, finally, she felt the tug on the leash, and it was her turn. Nervously, taking one last swig of water, she rose and walked behind Him. she could feel her hands tremble, she wasn’t sure if she could feel her legs below her, but they must have been there, she hadn’t fallen yet. Then she noticed the eyes, eyes of subs, Doms, Dommes, watching them as they crossed the room. Reality hit, she was going to be stripped down, tied down, and spanked, flogged, whipped, in front of all these people. her cries would be heard by all here, they would see the tears stain her face, see her tremble, in all her glory. In her mind, she chanted, ‘you are strong, you are brave, you are going to make Him proud’. Over and over she chanted, and slowly her nerves kuşadası escort calmed, her breathing regulated, and again, she saw her Master walking just in front of her.

He led her to the, yes, it was the spanking bench. her heart leaped, and a smile crept to her lips. “Thank You Master, this girl doesn’t deserve someOne so wonderful.” He smiled back at her, stepped closer and kissed her on the mouth, slipping His tongue in, claiming the mouth as His own. In her mind, she now had the confidence, that she could do this not a problem, and would enjoy every second.

Standing there, facing the bench, she watched Him take all His toys out of the bag and place them in order on the table. Finally, He turned to her, and taking a seat in the chair, He told her to undress. Already been told to keep her bustier, thong and garter/stockings on, she unfastened the vest she had been wearing. Quite low cut, and revealing the top of her bustier, all knew what was underneath, her breasts pushed up creating a beautiful, full breast. Slipping the vest off her shoulders, she folded it and placed in on the bench in front of her. For a quick moment, she realized, that she was undressing in front of strangers, complete, utter strangers, and it didn’t phase her in the least. Actually, until she thought about it, she felt as though she were at home, in the comfort of her living room as she had done many times. Next her hands moved to her waist, and followed the line to the back, slowly pulling the zipper down. Wiggling her hips to slide the black mini skirt over them she now realized that she was creating a show, tantalizing not only her Master, but also those that watched. Eyes not leaving His gaze, He was grinning from ear to ear, He had waited so long to play His girl in public.

Folding the skirt in half, placing it on top of her vest she picked up the two and went and placed it over on the corner of the table that was left free to hold them. Never feeling quite so sexy, she loved the feeling of being on display. she wondered why she had been so nervous.

Standing in front of the bench, she looked up and on His signal she stepped up, knelt down on the pad, and she reached over and across to the armrests on the other side, her head and shoulders off of the bench. He came around and fastened her wrist cuffs to the rings on the bench, there wasn’t much give, given her size, her arms were pulled down. He squatted down in front of her face, reminding her of her code words and asked if she was ready. A nod of excitement, and a smile, she took a deep breath and kuşadası escort bayan replied that she was ready, and had every confidence in Him to take care of her. Placing a kiss on her lips, He was gone. Relaxing on the bench, her head dropped down, and all her hair fell over the edge, hiding pretty much everything that she might have been able to see.

Waiting, she wondered what He was going to start with, she wondered what the view was like from the other side, she wondered if it would be the same as at home, her mind raced from one thought to the next. she peaked from under all her hair and she realized, everyone was now watching her, as she had watched others and she felt a flush to her face, she hoped she made her Master proud. Then she felt His hand slide over her back, down to her ass, and down her leg. Letting all other thoughts drop, she was now completely focused on His touch, on Him.

Feeling Him tap either side of her legs, she realized that her knees were too close together, and she quickly spread them apart. Then she felt the flogger, slide across her ass cheeks. He slowly started whipping her ass, back and forth, gentle to start, working her up to harder lashes, to using the harsher toys, the ones that would really get her attention. Reminding herself to relax, and to enjoy it all, she had a hard time not trying to guess what was coming next, wondering what she looked like. The music seemed to get louder, and she felt to lick of the flogger on her skin. In her mind she released herself, set herself free from all thought, and only felt.

Changing His tool of choice, she stopped guessing what it was, although there were some that she couldn’t help, like the sticks, and the cane. she wondered, would she go into subspace this time, all that she knew about it, she had heard about, yet had never experienced. Feeling the sting of the sticks, the thud of the flogger she loved every minute. Not really sure what she was feeling, her mind was lost, it was as though she wasn’t quite there, and then it came rushing back, remembering where she was, the voices behind her the music blaring. Peeking from under her hair, she saw two men sitting in chairs they had pulled up to the rope barrier and she looked from side to side, they were the only ones still up here, they must have been watching this scene.

her ass wiggling on the bench, dancing to the beat of her Master’s strokes, it all seemed so choreographed, but she also knew, that her Master loved that about her, she moved, she was alive, basically she was putting on a show, escort kuşadası a show for Him. Enjoying every second, every stroke, every bit of attention her Master gave her. The more intense, the more she danced. It got to the point, she truly did not have control, and that was the ultimate feeling.

Again, her mind was swimming, and she felt a sense of not really realizing what was happening. The voices were gone; the music was a faint hum in the back, and all that she heard was the swish of the crop through the air. Master was now pushing her, pushing her passed her limit. He had never pushed her this far before, she couldn’t imagine that she was able to take all of this. The heat was rising, and she squirmed trying to escape but she was going nowhere. Loving it, hating it, she thought for a moment to cry out her safe word, stopping herself, she knew she could handle it, she trusted Him completely, most of all, she wanted her limits pushed. The rush of having them pushed this far, in this forum was more than she had ever imagined. At that moment, the voices were back, the music was pulsing, and she realized she had tears escaping her eyes. Not completely understanding it, but she remembered hearing that that was a good thing.

Feeling her Master slowing down, He had pushed her as far as she could go for this evening; she took a deep breath and slowly let it out. she started shivering uncontrollably and her mouth was dry. Unable to speak, her Master brought the glass of water to her lips and let her slowly sip. He covered her with her blanket, He hugged and caressed her, assuring her what a good girl she had been, how proud He was of her. Then He set to unfastening her wrists. Slowly, taking the time for her to get her balance she was helped to her feet. It was strange to her, the heat in her backside, yet she was shivering. Sitting in the chair, she sipped her water and watched Him put away everything, then assisted her in getting dress. Finally she braved looking up, surprised, there were more than half the crowd gone. Where did they go? How long had they been up there? It didn’t seem to be that long, half hour, maybe an hour. They walked back to their seats, she still clinging to the blanket.

Talking with her friends, they informed her that she had put on quite the display, having many stop and watch her. Master telling her how scrumptious her ass looked, being framed by the garter belts. They had been up there, for two hours. she truly had lost track of time. A wave of fatigue washed over her, she was drained, could no longer keep her eyes open. They all realized how tired they were, and decided it was time to head home.

Lying in bed completely drained, she nuzzled ever closer to her Master, and thanked Him for the fantastic evening; she had never felt so free. Kissing Him softly, she smiled and drifted off to subbie dreamland.

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