We had played around with bondage before. What horny couple didn’t? Nothing too rough, just using my old ties to keep her from being able to use her arms. Our bed has the perfect headboard for it, with nice bedposts to tie Jennifer’s hands to. We’ve been married for ten years, since we were 22. I’d estimate that I’ve tied Jennifer up maybe 7 or 8 times, and she had tied me up twice. As I said, nothing too hardcore — just giving the feeling of being under someone else’s control. (Honestly, Jennifer was never too good at tying knots, and my hands had pulled out of the ties fairly early on both times. But I never let on and I pretended to still be helpless.)

Lately, however, we have occasionally been trying a few new things in the bedroom (or out of it). Maybe it was the recent tenth wedding anniversary that had something to do with it. Let me describe us so you can get a mental picture. I am a fairly tall blond, not as athletic as I like to think I am, but nicely trim and in better shape than most 32 year olds. Jennifer is also tall, with light brown hair and a great body. Her thin frame looks perfect with her gorgeous B-cup breasts, a tight butt, and legs that go on forever.

Anyway, I have a very memorable night to tell you about. It started normally enough. Jennifer was planning to read in the bath. As I sometimes do, I joined her in the tub with my own book to read for a while. However, about half an hour is about my time limit for a bath. So, I toweled off and climbed into bed, naked, and quickly fell asleep (assuming I had missed out on any chance for sex that night.)

I groggily woke up some time later to the pleasant sensation of being kissed awake. Jennifer seemed to be kissing with a lot of enthusiasm as she twisted me onto my back and stretched my right arm over my head. I woke up quickly when I realized what was happening. She was tying my wrists to the bedposts, and I wasn’t about to resist. She really surprised me next, though, when she also tied my ankles to the posts at the foot of the bed. So, there I was — completely naked and spread eagle, and loving every second of it, as my wife looked on in her terry cloth robe.

Jennifer gave me a look that I hadn’t seen very often and said, “I promise you this. You are going to have the biggest, mind-blowing orgasm of your life. But, you’re not ready yet.” I had to disagree. I felt extremely ready! She said she had to go change into a new negligé first. Considering her excellent taste in sexy nightwear, I had no arguments. After a couple of minutes, I heard her right outside the bedroom door as she said. “Its just a tiny something that I whipped together.” She walked in wearing just whipped cream — a dollop on each nipple, and a strip covering her crotch. “I hope you’re hungry!”

She came over to the bed and leaned above me, offering me a covered tit. I thoroughly enjoyed uncovering her hardening nipple. When the first breast was clean, she shifted over me to offer the other one. I took a bit more time to tease, nip, and lick; by her “Mmmm”s, Jennifer was enjoying almost as much as me.

“Just a bit more of the appetizer,” she said as she straddled my face with her lovely thighs. As much as I love eating both whipped cream and my wife’s snatch, I was a bit unsure about licking the froth out of her curly bush. I tentatively stuck out my tongue into the white foam, and was surprised to contact only bare skin underneath. “I must have gotten a bit carried away as I was trimming the hair there,” was all Jennifer had to say about it. I enthusiastically devoured the whipped cream, and proceeded to let my tongue explore and caresses her lower lips. Much sooner than usual, Jennifer’s panting became heavy. I wrapped my lips around her swollen clit and began to suck and lick exactly the way she loves it, and she almost instantly exploded in an amazing orgasm.

As soon as she could talk again, Jennifer said, “If I wasn’t planning on making it special for you before, I am now!” Meanwhile, my cock had been rock hard since the moment I first was awoken, so I looked forward to my reward.

Jennifer leaned down toward my prick and, without using her hands at all, slid her mouth over it and swallowed it nearly to the base. She very rarely deep-throats me, so I thought that this was her special treat for me. Instead, after just a few seconds, she slowly pulled her mouth back up the shaft and with a loud slurp, let the head pop out of her lips. “Not yet, honey. I’ve got more in mind for you!” she said.

Jennifer went to the bathroom and returned with some lotion. We buy a massage lotion that has a pleasant, mild strawberry flavor, because you don’t want to spread something on someone’s body that doesn’t taste good. I expected her to use the lotion on my legs, chest, or even cock. Imagine my surprise when she instead squirted the lotion onto her own chest.

To understand the significance of this, you need to know that Jennifer thinks that masturbation and touching yourself is strange. She has never felt a desire görükle escort to bring herself to orgasm (which I take as a compliment to my talents). Once, when I was going down on her, she tried tugging at her own nipples — it did nothing for her but turned me on tremendously. After several strong hints about how much I enjoyed seeing it, she has occasionally rubbed her breasts to get my attention if I am watching television and she wants to go to bed early.

So, as I watched her slowly rubbing this lotion around her lovely mounds, I knew she was doing this for the soul purpose of turning me on. I watched the white cream being massaged in circles around her nipples, and then she used the palms of her hands to move up and down over the hardened nubs. Having done this to her often before, I could imagine just how good those breasts would feel.

“As much as I am enjoying watching you do that, my hands are getting a bit jealous,” I teased her.

“Would you like a feel,” she asked. Jennifer walked over to where my right hand was tied to the bedpost and rubbed her right nipple across my palm and fingers. She then pulled away. The sensation had been amazing, and I tried to reach for another feel. That was when I realized how well she had tied me up. There was no give to the knots, and my hand was left grasping at air.

“Sorry, it’s my turn again,” she said, continuing to rub the lotion into her soft skin. She began to almost purr as she finished rubbing in the creamy substance. “I like to imagine that it is YOUR cream that I’m rubbing all over myself,” she teased me.

“That can SOON be arranged,” I hinted strongly. But, my exquisite torture was not to end yet.

I could tell that Jennifer was still very turned on, both from her previous orgasm and her ongoing plans for me. She moved back to my confined right hand and squirted a small amount of the strawberry lotion into it. Unsure what her plans were, I just held the lotion expectantly. Then, she moved up and sat on my hand, saying, “This is one part that could use some help from you for massaging.” I did my best to oblige, rubbing the lotion into her lovely genital folds. Jennifer was squirming, trying to help my constricted hand touch all the right places. I slid my middle finger into her quim while the palm of my hand rubbed against her clit. I could tell that she was enjoying this, but my wife was not climbing to her peak the way she normally does when I finger her.

Suddenly, she pulled away from my hand, saying “I need more than your hand can do in its current position.” I figured she would untie that hand to help her out, but instead she began to rub her pussy by herself. She stood right next to the bed and caressed her body with both hands. Fingers stroked and fondled her womanhood. Her left hand returned to her breasts, while her right hand began to rub her clit more vigorously. She started tugging on her nipples as her right hand became a blur. She then dropped onto the bed next to me as she shuddered in another orgasm.

It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen — and the hottest! To see a woman so turned on that she has to make herself come is a magnificent thing. I could tell that Jennifer was becoming embarrassed. “Sorry. That wasn’t part of my plan,” she said.

“Never apologize for an orgasm,” I responded. “I have always wanted to see you do that. It was beautiful.”

“It may be the only time you ever see it. I just had to come, and your hand couldn’t do its normal magic. But, having tried it, I’d consider trying it again sometime if you get me this turned on again.” Jennifer was definitely blushing, and I made a vow to myself to make sure she did it again sometime.

“Don’t worry. You haven’t been forgotten. And from the looks of things, HE’s definitely ready for some attention,” Jennifer addressed my straining cock. She took the strawberry lotion and squeezed a dollop into the palm of her hand. Now, some women may not know how to handle a penis — but my wife can do amazing things with her hands. She warmed up the lotion a bit by rubbing her hands together, then she placed her right hand at the base of my rod. With a very light grip, she slid her hand ever so slowly up to the head. Just as her right hand was about to slide off the head, her left hand began the same action. She repeated this process about ten times, each time lightly and slowly. The exquisite touch was so tantalizing, when she suddenly gripped my balls solidly with her right hand and simultaneously gripped my cock firmly with her left. She gave five fast and hard strokes, and I was just about to explode when she stopped. Holding her grip solidly for a few seconds, she made sure I didn’t release yet and then she let go.

“What are you . . . Why did . . . Don’t stop!!!” I could believe what had just happened. I strained at the ties (I’m not sure when she learned how to tie so well) and pleaded, “You said . . .”

“I said you were going to have the biggest, mind-blowing orgasm of your life, görükle escort bayan but you still aren’t ready,” Jennifer responded. “I still have more plans to work you up to the best sensation you’ve ever had.”

She again got up and left the room. I heard her call to me, “You didn’t realize how long I’ve been planning this night. I did a bit of shopping.” She came walking back in carrying a small golden cylinder. “I never felt a need for one of these, but I realized that together we could have fun with this.” It was then that I recognized the vibrator she was holding.

She examined it for a moment checking for how to turn it on. She then came over to the foot of the bed. She began to slide the vibrator over the soles of my feet, which was a pleasant, yet not erotic sensation. The slight tickle that it gave me actually allowed my cock to relax a slight amount. It was no longer painfully hard, yet it still stood up away from my body. Jennifer then continued to move the vibrator up the insides of my legs, going no further than halfway up my thighs.

She then straddled my stomach facing my head and started moving the buzzing toy on the sides of my neck. She then said, “Is there anywhere else you would enjoy this?”

I thought for a minute about how a release from a battery-powered device would feel. I decided it would be pretty good right now, so I said, “How about rubbing that on some other hard cylinder in the room.”

“Not now, but pick any other place and I’ll do it for you,” she responded.

“Any place? Promise?”


“Then lay back where I can see you, and give yourself another orgasm,” I challenged, not knowing if she would agree or not. I decided that this might be my best chance to see her in action again.

After a pause, she said, “I don’t know.”

“You promised,” I prodded.

She looked around the room for a bit, then climbed off of the bed. She went to the chair that we keep in the corner and pulled it into my line of sight. She sat down facing me and said, “I don’t promise a perfect show, but I’ll have a go.”

She started running the vibrator along her inner thighs and instantly said, “Oohhh. That’s nicer than I expected.” She wasted no time in moving it higher into the crease between her thighs. “Am I supposed to penetrate myself with this or what?”

“You do whatever feels good to you,” I responded.

She started to slide the metal rod inside herself, then quickly withdrew it. “Not good — at least not yet. But it does feel great around the outside.” She continued to rub the vibrator around her pussy lips, on both sides and more lingeringly up the middle. “Ummm. This is good, but I really would like a pair of lips sucking on my nipples.”

“I’d be glad to help out, but I’m a bit tied up right now.” (Yes, I really said that.) “Why don’t you come on over.”

She slowly stood up, looking a bit weak-kneed. She took the few steps to the bed in slow motion, never removing the buzzing tool from her twat. It looked like she was focusing more on her clit now. She raised her right leg up onto the bed and froze — giving herself more pleasure as her pussy was opened wider, and me more pleasure from the up-close look. After a moment, she climbed up and straddled my stomach, leaning her beautiful breasts over my face.

“Don’t tease, don’t nip, just grab a nipple and suck hard!” she commanded me. If there is anything I love to do to my wife’s breasts, it’s to suck on her nipples like there is no tomorrow. She leaned her left breast close and my lips wrapped around her perfect pink peak. The nub was already hard as I sucked it in and simultaneously licked across the tip. “Uuunnnngghhh!” Another explosive orgasm racked her lithe frame, and she slumped down on top of my body.

The vibrator still clutched in her hand landed next to my prick as her arm was trapped between our bodies. I instinctively raised my pelvis to this unique sensation that I was sure would get me off, but Jennifer immediately realized what was happening.

“Not like this,” she said as she quickly sat up, removed the toy, and grabbed my cock with a VERY firm clench. It stopped my climb just as I was about to come.

“Aaaarghh!” I groaned, having gotten so close again, only to be stopped.

I pulled harder at the ties on my wrists. “All right! You’ve had your fun — three times, if I’ve counted right. But enough is enough! I’m so hard it feels like my dick is made of glass. If you don’t let me out or do something to help me, it’s going to shatter!” I was probably yelling louder than I meant to, but I was getting desperate.

Jennifer gave me a sympathetic look. “You don’t really think I would leave you in this state, do you? When I make a promise, I deliver. You have to admit, you’ve been having fun, too. I could see how much you liked watching me rub my breasts and play with my pussy. I think I’ve fulfilled some of your fantasies, and you haven’t even come yet. I do believe that it’s your turn bursa escort now.”

She let go of my shaft and straddled my waist with her legs again, climbing on top of me and facing me. She placed the palms of her hands in mine, and interlaced fingers with me. Then, without using her hands, she looked me in the eyes with a heated gaze and slid her hot, wet cunt onto my rod and slid down slowly all the way to the base. She didn’t move the lower half of her body (probably for fear that I would instantly explode) and she lowered her face to mine and gave me a deep, soulful kiss.

I returned the kiss, and tried to move my hips to gain a bit of friction. She instantly bit down on my tongue and then broke the kiss to sit down hard on my lap, immobilizing me completely. “Ah, ah, ah! I’m in control, here,” she reminded me. “Forget that again and maybe I will leave you hanging. Trust me.”

She bent down to my face again and started kissing. I soon became aware of her cunt muscles rhythmically squeezing my cock lightly, then harder and harder. It was an erotic sensation, yet it did not provide the proper stimulation to send me over the top. Jennifer then broke the kiss and sat up, still impaled and still NOT sliding on my shaft. Looking directly into my eyes, she began to again play with her breasts. First rubbing over the nipples with her palms, then beginning to pinch and pull them harder than she usually liked for me to do. She licked her lips and asked, “Would you like to kiss and suck on them some more?”

As I enthusiastically agreed, she quickly sat up and off of my prick, causing a shock of cool air to hit my wet crotch. I hadn’t thought about the fact that while I was tied up, I wouldn’t be able to reach her breasts with my mouth while she was still riding me. Jennifer moved to my left side and offered me her right breast. As I hungrily licked and sucked at her soft titflesh, she began to use her left hand to caress and gently squeeze my testes. It takes a very trusting man to allow a woman to squeeze his balls while he is tied up, but I wasn’t the least bit nervous as the exotic sensations spread through my body. Her nipple was quite hard in my mouth as I sucked harder and lightly nipped at it. Jennifer’s left hand then began to slowly slide up to my cock.

She slid her hand extremely slowly up to the head, then back down. She repeated this process about ten times, each time lightly and slowly. Then, she gave two fast and hard strokes, and stopped. After she made sure that I wasn’t going to come yet, she repeated the process with ten slow strokes and two fast ones.

I kept anticipating the fast strokes thinking I would be able to reach my peak, but she was perfectly keeping it just out of reach with the slow strokes. I was slowly inching higher and higher, my body feeling constantly better than most orgasms, and yet I climbed higher without peaking.

I lost track of how many times she repeated the cycle, when she started to shift her body during the slow strokes. “You need to give me one more orgasm, then you’ll get yours. And, seeing as how your hands are useless, and if I ride your prick you’ll instantly cum, I see only one other choice,” she said. Without breaking rhythm on my shaft, she pulled her breast away from my mouth. She climbed over my chest and straddled me facing my prick. She inched her lovely bottom nearer to my chin, and I could see her newly shaven quim peaking out below.

At that moment, if she hadn’t ordered me to start licking, I would have begged for it. I love to eat out my wife, and I hadn’t wanted her that bad since we first started dating twelve years earlier. I could see how wet and swollen she was, needing this as much as I, even after her previous comes. Maybe even because of previously coming. My wife usually has two or three orgasms in a lovemaking session, with each one easier than the one before. I couldn’t ever remember her having four, but I could tell that she was almost there already from the highly erotic experience she was giving me. She definitely was getting off on being in charge.

Normally, I start slow when I go down on Jennifer, but she left me no doubt that she was ready to come. I immediately attacked her clit with my pointed tongue and licked as hard and fast as I could. She started panting and moaning, louder and louder. When I sensed that she was near, I began to plunge my tongue in and out of her cunt hole as deeply as I could. This is her favorite tongue trick of mine, and she instantly exploded in the loudest orgasm I have ever heard.

Before she came down from her high, she lowered her mouth onto my cockhead and pumped me hard and fast. I thought my whole body was going to surge out through my dick. My peak was so high I saw explosions of light and color. I felt jet after jet of cream shooting into my wife’s mouth. I was sure she couldn’t swallow it all. After what seemed like an eternity, I slowly began to drift back down to earth.

“Uuunnnggghhhh!” was the most intelligible statement I could make. It felt like every muscle in my body had been clenched for hours, and now was relaxing. My first realization of my surroundings was that Jennifer’s lovely snatch was still right in my face. I gave her one last gentle lick, and she sat up and turned so I could see her.

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