He Turns into my Master


I have known him for a long time, but I am realizing that he wants to control me. Not all the time, but there are times when he wants total control. I thought I knew so much about him but the more I am learning, the more scared and aroused I am becoming. I am not sure why I feel both at the same time. Sometimes when we talk it is normal, but then there are times I recognize that he wants me to call him Master. I know there are times he wants me to be the one in control. I need to learn how to switch. I need to learn to be submissive when he is the Master.

He has raped me twice but we always had a safe word. When the pain was too much I could use the word and he would stop using force and finish. It was so frightening and arousing at the same time and I would try to fight him off, even though I knew deep down I was no match. My need for control made me fight as hard as I could, even knowing I did not have the strength. I did not want to make it easy for him. He knows what physically hurts me and how much I can take.

Then I made a mistake. I told him next time there would be no safe word. Now he has become my Master. He tells me I have no idea what he is capable of doing to me, and I know he cares for me, but he won’t care about me when he is raping me. I will just be some whore that he is intent on hurting, for his sexual pleasure. He is now my Master and I cannot go back. I left to meet him in Vegas for a few nights. I was so excited to see him but I could feel myself scared at the same time. I brought everything with me that he told me to bring. I brought the outfit he told me to buy, and the collar and leash he told me to buy, and a few other things.

I was shaking as I entered the hotel and got the key he had left for me at the front desk. He kuşadası escort was already here and I did not know what he would be like when I entered the room. It was a warm day in Vegas so I wore tight jeans and a tank top and sandals for the drive. I figured I would dress up later when we went out, in the outfit he told me to wear.

I entered the room and smiled and said hello as I brought in my suitcase and set down my purse. He was not happy to see me. He called me a cunt and told me I could not speak unless he told me I could, and I did not call him Master. I wanted so much to please him and I messed-up as soon as I entered the room. How could I make such a simple mistake? Then it was the look in his eyes that told me he was not mad, he was enraged. He walked over to me and ripped my tank top off, leaving it torn and unusable. He tried to rip the jeans off but they were tight. He called me a bitch and told me to take them the fuck off now. I said yes to my Master and took my sandals off as well.

He grabbed my neck and told me to get in the fucking tub. I could feel my body shaking and my legs did not want to move. I had to force myself to walk into the bathroom. He let go of my neck but grabbed my right arm and twisted it behind my back as he pushed me faster into the bathroom. I stood in the tub and shook as he told me to get on my knees and face him. He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his long thick cock. I thought he was going to make me fuck his face. My bony knees were hurting from the tub and I wanted to rest my arms on the side of the tub but I knew this would anger him, so I stayed kneeling. He told me to shut my eyes and open my mouth.

My Master began pissing all over my stomach, my tits, my face and hair, and into kuşadası escort bayan my mouth. I spit out what was in my mouth. He called me a stupid bitch and told me to lick the tub. I did as he told me as he left the bathroom. I did not stop even when he was out of the room. I could hear him opening my suitcase. I knew what he was looking for. I had bought the metal nipple clamps he told me to and I just knew he was going to make me wear them. I never should have told him that since I had my tits done my nipples are too sensitive for even pinching.

My Master came back into the bathroom nude and his cock was harder than I had ever seen it. He had lube and yes, he had the nipple clamps. He started to hand them to me and yanked them back. He snapped them both on so hard I cried out and had tears running down my face. He told me to shut up and that I was failing to prove what a pathetic whore I said I was. Master was not happy with me and clearly I needed punished. He told me to get up but face the shower head. I could hear him putting lube on his cock. I knew what was going to happen – he was going to fuck my ass. He knew it hurt me but he would not let me have a safe word. He told me I was to filthy to put his cock in my pussy and he was going to shove it in my ass and I would take it like a good slave. I said yes to my Master.

He did not go slow, and with me standing and bent over, and him standing behind me, his cock went so far into my ass I had to try not to scream. He was fucking my ass so hard and he yanked my head back by my hair and asked if it hurt. I said yes to my Master. He told me that was good. He then would tug on the chain between the clamps and fuck my ass harder and harder. I would scream the safe word now if escort kuşadası I could but there was no escape and there was no word and I was not allowed to fight. Every time I said it hurt he would grab my hair and I would beg him to continue fucking my ass. I wondered if he was ever going to cum and the pain was getting worse. I cried out in pain and instead of grabbing my hair or the chain he told me I did not even begin to know what pain was. I told him I wanted to please him and to prove I was his pathetic whore. I knew I could do it, even though the pain was extreme. Then as he was fucking my ass he bent over me and kissed the back of my shoulder. I knew my Master cared and did not want to really hurt me. But then he started biting my shoulder and moving to the next one. Each time I made a cry of pain he would bite again but harder.

He finally began to pant heavily and he tensed up and began cuming in my ass. How long had my Master held out? There was so much cum in my ass and I was trying not to let it out. He pulled out of me and stepped out of the tub. He commanded me to turn around and get back on my knees and suck his cock. I could see cum and blood but I did as I was told. He pulled away and told me never again to forget to call him Master and he took off the clamps. He told me I was a filthy whore and to shower so he could take me out. He shut the bathroom door and never looked back at me. I could hear him running the water in the sink so I started the shower. I could feel the cum leaking out and I was so sore and raw. I could see the blood in the bottom of the stub and felt the searing pain as the warm water hit my nipples and shoulders.

I know better now and will not make the mistake again. I felt humiliated for making such a simple mistake and the punishment was humiliating. Despite the pain, I needed to get dressed. Yet I could feel my pussy growing wet as I knew this was only a sample of how he was going to make me prove what a pathetic whore I am.

I only want to please my Master tonight, then tomorrow we switch.

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