Harry, Kate , Jan Ch. 04


As Jan turned away to open the gate to her garden path Kate moved into the front seat, revealed Harry’s big stiffy and quite gently stroked him all the way back to her home, frigging herself all the time.

They wasted no time when they got indoors. They both stripped off and Kate produced the brandy. They relaxed together on the sofa. Harry anointed Kate’s breasts with brandy and then licked it off. Kate did the same with Harry’s cock, which still pointed upwards like a flagpole.

“This is just wonderful, isn’t it?” sighed Kate. “I am tired though. I suggest that we have a nice shower and a pee together and then take another brandy to bed. You can make love to me with this lovely big prick and fill me with spunk. Then we can sleep before you fuck and fill my arsehole tomorrow. How many times are you going to do it to me?”

“I don’t know, my darling. As many as I can manage and you can take, alright?”

They went upstairs, carrying the brandy and glasses and were soon soaping each other in the shower. Kate took hold of Harry’s cock and hosed his piss all over her. Harry then lifted her up in his arms as high as he could and watched as her naked crack first fluttered, then opened as she peed all over him. More soaping and kissing followed and after drying each other Kate led Harry to her bed by pulling him along by his tool.

They made love leisurely in the middle of her bed. Harry knew that his cock wasn’t quite as big as usual but this enabled Kate to close her cunt muscles around it and slowly milk him of his seed. Her shaved pussy felt so wonderful that he was soon filling her crack with his spunk. Kate was able to produce her cum juice slowly as she orgasmed.

They fell asleep in each other’s arms, comfortable with their love for each other and looking forward to the morrow.

Saturday dawned and Harry awoke with his usual rock hard erection. This time however the whole of it was in Kate’s mouth as she sucked and swallowed. It felt fucking wonderful and Harry knew he would soon be discharging his seed down Kate’s throat.

Kate was presenting Harry with a first class view of her naked cunt and arse as she sucked. Harry slid his fingers over her fine firm buttocks and into her bum crack. Kate moaned as he arrived at her puckered arsehole. She opened her legs wider and Harry made use of both her holes at once, with two fingers in both holes and his thumb working over her clit.

Harry was first. He couldn’t hold on any longer as Kate squeezed his cock with throat and fingers. He groaned a warning and shot a great stream of spunk down Kate’s waiting throat. Kate swallowed hurriedly as more and more shots streamed from his little hole at the end of his prick.

As he wound down Kate ejected his cock from her mouth and gasped that she was coming too. She quickly straddled Harry’s chest and squirted her juices all over his chest and belly, giving Harry a close-up of her bare fluttering lips as she discharged fiercely all over him.

Then it was off to the shower again as they relieved themselves of their early morning waterworks. Then Kate sent Harry back to bed while she went to get breakfast for them. As she had prepared for the weekend in every way she was back in the bedroom within five minutes with juice, toast and coffee. A little brandy was added to the coffee and they were soon relaxed and resting. Kate pushed the duvet off the bed and they lay beside each other, admiring their naked bodies.

“Right,” said Kate, “we can do anything and nothing. The weekend is ours and we belong to each other. You can fuck me as often as you like and I will be available in all my holes, especially the back one. I am going to worship your body all day with pussy juice. All juices, both mine and your spunk will be licked or sucked off each other. How does all that sound to you?”

Harry’s cock had stiffened up considerably during Kate’s speech. He turned to her and smiled.

“That sounds fucking wonderful, you marvellous sexy creature you. Come here and let me start on you!”

Harry literally grabbed Kate’s tits and pulled on her nipples. He sucked first one and then the other, biting down on to the nipples quite hard. Kate squealed and pulled his head to her, wriggling to get her body under his. Harry needed no second invitation and rolled on top of her, lodging his almost erect cock between her smooth mound and legs. He rested his chest on top of her bulging mammaries and grinned down at her,

“How’s that for starters?” he said, wriggling his body all over Kate’s.

“Oh Harry, I do love you so when you are loving me hard. I don’t even know why I’m not jealous when you play with other girls. I seem to want to watch you giving them so much pleasure, just as you are with me now. Come on, let’s just play with each other and enjoy it. Is that your big cock between my legs?”

Harry lifted himself on to his hands and knees so that Kate could look down between their bodies and see his great hampton throbbing over her pussy. He returned his hands to her breasts and nipples and she reached kartal escort bayan down and captured his cock.

“Oh Harry, you are huge and so hard. I think it’s time, don’t you? How are you going to do it?”

“I think the first time you had better be on hands and knees darling. Put your head down on the pillow and stick your bum in the air, as high as you can. I’m going to get all juicy in your quim so that I can get into your bum more easily.”

Kate moved into position and Harry put his tool to her pussy. He slowly inserted himself all the way into Kate. She felt tight and hot and he wanted to fuck her hard there and then but he controlled himself with difficulty. He reached around to her front and started collecting her juice and transferring it to the bum hole just above where his cock was embedded into Kate. He slowly began to withdraw his cock from her pussy.

“Now Kate darling,” he instructed. “With your hands reach around to your bum cheeks, get a good grip close to your hole and pull so that the entrance to your hole is bigger.”

Harry’s tool was now clear of Kate’s pussy. Kate grasped her buttocks and widened her arsehole. The target was clear. Harry put his tip to the aperture. Kate felt it and moaned in anticipation. Harry pushed slightly and his knob end clearly lodged itself in the hole. He grasped Kate’s hips and pushed more firmly. He saw his cock slide easily into Kate. She gasped and gripped her buttocks more firmly.

“God Harry, you’re so big. It doesn’t hurt though and your cock feels so hot. Wait a minute ’til I get used to feeling you in there.”

“It looks and feels fucking wonderful Kate darling. It feels as if I can really fuck you hard in there. What do you think?”

“It’s OK now Harry. I’ve got my muscles all around your tool and I’m getting to be comfortable with it. Start shafting my arse now Harry. Yes, that’s it. Go longer and faster now. God that’s great, I really love that. Come on now; try it really hard and fast just like it was in my cunt! I think I’m going to do a wet one soon. Play with my clitty Harry and fuck my arse hard. Fill my arse with your cum, fill it up!”

Harry was building up a real head of steam now, what with the friction of Kate’s tight arse and her words of encouragement. He felt his spunk leave his balls and start their journey.

“Here it comes now Kate darling. I’m going to cream your arse right now. Are you ready?”

“Yes yes yes. Yes yes yes. Shoot it now! Frig my pussy, I’m coming too! Ohhhh my God, I can feel it, hot hot hot! Shoot some more. Feel my cum. Ohhh my God.”

Harry felt Kate’s juice fill his hands as he played with her cunt. He spread it all over her belly and bum. His spunk leaked out of her hole as he slowly withdrew. He was still quite stiff so he lodged his prick into her pussy. Kate was very hot and very wet.

Kate lifted up onto her arms and tried to look down her body. She giggled. “It looks awful juicy down there Harry. Didn’t we make a lot of cream between us?”

They both wiped themselves down and lay back on the bed, avoiding the bit that was damp. It was only a little so they soon ignored it, turning to kiss one another deeply. Then Kate offered coffee and brandy as a stimulant for the next bout.

“That was really exciting Harry, I liked it after I got used to your cock in a different place. You will do it again, won’t you?”

“I thought it was great too darling. I need the practice too if you remember. I’ll be in there again later”

“Oh yes, ‘Auntie Sue’! Don’t let her husband catch you! Now, I’m going to look in my mirror to see if you’ve made my bum hole bigger,”

Kate wriggled around in front of her mirror, fingering the appropriate spot.

“Yes you have Harry, you’ve made my hole bigger. Look!”

Kate flashed her bum at Harry and her hole was clear and round for all, or him anyway, to see.

“It’ll go back to normal after I’ve stopped shafting it. Just the sight of it is making my cock grow again.”

“I want to watch next time if I can,” said Kate. “We’ll just have to get the position right for the mirror, that’s all.”

“Come on,” said Harry, “let’s do it. I’ll lay out flat on my back and you squat carefully over my cock facing the mirror. I’ll hold my cock up straight, like this, and you lower yourself down on to it. Slowly now, or you’ll bend my tool. There, my knob’s in, keep on pushing down slowly.”

So Kate got to see Harry’s cock plugging her arse. After he shot his load into her again she loved watching his sperm trickling out of her. She turned around quickly to face him and frigged herself furiously until she shot her juices all over his chest. Then she massaged it into him until his chest hair was all wet and sticky.

Kate and Harry then repaired to the shower again and then finally went downstairs, still naked. Kate phoned out for a pizza for lunch. They agreed that when the delivery came they would open the door naked. If it were a delivery boy then Kate would do it and if a girl Harry would go although Harry thought yakacık escort that he would probably get himself arrested.

It was a schoolboy of about sixteen and Kate went. The boy nearly dropped the pizza and then he refused a tip!

They turned on the TV to watch the Saturday afternoon sports programme. They munched on their pizzas and drank beer from the fridge. They had to be careful, as they were, of course, still naked.

After lunch they settled down on the sofa, lying together head to head. There was no urgency now; they watched the football programme, checking the scores as they happened. The Fairies were away from home and were soon one down.

Harry caressed Kate’s breasts, pulling gently on her big nipples. Occasionally he rolled his cold beer bottle over her tits, making the nipples harden up even more. Kate stroked his chest and belly and then her hand drifted lower and grasped his cock. Harry was long and thick but not very hard yet. That soon changed.

Kate moved over Harry and began to caress him with her whole body, offering her teats to his lips and rolling her belly against his stiffening prick. Harry kissed and pulled on her hard teats and then pulled her head to him, thrusting his tongue into her mouth as far as it would go.

He was soon rock hard and Kate felt it. She sat up and shuffled down his body until his cock sprang up in the air. She captured it between her hands and her long slim fingers began to stroke his erection. Harry groaned with pleasure and Kate slid the tip of his tool up and down her crack, juicing his knob end with her juices. Harry moaned some more.

“Fuckin’ Hell Kate, I won’t last long at this rate,” he gasped. “I feel like I’ve got loads of spunk for you.”

“God Harry, you feel so fucking hard again. Stick it up my bum again. I’ll stay on top again so that I can look down and watch. If you make me come I’ll squirt all over you belly.”

“If you can hold it till I lick you out you can squirt all over my face if you want to,” said Harry as he watched Kate slowly insert his cock into her arse. When he felt his knob end pass her entrance he pushed firmly upward. He was rewarded by the deepest insertion yet.

“Fucking wow,” gasped Kate, wincing slightly. “That’s deep, really deep. Let’s do this one really slow. God, I could get used to this arse fucking, especially from your huge engine.”

Kate, resting her weight on her hands, began to raise and lower herself on Harry’s cock. He suddenly thrust upwards, nearly unseating her, shouting out loud.

“Harry!” squealed Kate, “that hurt. Why did you do that?”

“Sorry darling but it’s just come up on the screen that we’ve equalised.”

Kate tried to turn to look at the screen but this brought a pained shout to Harry’s lips.

“Careful Kate, you’re twisting my cock off!”

“Sorry,” giggled Kate as she resumed facing front. She leaned forward carefully and kissed Harry open mouthed and then pulled his head to her breasts again. “Suck my tits hard again Harry. Play with my clitty. I’m going to squirt all over you soon. I don’t think I’ll be able to wait ’til you lick me.”

Harry took a mouthful of Kate’s left titty. He sucked hard and captured her nipple, pulling it as hard as he could. Kate moaned loudly as she rose and fell up and down Harry’s hard stiff shaft. As Harry sucked he felt with both hands down below Kate’s belly to her wet juicy smooth crack. He found her clit and pulled on it firmly and extended it to its full length. Kate squealed loudly.

“Yes Harry yes!” she exclaimed. That’s it, pull my clit, make me come!

Kate sat up straight and shafted herself faster up and down Harry’s cock. She frigged her own clitty, moving Harry’s hands away so that he grabbed her tits again, capturing and pulling on her nipples.

“Yes Harry yes,” screamed Kate again. “I’m coming, I’m coming. It’s a wet one, see!”

Kate raised herself without releasing Harry’s cock and squirted her juices all over his chest and belly. She squirted more than ever this time and the sight of it took him over the top. For the third time that day he filled her arsehole with his hot seed.

Kate collapsed on to his chest, expelling his shrinking tool from her bum hole while spreading her juice all over the both of them. Harry’s spunk started to leak from her arse, making a real sticky mess. They both missed the TV screen telling them that the Fairies had taken the lead with two minutes to go.

After a little appropriate cleaning up Kate made some coffee. They watched the football results and were both delighted to see that the final result was two one to the Fairies, thrusting them up the league table to a position well clear of the relegation zone.

“Harry darling, I don’t want to have to get dressed and go out for dinner tonight. I just want to stay here naked with you. I’ll rustle up something to eat and we can stay here in the warm. Then we can love each other a little when we feel like it. How does that sound?”

“That’s OK by me,” laughed hürriyet mahallesi escort Harry, pulling Kate to him and kissing her lips firmly. “Go and make beans on toast and build up my strength ready to make love to you again.”

“OK,” replied Kate, “but I think I can do a bit better than beans on toast. You just sit down and rest while I see what I’ve got.”

Kate went towards the kitchen. As she reached the door she turned back.

“Harry, when you’ve got your strength back and I’ve made your lovely big cock grow again I want you to fuck me up my pussy next time. My bum is feeling a bit sore after all that attention.”

With that, Kate turned, bent over to show her magnificent bottom to its best advantage and disappeared into the kitchen.

Left on his own watching TV, Harry remembered that seven days ago he was sitting watching his own TV after meeting Kate at the match that afternoon. God, was it really only seven days ago! So much had happened in this week. He closed his eyes and started to remember all his sessions with Kate and Jan and all his little side adventures, like Josie’s tits, Sue sucking him, Sammy tit fucking him and even John with his Nadine’s big bouncers. He drifted off into a doze thinking that he must soon have a play with both Josie and Nadine’s beautiful big brown breasts with their fantastic nipples. Harry loves nipples, he thought dreamily.

“Harry! Harry! Wake up, you horny bugger you!” Kate’s voice interrupted Harry’s dream. “Grub’s up, just like your cock!”

“So many lovely big tits, I’m so lucky,” Harry moaned as he opened his eyes. Kate stood over him with a big smile on her face, her fingers around his hard tool, wanking him slowly.

“Who’s tits are you dreaming about Harry, you dirty dog,” Kate laughed as she kissed him and then dropped her beautiful breasts onto his face. “Come on, come and eat and you can tell me who you were dreaming about.”

Kate had provided fish, chips and peas with a bottle of acceptable red wine. They sat at her kitchen dining area. It was dark outside but there were one or two neighbours’ lights on and Harry suddenly wondered if their naked bodies could be seen.

“I expect so,” said Kate when he mentioned it. “I don’t care about that any more. It’s all part of my new liberated self. You can fuck me out here if you like. Anyway, tell me about your tit dream. I hope you were dreaming about mine or were there others in there too?”

“Of course I was dreaming about yours Kate my darling,” grinned Harry as he leaned over and nibbled at her magnificent breasts. “I must admit though that other large tits did figure in there somewhere.”

“I bet,” exploded Kate. “I bet that Jan’s figured prominently and what about your boss Sammy, tit fucking her while she was telling you her troubles. I bet there were others too! Come here, I’ll show you what real tits can do!”

Kate grabbed hold of Harry’s penis and pulled him back into the lounge. She sat on the edge of the sofa and pulled him to her. She enveloped his ramrod with her big tits, wrapping them all around and over it. They felt both hard and soft at the same time and also very very warm.

“Right, now fuck my tits,” gasped Kate as she dribbled some spittle down the channel between her breasts. “Go on, squeeze and pull my nips and get yourself off. Shoot your spunk all over me, I love to see that.”

Harry started to shaft his rod up and down between Kate’s generous orbs. She looked down as the tip of his cock kept appearing out of her tits. She licked the juice off the tip of his cock at the top of each stroke. Harry took her nipples between fingers and thumbs and pulled them hard. God, what a horny sight! It was really turning him on and he wanted to shoot his load all over her as soon as possible. Soon he felt his spunk gathering at the exit from his balls.

As his essence shot up his cock he pulled away from Kate and spurted a great stream all over her face, neck and tits. Kate grabbed his cock and pumped more and more out of him, eventually swallowing his cock and sucking the remaining jism from his tube. As he subsided she let him out of her mouth and used his tool to scoop the spunk from her face and tits so that she could swallow that too.

Harry collapsed on to the sofa with Kate and they kissed, cleaning off the remains of his ejaculation. Then they relaxed with each other, gently caressing each other bodies. It was as if they were very old friends, not a couple whose friendship was only seven days old. They talked about themselves without hiding anything, Harry even admitting that he had been dreaming about, Sammy’s, Josie’s, Nadine’s and Jan’s titties as well as her own. Kate laughed.

“Right, I want you to titty fuck all of them and tell me about how it felt,” she instructed. “But right now I want to go upstairs with you and make love on the bed.”

So upstairs they went. Despite Kate saying that she didn’t want any more arse fucking tonight she stuck her bum in the air and invited Harry to fuck her doggy style from the rear. She was making juice from her pussy already so Harry could see a clear invitation. He could also see that her bum hole was still quite open from their earlier games. He couldn’t resist it. As he pushed his cock into Kate’s pussy he pushed two fingers up her arsehole. Kate reacted positively.

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