Happy Halloween


I put the finishing touches on my costume for the evening, and glanced at myself in the mirror. Arg! This was possibly the scariest Halloween costume anyone had ever dreamed of! I was dressed all in black; leather mini-skirt, lace-trimmed bra, fishnet stockings (complete with garters), and leather biker’s jacket. Braided pig-tails tied high on my head, heavy black eye-makeup, and ratty black sneakers completed the costume, but the piece de resistance was my riding crop, which I’d purchased for personal reasons at a local Adult Bookstore (the largest Adult Bookstore in the world, they boast). That doesn’t sound so scary, you might be thinking, but then, you’ve never seen me! For one thing, I’m all male. Two hundred and fifty pounds of it, actually. Bearded with long wavy dark-brown hair and blue-eyes. I’m told I’m an attractive man, but decked out as a She-Male Dominatrix I’m a sight to behold, let me tell you!

But this was art! I’d played this role before for Rick’s (my roommate) band “Barefoot and Pregnant”. The group had dubbed me “Squeeky” the first time I’d donned this dress, and that was the name I used every time thereafter. They tend to have wild stage shows (and tonight would be no exception), and from time to time, they ask me to participate, despite my lack of musical talent.

I took one last look in the mirror, adjusting my stockings, and getting fully into character, then hopped in my car, and headed for “The Electric Dream Café”, an underground club where practically anything goes.

The show was a success, as always. The band played hard, and they played well. My job was to lead my slaves on leashes, while they served chips and dips to the patrons.

One of my slaves was a young man by the name of Mike. He was a favorite of many of our female fans (and some of the male fans, too); tall, slender, and well toned. He was dressed only in a filmy pair of pink lacy panties, and two strips of electrical tape on his nipples, and fuzzy bunny-slippers; his cock bulging and plainly visible through the panties. The other was a sexy young vixen by the name of Pamela. She was close to five feet three inches tall, with perky tits, and a winning smile. And at the moment, aside from a pair of nipple clamps connected to a chain, which in turn was connected to a clit-clamp, that smile was all she was wearing.

I guided my slaves through the tightly packed crowd… their nude, or next to nude, bodies brushed up against the members of the audience. The crowd was hungry. And I can assure you, it wasn’t for chips and dips.

I stepped up behind Pamela pressing my body against hers, and gave the chain dangling between her breasts a little tug. I gave her shoulder a playful bite, and whispered in her ear, “Are you ready to give them a show?”

She gave a barely perceptible nod, and I could feel her body tremble. Was it fear that shook her body? Or was it arousal? I slipped my hand down over her belly, and between her thighs, to her smooth-shaved pussy. The wetness there told me it was the latter. I kissed her passionately, probing her mouth with my tongue, and tugged on her clamps again, coaxing a whimper from her throat.

I dragged Mike and Pamela to the front of the stage, by their leashes. While the band was between songs, I grabbed up Rick’s microphone. “Some of you,” I began, putting menace and gravel in my already deep voice, “have been questioning my sexuality!” I glared at the audience, letting them take in my appearance. “Well, let me clear this up, right now!” I took a deep breath, and shouted, “I AM MORE MAN THAN YOU’LL EVER BE! AND MORE WOMAN THAN YOU’LL EVER HAVE!!!” The audience cheered, and laughed, and the band launched into their next song, a fast, hard, punk rock inspired number about nothing in particular, and I turned my attention back to my waiting slaves.

Pamela was already on her knees, waiting with face upturned, and eyes downcast. She was still trembling, but I knew that she was looking forward to the punishment I was about to dish out. The fact that, this time, there would be an audience only added to her excitement.

Mike, on the other hand, was standing up, and grinning at a young woman in the front row, dressed in a nurse’s costume, who was rubbing his thigh, and trying to reach his panty-clad cock. I can’t say that I blame him. She was a lovely woman. She was voluptuous and curvy, with plump breasts, and wide, sexy hips. Her long, wild hair spilled out from under her nurse’s cap, and she showed deep cleavage under her low-cut blouse, and her shapely stocking-clad legs led to hidden treasures under her very short, white skirt. I smiled at her, and she smiled back, stroked my thigh, and licked her lips at me. This took me by surprise, to say the least! I was stunned into inaction for a moment, before I remembered what I was about to do.

I grabbed a handful of Mike’s hair, and forced him to his knees. I warned him about not being “at-the-ready”, and began slapping his ass with my riding crop. I wasn’t really punishing görükle escort him. This was all part of the show. For the audience. Mike wasn’t really my slave, like Pamela; he was just helping out the band. But he made a good show of it! He screamed and cried, and begged for “Mistress Squeeky’s” forgiveness. I gave him none.

I turned to Pamela, who was watching me punish Mike out of the corner of her eye, and I could see it on her face… she was aching for the same treatment! I grabbed her by the hair, and leaned in to give her a long, deep kiss. Our tongues mingled and danced, and I tugged on her nipple clamps once again. She moaned soft and low. Too low for anyone to hear, but oh, so sexy! I ordered her to get on all fours with her ass facing the audience, and she obeyed immediately. I pushed her legs apart as far as they could go, and tested her wetness again with a finger. Her trembling became more pronounced, as I rubbed her damp pussy lips. The crowd was looking on expectantly, wondering how this passion play would turn out. Some of them were fondling their dates, or strangers for all I knew. A devil pinching an angel’s nipples here, a vampress pressing her ass against a clown’s cock there. All were enjoying themselves. Anyone who might be offended by such activity, would not have known the location of this particular club, let alone willingly entered it.

My eyes locked with the nurse’s once again. She was writhing sexily to the beat of the music, and sliding her hands all over her beautiful body. She smiled a sultry smile, and blew a kiss at me. Holy fuck, she was sexy! I couldn’t imagine anyone flirting with Squeeky. After all, s/he’s supposed to disturb people, not turn them on. But for some reason, Squeeky was doing just that for this gorgeous nurse!

Again, it took me a couple of beats to get back to what I was doing. I gently stroked Pamela’s bare beautiful ass with my hands, and then again with my riding crop. Pamela knew that I wouldn’t fake it with her, like I did with Mike. She belonged to me, and I would punish her as harshly as I ever did in private. And that is exactly what she wanted me to do! When I’d told her that “Barefoot and Pregnant” had asked us to do a show with them, she had almost squealed with delight. She was looking forward to being my slave for an audience for the first time. And her dripping wet cunt told me that she hadn’t changed her mind!

I leaned down, and whispered in her ear, “are you sure about this, my pet? You only need say your safeword, and I’ll send you backstage.” And I meant it. We used a set of safewords when we played in private. “Yellow” meant “this is a little too much, could we slow down?” and “Red” meant “this is way too much for me, I have to stop!” That way, she could scream “NO! Please don’t whip me!” until the cows came home, and she could still get the punishment that she so richly deserved. And desired!

“I want this more than anything, Sir!”

I smiled at her. “I’m Mistress Squeeky today, Pamela.”

She smiled back, “I want this more than anything, Mistress Squeeky.”

And so it began…

With her ass and pussy exposed for the entire mob of horny, costumed freaks, I proceeded to slap her soft, round buttocks with my leather crop. Not every stroke was meant to sting, but every stroke counted. I beat her ass with passion, and with love, but without mercy. She swayed her hips to the beat of the music… or was it to the beat of my strokes? It didn’t matter! Her ass wiggled, high in the air, as I turned its hue from a porcelain white, to a bright crimson red, and several people in the front row, including my sexy nurse, stroked her calves, her feet, and her thighs. Mike merely watched, kneeling there beside Pamela, with his hands over his head, fingers locked. His hard cock peeking out over the waistband of his panties, wanting my Pamela.

And the band played on.

I didn’t bother to count how many times my riding crop stung Pamela’s beautiful backside. Who can concentrate on such trivial details, in a situation so charged with lust? If it was thirty, or three hundred, it didn’t matter. I stopped to cool her burning ass with my lips and my tongue. And yes, it was burning! I could feel its heat radiating over my face, as I kissed her sweet ass. I slipped my hand between her legs, and felt the hot, flowing juices that literally dripped from her cunt. Oh, how she was enjoying this! I rubbed her clit, around the clamp, and licked the outer rim of her asshole, and her body trembled! It wouldn’t take much more to make her cum!

Another glance out at the audience… they were definitely enjoying the show! A few couples were half in and half out of their various costumes, and were happily stroking each other, or themselves. Pamela would be so proud, when I told her later!

Again, my gaze fell upon the lovely lady in the nurse’s outfit, and I was inspired! It was time to introduce a new element into our act! I smiled at the nurse, and offered her my hand. görükle escort bayan Without hesitation, she took it, and I helped her step up onto the stage. I handed her my riding crop, and asked her, “Would you like to show us what you can do?” She smiled and nodded. I ordered Mike onto his feet, at full profile from the audience. I whispered to the nurse, “Take it easy on him, he’s not really into pain.” She nodded, and proceeded to whip his ass. Mike’s expression told me that, while she wasn’t giving it her all, the nurse was being rougher on him than I was. But his expression also told me that it wasn’t altogether unpleasant. His rigid cock, straining against the material of his panties confirmed what his facial expression hinted at.

I ordered Pamela onto her knees facing Mike, and she complied without hesitation. She licked her lips, as her eyes fell upon Mike’s engorged manhood. “Suck it!” I ordered, and Pamela slowly pushed Mike’s panties down, just far enough so that his cock was fully visible to the crowd. She licked the length of his shaft like a Popsicle, and cupped his balls in her hand. I knelt behind her, and kissed, licked, and nibbled on her back, her shoulders, her neck, and her ears, all the while, exploring her body with my hands. The nurse, meanwhile, pounded on Mike’s ass with my riding crop. She obviously had used one before, as she never missed her mark. And I imagined that Mike’s ass would end up as red as Pamela’s was!

The audience was going nuts, cheering wildly, and shouting encouragement to Pamela, who hungrily sucked Mike’s cock. I knew Mike must have been enjoying himself, as I’ve had the pleasure of Pamela’s talented lips and tongue on my cock many times before. The nurse was also, apparently, enjoying herself, as she slapped Mike’s ass, and Pamela’s cunt was wetter than ever! So, it was official: *everyone* was having a good time!

I rubbed Pamela’s clit, and fingerfucked her gently… bringing her to the very brink of orgasm, and then backing off again and again. Pamela knew that to cum without my permission could result in punishment, and she had no way to ask for release, because she also knew that to speak with her mouth full would also result in my displeasure. So, she continued to blow Mike, and trust me to keep her right on the edge, and not push her over.

Soon enough, Mike groaned, and his body shuddered; he grabbed Pamela’s hair, and began pumping his cock furiously into her mouth… fucking her face, hard! Pamela made little noises in the back of her throat. I knew what those noises meant! She wanted Mike to cum in her mouth! And soon, he did! With a cry and another shudder, Mike’s cock virtually exploded, and he filled Pamela’s mouth with his white-hot semen. I told her not to swallow, until I gave the word, and she obeyed. His cum dripped from her lips and down her chin, but she managed to keep most of it in her mouth.

“Snowball him,” I ordered, and she stood up, and kissed him deeply, and passionately, feeding him his own cum. He kissed back, with equal passion. Through this, I continued to tease Pamela’s pussy, and now I told her, “cum for me, my pet!” And in a matter of seconds, she was moaning her pleasure into Mike’s mouth, along with his semen. Every muscle in her body tensed, and her love-juices flowed over my hand like a river. I loved making Pamela cum, and she loved cumming for me.

She slumped back into my arms, just as the song ended, and the audience erupted into thunderous applause! The nurse handed me my riding crop. “Thank you for participating,” I said with a smile, the limp form of Pamela resting in my arms.

“I should be thanking you!” she said. “I’m Rachel.”

I took the hand she proffered, and kissed it gently, “I’m Keith, but my friends call me ‘Wolf’,” I said.

After the stage was cleared away, and Pamela had gotten dressed, we said our good-byes to Mike (who expressed gratitude for the experience), and the band, and headed outside to my car. Just outside the door, was Rachel.

We made some small talk, and she invited us to her place for some coffee, “or something”.

I was tempted, but a bit wary. She was, as I’ve said, very sexy, but I wondered aloud, what sort would be attracted to Squeeky?

“It’s Halloween, Babe,” she said, and then added, “Did you think, for one minute, that I was actually a nurse?”

“Good point,” I said with a smile.

We followed Rachel to her place, in my car, and she led us up to her third-floor apartment. She took our jackets, and hung them up in the hall closet, and then bade us sit and make ourselves at home.

Rachel made a cup of coffee for herself, and one for Pamela. I declined, not being a coffee drinker, myself, and accepted a can of RootBeer. We sat, all of us sipping our beverages, close together on Rachel’s sofa, with me nestled between the two sexy women. We talked, getting to know each other, and I had a hand on each of their thighs.

Pamela was the only one of us not still bursa escort in costume, since, if she wore her costume out of the club, she would most likely have gotten arrested before we made it to the car. She was now wearing a simple tie-dyed T-shirt, and loose, flowing black skirt. I pushed her skirt up, so that I could touch the nude flesh of her thigh, and I noticed that she didn’t bother to put on any underwear. Which was fine by me.

Rachel, on the other hand (that hand resting on the exposed flesh between her white stockings, and her white mini-skirt), was wearing a lacy pair of silk panties, which I caught glimpses of, as she sat next to me, her hand on top of mine.

I don’t remember most of what we talked about, and quite frankly, I don’t think most people would give a shit. It was a pleasant enough conversation, but that’s not why we’re here, now is it?

Eventually, the conversation centered on the goings-on at the club, which brought a smile to Pamela’s lips, and a lovely blush to her cheeks. We all agreed that it was a powerful, sexy scene, but we were now interested in something a bit more . . . intimate.

Pamela began undoing my braids, as Rachel kissed my mouth. And I kissed back, my tongue moving boldly past her lips. They offered no resistance, knowing full well that her tongue would be there to meet mine, with all force!

Having finished with my hair, Pamela began kissing my neck (which, she knows, I love), and I felt her hand caressing my thighs, through my fishnet stockings. She began to peel them down, but Rachel stopped her.

“Allow me,” she said, and proceeded to rip them right off my legs. She then did the same to my bra, and Pamela removed my skirt, and shoes. I was left in only my boxer shorts (the ones with the popular cartoon characters adorning).

Rachel rubbed my cock through the cotton material of my boxers, and gave Pamela a look. Pamela leaned in close to Rachel, and kissed her tentatively on the mouth. She had been with women before, and enjoyed it every time, but she was always shy about it. I think, after all this time, that she still needed my permission to be the full, sexual being that she was deep down inside. And I was more than happy to give it to her.

I stroked her hair, and told her to tell Rachel what she wanted to do. She blushed again, and turned away. I gently pushed her face towards Rachel again, and repeated my order; this time a little more firmly, but no less gently.

“I want to lick your pussy, Rachel, until you cum all over my face,” she said in a soft, sexy whisper. Then she kissed Rachel again, with abandon! And Rachel kissed her back. And the sight of these two gorgeous women, their tongues mingling, their hands on my cock . . . Need I say it? This sight made my cock grow to its absolute hardest! And can you blame it?

I shed my shorts, and sat back, stroking my rock-hard cock, while Rachel, and Pamela undressed each other. They practically tore at each other’s clothes, and soon, Rachel was wearing only her white stockings, and garters, and Pamela was completely nude. They tenderly, yet passionately, explored each other’s flesh with hands, and fingers, and lips, and tongues, and teeth. They kissed and fondled, and licked almost every inch of exposed flesh that they could find. They teasingly avoided contact with nipples or pussies, and soon Rachel was begging Pamela, pleading with her to, “Please, lick my cunt! I want to feel your tongue in my pussy, and on my clitty!”

And Pamela was quick to comply. She pushed Rachel onto her back, on the floor, and bent down to the task at hand, her ass, still red from my earlier treatment of it, gently swaying in my direction. I could take no more! I knelt behind her, and rubbed my hard cock over her pussy lips. She moaned into Rachel’s cunt, and I entered her from behind. I fucked her gently, at first, and gradually harder and harder, as I know she loves, as she drank deeply from Rachel’s natural spring. Soon, both ladies were shuddering, and tensing . . . their backs arching. I gave Pamela leave to cum, and she did, for the second, but not last, time that night. Rachel’s orgasm came screaming behind Pamela’s, and Pamela lay on the floor next to Rachel.

At Rachel’s request, I moved around so that she could take my cock in her mouth, and lick it clean of Pamela’s juices, while I took my turn at her sweet cunt. And, oh, it was sweet! I flicked my tongue over her lips, and clit, while she hungrily slurped at my cock, and Pamela lazily stroked both of our bodies. We were both, all too soon, on the brink of orgasm, but we slowed down. It was Pamela’s turn to have her cunt licked, and Rachel was as eager as I was to do so. So, we took turns lapping up her sweet nectar.

The look on Pamela’s face, as she was treated to Rachel’s attentions was so sweet, I practically melted on the spot. Not so, my cock! It remained ever hard, and ready, and I put it to good use. I took Rachel from behind, and gazed lovingly at Pamela’s pleasure-wracked face, while I fucked Rachel furiously!

I would love to say that we fucked for hours and hours into the night, and picked up where we left off in the morning, but that wasn’t what happened. What happened, however, was as good a thing as anything I could imagine.

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