Halloween with Tygre Ch. 02


Her breathing slowly came back down to normal, and she slid down and turned around on the couch until she was sitting normally, with her legs off the edge, facing me. My cock was still erect, dripping precome and slick with our combined juices. She took me by the shoulders, leaned in closely and said “Thank you, baby. That felt great. Now stand up.”

I stood up.

Looking straight into my eyes and smiling seductively, she leaned forward and planted a soft, sloppy wet kiss right on my cockhead. Her eyes sparkled and she leaned even further forward. Her lips opened and she took half my dick inside her sweet, hot mouth. I shivered to feel such exquisite sensations inside me. My hands reached out and held her shoulders loosely.

The one thing I could never get over about Tygre was the softness of her skin. No other woman I had ever met had skin as soft as Tygre’s. I didn’t know if she used some sort of skin conditioner or what, but the quality of her skin was unparalleled. Yet another of the qualities of Tygre that had me engrossed in her presence.

Her hand reached up and held my full, hard eggs within the sack. She pulled on them lightly, enough to ache quite a bit, making me moan. I liked the pain, liked the contrast it set with the incredible pleasure of her tongue rasping away at the underside of my cock right below the head, where it’s the most sensitive. Tygre knew what she was doing.

Her mouth continued to work as her other hand (soft hands, beautiful, long purple and black nails) came up to pull on my buttcheek softly. She pulled me deeper into her mouth, wanting to taste more of me at once. My hips started uncontrollably thrusting into her face as I tried to work more of my rock-hard shaft into her body. My eyes were still fastened on her face and raven-black hair as she bobbed slowly on me.

Oh God, it felt so fucking good. I wanted to totally come everything I had straight down her throat, but I knew this might be the only chance to put my seed deep into her womb, and I didn’t plan on wasting the opportunity. I wanted to know what it felt like to explode far within this lovely sexy woman called Tygre.

So I found out.

I pulled my cock and balls out of her mouth and hand. She looked up at me with a small pout, but she knew what I really wanted. I knelt down and took her face in both my hands. “Jesus, Tygre, I want you. I want to be inside you, to feel this desire I have for you physically.”

“Yes, put it in me. Come inside me, give me all that fucking come.” She hefted my balls with her hand. “Poor baby, these feel blue.” She squeezed them and made me gasp with the pain, while she laughed good-naturedly at me.

Her words made me shake. I reached down and took my cock in my hand. Aiming it directly at her center, I watched as she reached down in turn to peel back her outer lips gently. “Ooooh, look, baby, I’m so ready. Do you see how wet I am? See me dripping? You need to be in there, as deep as it will go, and then deeper. I want all of you in me.”

I moved forward until just the head was inside her. “Lover, I’m going to move very very slowly. It’s going to take a long time for the whole thing to get inside.”

“OK, ok, yeah, that’s fucking good, oooh, make me wait…ooooooooh…” She moaned as I took my time. Slowly, centimeter by centimeter, I moved my cock into her depths. Her soft moist membranes contracted, trying to suck me in, to get my cock to move faster, to satisfy her voracious cunt and its need for meat to suck on and eat whole. Her pussy was like another mouth, wanting to gobble the entire thing down without chewing, to swallow me all at once. I didn’t let her. Mu hands blocked her attempts to quicken things. I had to push back on her soft round hips (object of my dreams) to prevent her shoving her dripping pussy forwards.

It took at least an entire minute for the first half of my cock to sink into her wet center. Her hips kept shoving forwards and I would move back to prevent any more of me from sinking it. It took almost all of my willpower not to meet her thrusts and end this forced delay, but I could tell by her moans, her biting her lips, licking them with the tip of her tongue and looking at me urgently that she was enjoying this foreplay as much kartal escort as I was.

My heart rate was escalating. The excitement really was truly overwhelming. Here I was, entering where I had dreamt about for so long. And her beautiful tight sexy little fucking pussy was everything I had ever dreamed it would be. It was truly paradise. It clamped down on my cock, a wet hot sheath, encasing my meat, sucking on it, trying to crush it into a climax. Moving into her felt like coming home. I *was* home.

Another minute or so passed by while I just stayed halfway in, leaning forward to kiss her deeply. Our tongues met and danced, our saliva moved from one mouth to another. We were sharing all the bodily fluids we could, our hands roaming each other’s body. We pinched each other’s nipples, hard. She pulled on mine until I cried out.

I leaned down to swipe my tongue all over her tits, biting, pulling at her sweet nips with my teeth. She held my head in her hands, her head back, mouth open, a long sigh coming from deep in her chest. It appeared her relief at our union was almost as great as mine. This excited me even more.

Finally I pulled back my head and looked her in her eyes. She looked back steadily.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes, do it.” Her hips made little motions towards my body, almost involuntary ones. I could tell she wanted it all, wanted to feel the pressure of being filled.

I moved the rest into her slowly but not as slowly as the first half. It only took about 8 seconds to get the rest of my length into her. When our hips met and our chests finally brushed against each others’, our arms encircled one another and we pressed even closer together. We both groaned, our breath escaping our bodies into each others’ mouths. We were kissing furiously, as if our lives were ending in five minutes and all we wanted to do was kiss until we died. Our hands possessed each other, claimed the territories, explored everywhere we could reach.

When we weren’t kissing, we were looking into each other’s eyes. The friction-induced pleasure rocketing up and down my cock and my testicles made it very difficult to maintain the eye contact. But I did. I was glad for that, because the intense emotional pressure of meeting her gaze while she tried to make me explode inside her by squeezing my cock with her vaginal walls was sublime.

I pulled back again to look at her full face and rich, soft lips, deep eyes, raven hair. I thought to myself, “I’m going to have to have this woman, again and again and again, until I just can’t get hard anymore. I want my goddamn dick to fall off from fucking this sweet pussy.” She was looking at me and smiling, almost as if she knew what I was thinking.

Her hands reached out and pulled my hips into her, showing me what she wanted. I started thrusting, not too hard but not too gently either, deep into her with long strokes. The wet sounds of my cock and her cunt filled the room, along with a small slapping sound of my balls smacking her taint and asshole and the parts of her asscheeks they could hit. It was so incredibly delicious, being inside her.

We kissed more. We could not stop kissing each other. We fed off each other’s lips, tongue, breath, spit. Our tongues curled around each other just as our arms did, our chests heaved into each other’s. We finally wound up crushed against one another, her legs over the end of the couch, feet planted firmly on the floor, sitting ramrod straight, holding on to me for balance and leverage as I surged into her pussy again and again. Every time I thought the words “Tygre’s pussy, her pussy, sweet fucking pussy, hot fucking pussy” my cock got harder and harder, I could feel it get purple and engorged with too much blood for it to properly contain.

My hands grabbed her succulent ass, pulling on it to get my dick buried in her as far as I could manage.

My meat felt harder and bigger than it ever had before. Even Tygre noticed. “Ooooh, fuck, what’s going on, your cock feels really big, bigger than when we started…?”

I looked straight at her with a serious look on my face, almost stern. “Say the word ‘pussy’.”

She leaned in and hugged me to her, moving her chest side to side to brush her gorgeous tits against kartal otele gelen escort my chest and nipples. Our faces past each other, whispering into my ear while tonguing it occasionally, she said softly, “You want me to say pussy? You like that dirty fucking word? Your big cock feels so fucking fine deep in my pussy. My little pussy loves eating you, eating that meat, over and over, ooooh yeah. Get that fucking thing in my pussy. What about cunt? You like that word too, you sick fucking man with a cock that’s gonna’ make my pussy come all over it? You like my cunt? Tell me you like fucking my cunt with your hot, hard cock. Mmmmmm, my pussy loves you. Fuck my pussy. Make my pretty pussy come.”

Her words totally inflamed me. I could tell talking like that was exciting her too. Her breath was quicker, she was almost panting. I think she was close. I kept my pace totally steady, because I was too.

“Yes, you incredible, beautiful, lovely little bitch, your pussy is the tightest, hottest fucking pussy I’ve ever slid into. I am going to put about a gallon of fucking come in it, it’s going to hose your ass down. Fuck, you’re so tight and hot. Your pussy is the fucking greatest, Tygre! FUCK!”

“Mmmmm, thanks, I love your cock too. We’re going to have to do this again until we get it right, you know.” She smiled that trademark Tygre smile, and winked at me.

Suddenly my balls got really tight and drew up close to my body.

“Oh fuck, listen, I’m gonna’….ooooooh, my fucking balls hurt so fucking much….Jesus, I need to come….” I was moaning now, looking straight down at our genitals French kissing over and over again. The deep fucking was driving me mad. My balls were really blue, really big, felt like a big fist attached between my legs swinging back and forth.

She took my chin in her hand and pulled my head up roughly. “Kiss me while you come. Kiss me while your cock explodes in me. Don’t pull away, I want to feel you come through your mouth while my pussy feels your hot load spray out from those heavy blue nuts.”

“O-o-ok, ok, I-i-I’ll try…” I answered shakily. I could feel the rise start. My balls got even tighter. But there wasn’t quite enough pressure or sensation to put me over the edge. I was walking a razor, not falling off either side. The conflict and tension was overwhelming, my whole body was shaking. Hers was too, but I couldn’t tell if she was that close or not. I desperately wanted us to come together, but I wasn’t sure if that was possible. It was so rare.

She and I looked at each other, eyes glued to eyes, while we fucked luxuriously. I held her breasts in the palms of my hands, brushing my palms against her very erect nipples. I wondered if they hurt from being hard so long. I knew my dick did, but I didn’t care. All I wanted was more stroking, deeper penetration and to spray my sperm all over her cunt walls. I want her to overflow and drip down her thick soft thighs, I was so horny I wanted to lick up the remains and make her come again with my mouth after I blew up and my balls turned themselves inside out within her.

It was going on forever. I had no idea where the stamina was coming from. Her arms got tight around my shoulders, she bit down on her bottom lip and said while she slowly closed her eyes, “Trey…oh Trey, this is it. My fucking pussy….oh God, my pussy’s…yes, yes, fucking pussy’s gonna cccuuuuummmmmmm…mmmmmmm fuuuck…”

And then it happened.

Her walls totally collapsed down onto my cock. It felt like she reached down with a red-hot hand full of vaseline and spit and gripped me, _hard_. It was too much for me to feel, her lovely, pristine shaved little pussy coming all over my cock, squeezing, sucking, squeezing. I felt the sperm race up my dick. My balls shouted with joy to part with this massive load, unleashing it within such an incredible woman and an incredible body. It was not something I was very used to lately, and my testes were going to make the most of it. On the pill or not, they couldn’t know and didn’t care — they planned on making triplets.

After the first 3 or 4 spasms, feeling my asshole tighten with the effort of ejaculation into her pussy, I broke my promise about eye kartal eve gelen escort contact. I couldn’t help it. I leaned forward quickly and bit her shoulder to keep from screaming.

Buried shouts still emanated from deep in my throat. The muffled groans filled the little room. I hoped they couldn’t be heard outside. Her hand held the back of my head, pushing my mouth harder on her skin, daring me to break it with my teeth. Her other hand snuck down between our bodies and strummed her own clit to lengthen her climax, draw it out and make it match mine in ferocity and time.

I surged into her again and again, feeling the load spurt out of the tip of my penis and fill her pussy up with hot, hot liquids. I wondered what it must feel like for her to have so much come inside her so quickly.

My asscheeks flexed mercilessly to try to eke out the last shreds of juice from my depleted nutsack. My balls were still heaving, automatically attempting to spurt even though there really wasn’t anything left.

I felt her thighs (God, I loved her thighs, wanted to stop breathing in between them and lie there forever) clamped around my hips, squeezing, squeezing, over and over. She appeared to still be feeling contractions, probably small little mini-comes. Her hand was still slowly stroking herself, I couldn’t tell for sure if she was trying to build to another orgasm or simply making the downhill ride from her last one smoother.

We just looked at each other, breathing still ragged. It took a couple more minutes before I could speak. My look must have been one of admiration, because she smiled widely at me.

“My God, Tygre, I haven’t, oh fuck, I haven’t exploded like that in years. You do something to me only Julie used to. You are very very special to me.”

“Mmmmmm, those were great comes, honey. You keep me coming off like that, I may never let you get dressed again. Your dick is awesome! Let me see it.”

I pulled out. Her pussy immediately spilled a large quantity of my come out of her onto the floor with an obscene, wet sound. It made my cock twitch, even in its exhausted state. I stood up. Right in front of her face, she looked almost cross-eyed at this twisted image of a rock-hard cock, covered and dripping with combined juices and thick fresh cum. I wasn’t soft yet, my body was too wound up from the excitement she brought to me to let it relax yet.


“Yeah?” I answered.

“Oooooh, fuck, well, I wanna’ suck it. Can I suck it? It looks so tasty…let me suck that fucking thing. Come on, let me suck it, please?” Looking up at me with big open round eyes, she made herself appear as young as she could, getting some sort of old pervert/teenage nympho thing going. I could almost feel my soul burning in hell.

“Aw, Jesus fucking Christ…” I moaned. My heart started beating harder and I felt weak in the knees. This hot bitch was going to kill me. “If you get to eat it, I get to lick you until you’re as sore as I am. It’s going to hurt, but you’ll come again, I promise. Maybe more than once.”

“Yay!” She bounced her hot ass up and down on the couch while she clapped her hands. “OK, it’s a deal!” she agreed.

With that, she reached up gently with those gorgeous hands, took my cock and pushed the flared, abused purple head head all around her barely open puffy bruised lips, smearing our mixed fluids onto her face. (We’d kissed each other so hard and for so long, both our mouths were inflamed, reddened, they looked collagen-injected.) Her mouth got shiny immediately from what covered my erect cock.

She moaned to feel the soft skin of the helmet and slickness of our fluids on her mouth and cheeks. Her tongue snaked out to rapidly flick the head demoniacally, she licked up and down the shaft, and then sucked on a wasted, shrunken nut hard enough to really hurt me. With a loud popping sound she let the egg come out of her suctioning mouth. Then she sucked it in again, and released it with another loud pop. The sounds and feeling kept my dick in its rock-hard state — she was not going to give it any rest at all between explosions.

I could feel my fuzzy nuts recharging, the cum was building up again, faster that I ever imagined it would. Oh God, I had to fuck her, fuck her until she screamed out loud, fuck her until her hands pushed me off. I wondered if I was ever going to get enough of such a hot piece of ass as this woman.

Good fucking Christ, what a sex-crazed slut! She was amazing!

This was going to be a very long night.

The End

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