Hailey’s Journey Ch. 17


Hailey followed obediently behind Nick, her heart beating rapidly. She was all dressed up and ready to party – for the first time, with others besides Nick. She was wearing a lovely peach colored silk dress and matching 4″ heels. Her hair had been brushed to a smooth sheet and tied up in a high ponytail. Her only jewelry was a black collar around her neck and matching handcuffs that kept her wrists attached to the D-ring at the back of the collar, thrusting her shoulders back and offering her rounded tits to anyone who cared to sample their delights.

She was shivering with fear and anticipation of what the evening would bring. Earlier, Nick had not been very forthcoming. After dressing her, he had blindfolded her and guided her into his car. He himself was attired in casual jeans and a t-shirt.

Her timid questions had yielded a laconic “Party time, Blondie. Make me proud!”

The drive was not very long, but it seemed to take forever for Hailey. Apart from her bondage, Hailey had nothing to excite her. Even Nick was very quiet – he did not tease her as he usually did, nor did he even look at her. Nick’s reticent behavior added to Hailey’s confusion – had she done anything wrong? Was he going to give her away? She had heard of slave exchanges and auctions, and her insides churned at the thought. Surely Nick would tell her? Maybe it was just a party…

Nick finally parked the car, and took her out, his gentle hand on her waist guiding her. Once inside a building of some sort, Nick had removed the blindfold. Hailey looked around to find herself in the foyer of a club. Voices, the chink of glass and the clink of ice were all familiar sounds – but Hailey could also hear screams and moans accompanying the unmistakable sounds of floggers and whips. Hailey’s cunt moistened at the sound – was she going to join those sounds?

A courtly old man in a tux greeted them politely.

“Good evening Mr. Saylor. We are glad to see you again. Everything is in readiness, just as you asked for.”

Both of them completely ignored Hailey as Nick signed a proferred book and thanked the old man. Nick then attached a leash to Hailey’s collar and led her down a long corridor. Hailey wiggled her butt in excitement as she wondered what delights were in store for her. Was she finally going to meet his friends – or other Masters and slaves as she had read about on the Internet? Was this where Masters put on a show and exhibited their slaves’ skills? She hoped that Nick would be proud of her by the end of the evening. Her head was whirling with the confused mass of emotions churning inside her, seesawing between fear and excitement.

They finally reached a room at the end of the corridor. Nick opened the door and pushed Hailey in. Curiously, Hailey lifted her head to look at her surroundings and stopped in shock as she heard a familiar, detested voice…


It had been just a few days ago that both Hailey and Nick had acknowledged, at least to themselves, that they had deep feelings for each other. This had resulted in greater obedience on Hailey’s part, and contradictorily, greater demands on Nick’s part. He used her ruthlessly for his pleasure, dreaming up new tortures and new bondage positions every day. Normally, he would have made certain that Hailey enjoyed herself as well, but for a few days, he was harsh and unyielding.

These days were görükle escort not fun for Hailey, and surprisingly enough, they were not fun for Nick as well. Hailey had surrendered her body to his needs, and Nick could use her any way he wanted for his pleasure. But he discovered that his pleasure was tied up with hers – unless she was enjoying herself, he was not fully satisfied, even if he fucked her ten ways to Sunday. This emotion was new to Nick – he was not an uncaring master, but thus far, he had felt that a slave existed to serve, and if they found pleasure on the way, good for them – he was not going to expressly cater to them. But now he found himself looking for ways to please Hailey and himself – and found that her joy increased his enjoyment manyfold.

So they entered into another phase of their relationship. Nick made great efforts to know and understand Hailey. He talked to her, listened to her, and tried to find out what made her tick. Hailey was in heaven – this was the Nick she loved, and she tried to show him how she felt in as many ways as she could. Of course, her obedience was all he ever asked for, but lately, he seemed to like her hugs and kisses as well!

For the first time since her captivity, he took her out as well. They went to buy groceries and Nick let Hailey choose stuff for them. Or they went to the mall to buy stuff for the house or gifts for Nick’s employees. They went to the park just to walk and be with each other. A couple of times, Nick even took her to dinner and dancing. And he took great care to see that these were “special” to Hailey.

For instance, the last time he took her out, he dressed her up in pretty blue sundress that matched her eyes. Her sandals were blue with normal heels. Her blonde hair had been brushed shiny and left loose around her shoulders. Nick gave her pretty sapphire and diamond earrings to wear. Hailey looked gorgeous – but she also looked just a tad uncomfortable. For she was not only well dressed on the outside – she was also well dressed on the inside. No ordinary bra and panties for his Blondie – just the best in sexual torment.

A leather band went around her waist with a cross piece bisecting her crotch. Attached to her clit and kept in place by the cross piece was a gently buzzing butterfly vibrator. A vibrating dildo filled her ass nicely; her throbbing nipples were, of course clamped. Not any ordinary clamps – these were clover clamps attached to the waist band with a thin chain. But her yearning cunt remained empty and unfilled.

Hailey soon understood the diabolical nature of her torment. The gently vibrating butterfly and dildo kept her on the edge of arousal, leaving her cunt grasping at empty air. The tender nipples added to her arousal, until Nick suddenly increased the speed of the vibrators. The sudden jerk of her body caused the clamps to tighten with white flashes of pain – and being the pain slut she was, this further added to her cunt’s desire. Hailey spent the evening in a daze, alternating between pain and an advanced state of horniness. By the time Nick took her home, she was literally gibbering, begging for relief.

Back home, Nick surprised her again. He removed her outfit, told her to take a shower, undressed and went to bed. Horny and unsatisfied, Hailey came out of the shower to glare at his supine form. Nick looked up and grinned at görükle escort bayan her.

“You look like you want something really badly, Blondie. Show some initiative – go and get it!”

With a growl of delight, Hailey pounced on Nick. She was going to show him, she was. She was going to tease and torment him until he realized how she felt when he was making her beg. And so she began – to kiss and caress every inch of his body, finding all the secret responsive corners. Her tongue gently licked at his lips and plunged inside his hot mouth to duel and dance with his own, while her hands moved all over. She turned her attention to his neck and his flat male nipples, now little beads of arousal. She nibbled her way down his stomach, then completely ignoring his rampant arousal, moved down to lick and nibble at his calves and thighs.

Nick was groaning in pleasure by the time she finally returned to his cock. Her hands first, gently rolling his balls, seeking the sensitive base of his cock, then the long length of his erection. Her tongue lightly licking along the length of it, nibbling on his balls, stroking around the engorged head. Then she finally took him into her hot, hot mouth, and the suction had him arching off the bed.

But that night, Hailey learned another lesson. Nick gave himself to her wholly and unreservedly, holding nothing back. And Hailey realised that the responsibility for pleasuring someone who surrendered to completely was entirely with her. She had to control herself, holding herself severely in check so that she could pleasure him as well. She realized how much control Nick had been exercising over himself during the past few months as he worked to please her. She had just lain there, letting him take responsibility, but he had to think of all the wonderful things he had done to her, and then hold his passions in check as he had worked on arousing her. If Hailey had any doubts before, they were gone, washed away in Nick’s generosity. That had been a week ago….


“Well, well, here’s the cheerleading cunt slut who thought she was too good for us. Come on in, stupid whore, and let’s show you who’s in charge!”

The sneering voice brought Hailey back to the present with a shock, as another, equally obnoxious voice joined in.

“Aw, she’s all dressed up for us. Pity, she won’t be needing that pretty dress for long!”

Breathing hard with fear and disbelief, Hailey looked into the face of two of her jock classmates from college. They had tried hard to get into her pants, and she had turned them down repeatedly. In fact, towards the end, she had been pretty nasty and insulting to them. But now…….

She shook her head violently and turned to look at Nick.


and stared in growing horror at his inflexible expression. Nick knew – and yet he expected her to….

“These gentlemen have requested the pleasure of your company for this evening. You will obey them as explicitly as you obey me.”

With these words, he pushed her further into the room, and then left, closing the door behind him. Hailey turned around to face her “masters” for the evening. the expression on their faces did not bode well for her.

“Well, slave – hey, what should we name our slave?”

“How about cock sucker?”

“No, shiteater!”

“Stupid whore!”

“Man, bursa escort look at her tits – she’s such a cow! A dirty little cow!”

“OK, that’s it. Cowslut it is. Hey cowslut, get naked!”

Hailey, who by now, was scarlet with anger and humiliation, just stared back. Get naked? Her hands were cuffed, morons. One of them walked up to her and slapped her hard.

“Stop staring like a drooling idiot, cowslut. Now, find a way to get out of that dress.”

Head ringing from the slap, Hailey tried to wiggle out of the dress, but with her tethered hands, it was impossible. After watching her gyrations for a few minutes snickering all the time, Jock2 spoke.

“Well, that’s the first act of disobedience, cowslut. Now we have to whip it offa you.”

“Great idea,” agreed Jock1.

Each of them took a single tailed whip and began to hit her, concentrating on her tits, ass and thighs. The delicate silk began to tear under their onslaught, Hailey bore the pain as much as she could, but a particularly vicious blow to her nipples made her cry out. Immediately, they stopped whipping her, and one of them placed a clothespin on her heaving breast.

“We’ll keep count of the number of times you sing, cowslut, and you will get a special surprise later,” chuckled Jock1.

Hailey did not think that she’d like their surprise very much, as they resumed their whipping. By the time the dress was completely shredded, Hailey had welts all over her smooth body, and had collected three more clothespins. Both men finally dropped the whips and stepped to the end of the room.

“On your knees, slut. Now crawl to us.”

Painfully, Hailey dropped down on her knees, trying not to overbalance and fall. She begain to move on her knees towards them.

“We said crawl, cowslut. Are you such a cocksucking whore that your cumfilled brain cannot understand simple directions?”

“Oooh, cowslut’s hands are tied! It cannot use its hands. How can stupid cowslut crawl? I know – look at its huge tits! Use your tits and crawl, you little piece of waste!”

Hailey bent over, pushing her tits against the cold floor, and began to move slowly. All the while, her brain was racing with the horror and humiliation of her position. How could Nick do this to her? How could he put her in the hands of the two biggest jerks she ever had the misfortune to meet? Did Nick hate her? Was he so sadistic that her pain and degradation turned him on? She had thought that he was a loving Master who cared for her emotional needs. Was she wrong?

As she made her way painfully across the room, her ass swaying in the air, Hailey drew a deep breath. She was Nick’s slave, she thought. Her only purpose was to please her master, not herself. No matter how unpleasant things were, she was not going to look at the personal cost, but she was going to use it as an opportunity to show her love for the master. Right now, she had a choice, like always. She could look at this as insulting and mortifying to Hailey and walk away in anger and shame.

But if she obeyed these two jokers, she would be fulfilling her master’s orders. Her body belonged to him, and what pleased him was what pleased her. She would look at this ordeal, not as two morons taking revenge on Hailey, but as slave Hailey obeying her master. She would do her best, giving all her love and all her submission. She could show him that he was the most important thing in her life, and if a little pain and humiliation was what it took to prove her love, well, she could handle it. And if she thought of Nick, she could bear anything they threw at her, no matter how bad it got.

And it got pretty bad.

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