Guard Don of Eden


“Those who believe that destiny is the prime mover of all things say: We should not exert ourselves to acquire wealth, for sometimes it is not acquired although we strive to get it, while at other times it comes to us of itself without any exertion on our part. Everything is therefore in the power of destiny, who is the lord of gain and loss, of success and defeat, of pleasure and pain.” – Kama Sutra

Chapter 1

Eden Spa and Resort was a place to come when spirits were low. When stress was too much in one’s life. You came to unwind and let loose all inhibitions. Massages were recommended, drinks were served and the exotic backdrop was enticing. You came to find yourself and sometimes found another. Couples came to reinvigorate their relationships. Others came to explore. Love was always in the air. You could hear it, see it, and often smell it. When it was your turn, you would experience it.

Don had come to Eden to work, with no other intentions. He was hired to run security and had several fine references to help him acquire the position. The place ran itself, but when alcohol did its tricks, no one could predict the outcome. He was needed more at night than during the day, but the days were not problem-free. He just didn’t have to worry about anything while the sun was up.

As soon as the sun set, Don was on call until sunrise. He generally worked 7PM-3AM, but occasionally was called to help with unruly guests. At 225 lbs, 6’5″ he had the most intimidating stance. Folded arms, a piercing stare, and a deep voice was usually enough to stop most altercations. He rarely had to get involved. He had a 3-inch scar on his left cheek right below one of his emerald eyes. He was lucky not to have been blinded, but it was the only time anyone had wounded him. It was this wound more than any of his facial features that made him a man not to be trifled with. It was his badge of courage.

In stepped Autumn Hunt. All 5′ 8″, 119 lbs of tanned blonde exquisite beauty that Don took for another average vacationer. He was not against having sex with the clientele. He just didn’t do it. When he first met her, she was singing karaoke in the lounge. She didn’t exactly have the pipes of a songbird, but her rendition of “Frosty the Snowman” brought down the house. She sang it in such a sexy voice and presented it in a very comical way that all eyes were on her.

Don watched her sing and ignored the potential drunkard at the bar. She wore a teal and pink sarong around her hips, covering her waist and most of her right leg. Her left leg was silky and smooth and glistened in the lights of the stage area. Her top was just a pink lycra string bikini. Her golden hair was tied in a ponytail by a pink silk ribbon. Her puffy pink glossy lips wrapped around her pearly white smile. Her blue eyes made contact with all of her audience. It was as if her smile and her eyes were one. If you met her gaze, you were touched by her smile that you would swear was meant only for you. The crowd clapped loudly and she went back to her stool and raised her umbrella drink in appreciation to her adoring fans. The drunkard at the bar was getting a little bit sloppy and reached out to grab at the young lady. She slapped his hand away and he flipped some peanuts from the bar at her. Don was immediately on top of the man and before anything else could go wrong he muscled him out of the bar. He told one of his men to make sure he was escorted back to his bungalow. When he returned the young lady was gone.

It was about 11am the next morning when Don walked along the pool area to take in his daily plunge into the jacuzzi. He was happy to see the lack of bodies poolside. At this time the spa organized a mountain hike that was due back a little before noon for lunch. As Don relaxed in the warm bubbling water, a woman with a white string bikini entered the picture opposite of Don. Her shadow fell across Don and he was alerted to her presence. He failed to realize it was the woman from the previous nights festivities until she introduced herself.

“Thanks for the help last night,” Autumn announced. Don opened his eyes and met her teeth and eye combo. She was enchanting. The hair was no longer in a ponytail instead hung straight back to the midway point of her back. There was no sarong to cover her legs and hips. Her attire was a surprising one piece white bathing suit. Her curves were accentuated and her breasts pushed forward quite well. Her legs were tanned and shapely. He didn’t want to be rude and stare, so he held up his hand to shield the sun behind her and this helped to also shield his wandering eyes.

“Just doing my job ma’am,” Don responded with a wild west styled demeanor.

“My name is Autumn, not ma’am,” she demanded. She waved her hand towards the jacuzzi, in a gesture to gather if it was acceptable to join him. He reciprocated the hand movement with one of his own.

“Sorry force of habit,” Don apologized. “My name is Don.”

“Glad to meet you Don,” Autumn returned, as she stepped into the jacuzzi hand extended. He politely grabbed it and the greeting kurtköy escort was delivered. Her infectious smile charming the smile right out of the corners of his mouth.

“Likewise, Autumn.”

“I noticed a bit of a New York accent there Don,” Autumn guessed.

“Indeed,” Don replied, “I am a born and raised Long Island boy.”

“I have family there on the eastern end. They love fishing.”

“Fishing is big there,” Don agreed. “I never really got into it, I was too busy playing ball with my neighborhood buddies.”

“So what brings you all the way out to Eden? Is it the island that makes you feel like you are back home?”

“Long Island might be an island, but it far from Eden. Besides who would not want a job here?” Don retorted.

“Answers a question with a question,” Autumn smirked.

“Here is another one. What brings you here?”

“Plenty of reasons actually. For starters, I am looking for a fun time of course,” she replied. “Eden was recommended by a friend. She told me it was the place to go to get away from life’s headaches. She showed me the catalog and I was sold. I loved the vigorous exercise classes and different levels of hiking. I am an exercise nut. Then there were all these classes about meditation, pilates, yoga and they were all outside. Even the massages were outside. I love that aspect. Fresh air and sunshine.”

“You came to the right place for that,” Don added. “Many people come here to escape. Some come to start over, some come to party and just forget. Others just want to relax. Eden has a lot of enticing things.”

“I can see that,” Autumn stated, obviously by the turn of her head, flirting with Don. Don felt life beneath his swim trunks as her eyes held his gaze. Don was not one to look away so he stared back.

Eager to change the subject, Don took the intiative. “Have you had time to work out your headaches with a massage yet?”

“Oh yes,” Autumn exclaimed, “I had the most amazing massage with these little warm stones…”

“The hot stone treatment,” Don interjected.

“Exactly! Don, I don’t know what those people get paid, but it isn’t nearly enough. I was so relaxed, I fell asleep on the table. That has never happened before.”

“I have had the hot stone treatment on more than one occasion, and I have fallen asleep with each one.”

“Ah the fringe benefits of the job,” Autumn declared.

“It does have its many advantages,” Don answered. He extended his arms wide around the jacuzzi like the king of his castle and grinned.

“I will assume you were talking about me,” Autumn teased. Thank you Don.”

Don immediately became tongue-tied and fumbled for a response. She caught sight of his awkwardness and pounced.

“Wow,” Autumn began, “look at the tough security man turn red.” She giggled playfully. Don snickered and splashed some water towards Autumn with the back of his hand. “Oh, no you didn’t!”

“I do believe I did,” Don smirked.

Before he could even try to stop her, she darted forward. Immersing herself in the water head first, she grabbed his legs and with a quick tug Don slid under. She let go as soon as the momentum carried him into the water. The entire attack took no more than 3 seconds to pull off and another 5 to prop herself back to where she started. Don floundered a little to regain his balance and emerged looking surprised and unsure of his next move. Wiping his eyes clear of water he gazed over at the smiling blonde who clearly looked overjoyed at what she had accomplished. She was clearly a lot stronger than she looked, he thought.

“I hope I didn’t embarrass you Don,” Autumn apologized with no clear indication on her face that she meant what she just said. She was a big flirt, Don thought.

“I don’t embarrass easily,” Don answered, pausing for effect and then added, “but I do get even.”

“Now you sound like a movie cliché.”

“Sooo,” Don returned, “what do you do back in the real world?”

“Ha,” Autumn mused, “look at you changing the subject. Okay, well I work with lifeguards and the safety aspect of their job. Introducing new products to improve their work environment. We have taken steps to convert most of the personnel recreational areas in beaches across Southern California to solar power to help save money and help the environment. Most of the supplies, whether it be bandaids, life vests, lifeguard swim gear all are made from organic materials. Many of the lifeguards have recognized a need for change, and it is my job to help sell this idea and push our products.”

“Sounds interesting. Do you enjoy it?”

“Hell yeah,” Autumn agreed, “Its not everyday that you work a few hours and then lie out on beaches working on your tan.”

“Sounds like my job,” Don laughed.

“Well, I don’t have to beat anyone up.”

“I think you have the wrong impression of me,” Don declared. “I rarely have to get physical with anyone.”

“I am sure you just have to stand over them, and your shadow does the work.”

“Pretty much. It helps to be big and scary looking.”

“Sexy aydıntepe escort too,” Autumn added. Don rolled his eyes and she smiled again. “You might be all beefy with big muscles, tall and wide shouldered and can stare smaller people down with those sparkling emerald eyes, but you know you are extremely handsome. Don’t even try and deny it.”

“I appreciate the compliments, so far be it from me to deny such a beautiful lady.”

“Awww, how sweet,” Autumn said. “You are a real charmer. Now the big question, do you have a girl?”

“I have little time to give to a relationship, so no.”

“I didn’t ask about a relationship, I was just inquiring whether or not you would be free for a little of my company if I pursued it.”

“You are quite direct Autumn,” Don countered.

“It doesn’t hurt to be direct when you see someone you would like to get to know.”

“I suppose it doesn’t. I guess I am not used to being hit on so hard.”

“I don’t believe that,” Autumn challenged. “I am sure plenty of girls have tried to come on to you.”

“Well,” Don responded, “perhaps not in the same fashion. Every night, I get looks, but I can’t let my guard down. Some bungalo numbers have been given to me, some pinching and groping have been attempted, but when I am on duty, I am on duty.”

“What about times like now? You aren’t working now are you?”

“No, I am not working, but usually I keep to myself. Most of the guests are doing our hikes at this hour, so I can lounge with little to no interruption.”

“Am I interrupting?” Autumn questioned.

“Sorry,” Don apologized, “I did not mean to imply that at all. You are a welcome distraction to my daily jacuzzi fix.”

“Are you sure, because I can certainly leave as fast as I pulled you under water?” Autumn smirked. Don couldn’t help be overcome by her womanly charms. He was a man after all, and it had been quite a few months since he was with a woman. He was intrigued to say the least.

“I am fine,” Don admitted.

“So Don, are you interested in my advances?” Autumn inquired.

“I have never had any intimiate relations with a guest before, and to be truthful with you Autumn, I am not sure what is to gained from it.”

“I admire that Don,” Autumn praised, “but let me ask you this. If I wasn’t a guest, but someone you met at a casual function or something of the like, would you be more likely to be interested?”

“It probably would be easier, yes.”

“Okay, so if you have some interest. Let us stop there. You are not working until when?”

“My hours are steady from 7pm until the early hours of the morning.”

“Would you come to a class with me?” Autumn proposed.

“A class?” Don asked.

“There goes that answering a question with a question thing again. Yes, a class. One of the many Eden classes. I am not inviting you back to my bungalo for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Just a class.”

“I am intrigued, which class?”

“Well,” Autumn began, “I thought you would choose one that maybe you never tried before, but were always interested in trying.”

“Wouldn’t you rather choose one?”

“No,” Autumn started. “The way I see it, if we have fun at a class you chose, then I can choose the next one and we can do it again. What do you think? Up for a class?”

“I am not promising anything more though,” Don said.

“I am not asking for anything more,” Autumn replied. “Just pick a class, we meet there, see how it goes.”

“Okay, sure,” Don agreed. Her smile was so infectious. Any regret he might have felt in making such a decision had suddenly melted away. “I will have to look over the schedule first, and see how it fits.”

“That is fine with me. I am very happy you said yes. I am going to take a shower get dressed and go to Tranquility Cove for some lunch. Meet me there around one o’clock and we can discuss the class you picked.”

“Sounds good,” Don answered. As Autumn stood up out of the water, Don rose as well. He suddenly realized something and must have gave off an usual face because Autumn saw it. She smiled, understanding what he must have been thinking.

“Yes?” Autumn asked innocently.

“You just tricked me into lunch, didn’t you?”

“Are you going to meet me at 1pm for lunch?”

“I suppose so,” Don affirmed.

“Then, yes, I tricked you,” Autumn responded gleefully. She turned and giggled as she walked away.


Chapter 2

Don caught Autumn right away as soon as he walked through the door. She once again had her hair in a ponytail. Her clothes were not as revealing as the last two times he had seen her. She wore a black leotard, tight against her body, hiding her beautiful legs. Obviously dressed for the class, she thought Don would eventually choose. She would have to change.

“Hey again,” Autumn greeted.

“I hope I didn’t keep you long,” Don asked.

“No,” Autumn replied, “I just sat down three minutes before you got here.”

“That’s a relief. Wouldn’t want to make a pretty lady wait.”

“Wow tuzla içmeler escort that is corny,” Autumn laughed giving Don a wink of approval.

“Sometimes corny works.”

“It often does, I will admit. Nothing like a guy who holds the car door open for a woman. I laugh each time, because it is so chauvinistic.”

“How so?” Don questioned.

“Well there are certain things in life that a man has adopted as things to do for the woman. They get this gentlemen tag like a badge of courage. If we do something for the man in our lives, we are called good housekeepers.”

“That isn’t always true,” Don retorted.

“You would be hard pressed to find an occurance where the woman holds the door for the guy, because it isn’t an accepted practice. Be right back I have to use the bathroom.” As she rose to leave, Don stood up. She sat down looked at Don and smiled as he looked down at her with a questionable look on his face.

“Like standing up at a restaurant,” Autumn continued. “A woman never stands up for a guy, it isn’t in the rule book.”

“You are a something else Autumn.”

“Thank you Don”

They ordered and ate food, talked about life inside and outside the resort, and dating. When it was time to announce the class, Don smiled and told her she would have to change back into a bathingsuit in order to participate.

“Is it going to be a surprise or are you going to tell me?” Autumn asked.

“It is a surprise. You see I figured you might have all ready looked over the schedule of classes and figured what I might choose. So I pulled a favor from a co-worker and got a class not on the schedule.”

“Oh nice, very resourceful.”

“I try, but for now go and get changed and meet me in the Casa Spa Room at the Serenity Building in 15 minutes. You know where that is?”

“I very much do. I can’t wait.”

“See you in a little bit then.”

When Autumn opened the door to the Casa Spa room, she was shocked to see a large mat and in the center were towels and a lounge chair. Don was situated in the lounge chair with his arms folded behind his head. He was wearing no top and a pair of hawaiian boxer trunks. His chest was rippled with muscles and the tan was practically perfectly bronzed. She had taken notice of this in the jacuzzi, but never really got a good look until now, because of the water. A dark-skinned woman stood right behind him shaking a bottle of liquid.

“What have we here?” Autumn inquired. She looked around for another lounge chair and found none.

“This is Hullimanda, and I will let her explain the class,” Don returned.

“Hello Autumn,” Hullimanda spoke with the thickest of island accents. It might have been Jamaican, but she wasn’t sure. “Welcome to my class, Accu-Massage.”

“Ha,” Autumn hooted. “You will learn the basics of the pressure points located on and around the foot. You will find out how to give a fantastic massage while receiving one in return. The foot is filled with many pressure areas that can relieve pain throughout the body. You will use these points of interest for yourself and others.”

Hullimanda handed Autumn the bottle she had been shaking and told her to kneel in front of Don and prepare to begin the lesson. She looked over at Don. He was smiling from ear to ear.

“I figure,” Don announced, “I would go first because I wouldn’t want to disappoint you with the old standby, lady’s first routine. I know how you feel about that.”

“Smart ass,” Autumn declared. She knelt down in front of Don and he thrust a barefoot at her. She smacked it playfully away from her face.

“Now, now woman, you best behave or I will have Hullimanda go right to the toe sucking lesson instead.”

“You big brute,” Autumn said laughing as she said it. She followed Hullimanda’s words, applying the sweet smelling oil on her hands, and onto his toes and glided her hands along his right foot. She applied pressure in certain areas and forced a grimace and a sigh every now and then. She was doing a fine job, and Don let her know it as she proceeded. In time, they switched positions and Don too went to work. Autumn closed her eyes and at one point fell asleep in the chair.

“Wake up sleepy head,” Don announced. “You must have enjoyed my work, because you started to snore much like the sound of a hacksaw.”

“I was bored,” Autumn retorted with a huge grin. “Actually that was very relaxing. I am surprised you would have picked a class like this. I was in store for some heavy duty aerobics class or even some martial arts or something to knock me out another way.”

“Well, I always wanted to learn this, but this is a couple’s class, so I never had a chance until now.”

“Did you have a good time?” Autumn asked.

“Oh yeah,” having a girl on her knees in front of me, is always a party.” They both laughed.

“So, you interested in another class with me?” Autumn inquired.

“I would love to, your choice of course,” Don answered.

“Of course,” Autumn agreed. “I have a class in mind that starts at 5pm and is just an hour long, is that too much for you before you start work?”

“I figure you would want to start tomorrow, but I can definitely do another one. Sure.” Meet me on the beach at 4:45pm by the Tiki Jungolo, wearing the same outfit or something similar. Okay?”

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