Graffiti Revenge


Ann, Michelle, and Rebecca. Three disgruntled young ladies leaving the school grounds. Not disgruntled to be leaving, just a little put out because they were leaving an hour late due to a completely unfair detention.

They’d explained to Mr Brandis that it had just been a practical joke. Everyone had laughed, even Nigel, and he’d been the victim. It wasn’t as though anyone had got hurt. Well, not really hurt. When Nigel stopped laughing and stood up he’d promptly fallen down again and everyone had laughed a second time. Except Nigel. He was too busy saying some really rude things about moronic practical jokers and a broken ankle. It hadn’t even been broken, so they failed to see why he made such a fuss. It was just a sprain and he’d be fine in a few days. Really, it was a Friday and he could relax for the whole weekend. He wouldn’t even have to miss any school.

Did Mr Brandis see it that way? Chance would be a fine thing. He’d got all nasty and sarcastic and been really very rude, treating them like little girls. Then he’d finished it up with a detention and they had to take notes home to their parents. They would have ditched the notes as a matter of course but Mr Brandis insisted that they be returned on Monday with their mothers’ signatures on them. So unfair. They’d considered signing themselves but he’d scotched that. He’d promised to ring their parents to check that they were the ones who signed. The man had no trust in him. It must be sad to be a cynical old man like him.

OK, so he wasn’t really all that old, but he acted as if he was fifty, all ‘I know more than you ever will’ and seemed to consider them to be pre-teens. Sheesh — didn’t he know that even Becky was eighteen and she was the youngest of them?

The three girls walked along, grumbling to themselves about how unfair life was at times. They heaped calumny upon poor Nigel. What a wimp to be making such a fuss about a little sprain. As for Mr Brandis, words failed them. Still, they did seem to find a lot of words to describe just how words failed them, freely casting aspersions upon the man.

“Becky, has your brother still got those spray cans he was using to repaint that old car of his or did he throw them out?” asked Ann.

“Still got them, I think,” said Becky. “At least he kept the ones with paint in them since he might want to touch up the old bomb a bit.”

“The way he drives he’ll probably have to touch up the old bomb a lot,” laughed Michelle. “Why do you want the paint, Ann?”

“Oh, I just thought it might be interesting to put up a little harmless graffiti,” Ann said.

“The cops are cracking down on that,” Becky said. “You’re allowed to graffiti in a couple of lanes as long as you’ve got some skill. Anywhere else and the cops would be all over you. We’re not exactly skilled in the graffiti department. The real graffiti artists would be all over us if we mucked up their work.”

“Oh, I was thinking we’d do it somewhere out of the public eye. Someplace private. Someplace where the cops wouldn’t see it or see us doing it. Someplace like the back of Mr Brandis’s house.”

The three of them were silent for a while as they considered this idea.

“Possibly something along the lines of rude descriptions of Mr Brandis?” said Michelle.

“We’d have to keep it to short words so that we could finish quickly,” observed Becky. “We wouldn’t want to be so long doing it that we got caught.”

“Do we know his address?” asked Michelle.

“Yes, I do,” said Ann. “He’s got a weatherboard house so the paint won’t do any real damage. He can just paint over it. It may even make his house look better.”

“True. We’d be doing him a favour,” agreed Becky.

The three girls laughed.

“What happens if we get caught?” asked Michelle.

“We’ll get a slap on the wrist. The police aren’t going to make a fuss about something like that and Mr Brandis would look a fool if he pressed charges against his students for a practical joke. He’d probably yell at us and tell our parents but we could live with that. So what if we get grounded for a week or so? We’ve been grounded before. Besides, we’ll just task care not to get caught. He lives alone. We’ll just do it either when he’s out or asleep.”

“Out, would be my preference,” said Michelle. “Asleep, he might wake up and catch us.”

“Bobby is going to the football with friends tomorrow,” said Becky. “They’re going in his mate’s car. I’m sure I can persuade him to lend me his car for the afternoon as long as we promise to keep the tank filled. We can hang about and watch for Mr Brandis to go out. He’ll probably go to the game as well. It’s supposed to be a big one.”

The girls found that their plans went remarkably smoothly. Bobby didn’t mind his sister borrowing his car as long as she knew it had hardly any fuel in it and she would need to put some in if she wanted to go further than the local garage. He still had half a dozen spray cans in the garage. Knowing that he wouldn’t mind her borrowing them Becky didn’t bother asking, just tossing tuzla escort them in the back of the car when it was time to go.

With more fuel in the car the girls drove over to where Mr Brandis resided, parking opposite a park a little further down the street.

“That’s his place,” said Ann, pointing. “He’s currently home as I can see his car. I know it’s his as I checked at school. I initially thought about spraying his car but I’m told it costs a fortune to repaint them and we’d have got into real trouble over it.”

“That fortune is the reason Bobby painted this car,” said Becky. “The way this car now looks shows why most people pay a fortune to have it properly done.”

For the next half an hour they talked and listened to music, wishing Mr Brandis would leave. Then Michelle gave them a heads up.

“He’s getting in his car now,” she told them.

The girls turned to watch as Mr Brandis emerged from his drive and drove off, passing them scant moments later.

“The sports ground is that way isn’t it?” asked Becky.

“It is,” assented Michelle. “He’s off to watch the game. Let’s go.”

They drove the short distance to Mr Brandis’s house and parked.

“Um, how do we know the house is empty?” asked Ann.

“That’s an easy one,” said Becky. “I’ll go and knock on the front door. If anyone answers I’ll say I’m at the wrong address and leave. Mr Brandis won’t be there and if anyone else is they won’t know who I am.”

A minute later Becky was beckoning them in and, grabbing the spray cans, the other two girls joined them. Heading into the back yard they looked at the wall.

“I wonder how long it will be before he notices what we’ve done,” Ann said with a giggle.

“Dunno. It could be days if he doesn’t go out into the backyard much. I mean, how often do you go into your backyard?”

“Not often,” admitted Michelle. “When I was younger, yes, but nowadays?” She shrugged.

“So he won’t know who and he won’t know when,” said Ann.

The girls got busy, roughly spraying multi-coloured words over the wall.

Finishing quickly they stood back to review what they’d done.

“Not bad,” said Ann. “Not a professional job but passable.”

“Not really,” observed Miles Brandis. “You’ve misspelt fiend and debauch. I’d mark you a fail if I was teaching you English.”

The three girls turn to look at him, shocked. He smiled at them. Somehow or other the smile did not make them any happier.

“I was driving along and something was nagging me about that oddly painted car I saw just up the road. Then I remember seeing Bobby driving it and recalled that he was Rebecca’s brother. I also remembered seeing women in the car and for some reason I thought of you three. I came back to see if anything was going on. I must say you sprayed that graffiti on fast. Too bad about the spelling.”

The three girls looked at each other and were in complete accord. Time to leave. They started edging back away from Miles, quite willing to cut around the far side of the house.

“Oh, you’re not thinking of leaving are you?” asked Miles. “We’ve things to talk about. I just know you want to discuss them with me rather than the police.”

“You won’t involve the police,” said Ann. “You’d look a fool, calling the police on three students who pranked you.”

“Oddly enough I’ve been a fool before and it didn’t kill me. What a pity, I hear you thinking. Anyway, I wouldn’t be calling the police on three students who pranked me. I’d be reporting on three adults who have committed an act of vandalism. The police are rather hot on that right now. Something to do with the Mayor’s house having graffiti on it. You’d be arrested and charged as adults. You were rabbiting on earlier about how I was treating you as little children when you’re all grown up. The police will certainly treat you as adults. Probably no jail time, depending on the judge, but there’s bound to be a fine, community work, and a police record.”

The girls were looking at each other again, feeling sick. Ann was sure he wouldn’t really call the police, but what if he did?

Miles strolled over to the back door and unlocked it. He held it open, looking at the three. They capitulated, walking past him and into the house, three dejected young ladies.

Escorting the girls through to the front room Miles pointed at the couch and said, “Sit.” The girls did so.

“I’ll skip the lecture, if you don’t mind,” he told them. “We all know what you did wrong and why it was a bad idea, etcetera. Let’s move straight to the penalty stage. Seeing I’ve been personally injured I feel that it’s only right that I personally punish you. If you disagree I’ll quite happily call the police and let them take care of the matter.”

The girls sat there, saying nothing. At this point there wasn’t much that they could say.

“You do prefer to be treated as adults rather than children, don’t you?” Mile inquired.

The girls gave signs indicating agreement and watched Miles smile happily.

“In that pendik escort case I will spank the three of you as adults, not as naughty children.”

The girls all began talking at once, earnestly and a little incoherently at times. Miles held up a hand to quieten them.

“Am I right in saying that the gist of the message you’re sending is that you don’t want to be spanked?” he asked.

Determined assent was given to that question.

“Too bad. I’m sure you’ll appreciate a visit from the police a lot less. Now you’re probably wondering what the difference is between a child’s spanking and an adult’s spanking. It’s quite simple. A child I would bend over and paddle. As adults, you will naturally drop your panties before you bend over. I think it would be best if the three of you knelt on the floor and bent over the couch you’re sitting on. That way I can do all three spankings at the same time and you’d be sharing your blushes with each other.”

The girls were quite naturally appalled.

“Do you seriously think we’re going to drop our panties and bend over so you can spank us?” asked Becky in a disbelieving voice.

“Yes, Rebecca, I do,” Miles assured her. “Are you saying you won’t and that I’m free to call the police?”

“This is blackmail,” protested Michelle.

“There you go getting your English wrong again. It’s not blackmail, it’s coercion.”

“B-but I’m wearing yoga-pants,” protested Ann. “I’d have to take them down as well. I’ll be naked.”

“Only half, but that’s OK. I don’t mind.”

“The police might just let us go with a warning,” mumbled Becky.

“Are you going to bet a police record against that,” asked Ann, sounding somewhat aggrieved. Standing up she started pushing her yoga-pants and panties down, stopping to hastily turn her back to Miles when she realised she was about to give him a free peep show. With Ann leading the way the other girls moved to comply. Not with undue haste, but they did comply. It wasn’t long and the three of them were kneeling in front of the couch, leaning forward onto it, their bottoms gleaming white in the overhead light.

“It’s surprising what you can tell just by looking at someone,” Miles told the girls. “I can see that two of you are rather nervous about being spanked but the third little lady is quite excited.”

“That’s ridiculous,” snapped Ann. “How can you know that?”

“Easy. Two of you are closed up and tight just here,” he thoughtfully poked where he meant, ignoring Ann’s startled squawk, “while the other is puffed up and flowering, hoping to be touched.”

“You’re not supposed to be looking at us there,” protested Becky. “You just said a spanking.”

“And a spanking you shall get, but I’m not blind. If you’re flashing your pussy, which you are, I can’t help but see and appreciate it. Oh, and it appears that I’m in error. Mentioning your pussy has caused another young lady to get excited. It does show you know. If you’re feeling warm down there then you know you’re the one showing excitement. That’s all beside the point. I know you’re eager to get on with this.”

With that Miles dropped a firm spank on each bottom in turn, then another, making sure to spank the second cheek this time.

“I find it interesting to see that two of you shave. I guess you’re a little more grown up than I realised.”

“Will you please not comment on our, our private parts?” snapped Michelle. “It’s humiliating.”

“Um, not for one of you,” Miles said, dropping another series of spanks. “One of you seems to be getting even more excited by it. Or possibly by the spanking.”

The spanking continued, Miles quite impartial as to which bottom he firmly slapped, the girls yelping and protesting whenever a harder spank landed.

Miles was amused when the fist spank to ‘accidentally’ land on a young lady’s mound was greeted by a small gasp and no protest. Testing each girl in turn none of them registered a protest. Interesting, he thought. From that point on he mixed up proper spanks to slaps to pudenda, none of the girls finding any reason to complain.

Seeing that the three little bottoms on display all had a nice pink glow he decided that he really should bring things to a finish. He ceased the spanking, leaving his hand resting on Ann’s mound, continuing to rub it. It seemed to him that all three were well and truly aroused by this point, partly by the spanking, partly by the fact that they were presenting to a man, and partly due to the fact that they weren’t alone in this predicament.

Ann’s mound was hot and swollen and plainly moist. Dare he do more than what he’d already done? He decided that yes, he did dare. She could always say stop. He unzipped, eased her lips apart, and his erection started its journey.

“What are you doing?” gasped Ann.

“Just demonstrating what could have happened to naughty girls,” Miles told her. “Don’t worry. It’s just going to be in and out, leaving you with a better understanding of what you risked.”

His cock advanced steadily. Becky aydınlı escort and Michelle had both turned to watch, shocked looks on their faces. Miles continued thrusting home, driving all the way in until his groin was rubbing against Ann. Then he withdrew, not trying to take undue advantage. All during that long slow thrust Ann hadn’t said a thing. She still wasn’t saying anything now he was out, just kneeling there, breathing hard.

“Your turn,” he said, moving up behind Michelle. Once again he started that long slow thrust, waiting for a protest. It seemed that he’d have a long wait as, like Ann, she didn’t say a word.

Withdrawing he moved on to Rebecca. Rebecca, he saw, was shaking her head, not wanting this. Not that she struggled, but she did start protesting as soon as his cock started entering. He paused, the reason for her protest touching his cock.

“It seems that Rebecca is a virgin,” he said. “The question is, do I proceed to pop her cherry or not? I vote yes.”

“Yes, do it,” or words to that effect came from both Ann and Michelle. Becky, on the other hand was shaking her head, quite emphatic in her denial.

“Three to one in favour,” sighed Miles, withdrawing, “but the noes have it.”

“If the voting was three to one in favour why does the no win?” demanded Ann.

“Because she owns the cherry,” pointed out Miles. “I thought you’d just been spanked for vandalising someone else’s property. The same logic would apply to popping her cherry when she doesn’t want it popped.”

Becky was glaring daggers at the other two girls. They just smirked.

“I take it we can get dressed now?” suggested Michelle.

“Well, you and Rebecca certainly can, but I’d rather Ann finished getting undressed.”

“Why me?”

“Because I want to fuck you,” pointed out Miles. “You don’t mind me fucking you while the others watch do you?”

“You’re kidding. You said a spanking. You said nothing about having sex.”

“And I meant it. As far as I’m concerned the punishment is over.”

“Then why do I have to get undressed?”

“Because I want to fuck you. I just told you that.”

“But if I have to fuck you that makes it part of the punishment, and it’s not fair.”

“Who said anything about having to?” Miles was rubbing her mound as he spoke. “I said want to. If you insist on getting dressing and running away I won’t stop you.”

He could feel her pushing herself against his hand as he rubbed. He wondered what she was thinking. Would she consider it a loss of face to get screwed by him in front of the others or would she consider it a plus to her reputation. She certainly wanted to fuck. If she rejected him her boyfriend was going to get lucky.

Ann didn’t do anything. She didn’t jump up to get dressed. Neither did she start taking off the rest of her clothes. She just knelt there while he massaged her. Mile glanced over at Rebecca and Michelle.

“Michelle, why don’t you and Rebecca help Ann take off the rest of her things?”

Even as he was speaking he was adjusting his position. If Ann wasn’t going to say no then he felt entitled to assume she meant yes. He lined up his cock and pressed forward a little, engaging her. Then he stopped and waited.

Michelle and Rebecca, with much giggling, started to pull up Ann’s top. She didn’t try to stop them, not even shaking her head. Her t-shirt was swiftly removed, her bra quickly following. Miles reached around and took hold of her breasts, squeezing them as he started pressing home. Ann gave an inarticulate little cry and pushed back firmly against him, taking him deep within her.

Miles set to with a will, his cock sliding in and out, already building up Ann’s excitement. From the looks on the faces of Rebecca and Michelle Miles figured he was pleasing three women at once. He quickly established a nice pace and set about seeing how long he could keep it up.

Ann, initially quiet, was starting to get rather vocal, giving her full approval to what was happening. Miles drove in steadily, Ann’s bottom bouncing up and down as she moved with him. His hands massaged her breasts, teasing her erect nipples, sending additional little shivers of pleasure into her.

Rebecca, he idly noted, looked slightly stunned as well as fascinated. Michelle, on the other hand, just looked keenly interested, as though measuring his performance. Her hand was at her groin as she unconsciously rubbed herself.

Miles quietly enjoyed himself, trying to delay completion for as long as possible. Ann seemed to be enjoying his attentions, just not as quietly. Miles persevered, admiring the way Ann’s shapely bottom bounced in front of him. Finally, deciding that Ann was ready, he went for broke.

He pulled back and came back in hard and fast, putting a new urgency into what he was doing. Ann gave a small scream, hastily adjusting her actions to suit. He didn’t have to last much longer. He could tell she was well and truly ready, and then she shut-up and shuddered, her climax leaving her struck mute. He gave a gasp, letting his own climax flow, flooding her deep inside.

Miles straightened his clothing while Michelle dragged Ann away to the bathroom so she could clean herself up a bit. Miles moved closer to a nervous looking Rebecca.

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