She was standing in the lobby; waiting for the elevator. She was looking forward to get to her room on the 16th floor. “It’s good to get away once in a while” she thought to herself. Life had been difficult lately but everything was finally falling into place. She knew she had lots going for herself; life could only get better. She could sense that good things were on there way for her.

All of a sudden, she had a strong feeling someone was watching her. She looked over her right shoulder. There He was; standing. As she smiled timidly to Him she thought: “Humm! Very nice I like that STRONG black men type!” She felt right away a very powerful sexual energy emanating from this mysterious Stranger. He was looking at her from head to toe with mischievous eyes. By His smile and the way He was licking His lips she knew this man wanted her BAD. She felt very aroused by the possibilities. “How I wish this man would take me and make me His!” She felt a little uncomfortable though with this primal sexual attraction she felt for this Man.

She knew she was very sexy in this new outfit she just bought. Her very short skirt let her garter belt show a little. She bent down intentionally sticking her ass out and moving it a bit pretending to look in one of her bags. She was glad that the elevator was taking so much time. As she was getting back up she looked back to make sure He was looking at her. She then noticed He was writing something down. “I hope this is for me; a phone number, a room number … anything!” “Chantal you can’t do this, only sluts do stuff like that. You don’t know him. He could be a very dangerous man for all you know” It was like two different persons were arguing in her head.

The elevator doors finally opened. She was about to look over her shoulder one last time when she felt His powerful presence behind her. He was really close. He whispered in her ear: “take this note and read it as soon as you get in the elevator”. She smiled at him, took the note, grabbed her bags, and got on the elevator.

She could feel her heart pounding as she opened the folded piece of görükle escort paper. She was shocked but yet aroused by what she was reading: “in 30 sec. I’ll come after you. If you make it inside your room you’re safe. If you don’t I’ll take you like you’ve never been taken before”.

She stood there for several seconds with her mouth wide open; she could barely believe what she had read. She was scared but aroused. She couldn’t understand how those two feelings could cohabitate in her at the very same moment. “Relax Chantal, she taught; this man doesn’t know where your room is. There is no way He can get to you.” Those were very calming thoughts but disappointing at the same time. “What a slut I am” she said out loud laughing. She thought about this mysterious Stranger and was hoping to see Him again.

She knew He couldn’t get to her until she remembered seeing a black man that same morning on the 16th floor that could have been Him. “Yes, she started recalling to herself, He was probably about the same height, He had that very strong body type. I didn’t get to see His face this morning but definitely noticed his shaved head.” “Oh no! What if this was the same man. He could be on his way to the 16th floor now to take me.” Those thoughts again made her very anxious but aroused her at the same time. She couldn’t really understand what was going on inside her.

Her palms were sweating in thoughts of what could happen if this man would get to her. The elevator had gone up without stopping until the 14th floor. The doors opened on a man wearing a very nice business suit trying to get his suitcases on the elevator complaining that he had gotten off one story too soon. This man was taking forever to get on. When he finally got on he pressed the 15th floor button. He looked at her and smiled: “Sorry for taking so long”. She almost wanted to thank him! She was watching him hoping to make those mixed feelings go away. He was going through his pockets and as the elevator doors opened on the 15th floor he said: “Let me find my key to make sure that this is the right floor for görükle escort bayan me” as he was holding the elevator doors open.

She got really nervous because she knew that this was taking much too long. “If this Stranger was the same man I saw this morning He certainly made it to the 16th floor by now, she taught”. This man holding the elevator finally pulled out the key out of his pocket and shouted: “I am on the 16th floor!!!” He apologized again and got back in. As he was about to press on the 16th floor button of the elevator he said: “I guess we are going to the same floor.” She smiled very nervously because she knew now that she could be in for some trouble.

The elevator doors finally opened to the 16th floor. He offered her some help with her bags but she ignored him rushing out of the elevator. She was feeling safer that this man was actually getting off on the same floor as her. She quickly stepped out of the elevator trying to get to her room. She was almost there when but dropped some bags in all that nervousness. She was looking all around her. There was no one in sight but the man from the elevator trying to get around with all his suitcases. She quickly picked up the bags from the floor. She was out of breath from all that adrenaline rushing through her body. She wasn’t quite sure if the adrenaline was from the fear or from the arousal that the possibilities had brought up in her. She was at the door of her room, looking franticly through her pockets to find her key. “Stupid girl, she thought, you should have gotten your key out earlier.” As she finally felt the key in her hand she also felt a strong hand on her mouth. He was there … waiting for her. “What did the note say bitch?” he whispered in her ear. She was trying to get away but He grabbed her from the waist and lifted her up. She could feel his strength but He was not hurting her. He put her face to the wall by the door and then lifted her again. She found herself very quickly thrown on the bed. She could see all her bags on the floor in the room as well … she couldn’t quite understand bursa escort what was going on. This man was on top of here, powerfully holding her down. She was very aroused to feel His strong body on top of her.

She saw some movement from the corner of her eye. “That suit! The elevator man! Oh my gosh! These guys knew what they were doing.” She could see him setting up a camcorder. She was scared because this is how a woman should feel under these circumstances but she now knew that this whole situation was exciting her sexually like nothing else had ever excited her before. Very quickly she was blindfolded. She was laying on her stomach her legs and arms spread open on the bed her wrists and ankles tied up.

This stranger was making sure that she was feeling all His power but He was still not hurting her at all. She was even more aroused. He lifted her skirt and without hesitation ripped off her panties. He was inside of her before she could even realize that she was at His mercy. She moaned in pleasure very loudly as she felt her juices being squeezed out of her. She knew for sure then that this was going to be the ride of her life!

This Stranger used her in all ways possible; leaving her soaking wet with His cum dripping out of her. He had called her His own little slut while fucking her like a beast. He was very powerful but so gentle at the same time. She knew that this whole scene had been recorded and it was exciting her. She also knew that this Stranger didn’t let the “elevator man” touch her. She was totally blown away by the whole situation. “This Man is FABULOUS” she thought to herself.

After He was done with her, He left her there for a couple of minutes. She could hear some movement in the room but didn’t know what was going on. She was still taken by what this WONDERFUL and POWERFUL Stranger made her experience.

Warm towels were all of a sudden put gently on her body. The restraints were coming loose. She moved a little bit and felt His body getting close to her. He placed a soft kiss on her lips as He took the blindfold off. They looked at each other intensely and burst out laughing. He pulled her closer and gave her a tender hug. They couldn’t stop laughing because they knew that this had been another perfect “session” for T/them.

They sat back sipping on a drink, thanking the “elevator man” for his cooperation!

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