Good-night, Alice


It had been a month since Alice and Bryan had started mentioning the option of “taking a break.” Somehow along the way something had changed. The passion had been lost, and although the break was fairly mutual, it was still so hard to understand. Where had their passion gone?

Bryan was the first man Alice had ever loved, and the first man to truly make love to her. Her past experiences proved she only knew how to make all the wrong choices with men, and she always came out from experiences feeling shameful and slutty.

At 20 years old, she was amazed to find confident, slightly older, sensitive Bryan to show her everything she was missing. He was the first man who ever told her she was beautiful who she believed. She was a beautiful woman. Her bright blue eyes glowed through her auburn hair, and her olive skin would tan in the summer and make her toned, but petite body look all the sexier, especially with her perky breasts and cute round ass.

Bryan made her feel amazing and sexy, and they spent the first three months together lying in bed, screwing all night long and holding each other through the long rainy Sundays. But it got to the point where there just wasn’t excitement anymore. Alice rarely felt the urge to make love to Bryan, and Bryan just didn’t have much to offer but satisfying his own sexual needs. She felt used and unattractive and lost her nerve in bed. The thrill, the anticipation was just gone. It was at that point that the red flags were raised and they both knew something wasn’t right. They had just grown apart and lost that spark that they couldn’t rekindle.

Truthfully, the only time recently when Alice was ready for Bryan was when she could close her eyes and think of Jamie. Jamie and Alice had worked together behind the bar at a lounge while they were both in school, and being that the nights were long, hectic and required working in intimate spaces with one another, they quickly became close and an unspoken but unique sexual tension built between them.

It was strange. One night it literally crept up like a dream for Alice as she awoke from an erotic dream in the middle of the night, climaxing. She couldn’t believe that she actually was having an orgasm as she awoke, trying to remember who the familiar presence was who was with her at that moment of pure, unadulterated ecstasy, and wondering how she could play out her dreams in real life and feel that way again. It took until the next evening when she looked across the bar at Jamie that she realized how sexy and charming he really was. He always took her with his dark, stunning, naturally lined eyes and rugged scruffy beard and shaggy dark hair, and just like that she realized he was her dream lover.

Still, she was a good girl, and breaking up the good thing she had going with Bryan was not an option. This wasn’t to say that the tension didn’t grow, and there weren’t close calls. One too many drinks and some dancing after hours would almost lead to a kiss and allowed for some light petting. Drinking in the booths in the lounge they would move closer each night; his hand would rest on her thigh and she would lose her mind as her crotch would throb in anticipation, hearing his deep, sexy voice as he spoke but only being able to resist the urge to straddle him and ride him right there.

One night as the drinks loosened her tongue, Alice told Jamie that she wanted him, to which he replied, “I know. I want you, too. I Always have.” Ever since then, they tried to cool it, but acknowledged in every glance and smile their lusting for one another. She sometimes would talk about her troubles with Bryan, and Jamie would tell her of his heartbreaks with other girls, and he was always there to talk and had good advice, even though he would slip in an ulterior motive here and there.

One shift, Alice came in distraught and frustrated with what seemed like the same old story. She and Bryan had finally decided that they needed some space, and he left town for a week to stay with his brother. It was so hard and confusing and left Alice lonely and just wanting someone to hold her. She had no idea what to do, but just knew that something had to change, she was missing something.

Jamie and Alice talked all that night behind the bar, and decided they would grab a drink afterwords and really talk. Maybe Jamie would be the friend she needed to hear her out? After all, they saw each other almost every day and he had seen her through these things in the past. It would be nice to sit down and talk to someone who she knew would just “get it.”

A long shift rolled on and after cashing out, it was finally time to sit and get it all off her chest. Jamie and Alice walked around the corner to a dark little dive and took a seat in a corner booth. They talked out Alice’s problem until there was little left to say, and then drifted on to other conversation. All the while, Alice marveled at how easy this seemed, how close she felt to Jamie and how he seemed to radiate tuzla escort this energy that she couldn’t get enough of. Watching him get up and walk to the bathroom, she found herself eager for him to get back and slide in next to her. She needed to be near him. The sexual tension seemed to subside for the night, which seemed to make sense in light of what was happening, but they both knew it was still there.

After the hours slipped by and they closed down the bar, Jamie offered to walk Alice home the few blocks to her apartment, and that’s when the inevitable happened….

* * * * *

“So, this is me,” Alice gestured up at her building. “Umm…So, thank you for listening tonight. I know that you’ve had your share and then some hearing about all of this…”

“Hey, you don’t have to do that,” Jamie assured. “You know I’m always there to listen, and…you know, I just want you to be happy and get what you deserve.” Alice looked down and shook her head. It seemed so weird. She was thinking about Bryan but just wanted to throw herself into Jamie’s arms. Everything was confusing and all she wanted to do was just shut it all down. She didn’t know how she was going to get back that thing that got lost along the way, but she seemed close to that place right here in this moment.

“I want that too,” Alice finally agreed. They stood there outside her building awkwardly in this new place they had never taken their relationship.

“Well,” Jamie started.

“Yeah,” Alice responded. They stalled looking at each other, not knowing if they should hug or what, but they both knew that they didn’t want to leave each other quite yet. “Good-night I guess,” Alice finished.

“Good-night, Alice,” He conceded. They leaned in to hug each other and time seemed to stop for a moment. It felt so good, and so right. Why hadn’t this happened before? This feeling was what Alice had been yearning for. It was so simple, so uncomplicated and she felt so right wrapped into Jamie. He rocked with her slowly, holding her tighter now and lifting his hand to stroke her soft, flowing hair. Alice sighed, tilting her head to lie on his shoulder and get even closer to him. He closed his eyes as her warm breath kissed his neck.

“Jamie,” She sighed, pulling back and curling her hands around the nape of his neck. They stood, looking into each others’ eyes. What was happening? She knew, and he knew. But neither of them could believe it.

“I’m going to kiss you,” Jamie told her. Alice’s eyes dimmed and she knew she was going to let him. Her heart pumped as he leaned in and softly kissed her lips. A wave of bliss swept Alice as she received his lips, opening her mouth to invite him further. He grabbed her in to him, and softly sucked on her lower lip as their tongues began to dance with each other. They stood there, locked in a kiss that was the culmination of everything they had wanted for so long. Their hands began running up and down each others’ backs; rubbing and feeling as their kisses became deeper, hungrier, more savage.

Soon, Jamie had her pressed up against her front gate as he slipped his hand under her coat, searching for her smooth, silky skin. She fumbled to unlock the gate and grabbed his cute ass and pressed it into her as their breathing got heavier. He pressed back into her as she fumbled to find her keys, then suddenly he pressed away from her.

“Whoa!” He exhaled. “This is crazy! I’m sorry, I just couldn’t stop it anymore, I had to…”

“Shut up, Jamie” Alice pleaded as she grabbed his coat collar, pulling him towards her again as they nearly toppled onto her front stairs. This was it, this was what she needed and she wasn’t going to wait any longer. She was so pumped up and wanted more. She imagined what might happen when they got upstairs and could barely believe how turned on she was. She hadn’t felt this in years and could already feel herself getting wet as she ached between her legs, longing to be touched, kissed, licked…

They stumbled up the stairs, already shedding their coats as Jamie chased her up the stairs, giggling. They were like school kids again, so excited to be playing the same game. Alice screamed out as they got to her door and Jamie pinned her against the wall, picking her up and throwing her legs around his waist. She could feel him, stiff and ready between her thighs and she moaned as he began kissing her neck and rocking his hips into her.

She was ready to explode. She could come right there if he kept on, and she wanted him to keep going more than anything. They burst through the door of her apartment as Jamie furiously glanced about, trying to find the bedroom. She pulled him into the living room and onto the couch, pushing him into the love-seat and straddling his lap. “You’re amazing,” She told him as she rocked into his hard cock, kissing him deeply as he went for her shirt. He peeled off her T-shirt as she unbuttoned his jeans, almost scared to see his member after such a long tuzla escort bayan time of monogamy. She knew it would be big and beautiful, and she caressed the bulge in his pants as he unhooked her bra and sighed as he was met with her perky breasts.

“Gorgeous,” He told her as he grabbed her breasts, kissing her neck and collar bone. She leaned back, letting him explore, marveling at his gorgeous mouth tonguing and tasting her. He wanted to devour her. Her sweet, salty skin reminded him of what else he might taste, and his dick was throbbing from her touch. He couldn’t wait to be inside her, make her scream and come. He had thought about this so many times in the past after unsuccessful adventures with other girls, wishing they had been Alice. All he wanted was to twist and cry with her, hold her, give her what she so desperately needed.

She stood and shimmied out of her jeans as Jamie took off his shirt, revealing his yummy pecs and shoulders. She couldn’t wait for him to hold her and rock with her, and as she went to straddle him once again, he grabbed her and threw her onto the chase so he could lay with her. She felt his warm, half-naked body on top of her and prayed he would do what she hoped he would. He wore a sly smile on his face as he began kissing her neck, inching his way down, slowly. Tracing a path with his tongue and stopping at her nipples. He glanced back up at her with his beautiful eyes and playfully sucked her breasts. Alice wriggled in pleasure, knowing now he had no intention of stopping.

He inched lower to her belly, tickling her as he kissed her flat tummy and nibbled on her hips. Her body begged him to slip off her panties, but he would make her wait for now.

He molded his warm hands around her as he kissed down her legs to her toes, naughtily tonguing in between each one, sending electricity up her thighs as she started to moan and cry for him to come back. He obeyed, kissing up her legs to her knees, and running his nimble fingers oh so gently up her thighs, making her quiver with want.

Jamie smiled up at her from between her knees as her head dipped back and her eyes closed. She swallowed, anticipating his soft, warm tongue flicking inside her. Her chest rose up and down practically hyperventilating with an excitement she had never felt. She deserved this. It had been so long since her mind had been a part of her sexual excitement, and now this was almost too much to bear.

Jamie slid one finger under the elastic of her panties, and as the cloth moved away from her she could feel her own hot wetness. Her little cotton panties were soaked, useless, and she had never felt so sexy and sexual. She wanted to feel him slip inside her, taste her, groan as he discovered how wet and ready she was for him. She gasped and moaned, unable to believe these sounds of ecstasy that were escaping from her now as he tickled the insides of her thighs, kissing and blowing, sucking and revealing his tease as a wicked smile crept across his lips.

Her body thrived with excitement as she stepped outside of herself, realizing her loss of control as her hands seemed to automatically discover her own breasts as she pumped them with her hands. She writhed, her hand searching for his wrists, urging him to go on, to throw her panties to the floor and devour her aching clit.

“Please!” She urged, “please!” She wanted him so badly. Her toes skimmed his crotch, finding what she was looking for; his rock hard cock. Jamie sighed and responded to her touch as he sucked harder on her thighs, inching closer to her wet pussy. She gasped, “Oh! Eat me!” And then she didn’t have to wait anymore. Jamie grabbed the sides of her panties, tearing them towards the floor as she lifted her hips to assist him. Her hands found the back of his silky head of hair as he came to her with his soft, wet mouth. He dove in, hungrily, slipping his tongue into her as she gasped and thrusted into him. He held her thighs steadily as he lapped at her clitoris, sending waves of excitement through her. His tongue probed deep inside her, giving her a taste of what his big, thick cock would deliver. “Oh my god!” She cried. Up and down he slid is tongue in her sweet slit. She wanted to feel him inside her, and thrust gently with him as he licked her.

She could almost already feel his throbbing dick thrusting in and out of her. She had wanted this for so long, had fantasized about the two of them having secret rendezvous’ and being unable to control their passion for one another, and now it was actually happening.

She couldn’t take it any longer. She pushed him away, wetting her lips in anticipation of running her mouth up and down his shaft. She couldn’t wait to wrap her hands around his aching cock. Their eyes locked as she pushed him onto the chase, his legs curling under him as she fumbled with his zipper. As he lay back, letting her molest him, he grabbed her neck, bringing her into his wanting mouth as he kissed her passionately and their escort tuzla tongues met and played. She could taste her wetness on him and grew even hungrier. His hands found her breasts as he pinched her nipples, fighting to bring them to his mouth as she tore his pants off. His boxers slipped down, revealing the head of his rock hard dick ready for sucking.

“Mmmm” she let out without thought. He lay back down, waiting to feel her as she teased him back, slipping her tongue under the waist band of his shorts and gliding her hand over his stiff member.

“Ohhh” he moaned as her thumb circled the head of his penis, fingering the ridges and pinching him gently. Slowly, she pulled him out of his shorts, abandoning them as she began to tickle him with the tip of her tongue. She felt powerful feeling how much he wanted her to go on, to take his cock deep in her mouth and suck. He found her naked crotch and fingered her clitoris, parting her lips and probing deeper into her slick, wet cunt. She collapsed as he dipped his finger just inside her lips. She returned the favor by letting her mouth glide over the head of his dick, sucking and circling her tongue around his shaft. Up and down she bobbed, sucking and licking, getting him ready to plunge inside her and riding his fingers as they dipped in and out, in and out. The feeling kept building, kept getting her closer and closer, knowing it could only be a moment until she couldn’t turn back and rode him hard to orgasm as he diddled her.

As if reading her mind, he grabbed her around the waist and lifted her onto his lap. His cock stood hard between her lips as she wrapped her legs around him and pressed her hard nipples into his delicious chest. They rested there, feeling their throbbing crotches touch and play as she wet his shaft with her eager pussy. They locked eyes once again, for the first instant realizing that the moment that they had been waiting for was here. She inhaled with broken breath, bracing herself, but ready for all of him to be inside her.

She leaned back as he guided himself to her. “Are you ready?” He asked, slipping the head of his shaft just inside her. She bit her lip and nodded. Just then he thrust inside her as they both moaned in ecstasy. There was no stopping it, it was unreal. Jamie cupped her thighs as she rode him, hard, deeper and deeper, crying out, “Jamie! Oh, Jamie!” Her tits bounced as Jamie sucked her hard nipples, sending the sensations all over her body. He felt so amazing inside her, full and harder than she had ever felt.

“Oh, Jesus you feel so good,” Jamie breathed. She moaned and cried, digging her nails into his back, wanting more and more.

“Oh, fuck me!” She screamed. He flipped her onto her back and opened her legs wide as he thrust harder and harder into her. His right hand dropped down and fingered her clitoris, sending her into a new wave of passion. “I think I’m going to come!” She cried, shaking and ready.

Jamie kept thrusting deep inside her,

“Oh my God, come on baby, I want to feel you come.” He urged her as his big hard dick dipped in and out of her.

“Oh my god!” She screamed back, “I’m gonna come…Oh god, Oh my god, oh OH!” Alice shook as she came harder than she had ever come in her life, thrashing, she bucked harder and harder into Jamie as he kept on, riding her out, feeling her quiver as she cried. He sighed with her. It was amazing watching her release like that, he was so hot and ready. He could feel it building inside of him, but he wanted to come with her. Alice lay back and reveled in each stroke, taking Jamie in and pulling him in to her.

“I want you to ride me.” He told her, pulling out of her as she gasped a little.

“MmmHmmm.” She replied, taking him in her hands and guiding him into her slippery, hot cunt. It was like a whole new feeling. Jamie closed his eyes and let her ride him, it felt amazing. He was so close, and she was so hot. She leaned forward so his shaft stroked her clit as she pumped up and down.

“You’re so sexy.” He told her, gazing up at her, so eager to give him what he had just given her. He reached up and cupped her soft breasts, so juicy.

“Mmm, you feel wonderful.” She said, pumping faster, “I think I’m going to come again.”

“Oh my god.” He couldn’t take it anymore. She rode him harder and harder, crying as she pumped faster, her breath breaking as she was getting closer and closer to coming again. “Oh, baby,” He grabbed her harder so she wouldn’t dare move away. She watched his face as his excitement grew and pleasure was close to winning over. He panted and groaned, as she cried out, waiting to come with him. “Come with me!” He pleaded. She called out his name as he moaned like she had never heard a man before, thrusting hard into her as she climaxed again. It was amazing, the two of them twisting and moaning, riding out the last of their climax, and collapsing into each other.

They lay there, catching their breaths, Jamie still inside her as they kissed and reveled in the moment. Suddenly, Alice started to laugh softly. Jamie caught on and held her as they shared their private little joke and laughed as all of their tension was released.

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