Good Girl


Cassie Berryhill was a good girl. She always had been. She was an excellent student, great friend, loyal daughter. When she fell in love in college, she assumed that she would then become a faithful wife and loving mother. Liam was everything she had ever wanted in a man. He was intelligent, charming and loving. And she adored him. So much so, that she put aside all her ambitions to be the woman he wanted and seemed to need. She left school to work, so that he could continue his studies, unencumbered by concerns about money. It didn’t seem like a sacrifice. After all, she loved him and it was a small enough thing to do for true love.

She worked and kept his house, bought groceries and cooked for him. When Liam gave her a tiny ‘promise’ ring, she was as delighted as if it had been a huge and sparkling diamond. More determined than ever to make his life perfect, she took on more hours at work, often sleeping only a short time, so that her household chores didn’t suffer.

Her friends chided her gently. They called her ‘Donna Reed’ and ‘Harriet Nelson’, saying that her values were warped and dated. But Cassie didn’t care. She loved her man and wanted to make his life complete and perfect.

So busy was she with her vision of perfection, that she never saw it coming. One day, they were the ideal couple, happy and content in every way, apparently having found the elusive key to partnership. The next day, she was alone, discarded. Liam had come home, eaten his excellent dinner and relaxed in his favorite chair. Then, about 9PM, he walked into the bedroom, where Cassie was folding freshly laundered clothes, and announced that he had to leave. At first, Cassie didn’t understand. She hadn’t heard the phone ring, was unaware of some emergency taking him out into the late evening. He patiently stood over her, explaining in very simple terms. It seemed, he said, that all the loving care was suffocating him, making him feel trapped. Cassie was too devastated to even link the ‘suffocation’ with his upcoming graduation and lucrative job offers.

He packed a few things and left.

Over the next few days, his phone calls to Cassie filled in the rest of the story. He told her the apartment was in his name and he wanted to retain it, so he needed her to move out as soon as possible. Then she found that, apparently, their joint account was depleted of most of the funds, leaving her with just enough to walk away, but barely.

Her friends gathered around her, denouncing Liam as a cad, a bastard. But Cassie still loved him, still wanted to be part of his life. She thought he might come to his senses. So she moved back to her parents’ home and waited. And waited. And waited. Her friends kept trying to get through to her, to get her to understand her new life, one without Liam, but she couldn’t listen to them. She knew they were wrong.

Her steadfast belief in true love annoyed all her friends. Slowly, they stopped calling and coming by; it just irritated them too much.

Then, in a splashy newspaper article, Liam and the boss’s daughter, the oldest cliche in the world, married and went off on a dream honeymoon. Cassie was devastated. She hid from everyone, as if it were her fault. As if she had failed. As if she was the one lacking in some innate qualities.

One day, hidden in her childhood room, she formulated a plan. She stayed up most of the night, packing and researching. The next morning, she loaded her car, kissed her bewildered parents goodbye and drove away. Far away.

She drove until she reached the end of the world, her world. She drove until all that was ahead of her was pounding water, the ocean. And there she settled. She found an apartment, small and clean. She found a job. She spent her days working and her nights making her new home cozy and warm.

Her friends began calling frequently. They loved her and she loved them. They tried to offer advice, but she wouldn’t listen. Soon, she began screening calls, not wanting more unsolicited opinions. Soon, the only call she would accept was an old high school pal, Matthew. He was never judgmental, just talked about daily occurrences, families, jobs. He just listened too, as Cassie tried to figure out her life. His calls became more frequent, longer. They enjoyed each other and the time they spent together.

Cassie couldn’t say when her feelings for Matthew changed. One day, she noticed as they talked that her hips were swaying lightly. She had felt dead for so long, had been in her little shell for such a long time, that she didn’t recognize the desire she felt until she found herself lightly thrusting as she listened to Matthew’s voice, felt his love in her deepest part. After the call, she couldn’t help herself. She reached between her legs and found herself swollen and wet, her panties damp.

She wasn’t sure what to do. She loved Matthew, she always had. He was one of her closest friends. But this was unexpected. Cassie knew it could ruin everything, it could destroy a friendship she held dear. It didn’t fixbet seem possible that Matthew felt the same way. He loved her as a friend and would be horrified to hear of her longings. So, she kept them to herself. She reasoned it couldn’t hurt if he didn’t know, and she would just hold the feelings inside, enjoying them by herself, as she was learning to do with so many things.

Her days passed quickly and her nights couldn’t come soon enough. Matthew usually called about the time she came in from work, just to make sure she got home ok and that her day had gone well. Then they said goodbye until later, when both of them had time to relax and talk. She would change her clothes, make dinner, read her mail and check her e-mail. Sometimes she watched a favorite tv show or read. But everything she did was carefully stored in her memory to tell Matthew later. She found herself trying out different ways of telling a story so she could amuse him. She wanted to remember all her thoughts so she could share them with him. The best part was, he seemed to do it too. They began telling each other all about their day, their interactions and even their emotions.

Usually, Cassie tried to be already in bed, snuggled down in her pillow nest, her beloved quilt wrapped around her, before Matthew called. She liked the idea of being with him in the dark, hearing his voice filling her head, and her heart. She had already given up trying to ignore her body’s responses to him. She would lie in bed, her hand warm on her tummy or breast, absorbing his words and hearing the things he didn’t say.

She never realized the way their voices became quieter and softer, as the night progressed. It was as if they were lying side by side, finishing each day together, something she was now longing to do. After their evening talks, Cassie would find herself aching, wishing she could turn to him and be held and kissed. Now, she found it necessary to touch her wetness, find her tiny clit, help herself ease the need.

One day, she stayed home, took a mental health holiday. She had talked to Matthew while planning it, of course. Cassie was happily cleaning and polishing her little home, making everything neat and shiny and fresh-smelling. She was in her jammies, a scrub shirt and shorts, her hair pulled back into a pony tail. She had Broadway showtunes blasting on the stereo, and was dancing and singing as she banished grime and dust. Even though Matthew knew of her private holiday, she was surprised when the phone rang and she saw Matthew’s cell number on the caller ID. She giggled as she answered the phone, pleased beyond words to have him with her. They quickly merged into that special world they had created. But today, instead of work or life talk, Matthew was telling her other things. He said that he loved her, wanted her, wished to be with her. Cassie’s heart was pounding, quivering. These were words she longed to hear, needed to hear. It made her wish she hadn’t driven so far into the world, had just stopped at Matthew’s home and lived there happily ever after.

Cassie was drenched with the meltingness of desire. She wanted Matthew so much, so deeply.

Matthew listened to his friend, his heart-love. He heard again the warmth and affection in her voice, and knew he hadn’t made a mistake. Then he rang her doorbell and heard her ask who was there. When he answered, the door flew open and Cassie stood before him, her phone still in hand, her eyes wide with delight.

They stood there, a foot apart, looking at each other, grinning foolishly. Matthew put his phone away, but Cassie still gripped hers, totally unaware. Then, they rushed to each other, meeting with a kiss, a first kiss of magnificent proportions.

Matthew held her close, inhaling her singular fragrance, the sweetness he always thought of as Cassie. He didn’t want to release her, end this moment, even though he was aware there were many moments to be created, many kisses to share.

While kissing her, he swept her up into his arms, holding her tightly against him, walking into the home she had made for herself, the home he longed to share. She reached behind him, pushing the door closed, her last rational thought. Then she just melded with him, her lips and his became one.

He walked unerringly into the bedroom, lowering Cassie onto the freshly made bed. She snuggled down into her pillow nest, taking Matthew with her, not wanting to release his mouth for even a minute. They were full-length, their bodies matched at all points. Her softness yielded to him, two people meant to be together and finally being there.

It was frantic. Clothes were pulled off, disappearing in the haste of two lovers seeking each other. Their excited breathing nearly overwhelmed the show tunes from the other room, words were spoken in hushed voices, awed sighs filled the room. With each piece of clothing removed, they kissed and touched the exposed area, finally making real what they had each imagined night after night.

Finally, fixbet giriş all the clothes were gone. The room was filled with naked breathing, with desire so palpable. Now, the pace slowed. Matthew was able to kiss Cassie as he had dreamed of doing. Licking her lush lips, tracing them with his tongue, savoring her deliciousness. His fingers pulled the band from her hair, feeling it fall on his face and arms, soft and fragrant. He held her face in his palms, her silky skin now his. The kisses ranged from barely-there angel kisses to deep, plunging possessive ones. He could hear her tiny moans as she kept trying to get even closer to him, get into him.

His hunger for her made him keep moving, trying to taste all aspects of her satiny flesh. He nibbled down her neck, stopping to make love to the hollow of her throat. He continued on his quest, finding each morsel more delectable and enchanting. Finally, he arrived at her beautiful breasts. They were full and soft, capped by engorged dark pink nipples, arching toward his mouth. He couldn’t resist. He covered first one, then the other, with soft kisses, gentle tugs. Cassie arched up to him, her moans becoming more fervent, her fingers twisting into his hair, pulling him closer. Matthew opened his mouth, taking more of her flesh, sucking harder, feeling her nearly throb under his lips. Her breathing became erratic, ragged. Then it stopped. She stopped. Everything was still for seconds, then her screams filled the air, as a powerful orgasm tore through her. She clutched Matthew to her as she rode through the spasms, totally unprepared for what was happening to her. As her body stilled, Matthew looked up at Cassie, noting her unfocused gaze, her flushed face. Slowly, she returned to herself and to him. He moved up to kiss her, whispering words of love and devotion.

Lying beneath his full body, Cassie was aroused all over again. She knew and loved this man, and now they would be joined in an intimate act that would bind them. In the afterglow, she wanted to give Matthew the pleasure he had just given her. But he wasn’t finished with her, wouldn’t allow her to move yet. His kisses began again, trailing down her sensitive flesh, making goosebumps appear. He lingered for a short while at her nipples, again making them pucker and extend. Then, he continued, kissing her tummy and tickling her. Before she could giggle, he was at her center, his mouth busily finding all the landmarks, and she was lost in the wonder of it all. He licked her slit open, finding the sweet nectar he sought. She was so wet, so fragrant.

His tongue repeatedly made the journey from distended clit to pussy and back again. Cassie was wriggling under him, unable to stay still, wanting him to lick her forever. Her clit ached when he left it, and she moaned with delight every time he returned. Each time he reached her swollen pussy, his tongue would probe her depths, filling her and making her hips thrust upward. His fingers caressed her skin, all her nerves felt on fire. Every touch of his fingers, his mouth, even his breath, incited her.

This time he was prepared, this time he knew the signs. Her breathing became ragged, uneven. Then the silence filled the room and he knew she was about to explode. He wanted this more than anything, to be right there, to feel her orgasm as it overwhelmed her. The spasms started and Matthew felt the burst of fluid cover his mouth and chin as Cassie cried out her pleasure. He remained between her legs, lightly slipping his tongue into her pinkness, waiting for the final sighs to escape her lips.

Again, he moved up her body, until he could cradle her head to his shoulder, hold her close and feel her really relax against him.

They talked now, finally able to share with each other about the feelings that had been building and each had been afraid to voice. His hands caressed and molded her, his heart pounded so steadily beneath her cheek. It felt right to say the words and express the love they felt.

Cassie was in wonder. Matthew was her best friend and she had long-harbored desire for him. Now, it seemed, he felt the same. He had just made love to her, made her shudder and scream with pleasure and she wanted to do the same for him. As they talked, her nails made long, slow journeys down his body, lightly scratching and arousing him. She could feel his hard cock against her thigh, could see the desire in his eyes.

Slowly, her fingers moved over him, avoiding his very center, but teasing and seducing the rest of him. They began kissing again, and she felt the desire building.

It was her turn. She moved her mouth over his face, kissing his eyelids and the bridge of his nose, his cheeks and his chin. She made love to his lips and tongue, tasting him and feeling as if she had come home. She kissed his neck, feeling his pulse throbbing frantically under her lips. His hands were spread open on her back, spanning all her flesh, making her feel totally engulfed in his touch. Her silky hair slid down his chest as she kissed and suckled her way down his body, learning all the textures that made him. She kissed his legs, her tongue sliding up and down his groin, seeing his cock bobbing urgently as she carefully avoided it, concentrating instead on all the other delights she was discovering. She moved her mouth down his long, lean legs, sucking gently on his kneecaps and calves, even his toes. Everything about him was delicious. His moans filled the room, his fingers reaching for her, touching her, connecting with her.

Then, she began the return trip. Her eyes steadily on the prize, his dripping hard cock, she worked her way up his body. Now her skin touched his, her body rubbed against him. Her legs straddled one of his, her damp curlies leaving a trail up his flesh. Matthew could feel her wet pinkness as it slid up his calf, then higher. She sat up straight, her center directly over his hard knee and just moved her hips a little, just enough to create pressure and movement on her throbbing clit. He watched her smile, watched the hazy desire fill her eyes. She arched her back, her breasts jutting out, her nipples stiff and tight.

Bonelessly, Cassie bent down and kissed the head of his cock. A tiny kiss, light as air, but enough to jolt Matthew’s entire body. She smiled up at him as she began to move her lips around his silky, dripping head. Then, her pretty pink tongue slipped out and he was lost. She licked him as a starving woman would, relishing each drop of pre-come, smiling and humming as she covered him with warm mouth and questing tongue. Just when Matthew felt there was nothing more he wanted, her tongue ventured further. She slid it to the base of his turgid dick and began taking long strokes up the length of him. Over and over, she journeyed from base to tip, her hot tongue leaving a trail of absolute desire.

Matthew wanted to remember every sensuous movement, every incredible feeling, but instead, found himself transported to total need, all his senses centered on Cassie’s questing tongue and mouth. Her soft, long hair covered his thighs and lower abdomen, every move seemed choreographed to increase his desire a thousand-fold. He wanted to close his eyes and lose himself in pleasure, but he couldn’t take his eyes off Cassie, his Cassie, making love to him, her cheeks flushed, her eyes shining.

He reached for her, but she took his hands and held them in place against the sheets. It was silly, really. Little Cassie was no match for his strength, yet Matthew let her hold him there, as if she were most powerful. Indeed, she was. She mesmerized him and controlled his every breath. He just remained still, loving each movement, each touch.

Finally, he couldn’t bear any more. He needed to feel Cassie, be inside her. He uttered her name, getting her attention. She looked up, never stopping her ministrations. What she saw made her melt, made her wetter and more swollen than before. Their eyes locked and no other words were said. She simply straightened and moved up his thigh, straddling his hips completely now, hypnotized by the need and desire she saw. His hands moved to her hips, lifting her, placing her exactly so. Then, together, they moved until he was buried deep inside the silkiest pinkness he had ever known. She settled on him, fitting him exactly, made for him, ready for him.

Matthew waited, just relishing the feel of her surrounding him, content for seconds. Then, his need overwhelmed him and he began moving his hips under her. She sat there, joined to him, adjusting to him, then moving with him. Their hips began the age-old dance, but different, because it was theirs.

Slowly at first, Matthew thrust into her, taking his cues from her movements. As she became more demanding, he met her needs. Soon, their hips were crashing together, his cock buried so deeply inside her, filling her with heat. They held hands mid-air, eyes still locked in love and desire.

Cassie’s look made him become still. Then she began lifting her hips, almost completely off him, before sliding back down the entire rigid length of him. God, he loved that! Feeling the cool air on his cock, then her incredible heat engulfing him! He knew he wouldn’t last long. Just the sight of her, naked and flushed and impaled on his body was enough to make him come. Add to that, the sensation of her cunt, sliding wetly up and down, and he was lost.

Cassie smiled and nodded. “There will be a lifetime, Darling. Come now, fill me. I am so ready.”

Matthew couldn’t help himself. He exploded, sending his hot come deep into her. She continued to ride him, slower now, gently. Finally, she stopped all outward movement and used her inner muscles to milk him, massage him. Matthew held her hands, watched her face, loved her.

She stretched out on him, using him as her mattress, her pillow. Her cheek rested on his chest, she listened to his breathing return to normal. His fingers were tangled in her hair, his lips planted kisses along her scalp. As she drifted off to sleep, she thought of Liam and her dreams of ‘happily ever after’. Tonight, she knew better. She just wanted ‘happily now’. And she wanted to share it with Matthew for as long as possible.

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