Getting to Know Her Ch. 02


Chapter 02: Perspectives


There are a number of Stacy stories to tell and the kind words and encouragement of many readers have compelled me to continue the story, which is why I’ve provided this background. My first story, Getting into her pants, took place in 2004. My second story Nobody Knew, took place in August 2006, as did part 1 of this series. This one builds on the last one and is part 2 of 4.

For those who haven’t read my prior writing here are the basics. My wife and I enjoy a relationship where I sometimes dress-up as Stacy, my female persona and my wife’s occasional girlfriend. I found that I enjoyed these sessions and began dressing up on my own as well. After much practice, I finally summoned up the courage to go out in public alone dressed as Stacy. This was soon followed by an outing with my wife.

* * * * *

In our last episode….

“Well, I know this little lesbian sex fantasy has been growing bit by bit and I think we both kinda enjoy it, so I’d like to take it a little farther.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I want to ask you if you’d consider letting me do you with a strap-on…you know, let me be the guy and you be the girl. I’d really like to try it sometime. You know, when we’re ready. Would you do it? Would you do that for me?”

“I’m not sure. I’ve never really thought about it.”

“For me it’s the next step in this fantasy. I like being on top and I get so hot when you’re the girl. I’d like to try it. So think about it, please. For me.”

“I will.”

* * * *

Little more was said about her request for the next couple of weeks or so, but I can say that at least for myself it was a topic that never completely escaped my mind. I had to admit that I enjoyed my dress-up time as Stacy and had an interest in continuing to explore that area. I still wasn’t sure I knew my own heart as far as why I liked to dress-up, but I was pretty sure I hadn’t explored all of my interests yet.

There was also no question that I enjoyed the very passionate ‘lesbian’ lovemaking that my wife and I shared. These nights were very different from our normal lovemaking and I could tell my wife was increasingly aroused by these evenings to the point where I had begun to wonder whether she preferred ordinary sex with the male me or with her ‘girlfriend.’

Considering those likes, a part of me was willing to try the ‘next step’ and allow this part of our lovemaking to evolve to a new stage. There’s no doubt that we wouldn’t have come this far without being open minded and trying a few things. So far everything had gone well and it was possible this would be the same.

Unfortunately there was also a part of me that really couldn’t get comfortable with the idea. I had never had any interest in being with a guy and can say pretty honestly that I had never really wondered what it was like to be penetrated and certainly had never thought about putting a cock in my mouth either a real one or a fake one.

Obviously there are people who like this stuff and maybe I would too, I had no idea and no frame of reference. However, I was sure I had never previously been aroused by the thought of it, despite being exposed to it via stories and videos and such. Since the idea didn’t have any natural appeal to me, my willingness to try it would be almost entirely out of love for my wife and a willingness to let her explore what was clearly an important fantasy for her. Eventually I made my decision.

It was around 10 p.m. on the Friday night before Labor Day weekend and we were lounging on the patio with a few drinks. My wife had gotten home from a business trip and was pretty tired. It was also her time of the month, so there was to be no ‘welcome home’ sex that night, but we were both in a pretty relaxed mood and very happy to spend some quiet time together.

At some appropriate point I said, “Remember a few weeks ago, after Stacy and you went to the movies, and afterwards. Do you remember what you asked?”

She paused for a moment and then said, “Yes. I remember. Have you thought about it?”

“I have. I’m willing to give it a try, but I have to admit I’m not sure what I think about it. Its not something I’ve ever thought of before or gotten turned on by. I’ll do it for you though, since you want to try it. But I wanted you to know in advance, its not something I’m sure about.”

“I appreciate your willingness, but I don’t want to force it…we don’t have to do this. I don’t want to push you into anything. Its just a fantasy. I like our Stacy time. I’ve been surprised how much it turns me on. Its unlocked a lot of new feelings and this is just part of it. It’s just something I’ve seen in some of the stories and it arouses me so I wanted to give it try”

“I know, I like our Stacy time too. I never knew we would get where we are with it, and I don’t have an idea about where it should end up, so I figured maybe we could try it and just go from there.”

We talked mersin escort about it a little more and she said she’d do some research on it. We agreed to take it slow and talk about it a little more before making any final decisions.

Over the following several weeks after a little bit of research she bought a strap-on harness with a jet-black six inch dildo that attached on to the front. It wasn’t one of the kinds that is meant to look realistic and oddly, having it there made it a little less intimidating. That, together with some further discussion of the topic had broken down a few of my mental barriers as well.

During that period of research, my wife also began introducing a little bit of anal activity into our foreplay. She would get some lubrication and carefully slide two and eventually three fingers up inside of me. She would move her hand around gently, relaxing the tight sphincter muscles and carefully ‘loosening me up’ as she liked to put it. I was o.k. with this and it was pleasurable in a certain sort of way.

Unlike our normal lovemaking during which she tended to take the more dominant role, she always approached these activities in a very consenting way. “May I do this?” “Does this feel O.K.” “Tell me if this feels good.” It was clear to me that she was learning and experimenting so that when we took the next step it would be as pleasurable as possible.

After years together I knew this was something she wanted and despite a few lingering reservations, I knew it was something I was prepared to give her. Then one night, as we basked in the afterglow of some ‘normal’ sex, we discussed the matter again and we set a ‘Stacy date night’ where we agreed to give it a try.

* * * * *

When the night finally arrived I came home a little early in order to get myself ready. I knew in order for this to work I would need to really get into a Stacy mood and part of that always included spending a little time getting myself ready.

I had thought about my outfit and I wanted to wear something special. That said, I didn’t want to ‘wear my prettiest white lace panties and dress’ so I could ‘give my anal virginity’ to my wife. The old porn story cliché was just a bit too much and not really what I felt like this was all about.

I started with my favorite bra and panty set in dusty rose. I always thought it very elegant and the bra was sufficiently padded and underwired to give me a nice shape without any extra padding.

Next I worked on my makeup. I started with my usual layer of foundation and powder and then added some black eyeliner and dark green shadow around my eyes. It wasn’t perfect, but it gave my eyes a much more erotic look and the splash of color was something different that I didn’t normally try on my own.

After that I positioned and combed out my shoulder length strawberry blonde wig. I spent extra time working to get everything curled and combed just how I wanted it. I was definitely getting better at this and in far less time than I expected, decided I had my hair just right.

Looking at myself in the mirror I enjoyed the warm feeling I get when I assume my Stacy persona. I hadn’t really dressed in several weeks so the urge to do so was quite strong and needless to say my panties were tented in a very un-ladylike way. I mugged for myself in the mirror a bit, trying out sultry looks and batting my dark made up eyes.

When I made up my mind to do this, I decided that I didn’t want it to be like a trip to the dentist where I spent the entire time waiting for it to be over. Rather, I decided I’d get into the role as much as I could and truly give Stacy to my wife complete with longing glances, sexy flirts and encouraging behaviour. Win-lose-or draw, at least I’d have done my best to fulfill my wife’s fantasy.

I then went into Stacy’s closet and pulled out a long-sleeve emerald green dress. I had never worn this dress with my wife before. It’s something I saw one time on a close out rack and bought for myself which is also something I very rarely do. The color of the dress complimented my skin and hair nicely in addition to fitting me well. I paired it with some sheer black stay up stockings and basic low heeled black pumps. For jewelry I went with all gold bracelets, necklaces and clip-on earrings.

Once I was all put together I headed for the mirror and gave myself the once over. Stacy looked very good. The makeup wasn’t perfect, but it had the effect I was looking for as far as making my face a bit more dramatic. The rich color of the dress, the gold, the sheer stockings all of it called to mind a lady dressed up for a special occasion, which in many ways it was.

I dabbed on a little bit of perfume and gave myself a few final touches, then headed downstairs to open some wine and get dinner started. I was a little surprised that my wife wasn’t home yet, but our schedules aren’t very routine so I expected her anytime.

When she arrived a few minutes kocaeli escort later she was full of bustle and energy, “I’m so sorry I’m late I got a call just as I was getting ready to leave….mmm that smells delicious, what is it? You look fantastic. Let me get changed. I’ll just be a minute. Is this wine for me?”

Just like that she was up the stairs. I had no idea what to expect, but when she emerged a short time later, as usual she looked gorgeous. She had pulled her hair back into an updo that at once accentuated her face but at the same time was quite feminine. Her make up was dramatic with her eyes dark and dusky and her lips a bright carmine red.

Where I had gone for elegant, her outfit was much more sexy. She wore a low cut red silk blouse that accentuated her breasts that were being pushed up and out by a black lace bra the edge of which would occasionally peek out. Her black leather skirt was a little short of knee length and she also wore sheer black stockings along with her highest heels, a pair of black platform pumps. These have nearly a five inch heel and in them she is actually a shade taller than me.

“You look beautiful, as always, my love,” I said in my best Stacy voice, a soft high pitched version of my normal voice which for some reason has the vaguest hint of a southern accent to it.

“Thank you. I love your dress. When did you get it, I’ve never seen it before.”

We continued sipping our wine and exchanging casual conversation as we pulled dinner together and finally sat down to the table. There was no doubt that we were both a little nervous, but as dinner progressed and the wine flowed we managed to set that aside.

My wife oozed with sexiness and desire. Her every action showed how excited she was at what was to come. Seductive glances, gentle caresses, her legs brushing mine under the table, all built up the erotic tension of the evening bit by bit.

For my part, I returned every bit of the attention and continued to coo and compliment her like her sweet submissive girlfriend. I was deep into my Stacy mindset and with every touch, every glance, every innuendo I fell in deeper and deeper.

Finally my wife pushed back from the table and with a smoldering look asked, “Stacy, my beautiful girlfriend, we’ve been talking about this for a long time now and I’ve been so looking forward to tonight. I just want to ask one last time, are you ready for this?”

“Yes my love. I’m ready.”

“O.k. then. Would you mind cleaning up a bit down here while I go get things ready upstairs. I really want everything to be perfect. No matter what, I want you to know I love you so much and appreciate so much your willingness to give this a try. It means a lot to me.”

“You’re welcome. I love you too. Its been amazing coming along this far, hopefully this will be the next great step.”

“Me too….give me about 20 minutes and then come up. Stay just as you are, you look absolutely perfect.”

Trying not to think too much about what was to come I busied myself in cleaning up the dishes and getting the dishwasher started. When I finished that I took the opportunity to touch-up my lipstick and freshen up a bit in the downstairs powder room. Somewhat to my surprise, or maybe not, I still thought I looked pretty good. I knew for sure that despite some confused emotions, I had never so deeply become Stacy before and I felt pretty good about that.

I paused a moment and then knocked lightly on the bedroom door as I turned the handle and began going in. My wife had turned down the covers, put on some very light music and had lit the room with an assortment of candles that gave the room a very soft, almost sepia-glow.

As I entered she stood up from the edge of the bed and came towards me. She was wearing a sheer dark negligee that she often wore when she felt in a particularly romantic mood. Underneath, I could see she still had on her bra, garter belt, stockings and heels. She wasn’t wearing panties, but had put on her strap-on harness although she had not yet attached the cock.

She gathered me up in a firm embrace and whispered in my ear, “Thank you” and then immediately I was overwhelmed by an intense and passionate kiss. I knew to expect that she would be the aggressor, but even still I was surprised how quickly her tongue had invaded my mouth, our lipsticked lips pasted together in a deep erotic ‘girl-to-girl’ kiss.

From there on, I said little, letting her lead the way, whispering her desires, her instructions, her caressing commentary. Stacy’s womanhood bloomed in those moments, and never before had I wanted to give myself so freely to my wife. I had never wanted to please her so much.

“Come my love, lets take off your beautiful dress, I want you so badly, you look so adorable tonight.”

“Leave on your shoes, it will be sexier that way, climb up onto the center of the bed and lay yourself back on the pillows”

Had there been a voyeur in samsun escort the room he would have seen two women in lingerie laying side by side on a bed gently kissing and caressing one another. Arms and legs intertwined the partners would shift and undulate as they changed positions to both give and receive pleasure.

The voyeur would have heard gentle gasps as lips touched nipples as hands touched sensitive spots. He’d have heard the skritching of stockings rubbing against stockings, the sound of wet lips sucking and the squelching noise of a sodden pussy being deftly fingered. Mmmms, ahhhs, ‘oh yesss,’ ‘more’ punctuating each movement.

Gradually, the womanly scent of my wife’s arousal began to waft around the room, mingling with the gentle sent of the candles and two different scents of perfume. Along the way my wife had shed her negligee, bra and heels so she was naked except for her stockings and of course her harness. My panties had also been removed although I still wore my bra, stockings and shoes.

We were both deeply into the woman on woman scene we were sharing as my wife reached beneath her pillow for something then slid up to a partial sitting position along side of my still flat body.

“May I touch you here Stacy, I want to feel your opening.”

“Yes my love.”

“Mmmm Stacy I love you so much, I’m going to start working a couple of fingers inside of you now. I have some lubrication I’d like to use. Please just relax, kiss my breasts and caress my legs as I gently open you up like we’ve been doing for awhile now.”

As much as I tried to provide my wife more pleasure, it was hard to concentrate on anything except her long fingers sliding gently in and out of me. She moved quickly from one finger to two, which we had done a number of times. The third finger caused a bit of pain due in part to my having an increasingly hard time relaxing knowing what was to come.

“Relax my love, relax. I’ll be so gentle. I don’t want to hurt my pretty girlfriend. I want this to feel so good.”

After several more minutes of her ministrations I began to relax and felt a bit of pleasure at what she was doing and I could fully comprehend the positively wanton look in my wife’s eyes as she did it. She was totally getting off at the prospect of fucking her girlfriend.

She paused for a minute and asked me to close my eyes as she attached the dildo to her harness, applied some lube to it and then cleaned the lube off of her hands. I could feel the bed shift as she repositioned herself inside of me and gently pushed the end of ‘her cock’ up to the edge of my opening.

“Stacy, may I enter you my love? Will you let me make love to you like a woman?”

“Yes. Yes, please,” I responded in a tone that was more encouraging than I would have expected. The Stacy part of me seemed to want this, I thought.

“Thank you, thank you so much, this has been my fantasy for so long. I can’t believe this….I’m going to go slow now, let me know if it hurts ok? I don’t want to hurt my sweetheart, my beautiful girlfriend.”

With that we slid a small pillow up under my bottom to elevate it at bit, I spread my legs wide and then gradually, carefully she applied pressure against my opening with her “cock”. The first inch or two went in pretty easily before she encountered the first bit of resistance.

Gripping a hand she whispered, “Relax, relax, ooohhhh Stacy you’re doing so good, so good. You look so beautiful right now, all spread out, all open for me….ohhh yess, relax and take me love.”

Bit by bit I took some more and my loving wife talked Stacy through every step of the way caressing her feminine ego and being supportive and encouraging. I appreciated every bit of her gentleness as I knew that at this point anyway, apart from the general thrill of seeing her fantasy become reality, she could not have been getting much direct pleasure even from the little nubbin on her harness that was by now buried inside of her and rubbing up against her clit.

Like so many before me have described, it did hurt a little since the muscles involved are obviously not used to being stretched the way they are being used. There is also a full feeling that’s hard to describe. The feeling of being penetrated, invaded. Maybe it’s the feeling all women feel when they make love. It was new to me in any event and I tried to ride the feeling and remain relaxed.

It’s a hard to describe sensation. It includes some pain, and yes, some pleasure, but not really the euphoric pleasure that I associate with an orgasm or having my cock stroked, more a full, contented feeling with occasional jolts of pain and pleasure.

After what seemed ages my wife announced, “I think that’s it, you’ve taken it all sweetie. You’ve taken all of my big hard dick. Does it feel good lover. Do you feel good all full of me….tell me you love it baby, I love filling you up my girlfriend.”

In truth, it felt fine and I knew what she wanted to hear so I went with it, “Ohhh yes, ohh yes, oohhh I feel so good, so full. Mmmm yes, so good.”

“I’m so glad. So glad. I’m going to start trying to get a little motion going now. That’s where I’ll get my pleasure my love. I want us to cum together ok? I want us both to cum so hard….but tell me if it hurts ok. I want this to feel all good, ok?”

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