Getting Jack Ch. 03: Arizona


Chapter Three: Arizona

When I let go of Arizona she bounced up and down and clapped her hands as best she could with her manuscript still clutched to her chest.

“I’ll just go get dressed up,” she said. “And I’ll just leave this here…” she set her manuscript in its midnight blue, thin plastic binder, gingerly on the bedside table. “You can have a peek if you like, while I’m gone.”

“Arizona!” I admonished.

“Okay, okay,” she said, scrunching herself up a little and smiling, “I just…”


“Okay, okay, I’ll be right back,” she said and scuttled by me into the bathroom taking her big shoulder bag with her.

“You are such a fucking dog, Jack,” Rikki said snaking her arms around my neck, drink still in one hand. She was trying to sound rueful, but she couldn’t hide the excitement in her eyes. Her lips trembled as she kissed me.

“What am I going to do with you Jack?”

“Well I thought…ouch!” I complained as she pinched my nipple very hard.

“I’m serious Jack. So Arizona has graduated from stalker to what; girlfriend, house guest?”

“Well she’s not moving in or anything.”

“But she doesn’t have to peer in the windows or put trackers on your car anymore.”

“Well, she doesn’t have too, she still likes to…ouch!”

“And now you want to add “Scharza” to your fucking menagerie by the sea.”

“She’s adorable.”

“Do what you want Jack, but promise me a couple of things okay.”

“Sure, anything.”

“Don’t stop writing, don’t break your routine. I need your product Jack, and from what Kate tells me your ‘Hammermill’ money isn’t going to last forever.”

“Sure, I’m writing, Scharza never knocked me off of that, even when she was prancing around half naked on the beach right in front of me.” I lied. “What else?”

“Don’t marry her, you can’t afford that either,” she added just as Arizona came out of the bathroom.

“Okay, “I replied impatiently. The thought of marrying Scharza hadn’t even crossed my mind.

“And that goes for Arizona too.”

“What goes for Arizona?” she asked.

“Don’t marry Jack.”

“I don’t want to marry Jack, Ms Kelly,” she laughed. “I want to be Jack. Hey that’s good, I need to remember that,” she exclaimed and pulled a little note pad from her corset and a pen from her hair and stated to write.

“Wow, nice work on the costume,” I said.

She had brought the whole rig, a corset with suspenders that held up dark stockings very high on her thighs, little thong panties, a matching choker and even an ornate little cap lodged crookedly in her hair.

“Thanks, the girls helped me pick it out,” she replied. “Everything I was looking at was too, you know, medieval, but this one really has a Gay Nineties Paris…”

“Silence!” Rikki snapped with such authority that we both shut up at once. I knew she’d been into this sort of thing at one time, a time when I wasn’t around. It may have been professional, but I had the impression that she liked the work.

“You get into bed,” she said to me then turned and crooked a finger at Arizona.

Arizona practically bounded up to her, up-thrust cleavage heaving and bouncing gloriously, and stood in front of her mistress with her hands awkwardly at her side, her apple cheeks looking very rosy as she smiled.

“Put your hands behind you back,” Rikki commanded sternly. “And don’t move.”

Arizona clasped her hands firmly behind her back, her smile broadening. “This is going to be soooo good,” she exclaimed.

The corset had long thin shoulder straps that held up the low-slung bodice, which descended to just below her belly button tightly gripping her tummy and slight love handles. The whole outfit was a mauve pastel with intricate black overlay, and she even had eye shadow to match. She’d taken her hair out of pigtails and piled it on top of her head.

Rikki calmly put a finger to the younger woman’s plump, pastel pink lips and pressed hard.

“Silence, you unruly slattern,” she growled. “Never speak unless spoken too.”

Arizona tried, with some difficulty to flatten out her smile as she made tight vigorous nods that sent some of her blonde streaked hair tumbling loose to fall over her face.

Rikki took her fingers from Arizona’s lips and plucked the notebook, with its tiny attached pen from her cleavage and tossed it carelessly over her shoulder. Then she took a step back and looked her over as she removed her strapless white bra.

Naked except for her pantyhose and heels, Rikki slowly circled Arizona, drawing a single nail along the girl’s bare shoulders, and down her back, making her shiver. She continued to slowly scratch a path leaving a slight red trail all the way down to her tightly clenched butt cheeks.

She gave the thin suspender straps a sharp snap. “Owww!” Arizona exclaimed then quickly added, “forgive me mistress,” but got a very loud slap on the ass nonetheless.

“Owww,” she said again, followed by “Oh shit.”

Rikki grabbed istanbul travesti her by the back of the neck. With both of them in heels, Arizona was a good five inches taller, and must have been at least forty pounds heavier, but Rikki had a way of making you forget how small she was.

“Down, down, you unruly, ill-mannered slut!” she commanded and forced Arizona to her knees. She pulled her around, making her pose on her hands and knees in front of the armchair.

“Like that, like the worthless dog you are!” she growled.

One of Rikki’s few literary vices was that she read too many “Bodice Rippers.” Read, but fortunately did not publish them. Arizona was about to learn first hand how it felt to be sexually dominated and abused by a dyke mistress. I hoped she wasn’t paying too much attention to the dialogue.

“Yes mistress, yes mistress,” Arizona simpered, her head hanging down.

Arizona rarely read fiction, other than mine of course. She didn’t want to be influenced by other writer’s styles. Whenever possible she sought to experience what she wanted to describe. She observed keenly and recorded meticulously, which was partly why she was such a good stalker. Once she’d observed a group of people she could mimic them and make herself virtually invisible among them.

Rikki sat back in the chair and extended one leg so that her heel rested on Arizona’s nearest butt cheek. She prodded the yielding flesh.

“What…am…I…going…to…do…with…you,” she growled digging in hard with every word.

Arizona gasped, and bit her lower lip. I was doing the same, shuddering sympathetically even as I stroked my hard cock. I couldn’t help it; I found both the dominatrix and the submissive undeniably desirable.

Arizona couldn’t keep quiet, without looking up she said; “May I say mistress how very rewarding I…”

“Silence! You there, captain of the guard.”

Busy watching the show and playing with myself, I didn’t realize she was talking to me, but I recovered quickly.

“Uh yes madam…Captain eh,” I added with a touch of self-satisfied pride.

“You’d better be at your age,” she snapped.

Arizona giggled which earned her a jab that nearly knocked her over.

Rikki uncoiled herself and stood up. “Shove something in her mouth to shut her up,” she commanded.

Actually, considering how much time I’d spent in dalliance with the opposite sex, I hadn’t really done a lot of this sort of thing. Surprised by the order, I started looking for something to use. I spotted Rikki’s bra and scooped it up. She was standing directly behind Arizona with the pointed toe of her shoe rubbing the girl’s clit roughly from behind, and as I started to bend down with my makeshift gag, she leaned forward and snatched it from me.

“Jesus, Jack, not my good bra! I meant your cock, shove your cock in her mouth to shut her up.”

“Oh right, of course, how silly of me,” I replied.

“That should have been obvious.”

“Obvious? I really do have to get out more,” I muttered and then added,” as you command madam.”

But it wasn’t that easily done, I tried squatting in front of her, and Arizona made gallant attempts to snag the head of my cock using just her mouth, a tricky enough feat made more difficult by the attention Rikki’s shoe was giving her doggie rear. Rocking and panting, she gamely waved her tongue around and craned her neck, but without success.

“Fools, do I have to do everything for you? I need a whip to take to the both of you. Next time, I’m bringing my cat o nine tails. Stand up Jack.”

I stood up with my legs braced while Rikki bent down and roughly hauled Arizona up to her knees. “Grab his ass, and suck, you little bitch. Suck his fucking cock.”

Arizona set about it with more enthusiasm than expertise while Rikki came over to me for some fierce kissing and groping.

“You always liked two women at once, didn’t you Jack,” she growled.

“Captain Jack,” I teased when I could get my mouth free of hers. That got me a butt scratching that wasn’t going to buff out.

“You are such a greedy fucking little dog,” she said.

She raked my chest as she descended my body, nipping here and there as she went. Once she was down on her knees she grabbed Arizona by the hair, most of which had fallen from the top of her head by now, and pulled her face off of my cock.

“Don’t they teach you how to suck cock in your country? Here, give that to me you sorry wench,” she said grabbing my cock with her free hand. “Now pay attention.”

Rikki was certainly skilled in this department, so much so that she effortlessly began to devour my cock, feeding it into her glossy, greedy lips one handed while she used the other to hold Arizona’s face close to the action.

From my vantage point I couldn’t see the expression on the younger woman’s face as Rikki took me all the way to the balls, but I did hear her exclamations of admiration and alarm.

“My god, kadıköy travesti how do you do that Ms Kelly?”

I gave her hair a tug. “Oh, uh, how the fornication do you do that mistress?” she ventured.

Rikki gagged, but not because of the size of my familiar cock. I guess she’d never tired to laugh with a cock deep in her throat before. She came up spitting and slobbering, and paid Arizona for her impudence by giving her a sloppy kiss.

“Get up higher on you knees, straighten up you slattern. Like this, it’s all about the position of the head, and determination.”

She forced Arizona’s mouth back onto my cock, but let the girl take it down at her own pace.

“Higher, higher, you must feel it at the back of your throat by now. Well do you?”

I could feel the head of my cock at the entrance to her throat. When she nodded it gave me such a surprising jolt of pleasure that I almost came.

“Captain…Jack…will hold very still. Now take a deep breath through that huge peasant nose of yours…”

Arizona made a small muffled objection to that, and got her ear pinched which resulted in more wonderful feelings and a sincere groan from me.

“Breathe, breathe, now lower yourself, push it in. That’s it, nice and easy, but don’t stop. Oh yes, good, good. I can she it expanding your throat, good girl.”

I could already feel it, and hearing her say it made me moan.

“Yes, yes, now hold it there, hold it there; obedience and patience, good girl. Jack don’t you dare fucking shoot, she’s not ready for that.”

There was a muffled expression of agreement and alarm from the blonde with my cock lodged in her throat.

“Good, now back off, back off, that’s good. That wasn’t so bad now was it? Give me a kiss.”

They went at each other for quite a while down there, kissing, moaning and growling, my cock getting at best collateral attention. I had no right to complain, I had said it was going to be all about what Rikki wanted.

“That’s enough, now get on the bed before you hurt yourself,” she growled.

Arizona stood up in front of me. Her face was a mess with her mascara starting to widen at the bottom of her eyes and her red lipstick all smeared and slick. She grinned at me as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, pulled a sharpie from the shambles of her hair, and started furiously writing notes on her forearm.

“This is fucking gold Jack,” she panted.

Rikki slapped her butt hard and snatched the sharpie away. “Get into bed! And stop taking notes; feel it, experience it, live it for Christ’s sake.”

As Arizona hustled her butt into bed Rikki peeled off her shredded pantyhose and looked at me with one of her fierce complicated looks that combined passion, anger, and happiness. Sex with her was like fucking an emotionally disturbed bobcat.

However reluctant she might’ve been to begin with, Rikki was fully in charge now. In charge, and indulging herself. She lay down on the bed with me kneeling beside her, up on one knee my cock conveniently above her face. Then she ordered Arizona down between her legs.

“All right, let’s see what you and Kate figured out” she said.

Arizona would have needed a much longer forearm and a case of sharpies to cover the detailed muff diving lesson she was about to receive. In the end, despite her instructions, or maybe because of them, Arizona couldn’t get her mistress off. Rikki had to do it herself by climbing onto the girls face and riding herself off orgasmic the cliff.

Arizona and I had been educated, titillated and treated to a fine spectacle, but neither one of us had come. As Rikki lay panting I knew from experience that there was no cause for alarm, the mistress was far from satiated.

Not yet satisfied, and not overcome by passion. Even as she lay there, eyes closed, arm across her forehead she snapped “Arizona!”

I looked over to see the girl guiltily withdrawing her hand from the manuscript on the end table.


Rikki recovered first. She reached over and grabbed Arizona by the nipple and gave it a vicious twist.

“What the hell are you doing in my bed? Get up!” she snapped.

Arizona squealed and bounded out of the bed.

“Down on your belly you impudent little snipe!”

Arizona flattened out on the floor with her hands underneath her. Rikki got up, stepped into her heels, and stared down at her.

“What are you hiding wench?”

“Uh…mistress…just, uh before we get started, would it be okay if…?” She held up one hand with a small tape recorder in it. I guess maybe she’d recovered first.

“No you may not,” Rikki replied snatching the recorder from her hand. I grinned as I watched her deftly unloaded the tape and batteries, ejecting them like she was stripping rounds from a magazine. I’d never seen her do that naked before.

“Come, I need cleaning up,” she said. “Crawl on your hands and knees like the worthless animal that anadolu yakası travesti you are.”

They disappeared into the washroom, and I’m not the kind of guy to intrude on that kind of thing.

I don’t know exactly what they did in there, but when they came out Rikki was cleaned up, Arizona was out of her heels and down to just her stay-up stockings, but her face was still a mess.

Rikki naked in heels was a sight to behold. Firm high butt, beautifully sloping tits looking so big on her narrow frame. Upward thrusting nipples, dynamite legs and a naked snatch, absolutely enthralling. I lay on the bed and watched her perform, watched her put the eager, bumbling Arizona through her paces.

She made the aspiring writer stand with her hands behind her head, head up, looking at the wall behind me. She was a different sight, but also very fine. She was heavier all around, her hips were fairly narrow above her sturdy legs, but upstairs she had much broader shoulders than Rikki, and a broader chest carrying big, well-formed boobs. She had a substantial, but not fat ass. It didn’t protrude very much; it was more of the drop down variety. She was also shaved between the legs, showing off her puffy slit.

She stood still while Rikki had her fun with her. Pacing around she would lightly stroke her, then suddenly grab one of her boobs and squeeze hard, or bite at her ear, or grab her thick locks and tug making her lose her footing and get several slaps across her butt as punishment. All the while she called her dirty names; strumpet, tramp, wanton, whore, hussy, harlot, and many more that I can’t recall to mind.

Then she placed one hand lightly, threateningly around Arizona’s throat, causing her to be very still. With her other hand, Rikki began fingering her, slowly at first, then faster, then faster and harder, until Arizona was crouching down and wailing.

“Oh, oh mistress oh oh, oh. Mercy, oh mercy my lady!” Then a heartfelt and very surprised, “Ahhhhhhhhh, oh fuck, fuck, fuck!”

Rikki let her finish her orgasm before she withdrew her fingers.

“Oh my God, oh my fucking God Ms Kelly that was…”

“Silence you worthless, unruly beast!” It wasn’t over yet. “You’ve learned nothing you block head, you dolt, you poltroon.” This last one was over the top even for Rikki, and she turned quickly and headed for the bathroom, I believe to hide her own laughter.

Arizona looked at me with a shy, humped shouldered expression of joy “This is so great” she mouthed at me.

“Get your arms up, stand up straight!” Rikki barked as she came out of the bathroom.

“Oh, oh,” I thought. Arizona couldn’t see it, but she had a twisted towel in her hand with a dripping end.

Snap! Snap!

“Ahhhhhh! Ahh ahhhhhh!”

Rikki had a great whip hand and excellent hand-eye coordination. I swear the first shot caught Arizona on the very tip of her right nipple, and before she could do more than shout in surprise, another one landed on her butt.

“Stop jumping around, you coward! Stand up straight!” Snap, snap, snap.

Arizona responded with all kinds of odd yelps and cries while her face went through a rapid transition from apprehension to fear to pain, to thoughtfulness, and back to apprehension again. Rikki paced around her for a good five minutes, cracking away at her, improving her posture, forcing her into steadiness and silence. When it was over The Mistress was the only on in the room not panting.

She tossed aside the towel. “Good lessons to remember,” she said pulling Arizona’s head down by the chin so she could fiercely kiss her trembling lips.

Arizona took a deep breath, “Thank you mistress,” she replied with a straight face. But as soon as Rikki moved away from her she looked over to me and mouthed, “this is so fucking great!”

She dummied up as soon as Rikki turned back towards her, with her torn pantyhose in hand. Arizona managed to stand perfectly still and silent as she approached, a very impressive feat, because she must’ve been vibrating with the need to write all of this down.

Rikki stood in front of Arizona and wrapped the soiled pantyhose around her neck twice, made it snug, and let the remainder hang down her front. She took hold of it like a leash.

“Come look at this,” she said and led Arizona in front of the long dresser with the mirror and made her bend forward resting her forearms on the edge. “Look up, look at yourself. Don’t look at Jack; don’t look at me! Look at yourself.”

Arizona looked at herself but her eyes strayed to the side to look at me through the mirror.

“You disobedient drudge!” Rikki exclaimed and gave her a very hard slap on the bum. It didn’t stop there, she went right to town on the blonde girl’s butt cheeks, making them bounce and redden.

Arizona panted, but compared to the towel stings this couldn’t have been as bad, and soon she was almost relaxed, and she was obediently staring at her self in the mirror.

Watching her reflection I saw her big tits sway with each blow, her nipples as hard as ever, and when I shifted my gaze I could see her red bottom and swollen slit thrust towards me, as well as Rikki’s clenched ass and lean back.

Once Rikki was satisfied, she took Arizona by the shoulders, straightened her up and turned her around to face the bed.

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