George and Leah


Warning: story contains nonconsent themes.


George Pitura went to a large high school where everyone knew his name. He was a senior who was held back two years, so he was a twenty-year-old high school student. He was held back during his younger years for being too shy, but something changed completely and he was more outgoing than ever. You can tell by the fact he had slept with any decent looking girl in town; Even some of their moms. He was the bee’s knees.

Then came his sister, Leah. She was also a senior, but she was eighteen. She was never held back, but she was shy, and never grew out of it. She liked Sci-Fi stuff, and still had braces. She read a lot and got good grades. She was always looked at someone who would always be a background extra, go to a good college, get a big degree, but still be a lonely outcast. She wasn’t sad though. She was actually attractive, but she had no idea how to dress. She was small, about 5’2 and petite. She had long, light brown hair. She had green eyes, and some freckles.

Back to George, though. Usually he never had a girlfriend, or any relationship. Now was basically his first actually one. I would say “committed relationship”, but there was nothing committed about it. He was dating Tessa Frank. She was the smartest, most attractive girl in the school. She was also a senior. She had long legs, blonde hair, and blue eyes. She was about 5’9 and had C size boobs. She looks like a model, but she was headed for medical school. Regardless, George cheated on her with anything that moved.

Now that you’re caught up I’ll continue with the story.

It was Friday night, which meant party night at the Pitura’s house. George and Leah’s parents were rich; they traveled, and pretended like they didn’t have kids. George was free to do whatever he wanted, and Leah usually stayed cooped up in her room. Usually on Friday night Leah went over to her best, and only friend, Erika’s house. Erika was Obese, had greasy black hair, and would never be a model. Erika was out of town tonight, so Leah just locked her door and stayed out of the way of her brother’s plans.

Every party was the same. Alcohol, drugs, sex on every bed and couch, and loud music. George was always fucking someone in his room. Luckily, Tessa rarely attended these parties. She could beat almost anyone at beer pong, but that is one skill that will not help her get into a private medical school.

The party had started, and anybody who was anybody was there. He found his prey. Lisa Courts, she was a slut. Her skirt was so short you could görükle escort practically see her pussy lips hanging out the bottom of her skirt. He didn’t know her name, but that didn’t matter. He was 6’2, had dark hair, brown eyes, and had muscle tone. He grabbed her ass and led her to his bedroom. She giggled and said, “Oh my god, what are you doing?”

George replied, “Actually, it would be what are WE doing.” He threw her on the bed and immediately peeled off her skirt. He reached for her underwear, but she didn’t have any on to begin with. He peeled off her tube top, and started sucking her hard nipples.

“Oh my god, that feels like, really good!”

“Haha, yeah.” Sometimes it got on George’s nerves how dumb some of these girls were. He ripped off his shirt, took off hid belt, pants, and underwear. He put two fingers in her pussy and fingered her for awhile.

“Oh, yeah! George you’re getting me so horny! Haha!” He ignored her that time. Once she was really wet he stuck his dick inside of her. She was so loose, it felt like sticking you’re dick between to slice of salami. He started pumping in and out rapidly, until the door burst open. Courtney Swanson was drunk and in the arms of some random guy. She was Tessa’s best friend.

“Oh my god! George?! Tessa’s going to be so pissed!” Then she ran outside and called Tessa. Tessa was very pissed and asked Courtney to come over. When Courtney got there Tessa’s face was red with anger.

“Who does he think he is?! Who does he think I am?!”

“I know, when are you going to break up with him?”

“I don’t know. God, I feel so stupid, that’s so embarrassing! He can have sex with me anytime, and he goes out and fucks random, ugly, trashy whores!”

“You should break up with him in front of his friends to get back at him.”

“No, I’m going to do something worse than that.”

The next day at school was normal. Tessa sat by George and pretended like she didn’t know a thing. He actually was a little worried in his head; He liked fucking her.

Meanwhile, Leah was sitting by Erika on the opposite side of the cafeteria. They were laughing together at how bad the latest Star Wars movie was.

Leah was laughing, “Seriously? George Lucas must’ve obtained ADHD before writing that one. The story line was everywhere!”

Erika agreed, “I know, It’s sad.” Out of nowhere Courtney ran up and sat by them.

“Hey Leah! I was just wondering if you could help Tessa and I with our math homework tonight. It’s like, really hard.”

“Sure, I guess I can.”

“Okay bursa escort bayan thanks! Ill bring you to my house, and I’ll drop you back off at home.”

“Okay, that sounds fine.” Then the bell rang, indicating lunch was over.



Leah waited nervously out in front of the school. She had never really socialized with Tessa or Courtney before. Courtney drove up in her Camry and Leah got in the passenger seat. “Where’s Tessa?”

“Oh, she’s coming over later. She had to talk to some people or something.”

George was in his room looking for his cell phone. He found it when it started to ring. It was Tessa.


“Hey George, what are you doing?”

“I was looking for my phone, but I just found it.”

“Oh, hahaha. Well, do you know what today is?”

“No, what?”

“It’s our 3 week anniversary! I was thinking we could do something special.”

“Oh, like what?”

“Something dirty.”


“Come over to Courtney’s house at around 4:30.”

“Okay, Bye!” George ran around getting dressed, spraying cologne, and doing other things. He couldn’t wait. All of the possibilities were going through his head: Anal? Three-some? Anal three-some?!

Courtney was doing her math homework with Leah, pretending like she was listening to Leah’s advice. “Yeah, addition; Oh great, cool. Hey do you want to see a really cool magic trick I learned at magic camp?”

Leah eagerly answered, “Yeah! I didn’t know you like magic! I love magic!”

“Great come here.” Courtney grabbed some rope and a pillowcase. “Sit on the bed, I have to tie your wrists together and cover your head.”


“I’m going to move you into a different room without touching you.”

“Cool!” Leah waited patiently as she did so. Courtney also tied the rope around the bedpost so that Leah couldn’t get off the bed. Before she covered her head she put tape over Leah’s mouth.

“I have to put this tape on so that you don’t think I’m cheating.” The statement didn’t make sense, but Leah was too excited to care. Courtney realized she needed to take off Leah’s clothes, but she already tied her up. She grabbed her scissors and started cutting them off. At first Leah was squirming, but then she thought it might be part of the trick. She realized it wasn’t a trick when she felt something on her pussy lips. Courtney had to shave the hair off because her pubes were brown, not blonde like Tessa’s. Courtney let Leah squirm while she went to answer the door.

Leah was embarrassed bursa escort and confused, wondering how she got where she was and what was happening next. Is this a prank? Are the putting pictures of me like this on the Internet? Am I being raped?

“Hey George!”

“Hey Courtney, where’s Tessa?”

“That’s the surprise, come with me.” Courtney led him up the stairs into her bedroom, and then he saw his sister. He didn’t know it was his sister, because of the sac on her head. He didn’t even think twice. “Have fun you two!” Courtney left the room. George was rock hard by that point; he was about 8 ½ inches long. He was sitting on the bed looking at his sister’s pussy, mouth agate. He was taking in the scenery while rubbing his hands all over her body. Her nipples were hard, and her pussy was wet.

Leah had heard Courtney talking to George, so she knew it was him. Leah was screaming and wiggling, but George just thought it was Tessa being Tessa. Tessa was ticklish, so he assumed it was her laughing and squirming. He leaned over and wrapped his mouth around one of her nipples. He sucked her nipple hard while caressing the rest of her body. He was using his hand to twist and squeeze the other nipple. Then he moved his hand down to her clit. He was rubbing and twisting, which made her sopping wet.

Then he stuck two fingers in her and rapidly started moving them in and out. Leah was upset, but she couldn’t help being turned on. She moaned and bucked, and made the sheets under her wet. He pulled the fingers out and put them in his mouth. Her juice was sweet, and a little musky. Then he fingered her asshole for awhile.

He lifted her pelvis off the bed, and put her legs on his shoulders. He started pumping in and out slowly. By the time he penetrated her, she was too turned on to feel guilty. If anything, the fact that it was her brother turned her on. He had one hand twisting and squeezing her breast while he started to speed up his thrusting. The tape muffled her moans. “I’m going to cum!” He yelled as he thrust. She was bucking and screaming with pleasure. He released his warm semen into her, and slowed down. He was tired because of how hard he fucked her. The arch in her back slowly went down and she lay on the bed spent. Her face was covered with sweat under the pillow case, and the only thing going through her mind was Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, SHIT! At this point she was crying.

Then the door opened, after it was apparent they had finished. George turned around and saw Tessa standing there. “Tessa?” He didn’t believe it at first.

“Take off the pillow case.” She said with a grin. George was excited; he wanted to know whom he just fucked. He didn’t know she was mad so he didn’t expect a thing. His mood changed when he pulled off the pillowcase to see his sweaty sister, mouth covered, tears streaming down her face.

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