Gardening with Granddad Ch. 07


I passed the phone to Granddad and all I heard was, “Ok ok I’ll call him right away.”

When Granddad came off the phone he said, “Your Grandmother says there’s a strange message from Ron on our machine – I need to call him.”

My heart stopped.

“Granddad,” I said, “maybe we should talk.”

“Not now boy,” he said, “just wait.”

It was too late. He had dialed the number and it was ringing.

“Ron,” he said, “What! Jesus man when? What happened?” I had no idea what was going on.

The call ended with Granddad saying, “I’ll be there in 10 minutes.”

“Ron’s wife was killed in a car accident,” Granddad said, “I have to go.”

“I’m coming.”

“No you wait here, you hardly know him.”

“No Granddad I want to come with you please?”

“Ok get dressed quick,” he said.

My head was spinning. Ron. What could I do for him? I knew I had to go.

The next few days went by quickly. There was no work done. I spent a lot of time at Ron’s answering calls and stuff. When we were alone he’d just look at me and say, “Baby, thanks.”

It was all I could do not to run to him and hold him.

Then it was all over. Four days later the crew was coming back and so was Ron. He wanted to work.

At the end of the day not much had been accomplished. Everyone worked just a bit slower. Lunch and breaks xslot were a little longer. Everyone tried to make Ron feel better. And, his spirits did seem to be lifting. Everyone had a couple of beer and slowly they drifted home. It was just me, Ron and Granddad.

“The house is so quiet now,” Ron said.

“No need to go rushing home Ron,” Granddad said, “I’m sure Jimmy will make you some dinner and you can just relax here – he’s the only one home tonight.”

“Ain’t that right boy?” he said looking at me.

“Um yeah I guess so, I mean if you want Ron I can barbeque something,” I stuttered.

“That’s be great but I don’t want to cause trouble,” Ron said.

Granddad looked at him and said, “won’t be any trouble at all – make sure he gets lots to eat – I’ll see you both in the morning.”

With that he was gone.

I didn’t know what the fuck to do. Here I was with Ron in the most awkward situation. I went in and got two more beer. I gave him one and set mine down.

“I’ll be right back,” I said.

Inside, I got two steaks from the freezer and set them on defrost in the microwave. I didn’t know what to say or do and my thoughts were interrupted.

“Jimmy, we’re all outta beer here,” Ron hollered.

I grabbed half a dozen, threw them on an ice pack and headed out. There was no question my cock was xslot Giriş starting to strain and it was dripping precum. There was a mark on the front of my almost sheer white lycra micro shorts. You could see every thread of my well worn jock strap under it.

I wish I had worn something else.

As I reached the deck Ron looked up and said, “Baby, having you around these past few days has meant more than you’ll ever know.”

I just smiled and said, “Thanks.”

“I’m all alone now and with you near me I knew everything was going to be fine.”

“I’d look at you, realize I had found my dream and I know we are going to be so happy together,” he said coming towards me.

When he reached me his massive pink lips met my mouth and his thick tongue plunged down my throat.

That was all he had to do. He pushed me down on the deck and pinned me under his huge black weight. His tongue was in me and I could feel his massive cock growing and pulsing against me.

My cock was so hard the seams of my shorts were splitting and with little effort Ron tore them off. His cock was well lubed with precum which made probing my white ass easier. I wanted his black tool bad and knew that tonight I would tell him about my lover, my grandfather. The whole his cock was probing and pounding my ass I was thinking of Granddad. Did he know? xslot Güncel Giriş Did he just want Ron to feel better? What would he think?

Ron attacked my ass with lust, passion and animal force. His cock was a dream come true. No other cock could compare. Thick, black, over 13 inches of manhood rammed inside my boy hole.

I loved making him happy. The look of satisfaction on his face was beautiful. He was driven to use me for his pleasure.

We slumped in each other’s arms after an hour of fucking. Ron’s cum filled me. It was slowly dripping down my legs. I loved the warmth of the thick cream.

“Ron,” I began, “I need……I , …my GRANDDAD FUCKS ME.”

I had said it.

He was stunned. He just sat there looking blankly at me.


“I’m sorry,” I said, “It started before us and I never meant, and I didn’t want to hurt you and you are amazing.”

He stood over me and I could see he was furious, “What are you saying boy?”

I was terrified.

“I needed to tell you I love him and we are together.”

“What?” said Ron, “He’s your grandfather? Are you telling me an old white man who’s your own grandfather I better?”

“I’m sorry, “was all I could say.

“Jesus boy he’s your grandfather!” he said “you could get in a lot of trouble if I…”

“PLEASE no don’t,” I started to cry.

“Ron, I never meant for any of this to happen, really,” I said, “it just happened with him over a few days and then you came along and I couldn’t say no and well now look I’ve ruined everything.”

With that Ron turned and left.

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