Game Night Pt. 04

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Wow! This took some time. I had some personal and career related things come up. My apologies. I hope you enjoy the next chapter. More to come. Comment, vote, email me through my author’s page.

-Eden McCauley


Samantha knelt to undo the laces of her beat-up converse sneakers. Black smudges dotted the white strip making it look dingy and uncared for. The laces were soft and puffy from too many encounters with water and overall the shoes had seen better days. Pink and purple writing covered the back of the heel and these names were exactly why she hadn’t gotten rid of the footwear.

She and her friends had cried together when they heard the news that she would soon be moving. She had looked at the faces of the girls she had grown up with that now she had to leave behind. It was a somber occasion until Tiffany had suggested that they give Samantha something of them to take with her.

They picked out their favorite sharpies from her art collection and wrote their names with hearts and stars decorations around the heels of her black and white converse. She cried as they worked, knowing that their names would never be enough to fill the emptiness she was going to feel.

The day they left her mother gave her a lavender, cloth-covered journal. “This helped me through some of my toughest times.” Her mother smiled. “It can help you, too.”

Samantha had stacked the diary in a box marked “Miscellaneous: Samantha.” She found the writing poignant, like it summed up her current life. Hello, my name is Miscellaneous Samantha and I’m a jumble of things.

The first week of her life at her new school was a train wreck of poorly funded programs with poorly thought out lessons and the constant anxiety of running into Alpha Bitch

and her synonymous side-kicks. Each night, after barely touching her food, she showered, brushed her teeth, climbed into her bed and cried herself to sleep dreading the next day.

Until Friday.

The messy haired boy with the easy smile and the soft, genuine eyes had made her feel, for a moment, that she wasn’t alone. That someone did care. That things could be okay.

Who are you fooling? The voice in her head asked. To think he would have anything to do with you?

In her anger she had torn through her boxes and flung her clothes around the room in a maelstrom of movement and fury. When she could no longer lift her arms she collapsed; the weeping eye of the storm. Eventually, she dared to open her eyes and through the haze of her tears what should she see but the soothing lavender shade of that cloth covered book her mother had given her.

She didn’t write in it. Not for many months. But, she held that book to her chest and clung to it for dear life.

When Monday rolled around she awoke with an aching jaw from grinding her teeth in her sleep. In her dreams the brunette had become a monstrous demon with clown makeup and syringes for fingernails. Samantha was drained and ready to throw in the towel.

Her mother drove her to school, as usual, and Samantha cringed as she got out of the minivan to find her brown-haired, brown-eyed nemesis waiting on the sidewalk. She clenched her jaw once more. She hurried past the group of girls but when she thought she was clear and away, a hand touched her shoulder.

Samantha whirled around in a spark of anger ready to let loose her hatred upon this drab world she’d been dragged into. She halted before a sound escaped her lips. The brunette was looking at the ground, her hands twisted in front of her, and her shoulders shook ever so slightly.

“I’m sorry, Samantha.” The brunette spoke in a quavering voice. “I can’t imagine how hard this must be for you and I shouldn’t make it any harder.”

Samantha was stunned.

“I don’t expect your forgiveness, because I don’t deserve it, but, I want you to know that I am sorry and I’m not going to be bothering you anymore.”

“None of us will.” The black haired girl beside her spoke softly. “We’re all sorry.”

Samantha didn’t reply. She was too stunned. She turned slowly and walked into the school, amazed that a boy she’d met only once for such a brief time would do so much for her. That he would keep his promise to her.

Samantha threaded her fingers with Owen’s, holding his hand in hers as he led her wherever he wanted her to go. Honestly, she couldn’t care less. With her eyes turned up to study his determined face she let herself be steered and he took great care to make sure she never bumped into anything.

A door opened on old hinges and her spine tingled as it dawned on her that this was really going to happen; if she wanted it too.

Tearing her eyes from his features she was greeted by a separate room decorated in soft pastel pinks, reds, and purples. The bed was full-size with two pillows and pink duvet embroidered with purple lilies. The four posts of the bed were carved wood and filigree designs sat deep in the material. Somehow, the room felt like it was designed with her in mind.

She turned travesti porno to face Owen and found him looking at the ground, his cheeks tinged pink.

He mumbled something so low she couldn’t quite hear it.

“What?” She asked softly as she took his hand between both of her own.

He took a deep breath and looked further away from her. “It makes me think of you.”

She looked around the room a moment before she released his hand.

He cringed as if slapped until her hands cupped his face. She turned his mouth toward hers and as their lips met she melted against him. Her breasts pressed against his ribs as he pulled her harder against him. She could feel his cock against her stomach and she opened her lips for his tongue.

Owen’s cock hurt. It ached from the night’s activities; the more turned on he got the worse the pain. Looking into Samantha’s eyes after the stunner of a kiss he decided that she was worth all the pain and more. He rested his hands on her hips and kissed her again, pressing his lips to hers and feeling the silky slickness of mouth on his.

They broke apart, breathless, panting, and shyly staring at the floor.

Samantha fingered the wave of hair spilling in front of her face. “What do we do now?” She asked softly.

“Whatever you want?” Owen replied in a voice more steady than he felt.

“I don’t want to script it. It should feel more natural, right?”

“This is natural.” Owen replied. “This queasy, excited, burning feeling of uncertainty and desire is the most natural response to being naked and alone in a room with someone you want to sleep with.”

“So, you feel it, too?”

“How could I not?” He swept her hair from her face and tucked the strands behind her ear. “I’m in a room with someone I have wanted for a long, long time and I’m nervous because I want everything to be perfect for her.”

Samantha smiled at him. “It is perfect.”

It was Owen’s turn to smile. “So, what happens next is that we take our time and if at any point you want to stop, we stop.” He was serious as he made his promise to her.

“Can you promise me you won’t stop instead?” Samantha licked her lips. “I know what I want and I don’t want you stopping until I get it. Can you do that?”

Owen’s mouth was bone dry and incapable of sound so he nodded instead.

“Good.” Samantha crawled onto the bed. “Then, I’m all yours.”

“I hope she knows I’m counting this as her use of her champion reward.” Sarah complained. “Stealing away the hunk from all of us.”

“Not from all of us.” Jessica pointed toward Katerina lying on her side on the bed. “She’s still leaking.”

“I thought I got it all.” Rachel exclaimed. “I sucked really hard and even worked my tongue in her.”

“Gross.” Sarah replied slapping Rachel’s ass with her palm. “Didn’t need the details.”

“Anyway,” Jessica continued, “it doesn’t seem that Katerina minds too much that Owen and Samantha slipped away. Besides, it’s not like we all didn’t know Samantha is in love with him.”

“Well, yeah.” Sarah rolled her eyes. “But, we are all kind of in love with him.”

Jessica blushed. “Am not.”

“Oh, Jessica,” Sarah pleaded with her hands together, “you’re such . . . a liar.” Her voice returned to normal with the last words. “We are all in love with him, but none to the extent that Samantha is.”

“She’s right.” Rachel replied. “I mean, I’ve only ever fooled around with women, but when my turn to play with him arrives I will not be missing that ride.”

“You wouldn’t miss any ride.” Sarah replied laughing. “You’re such a slut.”

“I really am.” Rachel licked her lips. “Wanna see how much?”

“I already did.” Sarah replied. “The shower, remember?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Fuck!” Katerina hissed as she jerked on the bed.

“Are you okay, Kat?”

“I can feel him leaking from me and every time I feel it I cum again.”

“Shit.” Sarah whispered.

“Fuck.” Jessica agreed. “I remember what that feels like.”

“I can’t wait.” Rachel’s eyes were wide with greed.

“You can show me.” Jessica looked at Rachel.

“What?” Rachel replied without looking.

“How much of a slut you are.” Jessica’s voice was heavy with emotion, dark, husky . . . needy.

Rachel turned to look at the redhead with the forest green eyes. “Uh…”

“Not so confident now?” Jessica lifted one leg to the edge of the bed, opening herself to Rachel’s gaze. “I want to know what your tongue feels like and I bet you are dying to know how I taste.”

Rachel licked her lips.

“If you think I’m going to watch you guys fool around and just sit quietly over here, you’re mistaken.”

“You won’t sit quietly.” Jessica’s eyes narrowed to vicious slits. “I’m going to make sure you make just as much noise as I do.” She gave a come-hither with two of her fingers together.

Sarah’s face flushed and her breath let her open mouth in a rush.

“And, you’re going to make sure Rachel screams as she güzel porno works her mouth against me.” Jessica directed. She rolled her hips suggestively. “I think we can all help each other out in a big way.”

“I like this idea.” Rachel clapped excitedly.

“Me, too.” Sarah licked her lips.

“This is our game.” Jessica whispered. “And the winner gets their request to use for whatever they want.”

“Won’t that be unfair to Katerina?” Sarah asked.

“She will be fine, rest assured.” Rachel replied. “I’ll take care of her.”

“Okay, I’m in.” Sarah added.

“Me, too.” Rachel rubbed her hands together.

“So, get into place girls. The one who cums last wins.” Her green eyes flashed mischievously in the lamp light.

“Game on.” Rachel and Sarah said together.

Jessica rested on her back as Rachel crawled between her sprawled legs. She shivered as the raven-haired girl’s hair brushed against her inner thigh. Sarah had elected to lie down beside her and in the breadth of a moment she and Jessica were kissing softly as Jessica’s fingers trailed over her chest and stomach.

Rachel smiled to herself as she moved closer and closer to Jessica’s dripping sex. Thanks to Katerina she had a few tricks up her sleeves that would reduce anyone to a quivering mess of skin and bones in a puddle of their own juices. She knew first hand, Katerina had done it to her quite a few times.

“Oh, shit.” Jessica moaned as Rachel’s tongue swept softly against her tender skin.

“Did I hurt you?” Sarah asked softly.

“No.” Jessica kissed her again. “You’re doing perfect. It’s just, someone really taught Rachel well.”

“Yeah, she’s very good at it.” Sarah blushed as she commented.

“You look so sexy when you do that.” Jessica licked the strawberry blonde’s lips. “I love it when you blush. Makes you look so innocent.”

Sarah smiled brightly before taking her lower lip between her teeth as Jessica’s fingers slipped between her thighs.

“Mmmmmm.” Jessica purred. “There is nothing like that feeling.”

“Are you sure about that?” Rachel asked before flicking her tongue against Jessica’s clit.

“Forgot about that.” Jessica’s voice was low and soft. “But that is still different from her muscles wrapped around my fingers.” Jessica leaned closer to Sarah. “Do you remember-“

“Don’t.” Sarah moaned, her eyes wide.

“-the first time we did this?” Jessica’s words were dripping honey.

“Jessica.” Sarah pleaded. “I can’t. Not with you doing, that.”

“Funny.” Jessica moved closer. “That’s not what you said that night.”

“Jessica, please.” Sarah moaned.

“As I remember it was more like, ‘here, you just slide your fingers in and . . .” Jessica looked at Rachel’s slack expression. “The first time I’d ever felt it. I touched her before I even touched myself.”

Rachel looked up at the pair as she worked her tongue softly between Jessica’s hairless lips. The words were driving her wild, teasing her with dark thoughts of the two women wrapped around one another, sweating, kissing, biting their fingers to keep from screaming out. She shook her head to chase away the images. The name of the game was cumming last and if she let those images run amok she would be among the first.

Sarah flexed her hips against Jessica’s fingers. She didn’t care to hold back because it didn’t matter to her. She’d already won once, why not enjoy the ride? She could feel Jessica’s perfect, strong fingers pushing and pulling within her deliberately missing the spot Sarah desperately wanted her to touch.

“Beg.” Jessica whispered in Sarah’s ear.

Sarah’s eyes flashed angrily at Jessica and she held her words on the tip of her tongue.

“You know you want it.” Jessica swept her finger across the spongey inner area in a quick movement. “All you have to do is ask for it.” She teased the spot again.

Sarah cursed to herself because she knew she was going to give in. Jessica always got what she wanted. “Please.” She heard herself breathe.

“Please what?” Jessica moaned. She looked down at Rachel. “Fuck, that feels amazing.” She got a smile in return from the raven-haired goddess licking away at her sex.

“Please, Jessica.” Sarah’s voice hitched as Jessica’s fingers danced within her. “Touch me, make me cum.”

“I love how you sound when you say that.” Jessica spoke the words against Sarah’s neck. “How can I say ‘no’ to that?” She turned her wrist slightly and curled her fingers up to stroke the desired spot.

Sarah arched her back as Jessica’s fingers set to work on her.

Jessica, from their time together, had learned just how Sarah liked to be handled, the pressure, the speed, it was good information to have if you wanted to make someone cum hard, or, to tease the ever-loving-hell out of them. Jessica smiled to herself watching as Sarah reacted to everything she did. She watched the roll of the tight muscles beneath Sarah’s skin and felt Sarah’s sex pulling greedily on her digits. anal porno She knew what would come next.

She stopped her movements and Sarah groaned angrily. It was a game they had played before and Sarah hated it. Jessica would give her just what she wanted but the moment it seemed like Sarah was going to cum Jessica would pull back. She gritted her teeth and tried to rock her hips against Jessica’s hand to no avail.

“Jessica.” Sarah whined. “Don’t tease me.”

“No?” Jessica worked her fingers rapidly bringing Sarah back to the edge.

Sarah’s squeal from the sensation was cut short with a frustrated growl as Jessica stopped short once more. “Jessica!” Sarah was fuming as she felt her orgasm ebb away once more.

“You know you’re going to get what you want.” Jessica stuck her tongue back out.

“But not when I want it.” Sarah complained.

“You’re going to cum harder because of it.”

“I could cum more times in a row if you didn’t stop.” Sarah returned.

Jessica smiled and relented. She held her friend by the back of the neck as she worked her fingers faster and faster against the spot Sarah loved so dearly.

Sarah made a sound like a jet engine building power as her orgasm went from zero to sixty in the blink of an eye. Sarah could feel the tickle within her, the one that always embarrassed her. She felt the pressure and was powerless to stop it. “Jessica . . .” her eyes were wide as she exhaled the name, “I’m gonna . . .” her words faded as the spraying rush of fluid burst from her to splash upon the redhead’s arm and stomach.

“Fuck!” Jessica laughed. “I love it.” She worked her fingers harder and as Sarah screamed shrilly, she was rewarded with another thick spray from Sarah’s sexy slit.

Rachel watched as Sarah soaked her lover with heavy sprays. She’d heard of women squirting before, had even seen it a few times, but never to the extent which Sarah squirted Jessica. She was captivated. Stunned. Turned on. She looked up to find Jessica’s forest green eyes looking at her.

Jessica pulled her fingers from Sarah’s slit and they were shiny with Sarah’s fluid. A white blob of Sarah’s cum on one finger. Jessica moved her fingers toward Rachel’s mouth and Rachel felt herself opening up for the taste.

Rachel purred hungrily as she swirled her tongue around Jessica’s fingers. Sarah’s cum was thick on the tongue but light and sweet of flavor. Rachel shuddered as the feminine scent filled her sinuses and she craved more of the sweet taste.

“Looks like Sarah lost.” Jessica replied happily. She looked into Rachel’s eyes. “Ready for your turn?”

“Then, I’m all yours.” Samantha said.

Simple words, a simple vow, but underneath the plain surface was an emotion, a promise that was so heavy the words would strain forever under the burden. Owen looked at the gorgeous blonde girl with the captivating eyes and he knew that he would never be the same again. Good riddance.

His hands, strong and sure under normal circumstances, shook as he reached for the woman standing in front of him clad only in the stockings on her perfect feet and legs. In the end, it was hunger, not strength, that moved him. He cupped her face and brought his lips to hers making a sacred vow that he would always give himself to her without expecting her to return the effort.

But she did. She kissed him back moving her body toward him, capturing his erection between their stomachs as she moved her tongue against his.

The trimmed hairs atop Samantha’s sex bit against Owen’s sensitive member and he loved the sting of the strands. He wanted to run his fingers through the trimmed hairs, breathe in her scent as he tasted her on his tongue, wanted to feel her lips wrapped around his erection as he pumped into her. He’d never before thought hair bordering a woman’s vagina could be alluring and yet, here he was.

His passion burned as he pulled his lips from her, licking, biting his way down her neck. His cock jumped against her skin with every giggle from her lips, every squeal as he nibbled on the edge of pain and pleasure. She danced on her toes in his arms as he savored her body with everything he had.

“Wow.” Samantha moaned as Owen licked the side of her abs. “It’s somewhere between tickling and stealing my breath away.” She dug her nails into his shoulder and when he hissed it sounded like a moan for more. “Uh, ah, O-Owen.” With each word her breath hitched and flowed like water through a rocky stream. “I don’t know if I can take it.”

Owen pulled his lips from the sensitive area and smiled up at her. “I couldn’t help myself. You sounded so sexy like that.”

Samantha blushed prettily and smiled at him. She stepped away from him and climbed up on the bed, her hands and knees on the mattress, her ass swaying from side-to-side as she crawled higher on the pillow-top. “Come with me?” She asked sweetly, holding her hand out for his.

Owen nodded and clambered onto the bed with far less grace than she had. He moved quickly because he wanted to be by her side, to feel her against him, as much as he could in the time they had together. He hoped this wasn’t the only time they would have together.

“You don’t have to stop.” Samantha’s voice was low and she regarded him with eyes that were fearful yet hungry.

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