Friends Locking Friends


“Oh, God. Yes! Yes! Yes!”
Hands pounded into the wall in a rhythm with the headboard as two bodies writhed in naked ecstasy.

Michael woke, yet again, to his room mate’s cries of passion and the pounding on the wall. When he turned his head, the clock numbers read 2:36 in glowing red.

“Again Kara” he complained, quietly, then bashed his hand into the wall.

“Shut the fuck up!” He yelled, and there was a deep male murmur, and then a soft, feminine giggle.

“Right, I’ve had enough,” he said, rolling over in his bed and punching his pillow.

Fitfully, he dropped back off to sleep.

The next morning, he stumbled out of his bedroom, only to be confronted by a barely clothed, angry five foot nothing blonde.

“What the hell was that about last night?” She demanded angrily.
“You totally ruined the mood!”

“Oh, I’m sorry” Michael replied, with heavy sarcasm. “Maybe it was being woken up at two thirty in the morning, to the sound of sex and pounding on wall!”

“There was still no need to…” she tried again but he cut her off.
“You need to move out,” Michael said sadly.

“WHAT?” Kara yelled. “Are you fucking serious?”

“Yes, I’m fucking serious!” Michael yelled back. “When you suggested we live together, I didn’t think you’d be bringing home a different guy each night, and screaming the roof down!”

“Ok, ok, look, I’ll…keep it down,” Kara said, in a mollifying tone. Michael was the leaseholder, and she was somewhat at his mercy for things like this.

“I’m sorry, I just…I can’t do this at home, you know?”

“I do” Michael nodded. He and Kara had grown up in neighbouring streets, and he knew her parents, strict as they were, would never approve of her parade of men.

“But, I’ve got class, you know? I don’t care who you fuck, but…just do it quietly.”

“Ok, I will,” she smirked. “My dad used to joke he’d put me in a chastity belt when I went to college. Maybe that’s what we need to do,” She laughed.

“Deal!” Michael grinned. “You wake me up ONE more time, and I lock you up. Sounds fair!”

“Here’s how confident I am” Kara said, and offered her hand. “Shake on it!’
Michael took her hand and pumped it.
“A gentleman’s agreement!”
And then he saw the clock on the wall.

“Fuck, I’m late!” He said, and after a five minute whirlwind of clothing, books and shoes, he was gone.


“Oh, God. Yes! Yes! Yes!”

“For fuck’s sake, Kara!!”


The next morning, Michael stormed out of his bedroom, angry and ready for a fight, only to be brought up short. Kara was sitting at the kitchen table, letter in hand, and tears in her eyes.

“Kara, what’s wrong?” He asked, his anger evaporating.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I know I woke you up again. But…well, here,” and she thrust the letter at him, stained in various places with her tears.

Michael scanned it quickly, skipping over the various legalese.

“You’re on academic probation?” He said, incredulously. “But, you were a straight A student….”

“I’ve….been skipping classes,” she admitted, blushing. “I’ve…got a problem, Michael. I can’t stop having sex.”

“What do you mean?” He said, tossing the letter onto the table.

“I…look, you know my family is very traditional, right?” She said, blushing a little.
Michael nodded. He knew her parents quite well, even having gone on holiday with them last year.

“And, well, you remember the whole…shaving….incident?”
Michael nodded, blushing himself now. In a way, it had been his fault. They’d been studying, and she’d gone to get snacks. He’d gone to the bathroom, unaware that Kara had made a pit stop. She’d forgotten to lock the door, he’d barged in, and seen….that she was fully shaven. He’d been frantically apologising, her mother had overheard, and world war three had erupted.

“Yeah.” He said, shamefaced.

“It’s levent escort like, since we got here…I just can’t…not. I know I should study, but it’s more fun to…you know.”

“Masturbate?” He suggest, blush giving way to a smirk.

“Yeah…or to fuck. Just….something in there, you know?”

“Well, no” he admitted. “I mean, when I was fifteen, I’d get hard if the wind changed direction, but you know….you jack off a few times, and you calm down.”

“But I don’t!” Kara said, a little desperately. “Maybe it’s different for girls? I don’t know, but I can’t….I need help.”

“Kara…I’m not sure what I can do here…stand outside your bedroom door and beat the guys away with a bat?”

“I…want you to lock me up, like we joked about a few weeks ago,” Kara said, blushing and staring at the tabletop.

“Kara…that was a joke,” Michael said, with a nervous laugh. “People don’t actually do that shit…this isn’t the middle ages!”

“Uh, actually, they do” Kara said, spots of colour starting to burn in her cheeks. “I…uh, googled it after Ken left last night. They call it ‘keyholding’.”

“Call what?” Michael’s head was whirling, as he tried to process Kara’s request.

“When….one person locks another into …ch..chastity,” She stumbled over the word. “The person who locked them, who has the key, is called the keyholder”.

“Where would we even get a…belt?” Michael asked, and a huge smile spread of over Kara’s face.

“Seriously, Michael…you’ll do it?” She asked, beaming.

“I…I guess…At least I’ll get a good night’s sleep.” He conceded, shrugging.
“But where are you going to get….” He broke off as she motioned to a cardboard box under the table.

“I ordered it last night…it arrived this morning. Expensive, but…I need this, Michael.”

“Ok, ok” He sat back.

“Give me the day to read up on this, and I’ll let you know my answer tonight, ok?”

“Ok, oh god, thank you thank you, thank you!” Kara jumped up and gave him an impromptu hug.

Later that evening, Michael walked out of his room to the strangest thing he’d ever seen. Kara was wearing an apron, and the apartment smelled like roasting meat. From what he could see, with her back to him, she was wearing a short green dress and not much else. He knew that because as Kara reached for objects on a high shelf, the dress rode up.
Well, Michael thought drily to himself. She’s still shaven

“Oh, there you are,” Kelly turned and gave him a thousand watt smile.
“Uh, do I need to take off or something?” He asked. Normally, they warned each other when they were having dates in the apartment.
“No, silly,” She said, putting a hand on his arm. “This is to say thank you!”

Michael took a step back. He’d seen this before, this act. This was how Kelly got into clubs for free, or convinced some rich idiot to buy her drinks. She was flirting.

“You really want this belt, don’t you?” He asked her, bluntly.

“I need it,” she said, although that flirtatious light stayed in her eyes. She bent forward slightly, showing him the deep V in the front of her dress, and looks up at him, blue eyes wide and liquid.
“Please, Michael. You did say you’d help me.”

“I said I’d think about it. We’d have to have rules. I’d be taking on a lot of responsibility for your life here, Kara.”

“Of course, and of course, I appreciate it…” she began but he cut her off.
“No, I’m serious. If we do this, I don’t want to be bothered every hour for the key, or for you to get frustrated after a week and lose it at me.”

The oven timer dinged and Kara made her way back into the kitchen, her movements much more subdued. With a shrug, Michael took a seat at their little four seater dining table.
About five minutes later, Kara came in, sans apron, holding two loaded plates that emitted a heavenly smell. Carrots, peas, beans, roast beef, potatoes, beyoğlu escort gravy…she’d gone all out.
She set a plate in front of him, and then took her own place. Silence reigned supreme for a couple of heartbeats, then, eyes on her food, Kara spoke quietly.

“Is that…is that really how you see me?” she asked.
“What do you mean?” Michael looked at her, pausing in the act of cutting some potato.
“That I’m some flighty little airhead who can’t stick to her guns?”

“Well, no. I wouldn’t say that. But…you told me you can’t control your sex drive. I believe you’re sincere…now. But what about tomorrow?”

“Well, isn’t that what those rules are for?” She challenged him. “I mean, I said I’d follow them…”

“Can you give me some sort of ….assurance?” He asked, before eating a bite of potatoes.

“I’ll promise.” She said, definitively, eating a cut of meat. “You set the rules, I’ll follow them. I only have one request.”

“Ok, I’ll bite,” Michael grinned as he ate some beef.

“I want to be unlocked once a week, for, like cleanliness and stuff.” Kara gave him a direct look, and Michael opened his mouth to agree, but something in her face or eyes made him stop.

“Agreed, on the condition that your hands are restrained.” He said, and she gasped, eyes going wide. Then, she cast her gaze down to her plate again.

“Why?” she asked, quietly.

“IF we are going to do this, there needs to be a consequence.” He said. “I’ve done a lot of reading on this today. Key holding is useless without my having control.”

“So, you want to tie me up?” she asked. “How am I supposed to, you know, wash?”

“Well, we have a couple of options,” Michael said.
“Option 1, you shower using cold water only.”

“Uh, no,” Kara said. “No way in hell.”

Michael wasn’t really surprised to hear that. Since living with her, he’d had to shift his shower schedule. Kara loved nothing more than a long hot shower, well, after a good long romp in bed that was.

“Next, is that I wash you,” He said and she blushed.
“Are you…I mean…you’d do that?”

“If that’s the option you choose,” Michael nodded.

“Of course, there is option three,” he said, after a moment.

“And what’s that?” Kara asked.

“I supervise you while you are unbelted and cleaning yourself. And your hands are restrained the rest of the time.”

Kara’s face was flaming now, her eyes fixed on her plate.
“But, how will I, you know…” She trailed off, toying with some peas on her plate.

“Will you what?” Michael asked, and he had to repress a smirk. This was fun. He felt like he was getting a little bit of his own back for all the wasted nights and ruined sleep.

“Oh god, you’re going to make me say it, aren’t you?” She asked, a little defensively.

“Fine. I won’t be able to masturbate if I’m bound up.” She said, looking at him defiantly.

“And that’s the point. You get unlocked, but I decide if you have an orgasm. That’s the consequence, you see. You bother me too much through the week, and I deny you when you get unlocked.”

Kara took a deep breath and looked him straight in the eyes.

“Ok,” she said, simply.

“Ok?” He asked her, a little taken aback by the quick acceptance. A small part of him had hoped she’d just abandon the whole idea.

“Ok,” she confirmed. “But, uh, I want you to wash me.”

“Oh….well, ok.” He replied.

“You, uh, you should probably have a shower before we lock you in. It’ll be seven days till you are free, after all.”

“Ok, good instinct.” She said, a little shyly and stood up.

“Can you …?”

“I’ll clean up,” Michael said, with a smile, and Kara bolted to the bathroom gratefully.

Twenty minutes later, the washing up was done, and Michael was sitting in the living room, somewhat nervously. The box that held the belt was sitting on the coffee table and kağıthane escort he couldn’t stop staring at it. Of course, focusing on the box made it easier to ignore the sounds echoing out of the bathroom. It appeared that Kara thought the sound of running water would cover her other activities. It did not.

So, when she emerged five minutes later, slightly red faced and wrapped in a towel, Michael’s face looked like a thundercloud.

“Enjoy yourself?” He asked, a little acidly. The red in Kara’s face deepened as she flushed.

“I just thought…since, you know, a week and all….”

“You’d sneak out one last orgasm?” Michael said, sternly, even as a part of his brain railed in wonder at the tone he was taking.

“Well, I just…” she trailed off under his glare and shuffled her bare feet on the carpet.
“I’m sorry.” she said, contritely after a few moments. “You’re right. I ask you to lock me up one minute and then I….I’m sorry.”

Michael nodded, sharply, his mind racing.

“I don’t think that’s good enough, Kara.” He said, firmly.
“We discussed rules, and there will be consequences if you break them.”

“Yes, Michael,” Kara said, contritely. “I’ll…accept what you feel is fair.”

“O…Ok,” Taken a little aback by her sudden acceptance, he stumbled over his words. To cover, he turned to the box, and lifted the belt clear. It was a jumble of leather straps, with a metal plate, designed to fit over Kara’s mound and lips. There was a slit in bottom, to allow her to pee, but in a wavy line, to stop anything from penetrating.

Kara shivered as the belt was revealed. She seemed transfixed by the leather and metal, staring at it with a mixture of arousal and fear.

“That’s…that’s it?” She breathed. Michael nodded.

“Towel off, Kara.” He ordered, and his voice didn’t shake. With a deep breath, Kara reached up to her chest and pulled the knot free, dropping her towel to the floor and standing before him in all her nude glory. Michael took a moment to look her over, taking in her firm breasts and the smooth shaven skin of her cunt. Untangling all the straps, he held the belt out. Kara stepped forward, and the belt snicked closed around her waist. Grasping the leather straps, he pulled the shield tightly into place, covering her mound and pussy lips tightly with the metal. Reciting the tips he’d learned online, he tested the seal around the edges of the rubber, making sure he couldn’t fit a finger under, but also that it wasn’t so tight as to cause sores. Kara wiggled a little, as his finger touched her intimate places, but she held still.

Finally, he reached up and snapped the lock together, imprisoning Kara in the metal and leather for the next week. As the soft snick echoed through the room, Kara let out a soft sigh.

“Thank…thank you, Michael. You have no idea how much this means…no idea,” She gushed.

Not trusting himself to speak, especially as her bare breasts were still on show, Michael dived back into the box, looking for the keys. A moment later, he emerged, with a pair of old fashioned metal keys, the kind with the teeth hanging from a block on the end.

“Oh…actually…” Kara said, a little hesitantly. “I, uh, I got something for you. Wait here, ok?”

She put her hand on his arm, and pushed her bare breasts in it, looking at him pleadingly with her blue eyes.

“O…of course,” He said, breath hitching a little. Kara made a little squeal of joy and bounded off down their small hallway. Michael drew in a shaky breath, as he watches her ass bounce away, the leather straps highlighting the pale flesh. She came back a few moments later, breasts bouncing, and held out a pale silver chain.

“I…I thought you might use this…for the keys.” she looked down, suddenly shy, shuffling her feet on their carpet.

Michael smiled, and took it from her.

“That was very thoughtful, Kara,” He said, and swiftly strung the chain through the base of both keys, and then started to fasten it behind his neck. Wordlessly, Kara took the ends of the chain and fastened it behind his head.

“Thank you,” He said, softly, and Kara looked at him for a minute, then melted down into a kneel.

“So, what were those rules?” She asked, with a little smile.

Michael grinned.

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