Freshers Ch. 06


Author’s note:

Well, here we are (finally) with a new chapter of Tommy, Beth and Terri’s continuing adventures as students in mid 1980’s York. Apologies to anyone following our trio’s adventures for this chapter taking such a long time to materialise, but I’ve been so busy with other projects lately that it’s kind of taken a bit of a back seat. I am still 100% committed to completing it though!

This chapter is mainly centred around Tommy, the reason for which will become apparent later on, although there is plenty of involvement for the girls.

As usual, all characters are over the age of 18, and any similarities with any real life person, living or dead, or any company, organisation or product name, is entirely coincidental and completely unintentional.

Enough with the preamble already! On to the story – enjoy!

Freshers – A Tommy, Beth & Terri story

Chapter Five – January 1986

A New Year, A New Start? (Beth)

It was absolutely freezing outside, but in bed, snuggled naked up against my equally naked twin brother-cum-boyfriend, Tommy, it was blissfully warm and cosy. Of course the moment when I would have to relinquish his closeness and get out of bed was fast approaching – another morning of lectures, followed by another shift in the subterranean menswear department where I worked, beckoned me. If only I could stay here in bed beside him, the most perfect example of maleness I had ever known, for the entire day. But life has a habit of getting in the way, and in that first cold month of 1986, life came and slapped us hard in the face, threatening to put an end to our happy little threesome – but more about that later.

With a sigh I drew back the duvet and exposed my nakedness to the cold air of my bedroom – the heating had come on sometime earlier, but it was an old system and always took a while to get going, especially when it was minus three degrees centigrade outside, as it was that morning. I clearly felt goosebumps rising on my bare skin and my nipples hardening against the cold. At least the warm embrace of my dressing gown was close at hand, and it felt wonderful to wrap the warming garment around myself. I headed downstairs to make us some much needed coffee.

Tommy and I had the flat to ourselves – Terri was still back home down in Westborough On Sea, reconnecting with her mother after their recent estrangement, but she would be returning in a couple of days. She had settled here in York with us, she had told her mother, and she intended to study philosophy here under the tutelage of John, a philosophy lecturer and member of the university’s naturist society of which the three of us were members. So it was nice to have Tommy all to myself, for a short while at least, and I had made sure that I made good use of him. There was a reason why he was still fast asleep up in my room – we had been making love pretty much all through the night and I feared somewhat that I had worn him out.

By the time I re-entered the bedroom carrying a tray with two mugs of instant coffee and some freshly buttered toast, Tommy was sat up against the headboard.

“Morning, handsome,” I said to him as I set the tray down on my bedside table.

“Good morning, sis,” Tommy responded as I handed him his mug of strong black coffee.

He took a long sip before setting it down on his bedside table.

“Ohh, I needed that!” he said as the caffeine took effect.

“I didn’t wear you out last night, did I?” I said as I sipped my white coffee and rejoined him on the bed.

“You did a bit,” Tommy confessed. “But I’m not complaining! My knob’s a bit sore this morning though! Good job I don’t have any lectures today so I can have a nice lie-in to recover.”

He chuckled, the sound of which always rekindled the flame of ardour I felt for him.

“Well if it’s any consolation,” I said as I looked over at him and reached down under the duvet and softly placed my hand atop his well-worked penis. “This thing of yours rubbed my insides raw last night too!”

“Sorry ’bout that,” he responded with a smile.

“I want to ask you something,” I said, turning to a more serious matter.

“Go ahead.”

“It’s, er, well, quite a serious thing.”

“Such as?”

I decided not to skirt around the issue, and instead just came straight out with it.

“I want to come off the pill.”

“You what?” Tommy responded as he sat bolt upright.

“I want to come of the pill,” I reiterated.

“But…” Tommy responded, clearly flustered. “But we agreed we would draw the line at having children, didn’t we?”

“Relax, my big ol’ Tommy-bear, I don’t want to have children,” I assured him. “I mean, if you weren’t my twin brother I would definitely want to have your baby – you are the most amazing lover and you’d make a wonderful father – but I just don’t want to have to take the pill anymore. I mean, do you have any idea what a chore it is? Having to remember exactly when to take it and when not to take it. And Betturkey don’t get me started on the way it affects my hormones and my mood swings.”

“So, what do you propose we use instead?” Tommy asked. “Unless you want us to stop having sex.”

“I don’t want to stop having sex with you, Tommy,” I said sincerely. “But maybe from now on you could wear a condom instead. Would you do that for me?”

“Well, of course I would,” Tommy answered earnestly. “I’d do anything for you – you know I would. And for Terri too. I mean, if you’d have told me sooner that taking the pill was such an issue for you then I would’ve happily run down to the nearest chemist and bought a pack of johnnies at the earliest opportunity.”

“You really don’t mind?” I replied to him. “I mean, I know it might feel a bit different for you at first.”

“It’s fine, really,” Tommy assured me. “I’ve worn condoms before, remember?”

The memory of Terri’s overly ambitious supply of condoms she’d brought with her on our holiday in France the previous summer made us both chuckle momentarily.

“Yeah, of course, how can I forget?!” I replied.

“I nearly had a heart attack when I saw how many she’d brought with her!” Tommy recalled with a chuckle.

“Is it okay if I get some on my way home from work?” I asked him.

“No, that’s okay,” Tommy replied. “I can manage that myself. But can I ask just one thing?”

“Sure, whatever you want,” I answered him.

“Can we do it without tonight? One last night without using condoms?”

“Sure,” I responded, unaware that later that evening I would happen upon something that brought an abrupt end to our bedroom antics.

But I’ll let Tommy tell you all about that himself.

“I need to get up and get dressed,” I announced as I drank the last of my coffee and finished my piece of toast. “Unlike you I have to get to a lecture.”

“Well, you’ll think of me in this nice warm bed whilst you’re out in the freezing cold waiting for your bus, won’t you?” Tommy smirked.

“Just you watch that mouth of yours, Tommy-bear!” I chided playfully. “Or you won’t be getting any action tonight!”

And with that I left him there and proceeded to get on with my day.

Something For The Weekend, Sir? (Tommy)

I did enjoy a nice, long lie-in that morning, but I couldn’t stay in bed all day. I wasn’t lying when I’d told Beth that my penis felt sore that morning, but what I hadn’t told her about was the brief stabs of pain I had begun to experience in my balls just lately. Of course, being a typical young man I dismissed it as nothing to be too worried about oh, but for the gift of hindsight!

Though I didn’t have any lectures that day, I still had coursework to keep up with, and in the afternoon I had another shift in the record shop where I worked. So I hauled myself out of bed at around nine o’clock, padded naked into the bathroom and relieved my by then aching bladder (coffee always goes right through me first thing in the morning) and then headed downstairs to fix myself some breakfast. The heating was doing its job well by that time, and so I decided to remain naked. Since adopting a naturist lifestyle, the girls and I had come to really enjoy the simple pleasure of being without clothing, and we would spend most of the time in our rented flat entirely naked, save for the girl’s jewellery and my own wristwatch.

As soon as I finished breakfast I turned my attention to my coursework, writing up and neatly cataloguing the finds I’d recently noted during our ongoing dig near the city walls. For me, there was almost nothing that could compete with the thrill of finding something ancient in the ground that had been hidden away for centuries and was last handled by someone in those distant times. A medieval Dominican monk, from the order commonly known as the Blackfriars perhaps, or a merchant, maybe? Or even a knight of the realm or a nobleman of some kind had been the last person to handle the objects I’d uncovered after centuries in the ground. Of course, the only thing that could compete with that thrill was the thrill of sex – either with one of the girls, or more recently, with Alex, the first and thus far only time I’d had sex with another man.

The thought of him and me together, his stiffly engorged circumcised cock lodged deep inside me as he thrusted his love into me, distracted me from my work and as I looked down I saw that my penis was monumentally hard and drooling with glistening precum. I tried my best to ignore it and return to my coursework but of course it was utterly futile. I sighed resignedly, got up from the desk and went upstairs to the bathroom. I had what could best be described as the quickest wank in history, and just two minutes later I came back downstairs, my previously rigid member now sated and gradually deflating to its normal proportions.

I worked on my assignment until lunchtime, when I reluctantly put on some clothes, made myself a quick sandwich, and then headed out to work.

It was an Betturkey Giriş uneventful afternoon really, as I spent most of it going through all the newly released LP’s and cassettes, and the then new-fangled CD’s, and arranging them on display. I was occasionally called to serve a customer and processed several returns, all but one of which were unwanted Christmas gifts.

“I don’t even bloody like the Rolling Stones,” one man said as he handed back the copy of the band’s latest album that his mother-in-law had bought him. “Good thing the wife made sure her mother gave her receipt!”

He exchanged it instead for Pink Floyd’s The Final Cut, and though I knew it was far from their best album, it was still a really good choice that I heartily approved of.

After I had finished work however, and as we closed up the shop and counted up the day’s takings, I was faced with doing something I’d never done before. I was about to buy my first ever pack of condoms. Up until then, whenever I’d had sex with Terri before she went on the pill, it had always been her who had provided them, but now it would be me making a purchase of latex male contraceptive sheaths, to use the term my old science teacher at school had used. A term which had of course elicited much sniggering and giggling in class – especially from the girls.

I headed out onto the cold, dark and drizzly streets of York to find a chemist that was still open.

My dad, when he had taken me to one side and given me the old ‘father-son chat’ about matters sexual, had recounted the story of how he had made his first purchase of ‘latex male contraceptive sheaths’.

“You couldn’t always get them in chemist’s shops in those days,” he recalled. “They were still seen as something, well, a bit risqué I guess. The sexual revolution hadn’t even started back then, and the elderly gentleman that ran our local chemist was one of those Victorian prudes who heartily disapproved of the younger generation’s promiscuity. But of course where there was a will, there was a way. In those days, believe it or not, it was actually more common for barber’s shops to sell condoms. But they never called them as such.”

“Well, what did they call them?” I had asked him out of genuine confusion.

“Well, you went in for a trim or a shave just as you would normally, and then when he was finished giving you a short back and sides he would discreetly say “something for the weekend, sir?” Which of course really meant would you like to buy some condoms from him.”

“Something for the weekend?” I sniggered in response. “Is that the best euphemism they could come up with?”

“Well, it was a different time back then – it was the 1950’s, after all,” my father replied, before he joined me in laughing at the ridiculousness of it all.

And so as I turned the corner into Coney Street I located a small pharmacy that was still open. I soon located its ‘family planning’ section, which in reality was little more than a couple of squeaky shelves, and perused the selection of prophylactics on offer. It was only a small independently run pharmacy rather than one of the bigger nationwide chains, so the selection on offer was somewhat limited. However, my eyes alighted on a colourful box which contained fruit flavoured condoms, and for the sake of the sheer novelty of them, I decided to take it there and then.

Paying the attractive young woman behind the cash register was a little embarrassing, especially as she gave me that look that said ‘I wonder what his cock looks like when he’s wearing one of those’, but apart from that the transaction was relatively uneventful. With the box of assorted fruit flavoured male contraceptive sheaths safety stowed in a discreet paper bag, I continued on my way to the bus stop.

Passion, Interrupted (Tommy)

When I arrived back at our flat Beth had already returned from her afternoon’s work. As was usual by then she had undressed as soon as she had come in, and her uniform from the department store where she worked had been dumped in a small pile in the corner of the kitchen floor. I smiled as I noticed her bra and knickers among the pile of hastily discarded clothes.

“Hi Honey, I’m home!” I called out, adopting a 1950’s American sitcom idiom.

“I’m upstairs!” Beth called out.

I started undressing myself and in only a few moments I was as naked as my sister. I picked up my clothes, and picked up hers too (taking a very brief moment to check out the pink cotton panties she’d chosen to wear that day) and took them upstairs. I found her just as she was coming out of the bathroom – even though I got to see her naked pretty much every day now, the sight of her nubile body never failed to make my heart flutter. It also always made another part of me flutter too. I drew her towards me and hugged her close to me, and we kissed softly yet passionately as we re-established our loving bond.

“Did you get them?” she asked me, referring of course to the condoms that were currently downstairs on the kitchen Betturkey Güncel Giriş worktop.

“Uh-huh,” I replied. “Flavoured ones.”

“Ooh, flavoured condoms! How risqué!” she chuckled.

“Well, I thought they might be fun,” I said with a shrug. “But don’t forget that you promised we could do it without me wearing a condom tonight, right? One last time, remember?”

“I’m hardly likely to forget,” Beth responded. “But thank you – I really do appreciate you doing this for me so that I can come off the pill. It really is an absolute pain in the bum!”

“So, are we going to have something to eat first or what?” I asked her as I released her from my embrace. “If I’m going to be making love to you all night again I’m gonna have to be fuelled up!”

Which is exactly what I did, and half an hour later my hunger had been well and truly sated by the hearty tomato and pepperoni pasta bake, liberally covered with melted cheese, that I had prepared for us. After that we shared a long and luxurious bath, with me doing the gentlemanly thing and letting her sit at the end without the taps. After towelling each other off we headed straight for the bed, and that was where it all started to go awry.

It began the way it always began, with some foreplay primarily to get Beth started. I never minded any of that at all, I mean touching a beautiful young woman in all of her intimate and erogenous places is always pleasurable, and watching the effect my wandering hands had on her naked body only served to increase my own arousal. I drove her close to the point of orgasm before backing off – I would plunge a couple of my fingers into the depths of her vagina whilst simultaneously using my thumb to rub against her clitoris. I always marvelled that something so small could deliver such powerful stimulation to her. So much intensely pleasurable joy in fact, that she often became totally incoherent as though she was speaking in tongues like some enraptured believer in some nonspecific cosmic deity of raw feminine sexuality. I often wondered what it must be like to possess something as sensitive, sometimes my curiosity extended towards actual jealousy, but the rational part of my mind always prevented me from getting carried away. It was impossible for me to experience what it must be like to possess a clitoris just as much as it was impossible for Beth, and Terri too of course, to experience what it is like to have a penis.

As far as I was concerned, my penis gave me all the pleasure I could ever want anyway, so my curiosity was pretty much academical. Still, to have just a little insight into what she felt when my fingers were buried inside her and my thumb flicking and rubbing at her most highly concentrated collection of nerve receptors would have been a good thing to have – if only so that I could increase her pleasure yet further.

Of course there are those that say that twins possess a kind of deep mental connection to each other, and though that might be true to some extent – for example I can always tell if Beth is upset or angry, even if I’m not in the same room as her or if she is at the other end of town, but that connection only goes so far. I can’t read her thoughts for example (and I certainly hope she can’t read mine), and even though I can tell when Beth is in pain, I can’t actually feel her pain, if that makes sense.

I continued to work her up to the brink of orgasm several more times, on each occasion ceasing abruptly until she was begging me to make her come. I extended my wandering hands to stimulate her nipples too, and with my mouth I peppered her bare skin with kisses. After the seventh, or maybe eighth time (since I had totally lost count by then) I finally gave in to her and allowed her to tip over the edge. The orgasm that resulted resembled some kind of hyper-charged seizure of naked feminine sexual energy, and she gasped and panted and praised my name as her naked body, beaded with glistening droplets of perspiration, writhed and squirmed on the bed, all four fingers of my right hand by that time almost completely within her.

By the time she came down and regained her senses she looked as though she was utterly exhausted, but far from collapsing into a heap she drew me in to a long and sensual embrace and she kissed me with passionate abandon.

“Mmmm, thank you, Tommy-bear, that was absolutely amazing!”

“I aim to please, Bethy-rabbit!” I responded, chuckling at what I had done to her.

“But now,” Beth said after a short while to catch her breath. “It’s time for me to return the favour.”

And with that she took my penis in her right hand, and brought her mouth towards my chest. The feeling of her hand gripping my turgid shaft and her tongue flicking across my nipple sent my arousal soaring in a matter of seconds. She certainly didn’t have to work very hard to coax me towards an extremely firm erection, and I became fully conscious of my foreskin slowly stretching and contracting over my engorged glans. She would tease me by pulling my foreskin back as far is it would go, until it was on the brink of actually being painful, which felt absolutely incredible. I always loved it when she played with my foreskin, and it was at times such as this that I always felt a little sorry for my dear Alex, who having been circumcised would never get to experience it for himself.

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