Freedom and the Widow Ch. 07


Eric had just received his first drink in exchange for the token, and was trying to act nonchalant and uninterested as countless leather clad beauties brushed by him; their feminine essences mixed with the scent of their leather- for him a smell synonymous with domination- had his cock quivering to an erection. Each one of the women simply oozed natural superiority; he knocked the drink back and held the glass forward to order another; how was he to make the breakthrough with one of these confident and commanding women? The thrill of being laughed at and rejected might suffice in him allowing himself a generous masturbation session later, but he yearned for at least a discussion with a member of the superior sex. The eyes of the girl behind the bar gave him a contemptuous look, and then moved from his line of vision with a smile; Eric felt a presence next to him.

“I’ll get that.” The male voice belonging to the presence, looked at Eric somewhat nervously; Eric was about to advise him that he wasn’t gay, when he continued his order.

“And a Vodka and coke, Brandy and lemon, Buck’s Fizz, and a Margaux” The smiling waitress took in the order as Pierre looked over the head of Eric and nodded in the direction of his superiors. She had witnessed such a scenario many times before; a lone male appears at the bar nervously, on his own, then leaves later; starry eyed as though stunned, like a lamb to the slaughter in the charge of a victorious looking dominatrix.

“And the same again for you mister? Or would you like a double?” Eric was a little fazed by her simple question as he looked across the softly lit nightclub in the direction of Pierre’s nod.

“Well mister?” Eric had noted that all males were addressed as ‘mister’ at this club; ‘sir’ with all its lordly connotations was strictly taboo at this establishment. His jaw dropped as he focused on the four women; three of whom he recognised from earlier, despite the tiny masks, which added to the eroticism but did little to hide the wearer’s identity.

“Errr… ahh… just a single please.” His mind went from kneeling, to whips, leather and complete and utter servitude as his cock stiffened on viewing the shapely and assertive middle aged beauty that was Victoria once more. Pierre lent to his ear.

“My mistress and her eloquent friends demand that you attend them.” Eric’s balls tingled at the word ‘demand’; his fabricated guard was dissolving rapidly, though still extremely nervous, his submissive side was waxing as his nonchalance waned. The knowing bar-girl sneered with pleasure as he almost fell from the stool he had occupied; regardless of how many times she saw it, seeing a male on his way to being dominated for the first time was always a sweet thrill for her; her pussy tingled with satisfaction as she watched Eric walk sheepishly along with Pierre to no doubt begin a life of servitude. Yet another male appeared at the bar with a token, feebly trying to attract her attention as she watched Eric’s progress to get the briefest account of his introduction to the superior sex; she gave the new customer a brief sneer to the side, ensuring he knew she was ignoring him purposely until it suited her; the token bearer’s cock stiffened at the look; he was now sure he had entered heaven too.

Still out of earshot of the women, Pierre whispered to Eric; keeping his face as expressionless as he could.

“Trust me, if you are submissive you will be a very lucky man if one of these ladies decides to acquire your services; I have heard so much already about fulya escort their ‘circle’ from my mistress; your life will be changed forever.” Eric was in danger of losing complete control of his legs as they approached the table, which was raised by a couple of steps on a platform above the main floor; he could not help but see Victoria’s delicious legs clad in the tight leather, Cherie’s buxom thighs in the short Skirt, Wanda who sat in the middle and held her head, chin up in a thoroughly superior manner, as she toyed with a wicked crop. Pierre’s mistress Lola stood in her leather jodhpurs and sleeveless leather top; her slender white arms crossed dominantly, a stern expression on her face as she monitored the return of her new sub.

Lola was very pleased with his promising performance so far, though she would not let him see or know it; he had shown complete obedience at each of the evening appointments she’d had with him, tonight she’d take him home and he would be tested to the full under intimate circumstances; she knew instinctively he’d be wearing her ring of ownership about his balls very shortly. Lola almost raised a smile as he returned having completed another task, but quickly ensured a sneer was all Pierre saw, as she pointed to the floor beside her without saying a word. Eric’s ball’s tingled as he watched Pierre drop to his knees beside his sneering mistress without hesitation.

The other women did not bat an eyelid at Pierre’s actions; this was the norm for them, and they were all eyes upon Eric, who felt uneasily like a fly about to be entwined in inescapable silk; Victoria was as nervous as he at that point but maintained a studied stare on her prey and licked her lips, Cherie and Wanda obligingly re-arranged themselves; Eric was accommodated between Cherie and Victoria. It was the one and only time the women would move for him; his escape was now blocked by Cherie who looked him up and down, and crossed her legs once more; displaying her huge thighs to good effect, thighs which any submissive male would long to be spanked upon. Wanda was ready to interrogate him; she was not one to mince her words and had an uncanny knack of determining a male’s level of submissiveness at first sight.

Eric sat uncomfortably with the flaps of his jacket carefully placed over his crotch to hide the bulge which betrayed his excitement; he was overheating due to his predicament in the otherwise coolly air conditioned club, and beads of sweat developed on his forehead as he took in the even hotter persona he now sat with. He relaxed slightly; he looked back to see the bar-girl smiling in his direction as she served the next token-bearer; he could not believe he had walked in, and now come this far without even saying ‘hello’ to a woman; he would not be allowed to maintain silence much longer.

Cherie had processed many males and would ensure that Eric was both comfortable, and hiding nothing from them. Eric felt powerless as her hands slipped around the inside of the collar of his jacket.

“Oh you poor thing, you are too hot in that; let’s take it from you.” Eric took a deep breath and smiled feebly as Cherie took charge of his jacket, exposing the bulge he then tried in vain to conceal by crossing his legs. His bulge was not helped by Victoria who was now also relaxing; she too, crossed her legs slowly ensuring he saw her exquisite camel-toe; her shaven pussy, now nicely aroused in the soft leather, tingled all the more as she sensed the power she had over a male for bebek escort the very first time; she took the short whip from her bag and flexed it in her elegant manicured hands. Wanda ‘s pussy bulged with admiration as Victoria took the initiative and smiling confidently, let him hear her voice for the first time as his cock stiffened uncontrollably at the delicious sight before him.

“I saw you earlier, at the café; did you come here just to see me?” Cherie, Wanda and Lola smiled with satisfaction at their novice friend’s choice of a direct question which would put the male nicely on the spot, and make him squirm all the more. Balls and pussy tingled excitedly as their eyes met; both with a yearning for an as yet unexplored relationship. Eric studied Victoria’s wild eyes through the small mask and watched her hot red lips purse; she flexed her whip, demanding an answer without saying so. Cherie perked her upper body dominantly; Eric felt her mature breasts point at him like guns, Wanda put her hands on her hips in impatient fashion, Lola’s eyes burned through him as he glanced at Pierre; kneeling and satisfactorily part of their circle. He looked longingly at Victoria; she gave a little sneer of contempt, making his cock twitch, he could not deny she was key to his visit.

“Err… I… Yes, I did think how wonderful you looked and had hoped you’d be here tonight, though I never dared to think I’d actually be sitting with you like this.” Cherie’s pussy buzzed as she immediately hit on an answer; she put her hand on his thigh, to close to the bulge for Eric’s comfort.

“Would you rather be kneeling before her like Pierre?” Victoria’s pussy was now wet and pulsing nicely in the leather; she too leaned her upper body forward, splaying her cheeks on the seat and making the leather tighten about her excited cunt. For the first time in her life she felt truly dominant as she flexed her whip in anticipation of whatever response this obviously submissive male would offer. Eric was mesmerised by her and by the strength of such a simple question. Cherie giggled in a strangely spiteful fashion as she moved her hand to the bulge and gently nursed Eric’s yearning cock.

“You be a good boy and tell the truth now, we know you want to.” Eric gasped as he saw the wanting expression in Victoria’s face; she became more attractive by the minute; he longed to give himself up to her.

“Yes, I would love to kneel before her.” Wanda and Lola clasped their hands and smiled with wicked satisfaction. Cherie’s pussy tingled, hot and ready in her panties as she felt Eric’s cock pulse as he made an admission more important and damning than any admission he’d previously made in his life.

Victoria’s whole body tingled now, as she took deep breaths with a feeling of satisfaction she had never experienced before; her nipples poked like thumbs through her silk top as she took one hand from the whip, and with a divine pleasure tingling through her pussy, pointed a finger to the floor by her feet. Everything seemed to move in slow motion for Eric, and he felt as though every pair of eyes in the club were upon him as he obediently, and willingly, went down on his knees at Victoria’s feet. He had not realised that such a simple posture could bring him such a pleasurable sensation; his cock was rigid as he humbled himself before a woman for the first time. His feelings were matched by Victoria’s; she was now oozing female superiority and wished she had this man back at Cherie’s house right now. Wanda florya escort clapped her hands with delight at the scene; the meek woman she had met at the funeral was now transformed completely, she was dominating her first male with a confidence which came so naturally to her.

Victoria swallowed hard as she fought to maintain control, not over the submissive male, but over her bulging pussy; she was close to coming as the lip of the seat played against her hot anus as she moved slightly to accommodate the male… she realised she did not know his name; she was becoming more confident by the minute and was thoroughly enjoying this new game.

“Please have the decency to tell me your name; you may kiss my feet then, and I shall let you know whose feet you have been allowed the pleasure of kissing.” Cherie looked at Wanda and Lola with a delighted expression of disbelief at Victoria’s air of perfect superiority. Pierre’s cock matched Eric’s as he tried to maintain a studied look of disinterest as he knelt beside his mistress; he knew the sublime feeling of humiliation that Eric was now experiencing all too well, but he knew the feeling would be tenfold as Eric enjoyed it for the first time. Eric looked at the beautiful slim ankles in the spikey black stilettos, which seemed to have a dominance all of their own; he came close to kissing them before giving up his name, his cock was now dribbling as he basked in submission to her.

“My name is Eric.” He looked up at her as if needing further permission to complete the task, Victoria swelled with pleasure and pride as she pointed to her feet. Eric wasted no time and the women clapped their approval as he kissed each shoe several times, and daringly kissed the exposed flesh just once; as he did so, a sharp prick of static electricity stung his lips, as if to symbolise the promise of pain in serving her.

“You may call me Mistress Victoria. You may now sit next to me once more; I’m sure the ladies have a few questions they’d like to ask you, before deciding if you’re worthy of our company.” Victoria had already decided that Eric would be invited to join her later, whatever it was the ladies planned to do, but was now fully enjoying exerting her control and superiority over Eric. As he sat and marvelled at the glorious Victoria Eric was once again graced with the attentions of Cherie, who squeezed her sumptuous nylon clad thighs close to him and toyed with his hair as she readied herself to question him. Victoria was in urgent need of the ladies room, and gave Eric a sultry and menacing glance as she stood and passed him.

“You make sure you’re still here when I get back.” Eric was close to coming in his underwear as he watched the shapely mature thighs and cheeks move deliciously in the tight black leather; he would be staying wherever she wanted him to stay. Cherie smiled wickedly; the buxom redhead’s eyes watched Eric’s as they watched the ass move so gracefully across the floor poised upon those delectable stilettos.

“You’d like to lick that ass wouldn’t you Eric?” His balls ached as he thought of that pleasure; how could he possibly answer in anything but the affirmative? He went red as he replied.

“Yes I would, very much so.” Cherie purred with satisfaction as she continued to toy with his hair. Wanda was delighted with Victoria’s progress and their luck at finding a suitable newbie to pair her with; she would encourage him.

“Well, you be a god boy Eric and you never know; your dreams may come true tonight.” The two panned the club, looking for suitors to accompany them for later on; Pierre was sent on two more missions; two willing males known to the circle of ladies already, were summoned to join them for the evening , and the possibility of some erotic entertainment later at Cherie’s house meant they were very eager to do so.

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