Foreplay Done Right

Big Tits


Sometimes you have no recollection of the events leading to sex. Sometimes foreplay is forgotten and your animal brain just wants to rut, just wants to fuck another body and spread its seed. Sometimes the moments leading up to sex sparkle with intensity and shine brighter in one’s memory than any event leading up to or following it. This is one of those times, a time when nothing mattered more than how he encouraged my body to hunger for his in a deeper, more desperate way.

We were already naked, we were done kissing and caressing. It was his show now, the sub in me quietly turned over to let him play with me as he saw fit.

He pushed into me, but not all the way. Not nearly. He moved around just enough to open me up; just enough to make my muscles tighten and twitch. I rolled my hips forward hoping to force him in further but he pulled back ever so slightly and spanked me hard. I could feel my skin flush red hot as the sting faded.

“You’ll not get any more of my cock until you’ve deserved it.”

I whimpered softly into the sheets, I could feel my vagina aching for the full measure of him.

He started moving slowly around, massaging my ass that was vbet so rudely in the air for him. He slipped his thumb in and back out around my asshole. Gently coaxing my sphincter to relax. He left his cock perched on the edge of my lips just waiting and teasing as he focused on my ass. Being a rotten little sub that doesn’t follow the rules, I pushed back onto him and for a glorious split second he filled me and stretched me. But I was all too predictable. He used my distraction to shove his thumb deep inside my ass and squeezed down his forefingers to grip my tailbone and force me away and off him.

As his fantastic manhood slipped away from me I became increasingly aware of the discomfort of his firm grip on my ass.

“What did you do to deserve me?” he demanded.

I whimpered again into the bed. He didn’t like that reply and smacked me hard. His fingers pulled away from my skin softly grazing the sting away.

“What did you do?” he asked slowly.


“Mmhm, that’s right!” He slapped me again to emphasize his last word.

“Now,” he started playing with my asshole again. His finger moved in circles forcing me to widen. I tried vbet giriş desperately to relax into the pain but I clenched suddenly when I received another sharp slap.

“Now, is this what you wanted?” He pushed in harder, deeper, and wider.

My only reply was a grunt into the sheets and a pleading whine. His finger training my ass wasn’t what I wanted, he knew that, but I also knew that what I wanted was of no matter in this situation. I was his to play with, to torture or pleasure at his whim.

Then he smacked me square on my wet lips sharply stinging the delicate flesh.

“No, no, this is what you want isn’t it?” He teased me as he smoothly moved two fingers finally inside my soaking wet lips.

I sighed heavily as my whole body relaxed into the elation spreading through it. My back arched sharply presenting myself to him even more openly than before! He answered this with a third finger and a fourth. My body was hot and wet and all too ready for him.

All while working on me in my favorite way he continued opening my asshole too. I love him for this; his attention to detail and incredible skill at multitasking.

My breath was getting vbettr heavy and my body was undulating of its own volition. I could hear myself screaming and moaning as he continued his nuanced and forceful work on me. I was quickly losing all ability to witness this amazing feeling. I was slipping under the ecstasy and fast.

“Ah, ah, shhh, how do you feel?” He asked me softly. He could always read me and pull me back just in time. His fingers pulled out slowly and continued to massage me, keeping me wet and hot.

I nodded a response, not sure if my voice would work and completely unsure of how to describe to him how… I… felt.

“Come on,” he urged me. He pushed his hips forward once more lightly pressing against me. I could feel his firmness pushing into the soft parts of me, I could feel his warmth surrounding me and it felt like home.

“How do you feel?”

“Good” I whispered.

“Good girl,” he said as he finally pushed all the way inside me. He leaned in with all his weight and surrounded me, his long arms reaching down beside mine. We both moved in sync. I felt him finally surrender to the ecstasy and fall into the primal, instinctual physicality of the moment. We breathed together we sweat together, and we came together. Both bodies completely tensed and full of potential for one perfect moment.

With a sigh we collapsed hot and exhausted and wickedly content within the company of one another.

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