Foreign Trade


Elie, a very sexy French commodities broker, invited me over to his apartment for the evening. We’d been dating for a couple of months and I chose my lingerie carefully, as I was definitely planning to be stripped down to it after a while. I went with red lace- a bra and a matching thong. Elie told me that we would play “slave”, so I tucked my favorite pair of softcuffs into my purse. I wore black stilettos and a short, sleeveless black dress. I left my red hair down and loose, its waves falling past my shoulders.

At Elie’s place, we were drinking champagne and laughing about something that happened on my last trip to Paris. I felt warm and relaxed. We sat on the black leather couch, but were not touching each other yet. There was a knock at the door. I was surprised, as it was after 10 o’clock. Elie smiled, though, and I remember thinking that this visit was not unexpected.

When the door opened, I saw that it was a friend of Elie’s… I could not remember his name at first, but recalled meeting him one night at a party. Then I remembered – Toni – a dark Spaniard with an intense manner. And an accent that sent sparks through my nether regions. While I did find him attractive, I spoke only a little to him at that party. Standing by the couch, Toni smiled at me and poured himself a glass of champagne. He sat across from us in an armchair and soon he was making me laugh by telling me dry, witty anecdotes about his adventures with Elie. He seemed to have known Elie for quite a few years. I had had three or four glasses of champagne and was feeling a little light-headed. Elie excused himself for a moment to use the bathroom. After he had gone, Toni came to sit next to me on the couch. “I like your hair down.” His hand brushed back a lock that had fallen against my cheek. I could barely breathe. I felt such a magnetic pull towards him…

“Shit,” I thought,” I really like Elie.” I took a deep breath. “Stop it!” I silently commanded my rampant libido. I looked back over my shoulder toward the bathroom and moved a little away from Toni.

“Ah, you are worried. It’s okay, really. If you want, then we will have a very interesting evening, the three of us…” he said, smiling. “If not,” he shrugged, “then I will go…” At that moment, Elie wandered back into the room. He didn’t appear bothered at all that his friend was sitting on the couch with me and I suddenly realized that he had this in mind all along. Hmm… Sneaky devil… Elie sat down on the other side of me, smiling that lopsided smile that I love.

“Well, Michelle, what do you think? Can Toni and I share you tonight?” His hand was on my thigh and I realized that I was tremendously excited by this idea.

I nodded my head, but I wasn’t sure quite how things would work… Elie cupped my face between his hands and gave me a long, warm kiss. When we pulled apart, Toni had a blue cotton bandana in his hands. The last time I saw one of those was at a rodeo. ‘I’m in a kinky cowboy movie and in a moment we’re all going to have hats and spurs!’ I thought, and laughed nervously. Toni slipped it over my eyes like a blindfold. Someone helped me stand. Toni was behind me, kissing the back of my neck, his lips moving further down as he unzipped my dress. He slipped it down over my hips and helped me step out of it. His hands slid up the inside of my legs and his fingers brushed against the red fabric that covered my mostly-bare pussy. Mmmmm…

Elie was kissing my mouth, deep and hungry, while his hands cupped my full breasts, squeezing them gently; his thumbs slid under the fabric to circle my nipples. I protested lightly as I felt my panties also sliding toward the floor. Elie was unfastening my bra. Everything was moving so fast, my head was spinning. I was caught up in sensations…. Pressed between Elie and Toni, I could feel their erections, one against my abdomen and the other against the crack of my ass. A fucking incredible sandwich…

My hands moved to unfasten Elie’s pants but he stepped back, laughing. “Not yet, not yet!” he said. “I think we will have to restrain you, darling.” I willingly held out my wrists. Toni pulled them behind my back and fastened them together. I did not know what he was using, but they were not my softcuffs. They felt cool and heavier and I heard something metallic snap into place as my wrists pulled together. Jesus, has he got real handcuffs? I started to sweat, as I wasn’t sure that I knew what I’d görükle escort signed myself up for…

Then they were both at my breasts, their mouths working in tandem on my rapidly-stiffening nipples, stroking them with their tongues and then sucking and biting. Their hands were on my back, pressing me forward. I was moaning; it felt sooo intense. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter in anticipation and my knees were feeling weak…

Those hands moved to my shoulders, urging me down, down onto my knees. I heard zippers being lowered, the sound of clothes being removed. I felt their body heat, smelled their musky excitement as they stepped closer to me. I felt hands on my hair and a warm, hard cock against my face, soft shaved balls against my lips. I caressed them with my tongue and I heard a moan. It sounded like Elie’s, but I was not sure. There was another cock rubbing insistently on my cheek and I turned to it briefly, also stroking it with my tongue. Ah, fur against my chin… Now I know, I thought dreamily. Then there was space again for a few seconds. Were they deciding which of them would be first in my mouth? I heard the clink of a coin and Toni’s low, husky laughter.

I was turned to face the couch, I think. I was still kneeling. Hands pushed me gently forward and I shuffled across the carpet until I felt knees on either side of me. Elie’s voice was in my ear, asking if I had a tie for my hair. No, I did not bring one.

Elie gathered my hair back with his hands, bent me forward, and urged my head down, guiding me to Toni’s waiting cock. I sensed Elie’s body kneeling at my side but a little behind me, holding back my hair, watching my mouth lick and suck his friend. Toni’s cock was shorter than Elie’s, but thicker. ‘I wonder if it turns Elie on to watch this. I know that I’m turned on thinking about him watching me.’ Elie pressed my head down abruptly and I was forced to take Toni’s cock fully in my mouth. I gagged a little, as I was unprepared, and I heard Elie moan softly. I felt his erection pressed against my thigh. Toni lifted his hips up and down, his breath coming faster.

Elie’s cock was rock-hard and dripping with pre-cum fluid. I could feel it on my skin. He dropped my hair and came fully behind me, his hands adjusting my position, spreading my thighs apart. ‘Ooooh, yes’, I thought as he guided his cock head to my entrance. I was very wet.

Elie grabbed my hips and pushed up inside, sliding in his full nine inches. I moaned and Toni could feel the vibration in my throat. My pussy was warm and I squeezed my muscles hard around Elie’s cock. I was in heaven, of course, with one cock filling my mouth and one filling my pussy. It took a few moments, but then Elie and Toni were in sync with each other, both groaning as they got closer to orgasm. Toni was fucking my mouth hard, one hand on my head. I knew he was almost there…. He let out a short, sharp shout and I felt his cock jerk in my mouth as the first burst of cum shot down my throat. I choked a little and he let me lift my head, the rest of his thick, hot cum spurting into my mouth, coating my tongue. Interesting flavor, sharper and more bitter than Elie’s…

I’m sure Elie realized that Toni had shot his load, but he was not quite there yet. Elie pulled out and his hot Gallic voice sounded urgently in my ear. “You want to taste my cum now?”

I straightened and turned towards him, nodding. He knew that was a silly question, as I love his cum! He slid his slick cock between my wet lips. Mmm, it tasted of me. I knew that Elie was close, so I moved my mouth very slowly up and down, stopping only briefly to suck gently on his head. I wondered if Toni was watching. “Lick my balls, baby.” I stopped and moved my tongue lower, stroking his smooth, tight balls with my tongue – long firm strokes…

“Aaaah! I’m so close,” he murmured. “Let me fuck your mouth now, chéri. Take me deep.”

I moved back to Elie’s long, beautiful cock, tilting my head back to let him slide deep inside my throat. He gasped and thrust quickly – once, twice, and then on the third time he let out a deep groan like I’ve never heard him make before. His delicious milky cum shot powerfully down my throat and I choked and swallowed… and swallowed… and his cock kept jerking. I pulled back and my mouth was full of cum and there was still more. I couldn’t keep up with it and some spilled out over my bursa escort bayan lips.

“Damn Elie, you were really turned on!” I thought wildly. He slipped out of my mouth and sank to his knees in front of me, tilting my chin up and kissing me warmly, tasting his cum on my tongue. His fingers touched my pussy gently, feeling my wetness. I moaned softly against his silky lips. I felt Toni behind me, removing my restraints. Each of them took hold of one arm, raising me to my feet.

“Come, darling…” They walked me somewhere – to the bedroom, as it turned out. They helped me onto the king-sized mattress and instructed me to lie on my back with my arms over my head. This time, I recognized the feel of the soft cuff restraints as Elie tied my wrists to the cool metal spindles on the brass headboard. I was a little nervous, though, when they both grabbed one of my feet and spread my legs wide, fastening them to the footboard with scarves… I felt incredibly vulnerable and surprisingly aroused by that sensation.

A smile in Elie’s voice- “You are dripping, chéri! I can see how much you enjoyed that. And I know you are going to like this!” The mattress creaked under his weight and I felt his warm breath on my thighs. I wondered briefly what had happened to Toni – and then I felt the flat of Elie’s tongue lapping against my outer lips, licking up my escaping juices. I sighed as his fingers spread my pussy lips open, like a glistening flower. He dipped the tip of his tongue in slowly, moving gently among my folds. I ached for more, moaning and lifting my hips toward his face, pulling against my restraints, but I could get no closer to his mouth.

Meanwhile, Toni had come in. I could sense his presence by my side. He began touching my stomach with his fingers. They were covered in something warm and sticky and he laughed a little as he created something on my body. My stomach is ticklish and I started to laugh too. Then his gooey hands began to massage my breasts, his fingers clinging a little to my skin. He wiped a finger across my lips and my tongue touched it. Mmmm – chocolate. He put a finger in my mouth and I sucked it, swirling my tongue.

The mattress sank down as Toni climbed onto the bed, placing himself just behind my head, his legs on either side of my raised arms. I could feel and smell his earthy heat above me and then a shock as his tongue and mouth began licking and sucking the skin on my sensitive stomach. Aaah, it felt like torture, but in a way that was also exquisitely sensual, shooting shock waves down to my groin. As I moaned and twisted beneath Toni’s mouth, Elie pressed his mouth into my pussy. Ah, ah, ahhhh…

Toni moved to the side of my head and his mouth was on my breast, licking in a circular motion, moving gradually closer to my stiffened nipple. I arched up as his mouth closed over my areola and began sucking. The combination of sensations was driving me mad. I writhed on the mattress, my ankles and wrists pulling hard against my fabric restraints as Elie’s hands slipped beneath my ass and his tongue moved faster and harder against my swollen clit.

“Yessss, oh God, pleeeease….” I made no sense for the rest of it as I got closer to the edge and my body bucked hard against the restraints, rattling the brass frame, as I shuddered at the intensity and length of my first orgasm. I fell back against the mattress, my body weakened but at peace.

The bandana blindfold had loosened from my thrashing and I could see a little. Both men had moved off the bed and I believed that we were finished. Elie smiled at me in the dim light and pulled the bandana off completely. His cheeks were flushed and his blue eyes bright even in this light. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen him this excited and it stirred me, even in my current state.

“Look at how hard I am again,” Elie whispered as he climbed back onto the bed, taking Toni’s position, his knees by my shoulders. He let his cock brush against my face and it was indeed fully erect. Toni, from between my legs, began licking just below my sensitive clit and I gasped. My heart rate had not yet returned to normal from my last orgasm! His tongue did not let up though, working my clit with the flat of his tongue and then using the tip like an artisan as I became more able to tolerate it.

Elie lowered himself so that his velvet balls now brushed my lips, feeling the vibrations as I moaned, bursa escort my mouth open as I built toward another orgasm. Abruptly, Toni inserted a couple of fingers inside me while sucking my clit and I was beside myself, crying out, “Yesss, fuck me, fuck me!!!” as my hips pushed up hard against him.

I heard Elie groan above me as I paused to draw breath. He muttered, “Oooh yes, I am going to fuck you, chéri. Right in your sweet little mouth…” He began rubbing the head of his cock against my lips and then pushing into my mouth as I grew more and more excited. He held himself still with some effort, enjoying the way that my increasingly guttural cries felt against the sensitive head of his cock. I moved my head wildly against it as I start to cum again and Elie instinctively began thrusting – soooo intense…oooooooooh God… swallowing that long cock. My body was still shuddering when he pulled out and sprayed his hot cum all over my breasts.

After some moments of mutual panting, Elie moved off of me and I heard the Velcro ripping open on the softcuffs as he removed them. Toni was untying the scarves and my legs were free. I moved them gingerly, bending my knees one at a time and lowering my arms. I didn’t feel too sore, considering that I had never been tied for so long before.

“Are you more comfortable now, Michelle? Everything is still working?” Toni asked solicitously as he massaged my upper arms and shoulders while straddling my waist.

I couldn’t help but notice that his thick, dark cock was still quite hard. His body moved back until he was kneeling at my feet, his hands massaging my inner thigh muscles, slipping against the mixed fluids on my pale skin. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling, idly wondering if my pussy was going to experience those fingers again and wondering if I had the strength for yet another orgasm.

Toni’s warm, strong hands had been stroking down my legs while my eyes remain closed. Suddenly, those hands were under my knees, lifting them up and running his palms along my calves to my ankles. As I opened my eyes, he gently pushed my ankles towards my head, exposing my swollen, wet red lips.

We both took a long breath, as I watched him through the “window” between my raised legs. I felt completely exposed and he was staring at my pussy so intently that I felt like it would burst into flame any second! Then, with his hands still pinning me by my ankles, he leaned over me, his long-lashed dark eyes fastened on my green ones, his thick uncircumcised cock head unerringly finding its way deep inside my pussy. I pulled his head down to mine in a rough kiss and thrust my hips upward to meet his cock. My muscles were tight after my recent orgasm, especially in this position, and I felt his thickness stretching me. My tongue in his mouth, I moaned.

He moved from my mouth to my ear. “You like it like this, Michelle? Seems like you want me to fuck you harder. Dígame – tell me…” Teasingly, he pulled back, letting my hips ease down, his cock sliding most of the way out.

“Don’t stop, Toni,” I begged him. “Fuck me like this. Fuck me hard…” I managed to gasp out.

With a triumphant grin, Toni thrust my legs back up over my head as he drove himself forward, sliding that thick cock deep inside. He was talking to me again, but it was all in Spanish and very fast. I speak some of that language, but could not follow it then, as I kept getting distracted by the force of Toni’s fucking. He looked a little demented, his handsome olive skin shining with my juices and smears of chocolate. His obvious enjoyment of this fuck position was really arousing. My clit had swollen enough for his movements to rub it with each pass and I felt myself beginning to peak again.

Half-delirious, I wondered where Elie was in all this. Stroking and watching? I did not know. I could not care right now; I was lost in violent sensations. Toni’s contorted face, panting and screaming, fucking me faster and faster, clutching my thighs as he started to shake and come, my body tensing as I pushed my clit hard against him, desperate for release. Almost there now, almost there…

At that last moment, Toni’s head pulled back and he let loose a hoarse, primal howl. Well, that did it for me. I lifted my ass up so sharply as I reached orgasm that Toni’s hands slipped off my thighs and my legs fell open to the sides. He collapsed on top of me, his cock still spasming inside.

As we laid there, catching our breath, I noticed that water was running in the bathroom. I wondered how much of this last bit Elie had missed. I looked over and saw his long, lean silhouette framed in the doorway, smiling…

“Anyone ready for a shower?”

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