Flight to Submission Ch. 16


When the sunlight woke Stephanie the next morning, she was amazed to find her nipples were hard and erect. She slipped a hand down to her pussy and found it was already wet and the mere touch of her fingers along her slit made it clench and pulse. This had never happened to her before!

She had vague memories of some very erotic dreams that she had experienced during the night, dreams where she was bound, helpless to resist whatever was done to her, dreams where she was blindfolded and restrained, unable to anticipate what was happening or about to happen. Image after image, scene after scene had flooded her subconscious mind and her body had responded accordingly.

When David entered her room, Stephanie blushed, remembering the wantonness that she had displayed the previous evening. David took no notice, instead drawing back the covers to display her naked body. He took in the erect nipples and instructed her to spread her legs. When she obeyed, he could see the glistening wetness between her legs. Though he gave no outward sign, David was extremely pleased. Her conditioning was taking hold faster and stronger than even he had anticipated. By the end of the week, Stephanie would be responding and reacting automatically to every stimulus and command given to her, fully and without inhibition or restraint, totally obedient to the demands of her body.

It was now time to move her further along in her training.

Taking her hand, he pulled her up until she was sitting upright in the bed. A firm look from him prevented her from making a move to cover herself back up and she blushed again as she realised she had almost slipped back into bad habits.

Capturing her gaze with his, David started to speak, his voice quiet but commanding.

“In order to be able to train you to your fullest potential, I need to have complete and utterly honest feedback from you with regards to every aspect of your training,” he said. “I need to know your thoughts, your feelings, whether things make you comfortable or uncomfortable, whether you feel your boundaries are being pushed too hard. To that end, I would like to take the time this morning to hear about your reactions to the scenes on last night’s DVD.”

Stephanie’s blush deepened as she remembered the intensity of her feelings last night.

David noticed her reaction but continued his explanation.

“It is very important for me to understand how your mind is working so that I may fashion your training accordingly,” he paused and smiled. “Your body’s reaction is easy for me to gauge but your mind is something you will need to display for me.

Stephanie squirmed a little as she realised just what she was expected to do but David smiled at her understandingly.

“Let’s start with the first scene, shall we?” David asked. “What did you feel when the image first appeared on the screen?”

Stephanie thought back to that first, dramatic image of the woman bound to the square frame. She remembered the frisson of excitement that ran through her as she gazed at the woman bound into place. She remembered how she had imagined being in the woman’s place, wondering what would happen next and the illicit thrill that those feelings gave her. The sight of the woman held immobile in the spotlight, the absolute focus of attention scared her and appealed to her in equal measure. For someone who had spent their entire life trying to blend into the background, as Stephanie had done, these feelings of excitement were strange and disquieting.

Taking a deep breath, she began to tell David how the beginning of the scene had affected her.

“That first image was powerful,” she began. “The starkness of the woman bound and naked in the full illumination of the spotlight was compelling. My eyes were drawn to her immediately.”

David looked at her searchingly. There was more that she wasn’t saying, that he needed to draw out of her but he would go slowly.

“Keep going,” he said. “Tell me how you felt as the scene progressed.

Stephanie longed to close her eyes but David’s commanding gaze held them firmly.

She swallowed nervously before continuing.

“I could feel her anticipation,” she said. “It was as if I was up there with her, wondering what was going to happen next.” She paused before going on. “I have to admit that I started to get a little excited, even though the scene hadn’t really begun!”

David smiled encouragingly at her. He knew the more she spoke, the more likely she was to be drawn back into the scene in her memory and as she started to remember the details, she would begin to respond once again as she had last night.

“Go on,” he told her gently but firmly, still holding her eyes captive with his mesmeric gaze.

Guided by her Master, Stephanie returned to the memory of last night’s scene. With his patient prompting, she slowly started to reveal not only her thoughts about what had transpired on screen but also how her body had reacted to what she had watched. She finally opened up and told him how she lived through the scene alongside the woman on stage. How ankarakazan.com she had almost felt the male sub’s mouth and fingers on her own clit and pussy, how she had wanted to cum when the woman finally received permission to cum.

David studied her carefully as she spoke, watching as she become more caught up in the remembrance of the scene. When he determined the time was right, he quietly slipped in his next command.

“Tell me how your body responded to what you were watching,” he said, his voice calm but insistent.

Caught up in the memory, Stephanie forgot to feel embarrassed.

“My breasts were throbbing and my nipples were hard and erect,” she told him. “I could feel my pussy was so wet and it was quivering in reaction.”

She paused for a moment, then continued.

“I wanted to cum, to gain the same kind of relief that the woman on stage had but my restraints prevented that. I could have screamed in frustration!” she admitted.

David nodded in understanding. What Stephanie did not know is that while she had been watching the DVD, he had been watching her and her reactions. He knew exactly how her body had responded but it was important for her continued progress that she be able to verbalise how she was feeling. A good Master would always expect his sub to tell him explicitly how they were feeling and how their body was responding so that he could adapt his sessions to benefit both Master and sub.

Unbeknownst to her, as Stephanie described how her body had felt and what her thoughts had been as she watched the sessions on the DVD, her body was remembering and reacting. There was a flush to her skin as once again her body became slowly aroused. She unconsciously licked her lips, which had gone dry, again in reaction to her memories of the previous night’s scenes. Her nipples started to tingle and her pussy started to throb although at low level for the moment.

David observed all these subtle signs of arousal in Stephanie and was very pleased. That she seemed to be unaware of her body’s subtle signs of arousal told him that it’s responses were already becoming ingrained and automatic – exactly the effect he was aiming for.

“Tell me, Stephanie,” he said, “which of the two scenes aroused you more and for what reason?”

Stephanie took time to consider her answer. Each of the scenes had affected her powerfully but for different reasons. Finally she made her choice.

“It think it was the second scene, Master,” she said.

“Why was that, Stephanie,” David asked her calmly, not wishing to break the arousal of Stephanie’s body with too great an intensity in his voice.

“Well Master, the first scene was really powerful too but there was just something about the image of the woman suspended, unable to resist as every part of her was used that roused some very powerful reactions in me,” Stephanie explained. “My body seemed to be crying out for that kind of usage, as was my mind. I don’t know why as the scene was so extreme, I mean three men using one woman is far beyond anything I had imagined, Master!”

“How are you feeling about that scene now, Stephanie,” David asked, although he could quite clearly see how aroused she was becoming just through remembering the scene.

Stephanie licked her lips. “I – I think perhaps it is something I would want to experience, Master,” she admitted with her eyes downcast. She was amazed that she could actually admit to such a thing but her Master had demanded complete and utter honesty from her and she was determined to obey him, no matter what.

“I see,” David said consideringly. “However, I believe your training is not far enough along to expose you to that kind of intensity just yet,” he told her. “Let me see what I can come up with,” he advised, although he had a very good idea of just how he was going to introduce her to the kind of situation she had witnessed.

Stephanie was surprised to feel a tiny amount of disappointment at his words. Had she really come so far in so little time? A few days ago, she would never have contemplated such a scene, let alone wanted to be the focus of it! What was she becoming?

David watched the play of emotions cross her face. Her feelings were so clear for him to read. She was a joy to train and he was even more certain that she would reach the stars by the time her training was complete. For now, however, it was time to get her back to her routine.

He clipped a leash to her collar and with a gentle tug, encouraged her to rise from the bed. Turning, he led her from the bedroom down the passage to the bathroom and once again stood as she performed her morning routines in front of him. She no longer paused to consider how embarrassing it was to perform the most intimate of bodily functions in front of him. It had become a natural part of her routine. Likewise, she automatically placed herself in the shower stall, kneeling with her head placed on her hands on the base of the shower, ready for the enema that she knew would be administered. She still groaned as the warm water filled her to capacity. The distention was uncomfortable but again, she bore it knowing that it was expected of her to submit to anything her Master deemed appropriate.

When David was satisfied that she was fully clean, she was allowed to stand, shower and wash her hair before returning to the bedroom. He replaced her cuffs and collar with identical ones, soft black leather, before once again clipping the leash to her collar and leading her to her first session of the day, Yoga.

Her morning routine followed the pattern already established. Yoga with Samantha, Etiquette with Miss Woodward, breakfast, Deportment with Mistress C then swimming and sunbathing before going back to her room to change for the service of lunch.

Again, Kristy was waiting in her bedroom to help her dress but Stephanie stared when she saw what was laid out on the bed. She had expected the usual – stockings, shoes and corset. Instead, there was only a corset but it bore no resemblance to the ones she had worn previously. It was plain black and made of a sturdy leather. It had thick metal rings embedded into it at various places around the torso and there were straps that ran from around the breasts to a thick collar. There were thick channels running the length of the corset that Stephanie realised contained the boning.

She swallowed hard. There was no doubt in her mind that there would be absolutely no give in the garment once it had been laced up. She stepped towards the bed with trepidation, wondering what was in store for her that would require such an item to be worn.

Kristy smiled at her sympathetically but indicated that Stephanie should place her hands on the bedpost. Stephanie licked her lips but nevertheless complied. Kristy wrapped the corset around her torso, closing each metal fastener securely, making sure they were seated properly before moving behind her and with the help of a special tool, tightening the corset until Stephanie felt encased in sold steel. In actual fact, the “bones” of the corset were made of metal, considerably stronger than the traditional boning of most corsets. The leather straps tightly encircled her breasts and the collar fitted snugly around her throat. Stephanie was grateful that there were no stockings to put on. This corset allowed absolutely no flexibility whatsoever!

Both women turned around as they heard footsteps echo down the passageway and David appeared in the doorway, clad in a black, silk robe. He indicated that Kristy could leave and bobbing her head in deference, she did so.

Stephanie stood quietly, waiting for her Master’s instructions.

“You mentioned earlier that you were very aroused by the suspension scene you watched last night,” David began. “Whilst I am not prepared to subject you to a scene with that kind of intensity and involving others, I have taken your desires into consideration. To that end, you have been excused from service of lunch today, as Mistress S and myself have already eaten. Instead, you will accompany me and I will start training you to cope with the type of intensity that particular scene creates.”

Stephanie swallowed again. She had not realised her Master would move so swiftly to put into practice something she had been fantasising about just hours ago!

David clipped a leash to her collar and led her out of the bedroom and into the room where her most intense experiences took place. As they entered the room, Stephanie noticed that a padded leather bench had been brought into the centre of the room and now stood in the centre of a circle of light. Above the bench was a horizontal frame suspended from the ceiling by chains secured to each corner and with another three chains depending from the centre of the frame.

David led her to the bench and indicated that she should stand in place. She waited patiently with her eyes cast down, the tension rising as she heard her Master moving around the room, opening and closing drawers. Finally he returned to her side and told her to hold out her hands. When she complied, he wrapped a pair of very thick padded leather cuffs around her wrists. He then told her to lie face down on the bench. Again she complied and could feel another pair of thick padded leather cuffs being secured around her ankles. David then drew her wrists behind her and secured them to a large D ring set into the back of the corset. He repeated the action with her ankles, securing them to the same D ring. Sephanie was now secured in a hog tie position. She could feel the pull in her limbs from the unaccustomed position.

David allowed her time to adjust, asking her if she felt any stress in her body. Stephanie took her time in answering. Yes, there was a pull in her muscles but it was not painful and replied in the negative. David lowered the frame slightly until Stephanie could feel the cool metal chains just kiss her skin. He attached one to the D ring to which her wrists and cuffs were secured. He attached the other two chains to D rings embedded into each side of the corset then raised the frame until Stephanie was hovering just slightly above the bench, swinging slightly. Again he allowed her time to adjust to the new position and the fact that all of her weight was now suspended from the chains attached to her corset rather than being supported by the solid bench beneath her.

When he was sure that she was suffering no ill effects from the suspension, he walked back to the cupboards to bring out the second stage of her training in this discipline. He took out a hood which had a strong leather braid attached to the back of it. He also took out a ring gag, a butt plug and a wand vibrator and brought them all over to the bench. Releasing a catch on the side of it, he removed a section just under her pubic area, revealing a bracket, into which he placed the wand. He left it in the lowered position for the time being. He slid a finger between Stephanie’s folds and was very pleased to feel how wet she already was! It was obvious that she was already unconsciously submersing herself in the experience she had viewed the previous evening!

He continued to slide his fingers up and down her slit until she couldn’t contain herself and a moan escaped her lips. He could feel her arousal rising and slid his fingers backwards until they were circling her asshole. When the puckered hole was glistening with her juices and he could feel she was as relaxed as the situation allowed, he slowly inserted the butt plug, steadying her as the action set her swinging slightly back and forth.

He then moved to her head and showed her the hood.

“I will be using a hood for you Stephanie, as you do not have long enough hair to secure your head in the proper position” he explained.

Stephanie nodded slightly to show she understood. She didn’t dare make any firmer move as this would set her swinging again and the movement put strain on her limbs.

David steadied her as he drew the hood over her head, lacing it up before securing the brain to the central chain, tightening it until Stephanie’s head was in the right position. He followed this up with the ring gag, instructing her to open her mouth and then inserting the ring behind her teeth and firmly securing it behind her head.

He once again gave Stephanie time to adjust, asking her to tell him if she felt any strain. Again she indicated that she was fine by slightly shaking her head.

Next David withdrew a pair of nipple clamps from his pocket, each of which had a small weight attached. He massaged Stephanie’s breasts, pinching and teasing her nipples until they stood out proud and erect. He swiftly attached the clamps, supporting them as he slowly lowered his hands until gravity took full effect. Stephanie groaned as pain shot through her nipples, the fire immediately translating to a throbbing in her pussy. Again David paused, regarding her intently. He could see faint tremors running over her body but she did not appear to be unduly stressed.

He moved back to face her and addressed her solemnly.

“Stephanie, I will ask you this now before we go any further. Are you still sure you want to experience something similar to that scene you saw on the DVD last night?”

Stephanie closed her eyes to concentrate on her answer. Yes, this new discipline was putting her body under some stress, but she felt it was nothing that she could not cope with. The next question she asked herself is whether she was ready for what would happen next. Her ass was already filled with the butt plug, stretching her internally, her nipples were throbbing from the bite of the weighted clamps and she could feel saliva gathering at the corners of her mouth where the ring gag held it open. She also knew the effect the wand would have when it connected with her clit and there was no way she would be able to avoid its effects and intensity! Nevertheless, the pull of last night’s scene was too powerful to resist!

Finally she opened her eyes and nodded her decision to her Master.

“Very well,” David told her. He removed a soft, red ball from his pocket and placed it into one of her upturned hands. “If things become too much to bear I want you to release this ball,” he told her. “You have nothing to prove as you are still in the early stages of your training. If you feel you cannot cope, then I need to know immediately. I WILL NOT have you damaged either physically or mentally because you do not want to disappoint me. Is that understood?” He regarded her sternly until she nodded, under no illusion that he meant what he said.

David moved to the side of the room and brought out an item that he rarely used, but Stephanie’s expressed desire required its use on this occasion. It was a fucking machine with a thick phallus attached to a motor driven piston. It had been placed on a wheeled trolley for ease of movement, and he moved it smoothly over to the padded bench, where it was subsequently transferred. David guided the phallus until it slowly penetrated the entrance to Stephanie’s pussy and then clamped the machine into place. She gasped as she felt the phallus enter her, its girth stretching her pussy wide. When David was satisfied with its position, he moved his attention to the wand. He brought this up until it was snugly lodged against Stephanie’s clit, then it too was locked into place.

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