First Meeting


Michaela had just started at a new company where Anthony worked in a remote office. Anthony needed Michaela to make some arrangements for him and being outgoing people they chatted bit via e-mail and IM and they struck up a kind of mutual friendship. Soon it came time for Anthony to visit the headquarters where Michaela worked. On his first day in the office he went by to Michaela’s desk to say hi. He’d seen photos but nothing they didn’t do justice to her brilliant smile, and eyes twinkling with mischief. In the picture he had seen she had been wearing a big ol’ sweater but today she was wearing an outfit that trod the line between acceptability and provocativeness. It was clear that her sweater had been covering up more than was obvious from the photo. She was somewhat shorter than him and sat down at her desk as she was he could see enough to cause a physical reaction. She looked at him with a mischievous grin all too aware of what he was thinking. “Hi Anthony” she said. “Good to meet you at last”.

Anthony wasn’t sure but he swore he saw her run her tongue along her top lip – just briefly – distracting him further. “Hi Michaela.” he replied. ” Good to see you to.”

She stood up and leaned in towards him putting her hand on his shoulder so that he would lean down. His eyes unable to pull away. “Play you cards right and you might see more of me.” she whispered in husky tones. For a moment he thought he felt her other hand brush against the growing swelling in his trousers. She moved back and added nonchalantly “A group of us are going down town for a few drinks and a good laugh tonight. You could join us…..if you want.”

“Yeah. That would…er…be great. Looking forward to it.” he said.

“Great.” said Micheala. I’ll send you the details.

Anthony spent the rest of the day in meetings. He saw Michaela pass by outside the meeting room now and then. His attention drawn by her clearly audible laugh and retained by the way her chest moved as she walked. At one point she bent over to pick up a dropped file right in his eyeline and he lost all concentration. At lunch she escorted the catering boy in with the food. It seemed to Anthony that she flirted with him quite pointedly; flicking her hair more than was strictly necessary. As she left she looked over her shoulder and caught him admiring her backside. He could have sworn she raised her eyebrows at him – just a touch – and then winked before she closed the door. The thought of what might happen that night made him very glad that he was sitting under a table. He was sure the bulge in his trousers would be very visible.

At the end of the meetings Anthony came out into the office to find that Micahela had already gone. He checked his iPad and found a message from her telling him where to meet. He went back to his hotel and showered. Lost in reverie for a while, imagining that he was not alone. That he was gently moving his hands over someone else back, moving them round, feeling the weight of her breasts, her nipples erect and proud, her hand around his swollen cock, his hands at her shaven pussy, warm, wet and inviting……a beep from his phone woke him from his dream. A text message. He finished showering and checked his phone dripping water on the carpet from his still naked body. It was from Michaela. “Hope you are ready” it said.

Anthony checked his watch and he still had time. He changed and walked out of the hotel, deciding to enjoy the air on the way to the bar. As he arrived he saw Michaela standing outside. Her outfit had given up any nod to office acceptability and gone for pure provacativeness. Not slutty, but definitely very arousing. They beamed big smiles at each other as he approached. Instead of going inside, she took him by the hand to the side of the bar, to an alley, dim but not completely dark. When she turned to face him and looked up he did not wait for her to speak. He took her head in his hands and kissed her, deeply and passionately. Their lips parted and their tongues danced around each other quickly then slowly probing and teasing. Instinctively Anthony’s hand went to Michaela’s backside. Her skirt was thin and he could almost feel her soft skin. He couldn’t feel any underwear on her at all. Maybe she was wearing a small g-string or maybe nothing. The thought made his cock stir. She must have noticed because he hand went straight down his trousers to check it out. It stiffened completely at her yenimahalle escort touch, gentle but firm. “Mmmmmmmm” she said through the kissing before stopping. They pulled back and Michelle smiled at Andy. “I’ll see him later” she said. “We’d better go in.” intentionally forgetting to mention the lipstick on Andy’s face.

Her eyes over her shoulder, she coquettishly bit her lip and turned on her blue suede heel. Trailing at an appropriate distance, Anthony follows Michaela through the doors into the bar, feigning innocence and struggling to control the growing arousal. Her brown skirt tight, and her hair flowing down her back, Michaela flicks a strand over her shoulder and greets the group with a ready smile and crimson lips slightly muted after her encounter in the dim alley. Wishing she was wearing underwear to stem the flow of her juices, she’s warm and ready under her skirt. She sits at one end of the table, very deliberately leaving the last seat empty next to hers. Anthony, wondering how he’ll get through the myriad of social obligations, and wishing he could just suggest an early evening, casually offering to buy the first round, knowing he needs that very first beer. The conversation, as all conversation does with the addition of alcohol, begins innocently, and evolves into bawdy jokes and pointed looks around the table. Just as he is starting to relax and accept the course the evening is taking, he jumps. A nail from Michaela’s hand is slowly tracing it’s way, hidden, up the inside of his thigh. While everyone else is lost in conversation, Michaela looks up from beneath her lashes and bites her lip in subtle temptation. Anthony, slowly losing control of his thoughts, plays up in kind. He grabs her hand and gently squeezes the base of the nail on her thumb, knowing the shivers it sends through Michaela’s body, between her legs.

Their conversations on the internet had given him some secret knowledge of how to make her completely unwind. He decides to order her a new drink – one guaranteed to let her completely relax and increase the growing sexual tension that is evident to only the two of them. The tequila tastes surprisingly sweet, as a contrast to the taste of salt he neatly licked off the inside of her wrist, wishing he could lick it off her smooth, soft chest, which was releasing the tantilizing smell of vanilla. Noticing her eyes softening, she excuses herself to go outside – the friend she has brought, a heavy smoker, needs a break and Michaela makes the excuse that she always has a drag when drinking. Anthony offers his companionship with the two ladies, following them outside, and in the dim light of the bar, runs a finger through her hair, down to the small of her back and whispers very quietly, “I want to fuck you.” Michaela gasps slightly in reaction, from the sheer need to feel his skin under her hands. She reaches back and strokes him in a way that no one sees, but Anthony could certainly feel. After keeping them company, Michaela’s friend slips in the other door to use the washroom, knowing full well she’s given both Anthony and Michaela several minutes to continue where they left off. The heady feeling of arousal is consuming them. Michaela pushes Anthony up against the rough wall outside, whispering in his ear, and running her tongue slowly up his neck, which considerably speeds up the physical reaction he is experiencing, his cock rising rapidly and eagerly in his pants. “You have issued a challenge,” she continues slowly, moving her head away several inches so he can see the lust in her green eyes, “and I never back down. I warned you not to ask for it, but you asked for it.” Anthony, aching and Michaela likewise, waits in anticipation, knowing he got himself into this trouble knowing full well it’s consequences. She takes his index finger slowly in her hands, her eyes never leaving his gaze for a second. His eyes are hooded with lust, and she slowly puts the finger in her mouth, sucking it slowly, and twirling her tongue expertly around the digit, building the moment and giving Anthony something to think about. All propriety lost, his hands ride the sides of her breasts and he forces her mouth open with his tongue, kissing her agressively. He knows the tongue that just danced on his finger will be even more talented at the end of his throbbing cock.

Meandering their way inside, they meet up with Michaela’s friend. She knows her ruse and is happy ankara escort to oblige. Given different circumstances, she would have readily joined them – or taken her place. After a few more drinks, the group reluctantly decides to call it an evening. Michaela and her friend ask Anthony to remain behind to make sure that he can see them off okay. Shortly after the men part company, Michaela’s friend also leaves, after they embrace and thank each other for a lovely evening. Left alone at last and to their own devices, Michaela is suddenly playful and suggestive. With no prying eyes, she leans in, presses her aching body against his, and kisses him thoroughly. She simply says in his ear, “I need you….now….my tongue needs you, my mouth needs to suck on you and taste you. I want you. Now”. The building tension all night, coupled with alcohol and the realization that they are finally all alone has had their effect on Anthony. Without a second thought, and no discussion, they walk back to his hotel. Knowing, the challenge is about to be faced – and that they might have finally met their match, and happy to do so. Michaela wastes no time as they cross through the door. Accosting him, she pushes him against the wall again, tongue in his mouth, hands under his shirt and riding his waist.

Having waited so long, Michaela can control her hands no more. She tugs at Anthony’s belt, unfastening it and undoing his trousers easily. Her hands dive into his underpants eagerly taking hold of his cock, enjoying the sensation of it’s hardness on her fingers. Before Anthony can react Michaela is on her knees and she has pulled his trousers and underpants well clear of her target. She kisses the end of his cock gently and teases it with the tip of her tongue. Anthony leans back against the wall, letting the pleasure wash over him. Michaela’s tongue circles round and round, teasing him. One moment on his shaft, then at the base, then at the tip. He feels her hot breath on him and occasionally the brush of her against his exposed thigh. Her mouth closes round him, moist warm and inviting. Then she pulls back examining with pleasure the red ring her lips have left. As Michaela sets her tongue back to work on Anthony’s now glistening manhood she runs the fingernails of one hand gently down his inner thigh where she knows he is sensitive to her touch. Her other hand reaches up and she runs her fingers down his back where he is, if anything more sensitive to her light touch. He arches his back in response to the delicate tingling and combined with Michaela’s reach upwards this takes him deeper into her mouth.

This seems to kick Michaela into a new gear. Her tongue working round and round Anthony’s rock hard penis like it had a life of its own. Her mouth bathing it in juices as she slowly works my way up and down his shaft, with just the right amount of pressure to keep him on the edge of orgasm. The whole time her eyes are locked on his. He can feel the gaze of her almost hypnotic green eyes. Without her mouth and tongue pausing for a second Michaela uses her hands to undo her blouse, slowly and seductively, knowing that Anthony is watching every move. Free from the blouse she then unclasps her bra tosses it to one side. Still keeping Anthony on the edge with her darting tongue she takes one breast in each hand and starts to gently caress them, enjoying the effect this addition is having on Anthony. His breathing is short and fast and he is making throaty noises of pleasure, his eyes glued to her shapely form. She pinches each of nipples between thumb and finger send a shiver down her spine and making her already moist pussy even wetter. Feeling that the end is near (for this round at least) she decides to play her last card. Releasing her breasts with a pleasing bounce she undoes her skirt and reveals that not only is she wearing no underwear but her pussy is completely shaven.

She puts two fingers deep into herself, enjoying the feeling of how hot and wet and how tight she is. As she start to massage her clit, her mouth and tongue go into overdrive. All brakes off, foot to the floor she works Anthony’s cock in a way she knows he cannot hold back against. After less than a minute she feels the hot salty flow of Anthony’s cum in her mouth and savours every drop. Once he has finished she licks his shaft clean, making sure that she swallows every last drop. Anthony can barely stand up and is almost holding onto the wall to remain upright. She stands up staying close to him and letting his slickened cock slide between her soft smooth breasts as she rises, making sure he can feel her nipples against his skin all the way; all the time holding his eyes in her gaze. She smiles a deep warm smile and they share a long and passionate kiss that seems to last an age. Michelle feels a Anthony starting to stiffen against her leg. “I could do that again.” She says. ” Or maybe……”

….or maybe it’s time to switch things up?”

She smiles innocently and slowly rises, still wearing her high heels and nothing else. Anthony groans as she presses her body against him, slowly taking him in her hand. He fights her for the control, grasping her wrists in one hand, pushing her towards the bed, cock now throbbing for a second round, wanting to feel her hot, wet pussy gripping it like a vise. All vestiges of control have vanished as Michaela allows herself to be pushed to the bed in a torrent of passion. Wanting to repay her in kind, Anthony kisses his way from her ankles up to the inside of her thighs, gently nipping and teasing the aching flesh, while Michaela writhes and gasps in anticipation. Slowly and surely, ever aware of the effects he is having on her, he feels her becoming wetter beneath his tongue, working his way around the swollen lips towards their center. Purring in pleasure, she arches her back and feels the orgasm slowly build. Not wanting her to seek satisfaction so quickly, Anthony pulls back, nipping at her hips, his own arousal growing stronger and harder to control, looks her in the eyes and deliberately enters her with his fingers, feeling her throbbing and hot against him. Not to be outdone, she sits up slightly, takes his still sopping fingers in her hands and slowly puts them in her mouth, licking off the juices and nibbling Anthony’s fingers as his cock stirs even more. Adamant that he must have her soon, he returns to abuse her with his tongue, fingers working their way against the elusive G-spot, until she groans and cries out in a release, tightening against his hand with satisfaction.

Michaela’s eyes, hooded with pleasure, look up at him and she says huskily, “I want you to fuck me…right now.” Not needing any further invitation, Anthony pushes her legs up and enters her savagely, with long, hard deep strokes, still feeling her contract from the ebbing orgasm, and having a hard time maintaining his ryhthm, lest he come again so soon. He has other plans….slowing, she looks up at him, confused at his slowed pace, but he simply smiles and says after a long deep kiss – “turn over”. Eager to please, and acquiescent in the bargain, she easily swings her leg up and over his head and neatly flips onto her knees. Anthony is slightly surprised to finally notice her tattoo – something discussed but not at much length. Feminine, large and – Anthony chuckles to himself – discreetly placed so not to be a typical tattoo in the middle of the back. He has been looking forward to this – he feels how deep his cock is inside of her and he reaches forward and grabs a fistful of her long chocolate locks. He feels primal, and can feel himself getting close for the second time.

Michaela can sense it also. She opts to take control back again, swinging around and pushing Anthony down on the bed. She takes his cock in her mouth and begins applying her craft to his organ, tongue expertly swirling around while sucking on him firmly and surely. Just as he brought her to the edge and back, she is no stranger to the finer art of seduction and power-play. Knowing he can’t wait any longer, she bites her lip and with the skill of only a horseback rider, mounts him, settling him inside her with her head thrown back, hair curling slightly with sweat. Anthony is unprepared for her ability to control her hips with subtle movements, lazy figure eights, and hard, practiced thrusts. Pulling her down, he kisses her – this is no soft kiss. It is specifically meant to tell Michaela that the games are over. “Fuck me hard. And tell me how much you want it.” Michaela’s lips curve slowly in a smile of satisfaction, and complies. She tells him how much she has been looking forward to the games she knew they’d play and how much she wants him to come for him. In one last thrust, he empties himself inside of her, teeth gritted and eyes closed in pure pleasure.

Sated and exhausted, they slowly drift off to sleep for a peaceful night…Anthony starts dreaming about the witchcraft that is Michaela’s tongue, and it’s all too real. He wakes up with a start, realizing her mouth is exactly where he wanted it………………..

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