Finishing School – Moving On – Lee


Welcome back to Calder House, the place Ladies are finished and below stair girls are whipped into service.

The staff are also dealt with harshly should they step out of line by Mr. and Mrs. Broadwood who ruled the staff as well as the inmates with the strap.

The only difference was the staff were whipped in private for any indiscreet actions, private being the disciplined one of the couple and the other holding them down.

Mrs. Broadwood dealt with the men and Mr. Broadwood the ladies.

Mr. and Mrs. Good, he taught manners and she was matron.

Mr. and Mrs. Styles, he taught posture and she was the house secretary.

Mr. and Mrs. Ellis, he the Physical Education and she was cook.

Mr. and Mrs. Jones, he was Mrs Broadwood’s deputy, taught deportment and she was in the laundry.

Mr and Mrs. Harris, he was the groundsman and she was assistant cook.

The below stairs girls had to wait on the Ladies and be at their beck and call whenever needed as well as doing their household chores.

Two below stairs girls will reach 20 years old in a month or so.

Mrs. Broadwood had been advertising their services in the normal papers with a Situations Vacant page, she had been doing it for years.

She knew how important a 19 year old girl was to one being 20.

As a business, Calder House could charge a “Finding Fee” for all staff they placed in service.

It was not a slave market, but, all girls had to be, “Clean”, relatively scar free and virgins.

It was thought that once they had been broken then sex was constantly on their mind and not cleaning or cooking.


They once supplied a girl to a big house in the south.

The requirement was all the normal things plus big breasted to be trained as a wet nurse.

A wet nurse simply took over the breast feeding of babies to free the Lady of the house to continue normal life.

Once in that service she would continue making milk as long as she was being suckled.

The prospective new employee sent their housekeeper to Calder House to interview and check her feeding capacity.

She went into Mrs. Broadwood’s office and was examined by the housekeeper and her husband, the girls parents were also present and an agreement was made.

They would pay her £2 a week, double the wage of a girl in service. She would be taken around the world.

In the agreement was she would be put to several of the house footmen a few times to get her pregnant and after a year or so she would command quite a high place in the household she was in or went to.

No other information available apart from she would be fastened down that first time and they would use a boy with a small willie first to cut down on her pain.


There was no sentiment above stairs about who was to be moved on, quite the opposite, the male staff looked forward to a new intake of bottoms and tits.

The two girls, Lee and Julie were both very quiet and well thought of by cook and found no problem in full time employment, which was the whole thinking of their parents. It meant they could contribute to the home finances.

They were both going on the same day and cook cleared 2 spaces on the scullery table after service that morning, it was a tradition.

She whipped both bottoms with her normal vigour then they all hugged and they were sent to clean.

At 11.00 they had an appointment in the office to see Mr. Broadwood.

He loved it when 2 went on the same day.

They knocked and waited, he called them in.

“Tradition dictates you both get 25 cuts of the senior cane on your bottoms and backs, plus…”

Before he could finish his sentence both girls stripped and knelt, ” Task please Sir.”

Mr. Broadwood saw the funny side and chuckled.

The girls knew what would happen and had decided what they would do.

Lee unbuttoned his fly and Julie took out his cock.

They grabbed it with one hand each, “My Sir you are a big boy this morning,”

“Down to your skillful Betturkey handling girls.”

When all his fore skin was taught on his shaft Julie had the biggest mouth so took him in whilst Lee concentrated on his balls.

She massaged, squeezed and sucked them into her mouth one at a time whilst Julie licked the end on his pee hole, wow he loved that and thrust, knocking Lee over.

They swapped positions, Julie managed both balls and sack in her mouth and massaged them with her cheeks and tongue.

Lee licked up and down his long shaft and once well lubricated took him in her mouth.

They knew he was about ready to explode so knelt next to each other, mouths open.

Mr. Broadwood fucked each mouth in turn managing to share his cum load between them.

He had never in his life had such a magnificent experience.

He took a nipple in each hand and brought the girls to their feet, both were still clearing their mouths and swallowing, he hugged them, good luck girls, now, off you go, I have a girl waiting outside to be caned.


Lee was a young 20 year old, actually still only 19 for a month or so, she had been taken on as a ladies maid to a 17 year old Aristocrats daughter whose elder daughter had been sent to Calder House for finishing a few years before and spoke very highly of it. Her parents were very proud of her.

Lee was given the money for the train and bus and arrived at her new home 5 minutes before she should have, she was happy about that, no way did she want a spanking for being late on her first morning.

She used the large door knocker, just twice and waited.

No one came so she did the same again but gave 4 knocks.

A young boy in a green uniform answered pulling his pants up and tears in his eyes.

“I’m so sorry to keep you waiting Ma-am, you must be Lee.”

“Yes, that’s correct,” she then said in a joke, “Have you been over cooks table?”

“Yes Ma-am, I think she likes to see how my willy is growing,”

They both laughed, “You must show me later.”

“You will see it soon enough when I’m over your knee Ma-am, I go over every ones Knee.

They may think, Ah, its Monday today and it will be Tuesday, Dam it lets spank Ben,”

Again they laughed and Ben showed Lee to the main sitting room and took her case to her room.

Her new mistress came down, Lee curtsied and introduced herself, “Good day Ma-am, I’m Lee Smith.”

“And very polite towards me too, something not gone unnoticed. What would you like me to call you?”

“At Calder Ma-am I was either girl or at best, only sometimes, Smith, If it was Smith it usually meant a spanking.”

“I would like to introduce you as Lee. Anything you would like to ask me?”

“Yes Ma-am, how should I address you?”

“My full name is, Abigail, Elizabeth, Rebecca Portland-Davies, but friends call me Abi, staff call me Ma-am or Miss.”

“May I call you Ma-am and maybe you can direct me if you want me to call you anything else?”

“Sounds a good idea, let me show you to your room and show you a few of your Tasks.”

Lee laughed and explained the meaning at Calder for Tasks.

Her room was massive and had its own bath and shower and soft toilet paper, but no suit case.

Abi rang for Ben and showed Lee her the uniform, lets try in on you to see if it needs altering.

Just as she removed her dress, Ben came in, the door was open.

Lee’s hands flew to her head.

Abi was upset, lots of reasons;

“Where is your bra Lee?”

“Where is Lee’s case Ben?”

“Where are your knickers Lee?”

“Why did you not knock Ben?”

“Cover yourself up Lee.”

“Go fetch the cane Ben.”

She stopped, Please Ma-am we were not allowed underwear in Calder so I don’t have any Ma-am.”

Ben came back, “The door was open Miss and no one told me which was the room.” He passed the cane to Miss.

“Strip and bend.”

Lee dropped the dress she was hiding under and Bens pants and underwear were down in seconds, Betturkey Giriş both bent double.

Abi could see corporal punishment was a way of life, Ben was given six on an already patterned bottom and stood up, as normal his 18 year old cock was stood to full attention.

“Stand Lee, I do not cane women, you will be spanked when Ben’s cock has gone down and he can get his pants on,” both girls stared at it and giggled.

Ben left and Lee picked up her uniform to try it on and the light grey she had chosen suited her.

“Have you forgotten anything Lee,?”

“I have no knickers or bra Ma-am.”

Abi sat on the chair by the window overlooking the garden, “Come here and bring the hairbrush from the dresser.”

“Oh yes Ma-am, sorry.”

She collected the heavy wooden hairbrush.

“Stand in front of me.”

Lee’s hands went onto her head again.

“Push your elbows right back and arch your back slightly, you have cute titties I enjoy looking at, what size are you?”

“Mr. Broadmoor said little apple sized Ma-am, with nipples like bullets Ma-am, oh, am I allowed to say that Ma-am?”

“You just did. Now answer truthfully, does it embarrass you having a younger girl spanking you, or seeing Bens willy when I cane him?”

“Not at all Ma-am, I know my place. and seeing boys willy’s, specially one so big, sort of excites me.”

That’s good, my old governess who just left us was a lot older and was told to keep me in check and was given a strap and cane for such purposes.

Before she left yesterday I got this off her.”

Abi stood, removed her dress, bra and knickers to show she had been beaten all over her bottom by belt and cane, she quickly counted 10 bruised lines.

“Oh Ma-am, please allow me to put some soothing cream on you.”

“My point is Lee if I get out of line and need you to spank me, please make it short, sharp but painful, so I learn a lesson.”

“Me spank you Ma-am, the answer is yes.”

Lee then went over the naked knees and Abi and was duly spanked by hand and hairbrush, short, sharp but very painful.

Lee was allowed up in tears, “Should I do now as i am used to doing after a spanking Ma-am?”

Abi was intrigued “Yes you may.”

” Would you please squeeze my nipples hard Ma-am?”

Abi obliged till Lee squealed.

Lee then went to the corner, hands on head, nipples and nose touching the wall, all in view of Abi,” Good girl Lee.”


Lee was shown the whole house by Ben.

“Do you have a title here Ben, how long you been here and how old are you?”

“Well Ma-am, I think I must be the whipping boy as everyone likes to spank my arse and have done since I started here when I was 13 and done over 5 years.”

“Well done, you answered all those questions in one sentence.” She was sure she had found a new friend and linked up with him, he quickly shrugged her off.

“Whatever is the matter Ben?”

“Well Ma-am a year or so ago I was fooling with one of the maids and accidently touched her breast, she reported me and I had to go the this room here as it happens, the Masters study.

He told me what I had done was assault and he would either call the police or ask the maid how she wanted it dealing with.

She said a public beating.”

“Oh my Ben, how cruel of her, you do not need to go on with your story if it upsets you.”

“That’s fine Ma-am, to be honest I was young and just grown up and wanted the world to see what a big willy I had and my bushy blond hair. Is that crude Ma-am, did I just earn another spanking?”

“No, she chuckled, its called hormones, I was the same when younger, seeked out being over cooks scullery table to show off my nice young tits and nipples. You never know that young cock of yours might have a job soon,” she never elaborated but did have a plan for it. “Carry on.”

“It was agreed by my parents, the Master and the maid’s parents on this particular day I would be naked all day.

My father had to come in at 9.00 and give me a whipping, Betturkey Güncel Giriş the maids father at 12.00 and the Master had me tied to the table in the great hall for a caning, this table Ma-am.” He tapped the table as he passed.

“And did all that happen?”

“Yes Ma-am, so always know you are going to be spanked if called to the Masters Study, normally a naked belting with his own belt, not just me, the maids too, and cook once I heard

After a look round and introduction to the 7 or 8 staff she made her way to Abi’s room. She heard voices, Abi and a man, she guessed her Father. She knocked and went in as had been agreed with her and Abi.

She was naked and just going over her fathers knee.

“Sorry Sir, Ma-am, I shall come back.”

“No, come in, my daughter thinks spending double her allowance is fun, so she is going to get a double spanking,”

“Please Sir, may I take one of the spankings for her?”

They were both stunned, “Well talk about putting a chap on the spot, Yes, yes you may, undress and stand behind my daughter ready to take her place.”

Lee removed her dress and stood hands on head.

Sir stopped spanking, “Where’s your knickers and brazier girl?”

“I don’t have any Sir.”

He grunted and Abi piped in, “She soon will have PaPa”

He brought down an extra loud SPANKKKK, “That’s why your upturned over my knee girl.”

Lee watched, He spanked her well, very well and she was crying her eyes out.

“Up, an do as the new girl, hands on head, girl, assume the position over my knee to be spanked.”

Lee went over, gripped the chair legs, spread her legs and arched her back to raise her bottom higher.

“You have class young lady, take note Abi.”

When she watched he looked to be thorough and my goodness he was.

It was the hardest longest spanking ever, when she was told to stand her legs were like jelly.

“You are both confined to this room this morning as a punishment, amuse yourself as you wish, at least you are not spending.”

Abi cuddled Lee, “You are so brave and in 24 hours I have found such a loyal friend.

Let me run a bath and try to sooth us, I will get in first.”

Instinctively Lee bathed her Mistress and surprisingly Abi bathed her.

They looked almost like sisters, blond hair, peach sized tits, red rosy nipples, flat tummy and whilst Lee had a bush of hair Abi had someone come in to style hers, it looked so cute.

They dressed in house coats, Abi said, “I love the feel of no underwear, it makes my nipples perk and pussy tingle,” they both laughed.

There was a knock on the door, “Come in.”

It was Ben, “The master asked me to bring you morning coffee Ma-am’s.”

He put the tray down, “Can you spare half an hour Ben for something really exciting?” asked Abi,

“Yes Ma-am.”

“And can we trust you with our lives for you to keep a secret?”

“Yes for sure Ma-am.”

“Close the door and come into the bedroom.”

“Trust me Lee, I will go first but you do not have to follow, once we are in my bedroom and ready we wont talk so Ben will not know who is doing what.”

Ben said “Ready Ma-am, what did you want me to do?”

“Go into my bedroom, strip naked, lay on my bed on your back and put your shirt over your face so you can not see, do you trust us?”

“Yes I do trust you both Ma-am, Just one thing Ma-am, should I not be on my front if I’m to be spanked?”

“No spanking at the moment, off you go and shout when you are ready.”

He left the room, “Are you excited Lee?”

“I saw him naked the first hour I was here Ma-am, so yes, tingly.”

Abi untied the bow on hers and Lee’s housecoat and removed them.

She rubbed Lee’s tits and nipples hard.

She held her hand and they went into the bedroom.

She gave Lee the cord from her housecoat and she took hers, she pointed to the other side of the bed.

She wrapped her cord round Bens right wrist and Lee did the same with his left wrist.

They fastened his arms to the bed and took a leg each and spread them.

Lee felt what seemed like a trickle down her leg and a huge tingle.


Look out for Part 2 to see what happened in the bedroom, something you would never guess. – Moved On – Ben and Tom

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