Finding Jasmine Ch. 03


The sharp beep from the car behind her snapped Jasmine back into the here and now. As she moved through the intersection, she silently cursed her lapse, wanting to tell the offended driver that she wasn’t one of those phone-obsessed people who couldn’t wait to send a text. The truth of the matter would have likely made no difference, although it was possible that they would have identified with the daydream.

She was thinking about Clark…again. Specifically, she was thinking about how she had made him cum all over her when they were last together. It annoyed her that she kept going there, partly because she hated that it was with someone that she wasn’t quite sure what to do with, and mostly because it was the best she had felt about sex in well over a year. As she continued to make her way home, her left hand drifted casually between her legs. She moved her skirt up, and gently rubbed her vagina, momentarily soothing the throbbing ache that had taken hold. She wished her body would be logical about this, but when it listened to her mind’s fantasies, it betrayed her completely.

Those fantasies had been a part of her masturbation routine for quite some time. After she had moved out of the area and on with her life, she would still think about him occasionally, enjoying the pleasure those memories brought. And while orgasms were not the end all be all when it came to sex, Clark was the only person who had experienced one with her. Over time, Jasmine slowly weaned herself off, preferring the company of a man or a well-written story over a worn out encounter.

All of that changed in July when she saw him again. She knew it was bound to happen sooner or later – they were in the same profession and there were only so many meetings one could attend – but she was unprepared for the emotions that were stirred when she did. What Clark saw and read as anger, she felt as passion. When she returned to her hotel room after their talk, she broke a personal record for undressing, and was amazed by how wet she was. An overwhelming orgasm followed shortly after, followed by another in the middle of the night, and a third the next morning. This became her normal routine, with the fantasies becoming ever more vivid and explicit. It was becoming an obsession of sorts; she was instantly wet just thinking about him, and pondering what she would do next in between “sessions”. Sometimes she would take her time, enjoying the buildup and letting her mind wander to the point that she had to focus on the finish – well, his finish actually. That is what always brought her over the edge. Sometimes it was in her ass, or vagina, or mouth. Other times it was all over her stomach or breasts. Once he had even worn a condom. But he always came, and the sounds and feelings of that instant in her mind were as real to her as the times they had actually been together.

As Jasmine made her way up the elevator to her apartment, she could feel her carnal desires continuing to build. She hurried inside, only taking enough time to remove her shoes and drop the mail ankara escort and keys on her counter before making a beeline for the bedroom. She stripped down to her purple thong, not bothering to close the shades. Living on the top floor had its advantages, and she propped herself up on three pillows so she could enjoy the early evening view of the city below while she tended to her most pressing need. She wondered what it would be like if Clark were there now. Would he be bold enough to push her against the window and fuck her from behind for the world to see? The scene played out in her mind as she felt the heat and wetness through the silken fabric.

As she lay there enjoying the events of her fantasy unfold, she was taken back to another time she had enjoyed a view of the city while climaxing. While the details were somewhat hazy, the ending wasn’t, and she wondered what it might be like to try that again. She slid out of her soaked panties, and reached for her phone to text Clark.


“Hey! How’s it going?”

“Really good. The clinic finished on time, and I get to be home before the sun sets for a change. What are you up to?”

“Nice! I am a little jealous. Finishing up some edits on a manuscript, and then it’s off to dinner with a faculty candidate.”

“Boring. You should blow off the dinner and hang out with me.”

Clark shifted in his seat and considered her words. His body responded to her in ways that continued to surprise. Even when she wasn’t trying to be suggestive, anything that could be taken more than one way was interpreted as such by his penis. And while no one would ever mistake him for a teenager, Jasmine caused him to release hormones like an 18 year old.

“Love the sound of that, but no can do. Maybe I could swing by after?”

“Sorry, but I have a FaceTime date with Sasha.”

“Ugh. I won’t even bother asking if you would cancel on her. An earlier day plus Sasha-time; sounds like a good day gets a little better. Are you finishing unpacking those last few boxes?”


“Soooo…Are you updating your CV?”

“Not even close.”

“Working on a patient case? Reading an article??”

“Taking a break.”

“Is it glass of wine time? Or perhaps something else?”


Now every inch of him was on fire. He drew the shades, and closed his office door, walking quickly so as not to share his blatant erection with anyone who happened down the hallway.

“You are being a little mysterious.”

“That’s how I roll.”

“Ok then. But it only makes me more curious.”

“That’s ok. Curiosity is healthy.”

“It is. I think you are enjoying mine right now.”

“Yes I am.”

“Fine. I can do this. Now then, where are you?”

“In my apartment.”

“OK, nonspecific. My mistake. Which room of your apartment are you in?”


“Are you on your bed?”

“I am.”

“What else is on the bed besides your phone?”

“The sheets.”

“I see! So you are in your bed çankaya escort with nothing other than your phone. And you are relaxing.”

“Yes. Yeah figured it was time for a quick break.”

“And how do you like to relax when you have time for a quick break?”

“That is for your imagination.”

“Well I suspect that you could be very relaxed if you wanted to be. But that is up to you.”


“And I seem to think you have a pretty good imagination too.”

“I really do.”


“It’s really great.”


“And do you know what the best part is?”

“What’s that?”

“That I am not using it much right now. This is all memory.”

“What are you remembering?”

“The first time we had phone sex.”

Clark’s body screamed at him. His cock threatened to destroy his zipper if he didn’t do something to relieve the pressure. He moved the manuscript off to one side, and undid his slacks, letting them drop to the floor. The relief was instantaneous, and the cool office air soothed his aching member.

“Wow! I had all but forgotten about that. When I was at that meeting at Snowshoe. We were so high up that I couldn’t get a cell signal. You had to call me on my room phone.”

“Yeah I remember that part. Wasn’t there something wrong with the phone?”

“Lol! Sort of. The cord was too short, so I couldn’t make it to the bed. I had to sit in the chair and talk to you.”

“Uh huh. I liked how you sounded. A lot.”

“I would say you sounded amazing. And I remember what your words did to me shortly after.”

“I’ll bet.”

“Want me to call you now?”

“No. I think I want to read your words this time. That way I can re-read it whenever the mood strikes. And I can’t remember what we talked about back them.”

“Oh I do. Want me to refresh your memory?”


“I love that word. Yes.”

“Yes. Yes. Yes.”

“Well, it started with some small talk; me describing the conference center, and the hotel. I told you what my view of the mountains was like, and you told me how beautiful the city looked from your bed. And then I asked you to describe it, and you told about the sunset, and casually mentioned that you were naked.”

“So kind of like right now, as I look at the beautiful sunset. Sans clothes.”

“Yum. So I undressed as quickly as I could and asked what you were doing. And you said ‘enjoying the sound of your voice’. So I got my best sexy Clark voice on and told you that if I was there with you that I would have my hands all over you.”

“That part I remember. Please continue though.”

“Ok, well I seem to remember you telling me that I needed to be more specific, so I described how I would start with your breasts, and play with your nipples until they were as hard as they had ever been.”

“You are really getting me.”

“I did then too, by the sound of your voice. But soon I told you how I would touch your perfect pink pussy, by running my hands over every inch of you. demetevler escort And then I put two fingers inside so I could really work over your g spot. You moaned pretty loudly at that suggestion.”


“I did that for a while but then wanted to touch your beautiful clit. I told you how I wanted to feel it between my fingers and how I would slowly circle it with my soaking wet fingers. Slowly at first, moving ever faster to the rhythm of your breathing.”

The screen remained blank for a minute, and Clark was afraid something had happened to interrupt their conversation.


“Actually back then it was a litter louder than ‘sigh’…”

“Yes it was much louder. Then. And just now. Now I can relax.”





“How are you feeling exactly right now? I hope that it is awesome.”

“I am. And a little bit sleepy. But I can’t let you go before you finish your story.”

“I would say you just finished it as well as possible.”

“For me, yes. But tell me what I did to you back then.”

“You mean you don’t remember?”

“Oh I have a pretty good idea, but why don’t you help me with the details.”

Clark checked the clock on his computer screen. He was supposed to be in the lobby of the college in 20 minutes to meet the candidate for dinner. Given how turned on he was, that was more than enough time.

“You described how you would go down on me.”

“Yes. How I would be on my knees naked as you sat in that chair. With my breasts rubbing against your legs. Touching your hard shaft with my fingers. Kissing that special spot just below your head.”


“And how I would look you in the eyes as I took you in my mouth. Watching your expressions change as I slid you in deeper and deeper.”

“Woah. I need to cum. Like now.”

“Are you close?”

“Yes. Think of you lying naked on your bed is driving me insane.”

“I am. And the thought of you cumming is making me insanely wet. Again.”

“Ohhh I love the thought of that. Nothing better. Close…”

“Good. Think about that and how I taste when you get me all worked up. And how I would moan when you cum. In my mouth. Tasting every drop that your give me.”


“And :)?”

“Woah. Ok. Breathe. The stars are fading and I can feel my toes again.”

“Ok good. Now you can go to dinner completely relaxed.”

“I suppose. But it’s going to be tough to carry on any type of conversation with my mind so distracted.”

“I like that your thoughts will be on me.”

“Me too. I very much want to see you again soon. Lunch tomorrow?”

“Sounds good. I’ll meet you in your office?”

“Great! Then I had better get my desk cleaned up.”

“Yum. Wish I was there to help.”

“You have done more than enough, my dear. Say hi to Sasha, and I will look forward to tomorrow.”

“Ok bye.”

Jasmine put down her phone and stared out the window. Was the sunset that spectacular, or did it just look better in her fulfilled state? No matter. She loved where she was, and that her only care in the world was the selection of an appropriate outfit for her lunch date tomorrow. And it occurred to her that “date” suddenly didn’t sound so bad.

Your move, Clark.

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