Fear Ch. 05


Stretching as I open my eyes, a lazy smile erupts as the water laps at my body. I am surrounded by candles, they dance and flicker everywhere. The whirlpool swirls around me and I feel your arms holding me tight, my head tucked safely on your shoulder. “Finally awake I see, and how are you feeling?” your voice floats to me over the sound of the jets as they churn the water.

Taking stock of my well used body, I find that amazingly I feel wonderful. “I am feeling quite content at the moment.” I find my voice a little shaky as I formulate the words. Your lips trace butterfly kisses on my neck and shoulders, leaning back into you, I close my eyes and relax. Letting you soap me, shampoo my hair, standing when you tell me and feeling you rinse the soap off. I am still weak limbed and so relaxed from the hot tub that I literally fall into your arms. You step from the tub and help me out, wrapping us both in fluffy towels. There is a light snack and cold drinks laid out for us on the terrace and we sit, not talking, the silence comfortable.

When we have finished the last bits of food and drained our glasses you stand in front of me, reach for my hands and pull me to my feet. The soft music drifts up from the band below us and you lead me in a dance, holding me close…the towels dropping from us. Dancing naked on the terrace, in full view of any who choose to look our way, but I only have eyes for you. You fill my senses until there is nothing left but you. The music gone, the sounds of the night, only you and I and our beating hearts. Hearing both of us breathing a little faster, your cock growing against my thigh, it reaches up and pokes at my belly. I hear your groan as my hand reaches to stroke you, gentle fingers pulling your shaft, feeling it lengthen more. My soft sighs hot and heavy in your ears. It is my turn to lead, and lead I do. Pulling you with me, and pushing you onto the bed. I crawl up between your legs taking your balls in my hands as my mouth slowly envelops your cocks head. My tongue performing a solo dance, swirling your head, probing your slit, lips tight. Moaning, letting the vibrations travel my tongue, transferring to your cock. Shaking your hands off my head I pull back and look deeply into your eyes, “Lay back and let me do this for you, please.”

Long slow licks from tip to base and back again, letting my saliva drip and bathe your balls as my fingers glide over them, kneading and juggling them. I bring my tongue to lick and push between them, flattening it to encompass more surface, loving how your body shudders. Nipping gently at the puckered skin of your sac, the balls moving within. Letting my tongue blaze a trail along your perineum, feeling your body stiffen, holding your breath as my tongue rims your rosebud of a sphincter. Your skin so soft , my tongue lapping at your ass. I push hard and feel your pucker give way slightly and I wiggle my tongue, letting my fingers push in alongside and open the way.

Two fingers spreading your hole, my tongue snaking between them to explore your most intimate of places. Tongue thrusting in and out…urgently stabbing at your quivering hole…moaning, feeling my own juices stirring as I dive deeper into you, fingers as far as they can reach, tongue dipping and xslot licking. Slowly pulling back, my tongue tracks along your stretched skin until it once more encounters your cock. Licking slowly, letting your cock stand up straight, then plunging my mouth down hard and fast…taking your entire length into my mouth, my nose driving against your pubic bone, my throat massaging your cock head as I thrust my tongue out to lap at your balls.

Gagging, my eyes watering, thick slippery saliva bubbling up and out, I pull away and start to work your cock, fucking you with my mouth. My hands working upwards to find your taut nipples and run my thumbs across them. Your hips lifting to push into my mouth, my mouth rushing down to meet you. Barely able to get a breath between thrusts, gasping and panting, my mouth filled, lips stretched. Yanking my mouth from your hard throbbing hunk of man meat….I move up over your body, leaning in for a kiss as I settle my wet pussy over your cock. Think I owe you this, I mumble against your lips as I slip myself down, fitting your cock into my greedy cunt…slipping myself into heaven. Riding your cock, letting my vaginal muscles pull and squeeze your thick pole…I moan and scream as I approach my state of bliss. Your cock grows and bucks inside me, pushing me over the edge, my screams of rapture ringing the room. Your cock flushing my cunt with its hot ropes of spunk, filling me, heating me, mixing with my joy juices as they pour from my convulsing walls. One last thrust and I collapse onto you, unable to hold myself upright any longer. My breathing heavy as I roll off of you and onto my side curling into you. Holding you tight, not wanting to fall asleep and miss even one moment with you.

The morning sun draws me slowly from my slumber and I watch you sleep. I am memorizing every detail of your face, your body, the slight curve of your lips as you sleep. Finally unable to resist I lean over to kiss your lips, slipping my tongue between them, feel your arms almost instantly embrace me and hold me tight. Rolling me over onto my back, you mount me and before your eyes are fully open, you fuck me into a mindless writhing orgasm….my voice still husky with sleep and tinged with lust. Screaming as your cock brings me to climax, your cock once again filling me, overflowing my tight cunt and splashing out over my thighs.

Slapping my ass, you leap out of bed and yell….”Race you to the shower”…and off you run….ass wriggling as you go. Slowly climbing out of bed and noting the time on the clock, I join you in the shower, luxuriating in the warm spray and the scent of you. Hugging you tightly as the soap rinses off of us, I kiss your lips, caress your ass and then leap out…to grab a towel…am already late for that conference. Watching in the mirror as your naked body emerges from the steam. Smiling as you kiss my neck, my shoulders, down my back and my quivering globes. Getting dressed and making sure that you will be here for supper….in the room please this time….I leave you, naked stretched out in bed….menu in hand.

Arriving a little late to the conference, I pin my name badge on, and am ushered to my reserved seat in the front row. Settling myself in I thumb through the agenda…grimacing xslot Giriş as I see how many guest speakers I have to endure even before lunch. I hear the drone of the voice…all old hat stuff, not sure why I am even here…and finally I look up and into the face of one of the men from last nights rather unique dining experience. My face instantly flushing a deep red, as I try to cover my name tag with my arm, and looking into his grinning face as he stops talking and stares at me. Soon the entire room is murmuring and looking my way.

Giving him a death stare and motioning him to continue speaking…I mentally review how I can approach this…and what the chances of him turning up in my office are. Without even realizing it, I am grinning as I hope he will turn up in my office in the near future. But for the moment, it is making this hard…damn front row seat. He finally finishes and walks off the stage, turning to wink at me as he moves out of sight. Taking a few deep breaths, I start to relax as the next speaker is announced. I look up, horror dropping over me…guy number 2…omg…are they all going to be staring at me from that position of superiority?

This is going to be a longggggggggg day, sitting back and watching him, grimacing as he finally makes eye contact with me, and pauses as he stares, I can tell the moment he recognizes me….his mouth hanging open, prepared for the next word that doesn’t quite make it out. Shaking my head and rolling my eyes…I again motion for him to continue. I look at my agenda and count the guest speakers…14 of them…well at least two of them I can look at and pay attention to what they are saying. As the third speaker arrives, I am less embarrassed and more annoyed as he too, stares open mouthed at the center of the front row…right at me…it is getting rather apparent that I am the focus and the cause of these pauses. Rolling my eyes and checking my watch…almost lunchtime…I will sneak off to my room and spend a few moments with my friend…before coming back to endure 5 more hours of this. As the emcee announces the lunch break, an usher presses a note into my hand. Thanking him, I stand and read the note as I file out of the room and into the lobby. The note reads….”Your presence is requested at a private luncheon…find us in room 1010…main floor…just off the lobby…you have 5 minutes to turn that door knob…”

Face burning at the audacity of these men, men who as I know from reputation are used to having their requests obeyed without question. I stand in the middle of the lobby, people passing by me on either side, and ponder the consequences of not going. Shaking my head, I look at the room number and make my way there. I open the door to see the familiar faces, once again surrounding a table, one chair empty on the far side, half way up. Without a word I walk through the room and seat myself, “Good afternoon, gentlemen, thank you for the invitation.”

Lunch was an interesting one, after a few awkward moments, we settled into a friendly banter. Already sharing a common interest, after all that is what brought us all together under one roof, the talk was easy, comments good natured and no direct talk of last nights dinner. I was filled xslot Güncel Giriş in on the points I missed earlier, complimented on my input and returned to my place as a peer among these men. The two men who were not in attendance last night had flown in early this morning, as they were later speakers, informal after tonight’s gala dinner affair. I was invited to sit at the table with them and to bring my friend. I graciously accepted. Sharing handshakes and hugs, I returned to my front row seat, comfortable for the rest of the lecture, better able to concentrate, and rather enjoying watching them each in turn. At long last, we broke with a half hour to get dressed for dinner, a semi formal affair.

Hurrying up to the room, I push in my card key and open the door to find the room filled with flowers. My lover stretched out on the bed, watching a comedy movie…he was handsome in repose, a smile on his lips. He turned and laughs at the flowers. “I see your dinner guests from last night found out what room you were in and have showed their appreciation of your charms. ” Smiling back I explained exactly how that came about and he roared with a deep rolling laugh. Reaching for me, he pulled me close, stripping my clothes off and quickly entering me. Alone in the room all day built up quite an appetite, and not for food. A hasty tryst and off to the shower again…soaping each other, shampooing and drying off. Not able to keep our hands off one another.

Dressing for dinner and going hand in hand to the banquet hall. Two empty seats side by side awaited us. Dinner was delicious, served promptly, talk at a minimum as we all ate. The two after dinner speakers leaving the table, and starting their speeches. Funny and to the point…never once leaving a silent pause. During this I felt toes at my crotch, and looking across the table meeting the devilish brown eyes of this mornings first speaker. He had slipped off sock and shoe and hooked his toes into my panties. Smiling back at him I let him pull them off, and I nudged them further under the table with my own foot. My lover, realizing what was going on, grabbed my hand and placed it firmly in his crotch. Shaking my head at the nerve of these two bold men, I stroked his cock and leaned back to enjoy the toes in my pussy. The evening passed in a blur, never missing a slow dance and very few of the faster paced ones. Lots of gropes and whispered innuendos, but all in all an enjoyable night. After trading email addies with these men we headed off to our own rooms.

Entering the room, he shut the door quickly and pushed me against it. Gravelly voiced he told me that he had been awaiting this moment all weekend. Roughly pulling my clothes off, he took me, right there against the door. Hard and fast, no foreplay, no holds barred…just a quick coupling that left us both panting with the intensity of it. Crawling sticky and sweaty but totally sated into bed, sleep came swiftly.

In the morning light, we made love slowly, taking our time, each concerned with the others pleasure more than our own. As the time came to leave for the airport..things got a little frenzied, faster and tears of anguish spilled over my cheeks. How can I go back to my normal everyday life with out him, without the excitement he brought to me. Holding me close, hugging me tight, wiping away the tears,”We’ll find a way..don’t worry!” Kissing me deeply, as we head to the shower once again, dressing, packing and saying our goodbyes……

The End

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