Every Good Story Ch. 02


There was less urgency, as if the race to see who would make who cum was over, and now we were just taking a leisurely victory lap. He rolled a condom on and I settled on top of him, rolling my hips and loving the pressure of his cock inside me. I leaned forward and stretched myself across his chest, rubbing against him, my heavy breasts against his face and neck.

He bit my nipples and nuzzled deeper between my breasts.

“Sometime I need to titty-fuck these great tits of yours,” he said. I leaned back and held my breasts in my hands, twisting my nipples. I kissed them and pushed them together, the cleavage threatening to overspill my hands.

“Right here?” I said, leaning over him.

“Mmmm yeah, right there,” he said, licking between my breasts. In response I rolled my hips to the rhythm of his tongue, feeling his cock deep inside me.

He groaned and locked his arms around my shoulders, pinning me to him. He began to thrust upward into me. My body absorbed him, his cock spearing me until it almost hurt.

I whimpered. “Don’t stop,” I whispered into his neck. “Please… don’t… stop…”

As he pounded me my voice shook with the force of him. Each thrust almost hurt—that thin line between pleasure and pain that makes everything more intense.

And then I came again, my legs shaking on either side of him. I moaned loudly, lost in release, bucking against him. I could feel his grin and I leaned up to see it. He put his hand on my leg and motioned for me to move. I did, and with a little prompting I was on all fours on the bed and he was behind me. I was completely exposed, and I shivered. He slid his hands from my ass down my back and back again, pulling on my hips towards him. I arched my back and he slid into me. ümraniye escort

The pressure of him from a new angle made me moan. I realized my poor dormmates must be dying trying to sleep while I was having a great night of sex. I leaned forward to bury my face in the pillow so I could scream and moan without waking the neighbors.

As I did, he slid out of me, and this time I felt his head pressing against my asshole.

“Hey, watch where you’re going,” I said.

“I am,” he said as he pushed harder against my virgin asshole. He entered me and I gasped, not in the pain I had expected, but at the totally new sensation.

He slid slowly inside of me and out again, letting my body relax to the feel of him. And I did, even though a part of me wanted him to stop, the part of me that knew it was wrong.

I felt his balls against my pussy and he was buried all the way in my ass. I let out a low, soft moan at the feeling, knowing his cock was seven inches deep in my ass, so completely aware of it. The thought was so wrong, everything about it was so bad and yet so incredibly hot.

Then he was thrusting deeply and I could barely catch my breath. I put my face into the pillow again, but he wouldn’t have it.

His hand was on my ponytail, pulling back my head, one hand on my shoulder pulling me back against him harder. His balls slapped against my pussy and the teasing touch made me moan again.

My face was against the wall, forehead bumping against the wallpaper.

“You like my cock in your ass?” he asked me.

His words made me shake, but I didn’t say anything, I couldn’t.

“I like fucking your tight little asshole,” he said, thrusting with each word as if to emphasize it.

He let go pendik escort of my hair and placed both hands on my shoulders and pulled me back against him, straining against me as if he’d like to fuck me to my teeth.

“It’s so wrong,” I whispered.

“So wrong,” I said again. “But so good,” I said.

He laughed in triumph and continued to thrust into me. He leaned back and pulled at my hips, moving faster. I could tell he was about to cum when he pulled out of me, whipped the condom off and I felt his hot cum across my back.

God that’s hot, I thought.

“Mmmm,” he said from behind me.

We sat for a moment. The clock said 6:42. Sometime the night had become day and the campus was slowly coming back to life. I stood up and put my robe on, ready to shower. I turned around and he was passed out cold.

I showered my sore, achingly satiated body, trying not to make eye contact with bleary-eyed neighbors who were getting ready for class.

I came back into the room, and he was fast asleep. I went over to the bed and climbed in for a quick snooze—the hell with class. After all, I’d learned enough in the past hours to put anything else I might hear in class to shame.

When I awoke, I was fully aware of his body next to mine, as if somehow in the past hours I’d plugged into his nervous system and could feel everything from his pulse to the rise and fall of his chest like I could my own. I was hungry to feel his cock again so I slid a hand underneath the blanket. My mouth soon followed as I lapped his head, swirling my tongue around it.

He grunted, at first in surprise and then in appreciation as my tongue teased the underside of his cock. He grew hard in my mouth, against my cheek. I could feel his blood bostancı escort pulsing and I smiled in a small sense of triumph as I took as much of him as I could into my mouth and slowly sucked up his shaft until my lips kissed the tip of his head.

He pulled the covers away and I looked up at him, one hand still on his cock. “Good morning,” I said with half a grin.

“Mmmm,” was the only response I got from him, besides a smile and his hand sliding up my arm to cup my cheek. I hesitated just long enough that he opened his eyes again. His hand slid into my hair and he tugged gently.

It was all the prompting I needed, and I bent down to his cock again and took him in my mouth, sucking a rhythm I matched with my hands on his balls in a slow, methodical motion. I leaned over him further, letting my breasts brush against his cock, rubbing the wet shaft between my tits. He moaned at my light, teasing touch, but that was all I would give him as I went back to sucking his cock, my mouth moving over him again and again, still loving the pressure and texture of his cock, knowing the same cock had mad me cum so many times the night before.

I made love to his cock with my mouth, made love to that beautiful dick. I was a willing slave to it, wanting it everywhere and every way I could have it, knowing its absolute power to make me cry out as I cum. I loved its shaft, its head, its balls, its own little g-spot, the heat of its skin. I loved it all until I could feel his muscles tense and I pulled back as he stroked himself, my breasts and throat exposed.

“Cum on me again,” I whispered, my hands smoothing over his legs. He swore, and I felt hot cum along my throat and across my collar bones, droplets sliding down between my breasts.

I cleaned up and lit a cigarette, settling beside him on the bed.

“So what’s your name, anyway?” he asked.

“Eileen,” I replied.

“We need to do this again sometime, Eileen,” he said. “That was hot.”

I looked at him and smiled.

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