End Of The Line


Yet more people crammed into the already over-crowded carriage as I shuffle closer to the cold window pane. At least the seat’s a single even if it does mean both sitting backwards and being right in the firing line of everyone walking up and down the aisle. A whistle blows and with a jerk the dimly lit station outside starts to slowly slip backwards. Rain lashes down turning the already dark countryside into a blur as we rattle onwards. From somewhere down the carriage a mobile phone rings, then another. I hate this trip, always have done, should be an hour and it always takes double that, half the time you have to fight for a seat, the other half you’re wedged in a corridor somewhere and there’s always someone who decides to just let their mobile ring and ring. In fact that’s happening now, somewhere close by and very loud to, why not just answer the damn… oh, it’s mine. Right.

I glance at the caller ID and feel my stomach flip. No name, just one word, a word I’ve come to associate with a world of pain, tests of endurance, hours spent imprisoned and tormented.. and wonderful, breathtaking pleasures. I hit the call answer button and bring the phone to my ear. I know the rules, I cannot speak first and must wait for permission if she decides to grant it.

All I hear for a long, long moment is silence, and I almost move the phone away from my ear to check I didn’t hang up instead of answering. Just in time I hear a long, low chuckle and suddenly there isn’t a force in heaven or earth that could make that phone move.

“Such a shame you’re stuck on that train from hell, I’m really looking forward to seeing you tonight”. She laughs again and her voice shoots through me, an almost primal response to those throaty, lusty tones I know so well. I’m not supposed to be seeing her tonight but any plans I had for the night just got thrown out of the window with her announcement.

“I’m in a very, very bad mood. Today has just been awful. Nothing’s been going right and I need to work off my… tension.” I swallow, THAT tone I know from past experience and it’s usually very bad news indeed. “I’m going to tie you down to the bed and fuck your brains out. Just grab your cock, shove it inside me and ride you until you explode.” Funny, I don’t remember how to breathe right now, all I can hear is the blood pounding in my ears. That and her laughter.

“Actually, I’m lying. I’m going to tie you down all right, but strapped to the cross not the bed. I’ve got a few girlfriends coming round tonight and you’re going to be the star attraction.” Fuck that sounds bad. And good in a very twisted way but mostly bad. “And you are going to get to cum, twice actually, but I’m not going to fuck you until the morning.” Okay, that doesn’t mobil porno sound so bad…. “First we’re going to play a game. We’re each going to take turns giving you the very best handjob we can.” Still not seeing the bad here… “Then whoever makes you cum gets to ride your face until she’s completely satisfied.” Again, not seeing the bad there…

“Oh, just one thing. After each turn trying to make you cum the one giving you the handjob kneels down in front of you and can’t move. You cum and you soak her face. Whoever that is gets to pick their own revenge for your act of insolence.”

Oh FUCK ME! I know some of the people she’s likely to have invited to this and have ‘played’ with them before and those were some of the most physically intense sessions I’ve ever gone through. What the hell are they going to be like after that? I can feel my body shudder at the very thought and yet, somehow, I’m as hard as a rock. I realise she’s still talking and force my attention back to her voice from the hell of my imagination.

“Of course you’re not going to do that to me but if you do… well, I know your buttons better than anyone pet.” True enough and a fact I’m almost regretting at the moment. “I’d tie you to the bed and let the winner get on top of you, tie her legs down so she can’t move too much, tie her hands to a ceiling ring or three to make sure you can’t throw her off. A human blindfold and gag for you, completely cutting off sight, sound… and air. Let you bring her to climax quickly, make sure she’s twitching enough so you don’t suffocate and then we start.”

She pauses and in my mind I can picture her hand sliding down that silky smooth flesh and between her legs. Another laugh and the carriage, the people, the rain, everything else but her voice, her presence, melts away. Someone could steal the clothes off my back now and I wouldn’t notice.

“Then we start tickling you pet. All four of us who aren’t otherwise… engaged bringing our talents and energy to bear on your flesh. Lying across you, holding you down, fingers raking at your soles, digging in to your flesh, diving between your toes, delighting in your muffled laughter. Oh, but of course, that wouldn’t happen right away would it? You have your pride after all, and that pillar of strength you can cling to so well. That’s good, by the way, you’re going to need that strength because at the first laugh we pull from you your real punishment begins.”

Another pause and I gulp a breath, as if I can already feel strong, sleek thighs around my throat, blocking my air and the world.

“So we’ll start at your feet and work up your legs. All the time you grunt and swear… yes pet, I know you’ll swear but for tonight we’ll wave the alman porno penalty for that, it would be asking too much to do otherwise. Just imagine that, trying to stay silent with four domina torturing your sensitive feet, legs and knees, working their way upwards as a fifth beautiful lady writhes above you. No, we’ll let you scream, especially when we reach your cock and balls…”

Oh god, of course she knows about that, I thought I’d managed to hide that particular weakness but apparently not. “I think we’ll each take a different area for that, one of us on each ball, another on your waist and I’ll get your cock. Forty devilish fingers flicking over your skin, brushing the very tip of your cock, maybe sipping a nail in the slit as we work you over as you start to move from screaming to silence.” Another laugh, another pause. “God I can read you like a book by now, this really is going to be terrible for you. Because by now I’ll be reaching the end of my patience, the cum still dripping and drying on my skin, worn like a mark to remind me why I need to punish you, why I shouldn’t weaken or show you mercy.”

“As I see your muscles tense from the effort we all shift, take up positions and just attack you. Fingers, mouths teeth, tongues, hair anything we think will get a reaction. Slashing and diving into armpits, raking ribs, diving into your belly button and scraping your sides, pinching and kneading your thighs and legs and, of course, raking your soles and digging nails just under your toes until, inevitably…” The mental images build, burst like a dam over me and I can’t help but let out a single gasp which, of course, she hears. “..you crack”.

“I untie the winner and she gets off you, reluctantly I imagine, I know how good a ride you can give after all pet. But I want you to see what’s about to happen. In fact I’ll prop your head up on a pillow as the girls gently rub your shoulders and legs to ease the tension. I grab hold of your cock and give it a good hard squeeze then a couple of slow, luxurious strokes. Got to loosen it up after all…” I don’t like the sound of that but somehow manage to stay silent though I’m vaguely aware I’m shifting in my seat like someone’s set my trousers on fire. Which in a way I guess they are.

“Then I show you the sounds.” Oh god… sounds are something we’ve played with just once and I hated it. Thin metal rods that get inserted into the cock and hurt like hell, especially when she hooked them up the electricity. “But this time I’m not interested in cooking you, just stuffing you. Yes, stuffing you pet, the biggest diameter you can handle until there isn’t the smallest gap around that cold steel shaft, just the tip sticking out of your cock. alexis texas porno Then the girls start back on the attack, this time with electric toothbrushes running up and down your flanks, your legs, all over your feet until you start laughing. Shouldn’t take long, I doubt you’d have much fight left in you.” Too right I wouldn’t…. not after that.

“As soon as you laugh, I’ll start giving you the most wonderful blowjob of your life, pumping you up and down, driving you towards orgasm. Just picture it, five beautiful ladies giving you the sensations of a lifetime of sexual stimulous… all at once. Imagine what that will feel like, naked flesh pressed against yours, every inch of your body alive, a warm mouth on your cock, the cum boiling in your balls…. and no way for it to release.”

What. Oh my god, I hadn’t even considered that, hadn’t… “Yes, after all your cock is all full of that nasty metal rod. I wonder what’ll happen when you cum. I wonder if it’ll push the rod out… or maybe it’ll stretch you and leak out the sides… or maybe it’ll rupture something and you’ll bleed for your pleasure and ours…. I honestly don’t know but I’m looking forward to finding out. I imagine the pain will be intense whatever happens, and all of us tickling the crap out of you at the same time is going to push you to a whole other level. And all because you couldn’t help cumming in my face!”

A pause, the longest yet, and I hang suspended in time waiting for her voice to connect me to reality once more.

“Of course, it might not be me you cover. But then…” she laughs one more time and I shudder from the threat contained in such a delicious sound. “the others are a damn sight more… inventive than I am so you may be better off with me.”

There’s a shudder that doesn’t come from me and I realise we’re pulling into the last station on the line. The conductor comes on the speakers to announce we’ve arrived and people start shuffling for the exits.

“Ah you’ve arrived then. Good. I’ll see you here in half an hour.” What can I say, despite knowing what lies in store I’ll go, and go willingly. How can I refuse her, she owns not only my physical body and responses but my mind and soul as well and well she knows it. Yes, she asks the earth of me, but I delight in rising to her challenge no matter how stacked the odds are against me. And she loves me, she’s proven that time after time, every single moment I spend staring into her eyes and seeing it reflected back, every time she holds me after she’s pushed me beyond what I’d previously considered my limits and, on those ultra-rare occasions when she consents to be my sub, even if only for the night. No retribution, no resentment, just a desire to let my own imagination run wild upon her, an honor she has bestowed on no-one else.

“Half an hour pet… unless you have other plans?” Now, finally, I can reply and in the only way I can, the only way I would ever wish.

“No, I await your pleasure as always… Mistress.”

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