Emma Takes The Stage


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The club resounded with music, the low lighting allowing Emma to watch the other club goers dancing. The girls’ short skirts swished, revealing skimpy underwear and even no underwear. It thrilled her to no end when she was lucky enough to catch a girl bending down, her hips swaying off to the music as she knowingly or unknowingly showed off her ample ass and thighs. It was one of the reasons she chose to hang back and sip on her vodka and tonic over spending the entire night dancing.

Emma was a voyeur, and she would admit that, which is why this club was one of her favorite spots. Aside from the girls with the short skirts, there was a large stage adjoined to the back wall of the club. During the night, different events and shows would go on in the background of the dancing. Large crosses were sometimes center stage, with girls or boys being stripped, tied to the wood and flogged, spanked, or whatever the Dominatrix’s fancied at the moment. Other nights, willing participants allowed themselves to be locked into pillories and flogged or fucked until they couldn’t take it anymore. There were nights where the club goers would simply be tied together and abused, and other nights even still they were chained to the stage and whipped.

Of course, Emma enjoyed all of these, but there were a few things she happened to enjoy more than the others. One of her favorites was a device that she didn’t get to see very often; it was a sawhorse with leather pads for the sub’s knees and elbows. When it, and the girl, was on display, Emma couldn’t get enough of it. Tonight, luckily, was one of those nights.

A pretty little brunette with long, straight hair was currently being tied down to the sawhorse. Her hot pink petticoat was peeled off and tossed to the back of the stage, her black boyshort underwear coming next. The dominatrixes, Cerise and made a comment about how wet she was and the other, Bailey, ran her middle finger across her moist slit.

Emma found herself skirting the dance floor to get a better look. Several of the other patrons had their eyes fixed on the girl as her black bustier was unzipped and discarded. Her breasts were perky, topped with pert rosy nipples. Her ass was curvy and pale, disappearing into long shapely legs that were currently dangling off the floor in high heels.

Cerise rolled out a cart of tools, ranging from dildos and paddles to flogs and vibrators. She took one of the flat altyazılı porno paddles in hand, and from what Emma could tell, it looked like it was covered in velvet or fake fur. In one swift movement she brushed the soft material against the brunette’s ass and followed it with a hard spank. Emma felt a heat start to grow between her legs and her heart start to pound in her chest. She could even hear the noise it made at contact over the music. She took a long drink of her cocktail, feeling her cheeks start to fill with warmth and her head start to buzz pleasantly.

Emma watched the duo of dommes spank the brunette until her ass was red, dripped hot candle wax down her back, and pumped her hard with a vibrator until she came — rather loudly. It wasn’t until her body had finished shaking with the last tremors of her orgasm that she was unbuckled from the sawhorse and allowed to get dressed. She hurried off the stage on slightly shaky legs with a rather large smile on her face.

She finished the drink in her hand, the familiar warm feeling encompassing her entire body, her pussy burning hot at this point. She turned to watch the girls dancing again when she felt a hand grab her arm. She hardly had time to blink before she stumbled up onto the stage. One of the dominatrixes had pulled her from the crowd during the lull.

“I see you in here every week,” Cerise whispered, cherry painted lips dangerously close to Emma’s ear. “And I see how much you enjoy watching all of the other little sluts get abused. So now it’s your turn.”

Emma tried to protest but the buzz of alcohol made it hard. She just swallowed hard and nodded as she felt the other woman’s hands press on her back. She watched silently with wide eyes as her clothes were stripped from her body. Black fishnet shirt, the purple bra, her short pleated skirt. She heard a smug laugh from Cerise upon discovering that Emma indeed not only had no underwear on, but that her thighs were wet from her slick pussy.

“What a pretty little pussy you have,” Bailey crooned, stroking her ass cheek softly with the tips of her fingers. “Why haven’t you ever shown it off before?”

Emma felt her pussy throbbing. Being touched by two beautiful women while being tied down, spread eagle while everyone looked at her dripping wet sex was just downright thrilling — easily the sexiest thing she had ever done. The girls dancing became a blur as she focused on the sensations put forth onto her by the beautiful dommes.

They zenci porno started with a flat leather paddle, delivering swift and sharp spanks to her bare backside. The sound sent a shiver up her spine and the sensation felt absolutely divine. After a few glorious moments of spanking, one of the doms — she wasn’t sure which, being faced away from the pair — grabbed a vibrator. It was just kind of a plain, regular sized vibrator — smaller than the ones she had at home, but seemingly more powerful — and pressed it against her. She felt a jolt go through her entire body with the vibration, her eyes widening and her fingers trying to dig into nothing.

“Ohhh,” She gave a soft groan, feeling her hips wiggle, inviting the toy to be slipped inside all the way. The dominatrix complied, slipping it in slowly, inch by inch, until the entire toy was swallowed by Emma’s wet pussy. It buzzed and whirred inside of her, making her juices dribble down her leg.

“I didn’t think you could get any wetter,” Bailey whispered, collecting some of the juices on her finger and bringing them to her own lips to taste. “Mm, that’s tasty…”

Emma whimpered, her breathing starting to become uneven. Her clit pounded, hard as a rock and begging to be touched. As though Cerise read her mind, she handed Bailey a smaller vibrator. Instead of being phallic shaped, this one was more of a bullet attached to a remote controlled device. She turned it on the steady medium speed, pressing it against her clit.

As Emma gave a cry from the pleasure of the dual vibration, Cerise slowly pulled the vibrator out. She turned it off, bringing it to her mouth and licking all of Emma’s juices off of it. Emma whimpered in the absence of the toy, wiggling her hips again in hope of reinsertion. Instead, she felt a larger — much larger — toy pressing at her entrance. She felt a slight shock of fear. She hadn’t ever played with something this big before, and that included any men she’d fucked.

She felt the head pressing inside of her, stretching her tight pussy out. It almost hurt, but mingled with the pleasure of the vibrator on her clit, and the thrill of the eyes on her, the feeling was exhilarating. Emma felt the new toy slowly push into her pussy, filling her up entirely. She still wanted more. Once it was entirely inside, Cerise flipped the switch that turned the vibration on and smirked.

Emma whined again, feeling the familiar sensation building in aldatma porno her lower stomach. She was going to cum. She wasn’t even sure how much longer she could last. With the vibrator snugly inside Emma, Cerise picked up her paddle again and delivered a sharp blow to Emma’s backside. She cried out, her toes curling in her shoes.

“How’s that feel?” She asked, and without waiting for a response, delivered another quick smack to her ass. “Does it feel good?”

“O-oh god it feel s-so good!” Emma cried back in response, her eyes screwed tight. “P-please make me cum!”

Almost instantaneously, both girls pulled the toys away, leaving Emma wide eyed and confused. Cerise smirked, looking over to the other domme.

“You have to beg,” Bailey crooned, running a finger teasingly over Emma’s bare back. It was covered in a thin layer of sweat.



“P-please!” Emma choked out, her body pleading for more. Just that little bit more to get her off and that’s all she wanted.

“More.” Cerise delivered another sharp spanking. “Like you mean it.”

“Please. Please please please, please. Please.” She begged, her breath hitching in her chest. She screwed her eyes shut again, hoping that was enough for the girls.

“More,” Bailey smirked, watching the girl grow more and more desperate for the toys.

“Oh god please make me cum, please.” She gasped. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of begging, the girls complied and slipped their tools back into place.

Cerise pumped the dildo into Emma hard, watching the juices run down her legs while Bailey clicked the remote and turned the vibrator up a notch, beginning to rub it in little circles. Emma felt the sensation building again. She knew she wouldn’t last very much longer.

It couldn’t have been more than a minute and thirty seconds before her voice had risen to a crescendo as she orgasmed, juices squirting past the vibrator and onto Cerise’s fingers. She smirked, bringing them to her mouth and licking them clean.

She stayed tied on her hands and knees for a good two minutes, breathing hard and quivering all over. She didn’t think she could stand up even if the girls were to unchain her. When they did, she stood on shaky legs. Her limbs were filled with pinpricks, making her realize just how long she’d been tied down. She couldn’t suppress a smile. Cerise delivered one last spank on her bare ass, now red from all the attention that it had received, watching Emma gather her clothes and slowly get dressed. Her thighs were still slick from all of her juices.

As Emma walked off the stage on shaky legs, she couldn’t help but wonder why she hadn’t ever volunteered to be shown off on stage, and vowed to do it much more often.

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