Emily’s Submission Ch. 02


Emily’s life had changed so much in the past several weeks. Not only had she had sex with her professor and two other professors she didn’t even know, but she had become comfortable with the fact that she was a submissive slut who longed to please men and be used by them. That revelation in itself changed almost everything about her—the way she dressed, interacted with strangers, and spent her free time. Professor Manning had become her Dom, and she loved him for that. He had showered her with gifts, affection, pleasure, and stern correction when needed. He opened her eyes so that she finally felt that she had a reason and an outlet for being such a perfectionist in nature.

And their relationship wasn’t strictly about the sex either. Professor Manning, along with his colleagues, had opened up opportunities for Emily. They helped her discover that she was interested in being a lawyer, and, with their connections, were helping her prepare for and be admitted into a top tier law school. She even got an internship with the state Attorney General’s office for the upcoming summer. She was truly happy and her life seemed to be coming together.

Her set appointments with the Professor to work on her research paper moved from his office to various locations around town that suited his availability and what he was in the mood for. They had fucked in a hotel, a swinger’s club, and even the campus library after it closed. Today, as she was walking in between classes, she received a text from him that read “Meet me at the south entrance of the student athlete building at 3:30pm. I’ll have everything you need, just be ready,” accompanied with a picture of her looking into the camera with his cum on her face. The picture was from a few days ago when he introduced her to nipple clamps and a ball gag. The memory of it made her grow wet and cause her nipples to strain against her top. She knew what he meant when he asked her to be ready. It meant doing a half hour of stretching and cardio, showering, and shaving before meeting him. She still had four hours, so she grabbed a light lunch and went to get ready.

At the gym, she noticed a guy checking out her beautifully toned ass while she stretched. She teased him by making eye contact while she slowly bent over to touch the floor with her hands. She was sure that the sheerness of her leggings made her pussy visible to him. He took it as a sign and approached her to ask for her number.

“Why do you want it? Are you interested in seeing me bend like this in your bed?” she asked, her voice dripping with innuendo.

“I mean, yeah, if you wanted to, I’d be happy to help stretch you out in a few places,” he responded in a similar tone.

“Well, see the thing is I am pretty busy most of the time, so if we’re going to do this, we need to do it right here, right now,” she said while reaching out to grab his cock through his silky shorts. His reaction was exactly as she had hoped. He was caught off guard and freaked out with all of the people at the gym able to see his growing erection in her hand. He loosed himself from her grip and left the gym in a hurry. Several people looked Emily’s way and she just continued her stretching, loving the attention she received for her act.

After the gym, she went back to her apartment and hopped in the shower. When her roommates were gone, she liked to bring her suction cup dildo in with her and stick it on the shower wall. The combination of riding the huge cock and the hot water spraying on her clit always gave her quick and powerful orgasms. She liked priming herself that way before a rough fucking.

Since the Professor didn’t specify what clothing to wear, that usually meant he wouldn’t have her stay in clothes for very long or that he would provide a specific outfit for her to wear. When that was the case, Emily usually opted for a short skirt without underwear, and a tank top. Her choice of white today made her look like a tennis player, which she thought would be fitting for arriving at the student athlete building. She sent him a text that said “On my way,” with a picture of her spreading her pussy with her fingers underneath her skirt.

When she arrived, she met him as they had planned, at the entrance with the least amount of foot traffic. He was wearing some generic athletic gear in the school’s colors, probably to avoid any unnecessary questioning of his purposes in the building.

“Glad to see you on time. Any guesses as to what I have in store for you today?” he asked, as they entered the building.

“Hmm,” she playfully mused, “Either you’re making me try out for the tennis team, or you have some friend on a coaching staff you want to show your slut off to.”

“Almost,” he smiled, knowingly, “you’re about half way there. Pull out your phone and look down at it, and don’t look back up.”

He guided her through a couple of hallways while she scrolled through various pictures of herself in different positions and with different men. One of her favorites was one the professor took while his two colleagues were having their way with mardin escort her on the couch of his office, just after he had tied her down with duct tape, and right before he fucked her in the ass. The professor now opened a door, and hurriedly pushed her in. It was a locker room, but she couldn’t tell much more. He guided her to a corner in the back that had its own private door. Once inside, Professor Manning allowed her to look up, and there were about twelve football lockers along two walls of the room, several benches, scattered equipment, and a white board with unintelligible football junk written on it.

“Undress and get on all fours on this bench,” he indicated by placing a folded towel over the wooden bench to act as padding for her knees. His tone was shifting more authoritatively as it always did before he manhandled her. She unzipped her skirt, and let it fall freely to her ankles, before delicately stepping out of it. She slowly lifted her tank top up, allowing it to expose her toned abs before being momentarily stopped by her large D-cup breasts. She tugged a little more and brought it over her head. She looked at him while she unhooked her white lace bra, and let her tits spring free from their confinement. Emily truly was a sight to behold, and the Professor’s tented shorts attested to that fact. He looked just like the guy she teased at the gym, except for a much larger cock. Emily wanted so bad to grab it and let him feel her touch through the smooth fabric of his shorts, but she knew better than to disobey. She walked towards the bench, making sure to stare at his crotch the whole way before climbing onto it on all fours. She looked back, and asked, “Like this?”

He indicated his approval my smacking her ass. “Like that.” He unzipped a duffle bag and pulled out some nylon rope. He crouched down by her feet and wrapped a few lengths of cord tightly around her ankles. Taking the same rope, he brought it underneath the bench and wound it around her calves, a few inches below her knee. He knotted it and grabbed another towel and rope. He told her to put her elbows on the towel and secured both of her arms to the bench. He completed her look by placing a collar around her neck and placing an O-ring gag in her mouth so that he could still hear all of her heavenly moans and force his cock down her throat.

“You look absolutely delicious” he said as he smacked her ass and then squeezed it hard. “Just a couple of finishing touches.” He set up a portable video camera he liked taking with them places in the corner furthest away from Emily so he could capture everything that was about to unfold. He then grabbed a butt plug and a vibrator from the bag. The glass butt plug he lubed with Emily’s own wetness secreting from her pussy. She moaned as he slid it in and out of her a few times before bringing it up to her ass, where he pressed on it until it popped into place inside of her. The vibrator was a relatively small one by her usual standard, but was shaped to keep it in place. He pushed it through the ring in her mouth to get her spit on it, and then inserted it in her without any resistance. He turned it on a low-medium setting, which he used to keep her on edge, but without ever bringing her close to cumming on its own.

“Are you ready to suck, you cock whore?” he asked rhetorically; he already knew the answer. She moaned encouragingly and nodded her head. “Good girl.”

He slowly took off his shorts, allowing the waistband to pull his dick down and then spring up once he let go. Emily never got tired of seeing his cock. It was a rock hard, eight-inch member that curved slightly upward near the head, and was almost two inches in diameter. It had owned her so many times, and she daydreamed about it frequently.

Leaving his shirt on, The Professor stepped up to Emily’s face. He slapped his dick on her forehead a few times, and rubbed it around her whole face before slipping his head through the ring. Emily immediately responded by swirling her tongue around it, causing it to bulge even more. She didn’t have to open her mouth as the gag was holding it open for her. He pushed his hips further into her mouth until he bottomed out against her throat. “Gag on it if you want me to fuck your face with it,” he said sternly. Without any option, Emily involuntarily gagged on his enormous cock and he took it out momentarily to let her catch her breath before forcing it back in. “See? I knew you wanted it.” He grabbed the base of her pony tail and began forcing her head onto his shaft while he pounded it into her. Each thrust produced an additional slight gagging sound, the only sound that could be heard in the locker room except for the soft buzzing of the vibrator in Emily’s pussy, making her dying to be fucked. Drool began dripping from her mouth to her chin, and onto the towel beneath her. She knew he could go on like this for fifteen minutes if he wanted to. She loved the velvety texture of his skin over his hard on, the ridges of his veins, and his sheer size that always pushed her to her limits. van escort The fingers of both of his hands were now interlocked behind her head as he fucked her mouth like a pussy. “Do you want me to fuck you yet?” he asked, short of breath while thrusting. “Mmmhmmm!” she muffled.

He pulled out of her and said, “Too bad,” before he jacked off inches from her face into his hand. His cum trickled over his fingers, and he stuck them into her mouth. She eagerly consumed all of it, but was confused as to why he came already. He quickly pulled his shorts back up, and went over to the duffle bag, where he pulled out a sharpie marker. He scribbled something on her back and then headed for the door. “Don’t worry,” he said, “It shouldn’t be much longer.” The door behind him shut, and Emily was left alone, tied up in an empty room, completely silent except for the humming of the vibrator.

She looked up at the camera, and wondered if the Professor was watching her right now in a nearby room, or if he would watch her later that night after retrieving her from whatever was happening next. She was dying to touch her clit, and was annoyed by how low he left the setting of the toy inside her. As the minutes passed, she only grew more frustrated and horny, grunting in agony. She heard some faint footsteps, and figured he was coming back after leaving her to writhe for a bit. To her surprise, she heard multiple footsteps—a lot actually—drawing nearer. The locker room door burst open, and the loud bantering of college-aged men interrupted the silence of the room. It was soon hushed by the shock of seeing such a perfect specimen awaiting their inspection.

“The fuck?” one of them said, as eight men in total filed into the room, all staring at Emily tied to the bench. One saw the writing on her back, and read it out loud. “I’m Emily, the slut you’ve seen around lately. There’s nothing more that I want than to be shared by all of you. I won’t tell coach if you don’t! Enjoy!” Her heart raced as she knew what was about to happen; she was about to be taken by every single one of them.

This portion of the locker room was set aside for quarterbacks and receivers, each of whom were in peak physical shape, including three black guys. They had just finished up watching film for this week’s opponents and were about to head home for the day.

“Hell yeah,” said one of the players, quickly removing his shirt, “Let’s get some pussy.” A few others agreed and followed suit after locking the door into the room.

“Woah, Woah. Hold on, now,” said the backup quarterback, “Someone clearly put her in here like this. She couldn’t have tied herself up. Are you guys really just going to rape her?” The rest of the guys recognized the obvious oversight, and were annoyed that they were about to miss out on some ass. The backup quarterback went over to Emily and undid her gag, asking her what had happened and who put her here.

“I wanted to be put here like this so I could be fucked by all of you. Put this back on me and do anything you want.” Emily was now dying to be penetrated, her pussy having already taken all of the foreplay it could handle.

“What? Wait, are you for real?” he asked, shocked but with his dick slowly getting hard.

“Why don’t you put it in me and find out?” she said, looking down at his erection.

“You heard her boys,” one of the black receivers called out, “Let’s fuck this bitch!” The group roared in approval, just like they would in a game when someone scored.

The room soon became littered with clothes thrown off in haste, creating an array of naked athletes surrounding Emily and stroking themselves. Emily loved the sight of them all with their hard, shaved cocks, and impressive physiques.

“Starters first!” declared the starting quarterback, positioning himself behind her. He slapped his dick against her left cheek to stiffen it up while giving her right cheek a hard spanking. He then aggressively squeezed it in his hand, and the way her ass felt made him go rock hard. He grabbed the vibrator and began to remove it from her. After extracting it past the beveled bottom side designed to hold it in place, it popped right out of her due to how wet she was. “Finally!” she thought. She still felt the buzzes reverberating through her body until that sensation was replaced with a stiff cock that had no trouble of filling her up.

“Fuck, she’s wet and tight!” he told them as he quickly built his pace up to a frenzied thrust. Emily let out a relieved moan and began trying to back into him. He grabbed her by the waist, allowing himself to get deeper penetration, and Emily attempted to yell in muffled pleasure. She was already about to orgasm from having been worked up for so long and imagining how much of a slut she must have looked to the Professor watching from afar. Had she had full ability to articulate words, she would have let them all know she was going to cum, but they couldn’t tell, so the black receiver put his dick into her mouth and began fucking it. She immediately screamed into ankara escort his cock as she came, sending an intense humming up his shaft.

“That’s right, suck that cock bitch! Show me how much of a cock whore you are.” Emily, still quivering from her climax, swallowed all nine inches of him down to his balls and sucked him tight. Meanwhile one of the other players grabbed her by the hair and forced her take the receiver’s cock roughly. Another went around the opposite side of the bench and began grabbing her right breast and pinching her nipple. The quarterback fucking her had yet to slowdown, but he began getting close. He gave her a few spanks and, feeling that he was about to shoot, laid into her even harder and faster than he had before, the power of it compelling her mouth deeper onto the receiver’s cock.

“Oh, yeah, I’m gonna cum in your cunt you fucking slut! FUCK!” the quarterback bellowed as he unleashed his hot load into her pussy. The throbbing of his shaft inside of her pushed her near another orgasm, right in time for the receiver fucking her mouth to shoot his cum down her throat in what felt to her like an endless stream. She gagged on it, propelling spit and cum to burst out of her mouth and onto his thick black dick. “Mmm, that’s right bitch, swallow it all,” he said as he started rocking his hips slowly so she could suck it all off of him. The scene of her tied down and being used made the remaining players stroke themselves even harder, and caused one of them to cum into his hands. “Shit!” he said, frustrated. A couple of the other players made fun of him for cumming so soon, but quickly turned their attention to the prospect of getting their chance with Emily.

“Let’s untie her so we can double team her,” the backup quarterback suggested.

“I’ll DP her with you. No homo though if our dicks touch.”

“I’m gonna take her gag off so we can hear this slut scream,” another said

Two of them fumbled around with the rope, and after struggling to untie it initially, freed Emily’s arms and legs. Emily loved being tied and unable to move, but she also loved being restrained by multiple men holding her down just as much. Her limbs were stiff and the gangbang had her feeling amazing thus far. She knew she was going to be able to cum for as long as they wanted to fuck her.

The one who untied her arms put Emily on her back, entering her after bringing her legs together in the air. The backup quarterback who untied her legs was working his cock into her mouth, telling her to make sure it was nice and sloppy, because she was about to take it up the ass. Emily willingly devoured his cock while taking another in her pussy. It felt even better than previously because this guy’s cock hooked up directly against her g-spot, making her flinch with pleasure at every thrust.

After lubing up the one in her mouth, the player fucking her pussy bent over, and Emily instinctively wrapped her arms and legs around him. He picked her up, and with his strong arms supporting her butt, began pumping her up and down his shaft.

“Oh yeah, fuck me!” Emily said, her pleasure being fully heard for the first time. She clung to him, unable to contribute to his efforts but thoroughly enjoying every minute of it. His animalistic grunts and sheer strength made her feel like an object good only for fucking, which she was more than fine being. The player she had just sucked off came up from behind and removed her butt plug. He put his hands under her ass too to help support her weight, and quickly shoved his cock into her before it had time to contract. Emily now leaned back against his chest and threw her arms behind her around his neck. She was now being fucked by both of them in midair.

“Oooooh yes. Oh my god oh my god, fuck!” she moaned, the pleasure sapping her strength to scream. Her outstretched calves began bouncing to the rhythm of their grinding, and tears involuntarily formed from being near the brink of orgasm for so long. Other players began recording this act for their own uses later on. Emily knew it was going to be shared on some ex-girlfriend porn site, and she was getting off on how many people were going to watch it. The guys began pumping in sync, and though they would never admit it, their dicks and balls rubbing against each other made fucking Emily even better.

“Do you like this, slut?” one of them groaned, “Do you like two hard cocks inside of you at the same time.”

“Yes, please don’t stop. Please…” her moans transitioned into incomprehensible whining as she watched the cock in front of her slide in and out of her soaking wet pussy. He pulled it out momentarily, and it was the most beautiful looking cock she had ever seen. It’s size, veins, and proportions were exactly what she fantasized about every time she stared at a stranger’s crotch in public. Her juices on it made it shimmer spectacularly. He slapped it on her clit about a dozen times and shoved it back in. The one in her ass was more of grinding by this point, which felt a lot better in her opinion in the ass than wild thrusts. A third guy came up and shoved four fingers in Emily’s mouth, getting them slick before attacking her clit from side to side with them. And finally, a fourth came around the other side and played with her tits, slapping them, squeezing them and pinching her nipples. It was inevitable at this point; Emily was going to explode.

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