Darla Blooms Ch. 02: Her Journey Continues


Darla Blooms

Chapter 2

Trey slid the door to the van open as Greg and his wife, Darla, lay naked under the covers on the air bed in the back. Melissa, the waitress from the restaurant where they had just dined, smiled as a hastily dressed Trey looked at her in surprise.

“I brought your left-overs and chips and salsa. Thought you guys might need it,” she said.

Without hesitation, Trey helped the young girl inside and slid the door closed. It was dark inside the van. He pulled the curtains behind the captain’s chairs closed and turned on a small overhead light.

Melissa smiled as her eyes adjusted. She could make out the two covered bodies on the bed in the rear of the van. She had no doubts as to what had been going on. She had witnessed the trio inside the restaurant as they engaged in a most passionate foreplay. She was looking on as Darla experienced a public orgasm and had fainted.

Trey guided the young girl to the side facing bench seat. He helped her sit on the side closest to the bed and sat beside her. In the dim light of the twelve-volt bulb, he could tell that she had shed her bra. Her nipples poked through the bunched material. She wore a loose pleated top and a full pleated skirt and looked every bit the part of a Mexican senorita. As Melissa sat down’ she stared at the couple on the bed. They were covered but she could tell that they were naked.

“I was fascinated by your dinner party,” she said boldly. “You all three looked so sexy and comfortable. I was particularly turned on by the fact that both your husband and his friend were making out with you. You haven’t done that before have you?” she asked of Darla.

“Uh … well … no. Actually, until tonight, I had only been with my husband,” replied Darla with a flick of her head towards Trey.

“Wow, that is so sexy! They were fingering your pussy too, weren’t they? I could tell,” said Melissa in a dreamy voice. Turning to Trey, she continued, “You let your buddy fuck her in here?”

“Yeah … as a mater of fact, we both had just finished fucking her when you knocked,” answered Trey. It was all such a bold and unrestrained conversation. He was even surprised at himself. Not only had he let his buddy fuck his wife, but now he was talking about it to a stranger. But all Trey could think about right no was how he could get his cock inside this hot young girl.

“MMmmm that is so hot,” cooed Melissa as she shifted her body on the seat. Squirming a bit, it was obvious that she was very turned on. “So, he actually fucked her with you; both of you at the same time? Wow, that’s amazing,” she added as she began to rub her inner thighs with her hands through her dress. “Did you like it?” she asked of Darla.

“Yes, it was pretty awesome,” replied Darla.

Greg now raised up onto his elbow peering over Darla’s partially covered naked body to get a better look at Melissa as she continued to fondle herself. He smiled broadly at her. He had been turned on by the young girl inside as they watched her bounce back and forth serving in the restaurant. Becoming more aroused, he slipped his free hand under the cover and onto Darla’s naked leg. There, he began to rub his way up to her crotch. Though Darla flinched a little at his first touch, she made no effort to stop Greg’s advance.

Melissa stared as the blanket moved. She could tell that the two were starting something again. “Oh wow! Are you going to fuck her again? Like, now?” she asked boldly.

In answer, Greg flipped back the blanket revealing their naked bodies. His hand continued immediately to Darla’s pussy and he kissed her on the neck. Greg began to finger his friend’s wife again. Darla stared dreamily at Melissa as Greg toyed with her pussy. She spread her legs revealing as much of herself as possible to the girl.

Melissa watched the two mesmerized as she unconsciously began to massage her own pussy through her dress. She let her other hand drift to her blouse-covered breast. There she began toying with her nipple. She was getting more aroused by the minute. “MMMmmm, that is so hot!” she cooed.

Trey looked on as Greg started another round of foreplay with Darla. His wife looked at him with a gleam in her eye. With a slight flick of her chin towards the girl, she indicated her permission for Trey to do what he was thinking about doing since the young thing came into the van. Trey took the cue and wasted no time. He kept his eyes on his wife as he lay his left hand onto Melissa’s knee. Melissa made no effort to stop Trey. He began to fondle the girl’s leg.

As she starred into her husband’s eyes, Darla kissed Greg on the lips and their tongues began to dance. Trey watched in awe and lust as his beautiful wife passionately kissed his young friend. Now his cock was throbbing. He would have never imagined it but, he loved seeing his wife this way. He could tell that she was loving it all. He Without breaking eye contact with his wife, he began to kiss Melissa’s neck. tecavüz porno He moved his hand up her leg sliding her dress up higher and higher. Soon his hand was on the girl’s naked ass. No panties! He rubbed her tight but ample ass as he sucked on her neck.

Watching the couple play in front of her, Melissa leaned back into Trey and moaned. She spread her legs. As if accepting her invitation, she felt the man’s hand slip across her hip towards her crotch. She moaned again as the Trey’s hand found her bald pussy. She kept her eyes glued to the scene before her. She watched as Greg lavished sweet kisses on Darla’s neck. Trailing his lips down her shoulder he began making his way to her nipple. She pinched her own nipple trough her blouse. She felt Trey’s fingers on her clit now. She let her left hand go to Trey’s crotch. There she began to massage his cock through his trousers as she looked at Greg’s stiffening member. What a large cock he had.

She wondered if the one she had in her hand would grow that big. She really didn’t care; she just wanted the married man’s dick inside her. She wanted to fuck half of a couple while the other half watched and fucked someone else. She wanted in on this debauchery.

Melissa turned and kissed Trey on the mouth. Their tongues slipped in and out of each other as Trey parted the folds of her pussy slipping his fingers inside its wetness. It felt wonderful. He toyed with her clit using his fingers now soaked in her juices.

She heard a moan and, keeping her lips locked with Trey, she looked back at Greg and Darla. They were both completely uncovered now. Their naked bodies pressed against each other. Greg was behind and beside Darla. “God this woman is beautiful,” she thought. Darla had now lifted her leg to give Greg’s cock access to her slit. Greg was using his hand to guide his rock-hard dick to the woman’s pussy lips. He rubbed the head over Darla’s opening a couple times to get it moist. Then he began sliding his cock inside her pussy. She could see the whole thing less than three feet away. She was in awe as the monster cock worked its way further and further inside her going deeper into the lady.

Trey continued his foreplay. He wanted so badly to fuck this young thing. He now had his own pants down and was pulling at Melissa’s skirt, trying to slip it up to her waist. He slipped the hem of her skirt along her ass raising it higher and higher. She wriggled to accommodate him. He looked at the young girl’s shapely ass then to her pussy as she bent forward allowing him to raise her skirt. Her lips were shinny with pussy juice. In the dim light he marveled at the smoothness of her vulva. The pink star of her ass hole looked so inviting. He wanted to lick it.

Melissa had leaned way over to look closer at Greg and Darla fucking. She watched as the young man’s cock pushed inside the woman just inches from her. In the process she had revealed her entire own ass as the material of her skirt slid upwards. She was fascinated watching the two fuck right in front of her. She continued to wriggle allowing Trey to pull her skirt up around her waist. She was focused on Greg’s huge cock going in and out of the woman.

Trey marveled at the beautiful ass before him. It was so smooth and tight. He took his stiff cock in his hand and guided it to the girl’s bald pussy. She was gushingly wet! He rubbed the head of his dick all around her lips and across her anus. His other hand pulled her top down. He grabbed her left tit and began to squeeze it. Her tits were huge. He slipped the tip of his cock inside the girl. Man, she was tight!

Now Melissa was on her knees. She had leaned all the way over onto the edge of the bed allowing Trey to fuck her from behind. She was now practically touching the couple fucking in front of her. As Trey started pushing deeper into her, she moved more forward with each of his thrusts closer to the two on the bed before her. She felt her top come all the way down as Trey pulled both of her tits free. Now her head was almost near Darla’s. Trey pushed is rod deep inside her.

Darla stared Melissa in the face as her husband’s cock slid inside the girl’s young pussy. She stared deeply into her blue eyes. She felt no jealousy; no guilt only pure lust. She was in heaven. Young Greg’s massive cock was pumping in and out of her and his hips pounded against her own ass. She watched as Trey, her loving husband, fucked this pretty young girl now just mere inches from her. She looked briefly at Melissa’s tits. They were huge. Her areolas were at least two inches across and her nipples were as big as her own. She looked back into the girl’s eyes. They sparkled. She could tell that the girl was in the same euphoric state that she was in. They were so wrapped in lust that all things rational left their minds.

Suddenly, Darla wanted to touch the girl’s naked body. She wanted to feel the weight of the girl’s massive tits in her hands. She wanted to suck them. She had 18 porno to suck them. She looked at Trey. He was oblivious to anything but fucking the young girl’s ample ass. He stared at it as he pounded his cock into her. The impulse to touch the girl was just too much. She put her hand out and, taking Melissa’s breast in her hand, felt the flesh of another woman for the first time. It was electric. She began to come. Greg was pounding away. His cock head was pushing her cervix with each thrust. She couldn’t believe that her pussy could hold this massive member It was filling her completely.

Now her hand was squeezing Melissa’s breast. The orgasm was peaking inside her. She stared longingly into Melissa’s eyes as her insides burst with the crescendo of orgasmic bliss.

Melissa was smiling at her. Now the girl’s hand was on Darla’s breast; feeling it squeezing it. The two were locked in a lustful gaze, hands on each other’s breasts. Then they were kissing.

Darla had never imagined anything like this. Her orgasm continued to burn higher and higher inside her. Now her fingers dug deep into Melissa’s flesh. She felt the girl’s tongue pass into her mouth. She began to suck on it. She devoured it as the electricity of her orgasm permeated her whole being. Her pussy pulsated as she came over and over again. She felt ecstasy as Greg’s cock slid across every surface of the walls of her vagina.

Melissa could feel the intensity of Darla’s orgasm as her own began to build. She wanted to embrace the woman whose husband’s cock was buried inside her at that moment. Reaching behind her, she grabbed onto Trey around his waist and, rising, she dove onto the bed. Wrapping her arms around Darla, the two embraced as they continued to kiss. Their mouths mashed onto one another as their tongues played in and out. It was as if they had been lesbians all their lives and just KNEW how to kiss each other.

Trey continued to thrust into Melissa from behind. His balls twitched and he began to fill the girl’s hole full of his seed. Her luscious ass bounced as he pounded her sweet pussy. Stream after stream of hot cum blasted inside the girl who was sucking his wife’s tongue.

Darla was screaming into Melissa’s mouth as she came over and over. The two women rode the wave of mutual orgasm for what seemed like hours. Their hands were all over as they explored every inch of each other’s flesh. Darla was cradling Melissa’s ass as her husband pounded away at the girl’s pussy. Melissa had both hands full of Darla’s tits. All the while they sucked at each other’s mouths and tongues.

Trey finally ended his assault on Melissa’s sex. His movements stopped and he lay there feeling the whole van shake as Greg continued to fuck away at his wife’s pussy. He watched as Greg began kissing the other two women. Soon, he joined in and was kissing his wife as the younger couple kissed. It was sensational. He could feel his cock begin to stiffen for the fourth time tonight.

Greg held back. He wanted this fuck to last forever. Now he had full sway over his friend’s wife as he fucked her sweet pussy relentlessly. He continued to kiss Melissa while Darla now sucked on the younger girl’s massive nipples. Darla was STILL COMING. He could feel her jerk and buck beside him as he rhythmically slid in and out of her tight tight pussy. He wondered how the younger girl’s vagina would feel stretched by the fullness of his cock. Was she as tight as Darla? Tighter? Looser? He had to know.

“I want to fuck you now,” said Greg to Melissa. He slid out of Darla as she finally stopped shaking.
Melissa accommodated and pulled off of Trey’s cock. She hopped over Darla and mounted Greg as he rolled onto his back. She impaled herself on to his dick. Oh GOD!!! His cock filled her tight hole to the stretching point. It was a delicious feeling. She began to come again almost immediately.

Trey wasted no time. He slipped between his wife’s legs and began to eat her sweet soaked pussy. He had no idea which juices he was sucking into his mouth, nor did he care. He loved to eat his wife’s pussy and he was determined that she would come again soon. He felt his cock growing as it renewed its stiffness. And now Darla was coming again!

Darla felt her husband’s talented tongue dancing over her clit and probing into her hole. It was heavenly. “My God,” she thought. “He’s licking where Greg’s cock was seconds ago.” She began to buck wildly as the thought of this raced through her head. She was coming HARD! She had never imagined that she could possibly feel this way.

As Darla’s orgasm began to wane, Trey mounted his wife. He buried his cock into her with hard thrust after hard thrust. This one was for him. He watched as the big-tittied girl rode his friend’s gigantic cock right next to him. He came thinking that his friend’s huge cock had been inside his wife seconds before. He was excited about it!

They all collapsed after the round of orgasms. Darla was the first konulu porno to speak.

“I never in my life thought that I would ever do anything like that!” she said.

“Did you like it honey?” asked Trey.

“I’m sure that you could tell. I loved every second of it. Just pure passion. It was like being unconscious and in a dream. But now, so many new thoughts and things to process,” she said with a note of seriousness. “Greg, how do you feel about all this. I hope we didn’t do anything that would hurt your and our relationship,” she added.

“Oh no, Mrs. Barham. I think it has taken all our relationships to a whole new level,” he replied.

“I think you can finally drop the ‘Mrs. Barham’ stuff now and call me Darla,” said Darla.

“O.K. with you Sgt. Barham?” he asked Trey.

“Good by me, I mean after all you’ve had your cock further into her than I could ever have. So I guess first name basis will be the order of the day now,” said Trey.

“Did you know that this was going to happen?” asked Darla of Trey.

“Nope, it just did. And I am OK with it all,” he replied.

“Y’all seem pretty cozy now. I hope I didn’t crash your party. Hell, I don’t even know your names,” said Melissa.

“Well, I’m Trey. The fellow over there with the monster trouser trout is Greg. And This little hot one is my sweet wife Darla,” said Trey as he kissed his wife.

“Well, I’m Melissa as you probably already know,” she said as she fumbled her blouse to her name tag.

“Pleased to meet you Melissa,” said Trey as he kissed the girl on the lips.

“Me too,” said Greg as he planted one on the girl’s mouth.

Melissa looked at Darla who smiled and kissed her a long passionate kiss. The two began to, once again, make out.

Melissa was good at pleasing a woman. It came natural to her. She had been doing it since she was eighteen years old and really loved sex with another girl. Oh, she loved sex with men too … lots of sex … men, women, men and women and even just by herself. Melissa was a true nymphomaniac. She was a practicing sexaholic.

Now she was using her considerable talents on Trey’s wife as he and Greg watched in awe. Melissa kissed the woman with a passion and sensuality that was entrancing. Her hands roamed over Darla’s breasts massaging them and pinching her nipples with just the right amount of force. She began to grind her sex on Darla’s thigh as she pushed her own thigh up into Darla’s crotch.

Darla was loving this. She had lost all inhibitions. She was so turned on by the young girl’s attentions that she had forgotten every semblance of her withdrawn and demur former self. She was into this girl now like nothing ever before. She sucked on Melissa’s tongue like it was a cherry flavored aphrodisiac. She felt herself begin to grind back on Melissa’s thigh. Oh, it felt so good.

Greg and Trey watched the show in earnest. Greg began to fondle his cock unconsciously as he grew more and more aroused. It was hard again in no time.

Trey followed suit and he had worked up a respectable hard on in no time. But there was nothing to do but watch and jack-off. Both girls were so into each other that the men felt sure that an intrusion would be rebuffed. So, the simply rubbed away at their stiff cocks.

Melissa was now kissing her way down Darla’s neck, across her tits and down her belly. In no time she was licking the woman’s sweet clit and driving her to the brink of yet another orgasm.

The girls had shifted on the small bed to accommodate Melissa eating out Darla’s pussy. Now Darla lay diagonal on the bed with Melissa kneeling on the edge. Trey now seized the opportunity and shifted to gain access to Melissa’s ass. He began to lick the sweet star of her rectum. Melissa groaned in approval, her hum vibrating Darla’s clit.

Greg too, had made a move. His cock was now pointed at Darla’s lips. He pushed it gently into contact. Her tongue showed approval as it began to lick the underside of his massive shaft. She released the hands full of Melissa’s hair to take hold of Greg’s cock. In seconds she was pushing it as far down her throat as she could without choking on its massive girth.

“Oh God, I love having my ass licked,” said Melissa.

This drove Trey to do even more. He shoved his tongue up Melissa’s ass as far as it would go and rubbed his chin on her pussy. He was licking her little poop hole for all its worth!

“Oh baby that feels good,” she said. “You can put your cock in there if you want. My ass is really sensitive like that,” she added.

Trey was on it. He got behind Melissa on the bed and spread her legs. Her little pink rose bud was staring at him in anticipation. He worked up a big spit and rubbed it on the head of his cock. He pushed the head to it; gently at first. Then as it gave and he went in the girl’s ass he pushed it all the way inside her. It was unbelievable. It was so tight and it felt like she was grabbing his cock with it. He began to rhythmically fuck her ass.

Meanwhile, Darla had managed to get most of Greg’s cock into her mouth and her head was bobbing away. It was almost as if Melissa’s licking of her pussy was an anesthetic for her gag and she managed to push the man’s cock deeper with each dip of her head.

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