Cuffed Daze


Before my nightly workout, I told her she needed to shower really well, for I had a surprise for her tonight. After I had just worked out, made some dinner, she had showered and was on the couch. I told her I was getting shower, then leaned over to kiss her, and right before I did, I leaned into her ear and told her she was to wait 5 minutes then come upstairs, and that she would know what to do when she got there. She got an excited look in her eyes, and could not wait to come upstairs.

I waited until four and a half minutes to hop in the shower, during which I was setting up the room as I wanted it. The lights were dimmed; two notes were on the bed, one had a blindfold next to it, it told her to strip, then put the blindfold on after reading the second note, the second note told her to get ready and warmed up for me, with her vibrator next to it, her only stuffed animal was holding it in its arms.

I then showered getting nice and clean, and waited a few moments before heading back into the bedroom. I came out to a beautiful sight. She was blindfolded on the bed, masturbating in anticipation of my return. I stood there watching and listening to her moan and wince. I commented on how beautiful of a sight she was, and how she needed to ask my permission to cum. After a few minutes of lightly touching her, pinching her nipples, she was begging her master to cum.

After some more teasing and more begging, she was allowed to cum. She let out deep groans during her intense clit orgasm. Now, to let you know, this usually gets her super sensitive in this area and turns her sex drive into a hyper sex drive. After a few minutes of her coming back down from climax, I told her to move to the center of the bed. I started by running my fingers over her body for a few minutes, all trailing and teasing her by heading back down towards her clit. I would lightly touch and sometimes scratching her in fluid motions. This was all to deceive her from my intentions.

As I started to move around more in teasing her whole body, each time I got to a corner of the bed, I cuffed her in a restraint system I secretly installed under the bed. She was shocked at first, Kurtköy Anal Escort but let go in the pleasure of my fingers running across her body. After a few minutes, she was bound, naked, blindfolded laying spread eagle to the bed.

All of the sudden an alarm was going off. Confused I went over to it. She said it for some cookies baking downstairs. I teased her a bit more and told her I would go get them, but she would have to wait here for me. So I took her vibrator and placed it just outside her pussy lips, leaving her to take the cookies out of the oven. I went and took my sweet time getting the cookies, knowing she was up there in a being slowly pleasured by gravity and her vibrator slightly against her clit. I knew it would torture her with pleasure, thinking about it only made me move slower. I thought about her bound, naked, blindfolded, trying to grind her hips against the vibrator to get every last inch of pleasure.

With that thought in mind, I grabbed a camera to take pictures for us to look at later. I returned and to my surprise, it was just the sight I was envisioning. My sweet slave was grinding her hips up with all her might to inch the vibrator closer to her clit. She heard me enter the room and stopped for a second. I then took pictures of my beautiful bound slave while telling her how beautiful she was and how hot it got me to see her writing for more pleasure.

I then continued to tease her, relentlessly. I was touching her pussy and clit making her thrash from too much pleasure. Her super sensitiveness in her pussy was now under my control. I made sure to keep reminding her of the fact that her body was mine for the taking, whenever I wanted. It was especially mine now. She then started to beg for my cock in her mouth. I asked her why I should let her have it. She said she needed it. I reminded her that she must worship it, because it will soon bring her more pleasure. She begged and begged for her Masters cock during her teasing. Sometimes she could barely get the words out. Once she said it loud, I stopped teasing her. I then straddled her chest and began to tease her more by leaving my cock just Kurtköy Yaşlı Escort out of reach of her hot mouth. During the teasing it would slightly touch her mouth and her eagerly extended tongue. Such a good slave she turned out to be for her Masters cock.

After some more begging and pleading from the eager slave, I let her have my precious cock into her mouth. She sucked and licked like she was never going it see it again. With my cock still getting harder, she was able to take it deep into her mouth. I slowly started fucking her face for a few minutes. I then pulled out to let her suck on my balls, while letting my saliva encased cock drag all over her sweet face leaving a nice trail. As I continued, I looked down at her and I could see she had a slight smile while being enthralled with sucking and licking her Master’s cock and balls. Then I pulled away a bit and started to just drag my cock over her face, placing it in her mouth from time to time asking her where else my slave would like to my cock.

Her eyes grew wider; she then begged…..and begged for it in her pussy. I looked down at her, and asked her whose pussy would you like it in? She writhed in passion and frustration, and then replied with, “Your pussy, Master”. I told her she was a good little girl and she remembered whose body she was in……mine. I let her have one last taste of my cock before I moved down the bed a bit. I took my cock and rubbed over her clit, sending her through a wave of orgasmic feelings expressed by her short breath and large gasps.

She knew this was not going to be as simple as she hoped. I continued to rub my cock against her clit, sending wave after wave through her. I would switch and slap her clit with my cock several times. I took my cock and slid it up and down her entire pussy, it drove her wild. I told her I demanded a second clit orgasm from her before she would earn my cock in her pussy. It did not take long for her to be writhing in ecstasy as her second orgasm rocked through her body. The binds that held her to the bed were tested by her movements. She rocked back and forth before she slowly came down from it. I Kurtköy Zenci Escort lightly teased her as she came down, which prolonged her comedown.

She was now begging for me to fuck her. She was pulling on her restraints trying to get her pussy close to my cock, but to no avail, she was just out of reach. This did not stop her as she continued to pull on her restraints trying to get me in position. I then twisted and pinched her nipples, and then spit on my cock to help slid it in as deep as possible right away. I positioned it at the entrance to her sweet tasting pussy, and thrust my cock in deep. She let out a large gasp from the sudden deep intrusion to her inner loins. Her legs were then unbound to prepare her for her fucking she begged for…

Sliding my cock in and out of her, our eyes locked, I saw the desperation in her eyes to be taken to the highest level of pleasure. I started to pound her harder and harder with each thrust. Deeper and deeper, she let out moan after moan of pleasure; her arms were straining her bounds trying to get free. Sweat was dripping off my head and down onto her firm breasts, blindfold, and face. Her tight pussy wrapped around my cock was clenching down more and more, trying to extract my seed deep into her womb. Her eyes were rolling back and her moans were deep, almost grunting from the pleasure derived from her clit and pussy. Slowly reaching a climax myself, her pussy clenching down on my cock was too much, I then exploded inside of her, following with deep long hit of her pussy by my cock. I pulled out of her slowly, watching her tremble from aftershocks of her orgasms.

Her eyes looked up at me with deep passion and lusty fulfillment. I told her she is not finished yet. I moved up and straddled her chest again. She knew what was going to come next as she opened her mouth hungrily wanting to taste my cock with her juices, I ordered her to clean up the mess she made on masters cock. She went to town sucking and licking all of her juices off of my cock. I began to slowly fuck her face again, but this time going deeper since I was not as hard, to make sure she got all of her juices in her mouth. After about 5 minutes, I pulled out of her mouth, wiped my dick on her face, and then let her out of her bounds. I then spooned her from behind. I watched and she licked her lips of our juices several times. I then took the blindfold off and gave her a kiss. She thanked me, and we drifted off to sleep.

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