Confessions of a Teacher Ch. 07


All characters in this narrative are at and above the age of 18.


The season was quickly coming to an end and I was loathing it. I had the perfect set up with the locker room. Now that the regional tournament was upon us, I would be losing that sweet spot to get my eye-candy feast in. Jim was back and I was regulated to my assistant coach position. Practices resumed but were less frequent with the record summer heat temperatures. I decided to cool it for a while with the video peeping and focus on getting my instruction back to form.

I had quite a few students studying for the AP Biology exam. I offered a test prep class after school and they ate it up right away. I don’t know if they’re a motivated bunch or maybe I’m failing as an instructor to cover my material. At any rate, the turn out was good and I was finding that I needed more materials to help the students achieve the best score. To me this means ensuring they have all the necessary tools to succeed. The basics required on those exams are the basic necessities of any classroom.

As the school-day ended for the weekend, I figured I would go to a nearby office supplies store to pick up those essentials (pencils/pens, paper, calculators). The place was empty except for the hovering sales associates that always seem to appear from no-where while you browse. I was in the section of binders, examining some adequate brands for a study guide binder I wanted the students to have. Considering the silence in the entire store, except for the dated music, it was pretty nice and calming to me.

But the calm didn’t last long. I heard a wrapping, slightly hurried pace of steps heading in my directions. Turning the corning into the aisle I was in, a middle-aged brunette in office attire began browsing. She didn’t catch my gaze as she quickly looked for what she needed, not really even acknowledging my presence. But she looked so familiar. Where did I know her from? I knew I had seen that taught, pencil skirt office ass before. Her high heels clicked on the tile floor as she paced in little steps, still searching. That skirt must be so restrictive, I thought, I could help her.

“Excuse me ma’am. Do you need help finding anything?” I inquired before realizing I sounded exactly like the hovering sales associates.

“Ummmmm,” the lady said as she looked across my chest to see if I had a name tag on, “yeah… do you work here?” she asked.

“No I don’t, it just looked like you were in a bit of a hurry and I’ve been here a million times. I figured I could point you in the right direction to save you some time.” I offered her.

“Oh…,” she looked pensively at me, “yeah… I’m looking for notepads. My daughter needs them for summer school.” I gave her a look of relief and told her to come with me, I would take her to them. We began our trek to the other end of the store.

“You know, you look very familiar. Do I know you from somewhere?” I asked the lady. She peered at me as if she were prospecting for gold.

“Yeah you look familiar too… oh! Yes, you’re Mr. Antoni!” She connected the dots in her head and placed me. “We’ve met at the parent teacher night at the beginning of the school year.” We had arrived in the aisle with the notepads and I see this dirty blond teenager in wedge flip-flops, tribal leggings, and a bare midriff shirt that had “WHATEVER” written on it. “I’m Beth Ramirez. My daughter Ashley is in your AP Biology class.” Suddenly it all made sense, the apple did not fall far from the tree. Ashley gave me a mildly disgusted look before turning to her mother.

“Mom, I tried texting you,” Ashley said as she held her cellphone in the natural diva mode, “I already found the notepads.” She was as snappy as ever. I sometimes like to think the movie Mean Girls was based on her. It might have been rude but I took the sight of Ashley in fully. The pattern in the tribal leggings distorted wildly around the curves of her hips and butt. The Whatever shirt, too short, hung open and loose, showing her bare belly as her breasts perked at my vision. “Can we go now?” She said to her mother.

“Yes Ashley but first I have to talk to Mr. Antoni while I have a chance.” Beth dismissed Ashley and turned to me. I struggled a bit to keep my gaze averted from her chest as I clearly could tell how Ashley came to be so well-endowed. “Mr. Antoni, I think Ashley needs a little more instruction to pass the test in your AP class. I’ve seen her grades and she is not doing to well with the sciences. Is there any additional instruction you could give her?” I hesitated for the moment and looked around, searching for an answer.

“Ah… Mrs. Ramirez, I’ve been pretty busy with the volleyball team lately and we have the regional tournament coming up this weekend. I will not really have a chance to meet with Ashley outside our study group.” I told Beth. She looked up at me with a bit of sad disappointment and caught me looking at her chest. I looked back at her eyes quickly upon being caught and she presented her business bosom with confidence.

“Are zorla sex you sure?” Beth said coyly unbuttoning her blouse further. “I’m certain there’s some way we can work things out?” She suggested, suggestively.

“I can try to give her some more materials to work with, but beyond that, I can’t provide more instruction time. I’m sorry Mrs. Ramirez, it’s just a busy time of year.” I apologized but I really wanted to explore how we could “work things out”. She appeared to take it well.

“Well, no matter. I suppose we’ll have to hope for the best. She is bright you know,” Beth reassured me but the inner teacher in me completely disagreed. “She just has passions elsewhere and I wish science was one of them. Did I tell you she got a dance scholarship? It turns out her cheer-leading and dance team years have paid off!” Mrs. Ramirez beamed at sharing the information to me.

“No ma’am, I did not know that! That is great for her.” I was genuinely surprised. “She is really great at the games, getting the crowd in to it.” I recalled memories of Ashley in her yellow and green cheer-leading uniform. The panties were always yellow and particularly opportune in creating camel-toes. “We’re going to need her help this weekend at the tournament.”

“Oh that’s right! Are the girls doing well? I almost forgot that I had to pick Ashley up when you all come back from the weekend.” Beth showed a glance of thought over her face, “You know, would you consider pestering Ashley to study harder? If you can’t give the extra instruction, I’d really feel assured if the teacher was on her case.” I smiled at her sentiment and nodded in approval. “Thank you so much.” She looked towards Ashley, “Honey we are leaving! Let’s go!”

Absolutely I wanted to give Ashley the extra instruction. I watched them both walk out of the store. I couldn’t tell exactly which one was giving me the raging hard-on I was trying to hide in the aisle. I focused on the task at hand and gathered all the items I came to buy and checked-out. When I got home, I pulled up the school athletics website and went to the cheer-leading roster. I couldn’t resist: I had to rub one out to Ashley in her uniform.

It’s always a weird feeling to be at work on a Saturday morning. But it wasn’t really work this time since we were going to the tournament. Since our district is one of the farthest in the region, we had to travel roughly two and a half hours to the capitol where the regional tournament is held annually. The cheer-leading team assistant ensured that all the accommodations were made for our team and their squad. Generally, either the dance team or pep squad joins us on away games. Since this was a bigger occasion, we got the cheer-leading team.

Jim and I filed our roster on to the touring bus while the cheer-leading squad, and their coaches took the school bus that the district supplied. The trip was loud. As much as I enjoy the squeals and excitement of young women, I was being drawn to my last nerve and took my peace at the back of the bus. When we arrived at the hotel, I quickly checked into my room and let Jim take care of the athletes. I think it might have been the fact that I would not really have a chance to be alone over the next two days. Between the games, the coaching, the meals, and the supervision… I already felt the exhaustion creeping up on me.

Thankfully Jim and I had separate rooms. Not that I would have minded sharing with him. Our hotel was situated downtown near a popular gay bar. I could tell Jim wanted to have a chance to have his own privacy after a long day of games, but not before prowling the bar. We would be exchanging chaperoning duties pre-game and post. I opted to get a deluxe suite since we had the option of paying whatever rate we wanted as coaches. Our accommodations were not covered by the district. The waterfall shower and in-room jacuzzi were well worth it.

The games went on without a hitch. As no surprise at all, we did very well and were set to advance to the semi-final match the next day. Everyone was in high spirits. Jim asked me if it was okay if he excused himself to go across the street for the evening. I reassured him and vowed to watch over the team. If we were in our town, our school, I would be deviously planning my next peeping adventure. But here, in the city, there were too many risks and not very many opportunities. We went out to eat to celebrate and it seemed these girls never ran out of energy. They asked me if they could go to the indoor pool and I obliged, only with my supervision.

In my room, I threw on some old swim trunks I brought and a t-shirt. I’m certain they didn’t want this old fat guy cramping up their style. I was at least kind enough to spare them the graphic image of my unflattering physique. With a towel draped over my shoulders, I made my way to the pool to find my team already splashing joyously amongst themselves. It was good thing I was wearing briefs under my trunks since the initial sight of their supple, wet bodies porno indir instantly made me semi-hard. I searched for a good vantage point and put my things down to supervise. I tried not to stare too intently, by occasionally looking at my phone and appearing disinterested in their romp. It was an image I didn’t want to lose in my mind, so I suggested we take a photo for the team album. By team album, I meant for my own private use as well.

The pool was set to close at 11pm. However, since we had to rest up for the next day, I had the girls get out at 10pm. There were groans and pleading but the rules were the rules. I had hoped they had tired themselves out from swimming for so long that they’d fall asleep instantly after the long day. I went up to our hallway and ensured they all made it to their rooms. I thought about heading back to my room to draw a bath, but I recalled the hot-tub in the pool and made my way there. The place was empty and I shed my shirt stepping gingerly into the circulating hot water. It felt so damn good. I reminded myself that just twenty minutes ago, I had a room full of young, barely clothed, wet girls in front of me. Now it was quiet and empty.

I rested with my head back and let out a deep exhale to signal the end of a busy day. Reaching for my cock, I enjoyed the silence as I could feel the warm jets positioned right under my balls. For that brief solace, I stroked and pictured the lustful images from my day. This didn’t last long as I heard the door to the room open and close. Annoyed, I didn’t move consider that it was probably a hotel clerk wanting to usher me out to close the pool down. I heard foot steps that didn’t sound like they were alarming. They stopped near me.

“Sir…? Coach?” said a familiar voice. I opened my eyes and saw Selena standing there. As I looked up, I could see her wide hips supporting her lithe upper body. I came to attention immediately.

“Selena. What’s the matter?” I asked her. She had changed into her pajamas.

“Sir, there were some people in the room next to us complaining about noise. We weren’t making any though. Could you come check it out?” Selena asked, with a clear look of genuine concern. I thought it might be a situation that could get out of hand so I immediately got out of the hot tub. As we reached the floor with our rooms, I told Selena to go ahead to her room and I would take care of it.

My trunks were still dripping from the tub as I walked from door to door silently to catch any noise. With my towel barely draped over me, it must have been a very strange sight to a by-passer. As I made my way down the hall, a familiar scent gleaned over my olfactory senses. I located it emanating from a room on the end of the hall. If I had my room roster list, I could tell who was in the room, but that was in my room. I didn’t have time to risk the situation getting out of hand so I went ahead and knocked on the door. Whoever was in there, I made sure they didn’t see it was me so I covered the peephole, in case they didn’t want to open the door.

The door opened and behind it was Ashley Ramirez. “What are you doing here Ashley?” I asked immediately, unhappy that rules were being broken. I could see the haze in the room and I could confirm that the marijuana smell was coming from here. I asked her to step aside so I could come in. On the bed, Justine laid on her stomach, propped up on her shoulders. She was still wearing her bikini top with a towel around her bottom. Her breasts were suspended magnificently, begging to be titfucked. On the couch was Alexa, and she appeared to be hiding something behind the arm of the chair. “What is that smell girls? Are you all smoking weed in here?” They both shook their heads earnestly in denial. “Because I’ve received complaints about noise and smoke, and they seem to be coming from here.” I was met with silence again. Ashley, still in her cheer-leading uniform, took a seat on the arm rest next to Alexa. “OK, I guess I’ll have to tell Coach Handler about this so we can make the arrangements to head back home. This might disqualify us tomorrow.”

“Nobody was smoking coach.” Alexa quipped in quickly at the word of disqualification.

“Yeah sir, we smelled it too coming from our vents.” Justine added as she pointed to the air ducts. I looked at the ducts and considered the possibility. However, as I looked at Ashley, I knew that they had been smoking without a doubt. Alexa was whispering to Ashley and suddenly stopped as I looked at them.

“Ashley, you’re not supposed to be here. You’re going to have to go back to your floor and room. Justine, Alexa, lights out.” I decreed to them. Alexa and Justine let out a few dissatisfied groans and Ashley gave a little stretch, getting up, heading to the door. I followed her and opened it for her as I watched Justine and Alexa take their beds. Ashley walked into the hallway and I closed the door behind me. “Can I trust you to make it down to your room without trouble?” I asked Ashley. She looked me up and down. I ensest porno don’t know if she was admiring or pitying me, I imagine it was the latter.

“Yes sir, I can.” Ashley said as she began to walk towards the elevator. I followed her to my room door and I stood waiting for her to board the elevator. As she walked ahead, I allowed myself to enjoy the sight of her skirt bouncing on ass as she walked. Each step elicited a peek to her yellow panties that stuck to her form like a second skin. She called the elevator and turned her head back but it was too late for me to avert my gaze, she saw me looking. I quickly produced my key card and put it in the lock, hand on the handle. “Sir, I had question for you,” Ashley called out and I stopped in my tracks, she walked back towards me, “I had some questions about the AP Biology exam.”

“Oh, I’m sorry Ashley. I don’t have my materials with me or I’d help. Is it anything I can answer right now or can it wait until tomorrow?” I asked.

“Well, I guess it can wait until tomorrow. I just needed some help with the homework questions due Monday.” Ashley said, sounding a bit dismayed.

“Do you have your book with you? I won’t have time tomorrow with the games, you probably won’t either. If you have your book, we can go over some right now.” I offered her. I could see she was immediately interested as she nodded her head in approval. “Great, why don’t you go get your book and meet me at the pool. I was interrupted earlier and I’d like to get back in, you can sit at the tables in there and work.” She nodded in approval again, looking at me coyly. As she turned back to walk to the elevator, she stuck her butt out on purpose, knowing I would be looking.

I made my way back to the hot-tub area and slipped back in. Reclined and relaxed, I thought about what Ashley would come down in, if I would be able to see what she wanted to show me. She clearly liked the attention, so maybe she would be willing to show me more. I immediately thought that this was very selfish of me. For once, maybe I should be the one that gives and shows. I quickly slipped off my swimming trunks and felt the warm water surround my nether regions. It was liberating. A few moments later I heard the door open and close, I opened my eyes to see that Ashley had come in, still in her uniform but with books and a notebook. She took a seat at the table in front of the hot-tub. I had a great view of her.

As we went over the problems, she would read them aloud to me while I looked between her legs. Her yellow panty camel-toe was ever present and it looked generous. We came to a problem she couldn’t rightly figure out. “This last one I don’t get Mr. Antoni, I re-read it and it doesn’t make sense. Can you take a look at it?” Ashley asked me. This was my shining moment. I told her I would take a look as I began to rise from the water, completely naked. As I came out, water rushed down my body and a stream came off my cock. I looked at Ashley and her mouth was slightly agape in astonishment. She had clearly never seen a grown man’s giant penis before. I took my towel and dried off slightly as I walked toward her. My dick, flaccid at eight inches, swung freely with my steps. I stood next to her and bent over her took look at the problem in the book, my dick grazed her shoulder and she flinched a little. I stepped back and wrapped the towel around my waist as I finished reading the problem.

“That’s a tough one. We might need some more resources to solve that one completely. I’ll have to look at my solutions manual. But I think you will need the lab chart to solve it.” I explained to her. “Did you bring it with you?”

“No sir, it’s in my backpack in my room. I can go get it.” Ashley got up to go but I stopped her.

“No it’s okay, we can look at it another day. Relax for now and just check your answers for the rest of the homework.” I said to her as I walked back to the hot-tub, getting back in. After a few minutes, I could feel it getting late. Ashley closed her book and sat back in her seat. Her chest was out and her legs were spread open. “You look exhausted.” I said out to her. She nodded in agreement.

“I wish I could just jump in and cool off in the pool. But we were told we couldn’t by our coaches.” Ashley shared.

“Well that’s too bad.” I told her… thinking about an offer for her to join me. But I looked at my watch and it was nearly time for the pool area to close. “I would say you could jump in, but it might be too late.”

“I haven’t even had a chance to freshen up after the games. I guess I won’t get to until the morning since I don’t want to wake my roommate up.” Ashley said and a silence followed. I figured it would be a nasty feeling to go to bed after a whole day of working up a sweat. I reached for my room key.

“You could go and use my shower if you like. You won’t be disturbing anyone there. I’m going to stay here until they kick me out.” I held the key out in her direction. She had a look of contemplation and stood up, walking towards me. “There should be some extra towels in there, keep it clean please.” She took the key from me and nodded in agreement again. As she walked out of the room, I stroked on myself some more. I quickly stopped as she entered again as if she forgot something. She had all her stuff in her hands.

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