Compromising Positions Ch. 01

For Women

Jenne worked as an account executive at a small advertising firm for a couple of years and while she still enjoyed her job, it left a lot to be desired excitement-wise. At twenty-six, she was still single and lived alone. Her job paid her well enough to have a small, but nice house with a pool and a private yard, not too far from her office.

With summer approaching, she decided to find a more “adventurous” bathing suit than her usual conservative one-piece outfits. She went online, and within a short while discovered an outlet for some outrageously skimpy bikinis. “Why not” she thought to herself, “I’ll only be wearing it in my own yard.” With a slight shiver, she carefully looked through her choices and settled on a scandalous bikini – a tiny scrap of a thong, and a barely-there top.

A week later, the package was waiting on her porch when she returned home from work. She quickly went in, and headed upstairs to try it on. She removed her suit jacket, and unzipped her skirt. Off came the shoes, pantyhose and blouse. After removing her bra and panties, she turned her attention to her racy new purchase.

Opening the package, she briefly worried that it was too small. “Is it really that little fabric?” she wondered. She stepped into the thong and pulled it up her long legs. Immediately, there was a problem – her full bush of dark brown pubic hair poked distressingly around her tiny new bikini bottom. On the other hand, the seam running through the center of the suit made a lovely sensation as it clung nicely against her mound. The seam caused a noticeable camel toe to form, as it ran the length of her slit.

Dismissing the pubic hair problem for the moment, she quickly tied on the bikini top. She went to the full length mirror and checked out her new purchase. Jenne was a slender 5’4″, with long legs. Her breasts were somewhat small, but she had to admit that her new suit showed them off at their dazzling best. Doing a quick pirouette, she decided she liked how the tiny video porno yellow bikini showed off her nicely toned body. She also noticed that the suit’s material was thinner than she anticipated, as she could clearly see her dark nipples through the top.

With a quick shiver of excitement at doing something so daring, even in the privacy of her own yard, she reluctantly removed the suit and threw on her exercise clothes and prepared to go to the gym.

In light of her new-found sense of daring, she decided to make a few changes to her normal routine. Instead of the long sweatpants and baggy t-shirt she normally wore, she decided instead to put on the black spandex shorts she bought for biking, and just the sports bra, no t-shirt. In her bag, she placed a thin sun dress, a bra and panties and a pair of sandals.

A sweaty hour and a half later, with the pleasant glow of a good workout, she headed to the locker room. She’d received much more attention than her normal unobtrusive outfit ever gained her. Several good looking men, and not a few women had conspicuously checked her out during her workout. She opened her locker and took out her towel. Usually, when heading for the shower, she was careful to cover up. Tonight, she removed her sweaty gym clothes and set them on the bench, removed her street clothes from the bag and put the dirty clothes and sneakers in.

As she was turning to head to the shower, the locker room door opened, and an attractive woman walked in. Glancing at Jenne, she smiled quickly and went to undress. Jenne, with a jolt from the unexpected attention, nervously smiled back, picked up her towel and headed to the shower.

She hung the towel on it’s hook, grabbed her soap and shampoo and started washing up. Shortly after, the young woman walked in, removed her towel and moved to a shower head a couple of spots down from Jenne.

Jenne couldn’t help but glance at the new arrival, as she was newly attuned to her own sex izle body, and curious about the truly attractive redhead lathering up a few feet away. The first thing she noticed is that one of the girl’s nipples had a fairly large ring through it. The next thing she spotted was that the young woman appeared to be completely clean shaven. Considering her daring purchase at home, this immediately set some thoughts working.

At that point, she noticed that the woman was looking directly at her, with a slightly amused look. Blushing crimson, she realized she’d been brazenly staring at this stranger, and had just been caught red-handed.

“Uh, do you have an shampoo to spare?” Jenne stuttered, realizing it was a pretty absurd request with a full bottle sitting in front of her.

“Sure, what’s wrong with yours?” the woman wryly, but not unkindly replied.

“I’m sorry, I just didn’t know what to say after being so rude.”

“Don’t worry about it, you’re not the first to spot it” she said with a laugh.

Jenne smiled nervously and turned back to getting clean. A minute later, steeling herself up, she asked, “I don’t mean to pry, but did it hurt?”

“A little – a sharp pain, then a few days to heal. Not too bad though.”

“Well, thanks for being so understanding, enjoy your night.”

Jenne finished her shower, and headed to the locker room, interesting thoughts swirling through her head. Without putting much thought to it, she deliberately took her time drying off. Rather than getting dressed first, she stood at the mirror and dried her hair, hoping her new acquaintance would come out soon. As she stood in the mirror brushing her dark curly hair, she saw the young redhead walk from the shower area, her towel wrapped around her head like a turban. The made eye contact in the mirror, and a quick smile passed between them.

Jenne headed back to her locker and looked at her street clothes. With another shiver of excitement, she quickly bedava porno stuffed the bra and panties into her gym bag, and with a discreet glance to see if the other woman noticed, she slowly lowered the short sundress over her head. Since she was still slightly damp from the shower, the dress clung nicely to her slender curves. She slipped on her sandals, picked up her bag and with a slight tremble to her walk, headed to the exit.

“I’m Angela” her new acquaintance called after her.

Jenne turned stopped and turned around quickly.

“I’m Jenne.”

“Very nice to meet you Jenne, see you soon” came the reply.

“You too” said Jenne as she beat a hasty retreat. Had Angela noticed? She couldn’t tell.

As soon as she entered the gym, she was immediately conscious of how little she was wearing. Her skin felt super-sensitive, as if she could feel every nerve ending. The thin fabric of her dress was gently caressing her as it flowed back and forth across her body. Her stomach felt fluttery and she was CERTAIN that every person in the room knew her secret. She felt thrills running up her spine as she yelled in her head, “LOOK AT ME!”

She made her way to the door and quickly opened it. What she didn’t know was that while warm, the evening had become distinctly breezy. As she opened the door, a mischievous gust of wind blew at the perfect angle to lift her dress above her waist. As she quickly fought it down, she heard a couple of admiring whistles from behind her. Holding her skirt down, she headed for her car as fast as her remaining dignity allowed.

She got in the car and pulled out of the parking lot. In her haste, she found her skirt had ridden up in the back, and her bare ass was on the leather seat. It felt good, strange, daring. While a small part of her was appalled at what had just occurred, a much more insistent part of her mind was waking up, and decided that it truly enjoyed the thrill that came with exposing herself, no matter how unintentionally, to a crowd of strangers.

She didn’t know quite what had gotten into her, but for sure, her boring, conservative life was just not cutting it. After a lifetime of conforming, of making the “good girl” choices, she was ready to step out and live a little.

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