All characters well over 18.


It was a scorching-hot July day in San Francisco—the way I liked it—and the wind off of the bay was keeping the air fresh and balmy. I was there with a group of friends for Comic-Con and, due to a weird arrangement for sleeping quarters, I was rooming with one of my female friends (Mariah).

She was a cool girl and, for a geek, definitely smoking hot! Mariah was one of those girls who had curves in all of the right places—seemingly perfectly shaped hips made for a man’s grabbing hands and smooth legs that led up to an ass that made mouths water.

I didn’t ask directly, but I was guessing her tits were a size 36D—either way, they were yummy looking!

As I was putting on my Joker costume, I looked up and, for the first time, saw that her costume of choice that year was well chosen for her body and attitude—she was dressed as Harley Quinn.

Her shorts were barely covering her sumptuous ass—I had to mentally remind myself to close my mouth. Her T-shirt was hugging her body like a glove, and the wide-cut neckline accentuated her round, full breasts. Her hair was blonde for the occasion. Mariah loved to dress slutty, so that costume suited her.

I, too, was looking good in my Joker costume. The Joker had undergone many revisions since his 1940 debut. The most common interpretation of the character was when he was disguised as the criminal, Red Hood, and pursued by Batman.

The Joker had fallen into a vat of chemicals which had bleached his skin, colored his hair green and his lips red, and drove him insane—the reasons why he was disguised as Red Hood. His identity before his transformation had changed over time and, in the 1991 series, he hooked up with Harley Quinn

When we reached the convention hall, there was the usual hubbub of people, colourful costumes, laughter, people shouting, and debates over whether or not Batman could beat Superman—you know…nerd stuff. I immediately felt as though I was home.

As we walked through the crowd, guys were groping Mariah by brushing up against her ass or boobs while trying to make it look like an accident. She just looked at me with an “it figures” look on her face and shook her head, but I did notice her nipples were hard and poking through her T-shirt!

The day was filled with fun while meeting voice actors, buying souvenirs, checking out hot women in skimpy outfits…the usual. The costumes the girls would wear was always one of my favourite parts of Comic-Con conventions.

Most of the time, their costumes were low-cut, which showed off ample cleavage, and their mini-skirts showed off their long legs and firm, young butt cheeks as they peeked out from underneath. It was a real boner-inspiring situation. If alt porno not only for the pure fandom of the whole event, the girls there had my balls constantly tingling.

And speaking of tingling!

Mariah suddenly grabbed my arm and shouted.


I followed her gaze, as she pointed across the room, to what looked to be the start of a fight between a guy dressed as a Ninja and another guy wearing a Deadpool costume—it wasn’t going to be pretty.

Mariah exclaimed.

“I want to see this!”

I suddenly realized she was no longer beside me, but instead, almost halfway to the combatants.

I started.


As I ran after her, hoping to keep things from getting worse, I groaned.

“What are you doing?”

Unfortunately, she had a head start and reached the two before I could catch her. That’s when things got intense. Deadpool Guy had gotten shoved back and crashed into a bunch of spectators, including Mariah. I was able to catch her before she hit the floor, but I lost my balance, which caused her to fall on top of me.

Security was breaking things up as we tried to untangle our limbs, and I made a startled yelp as I felt Mariah’s hand suddenly land on my crotch and she squeezed.

Awkwardly, I was semi-erect at the time because I’d been checking out a sexy girl cosplaying [dressed up as] Wonder Woman before the whole fight started.

Being the stud that I am—with my pumped arms, taut chest, and sculpted legs—I received about as much action as a “leper.” So naturally, when a gorgeous babe in a skimpy outfit unwittingly grabbed my cock, I became even harder, and (in turn) my face turned beet red.

When Mariah realized what she was holding, she froze. Then (to my shock) she squeezed again and, ever-so-subtly, rubbed the ever-expanding bulge in the front of my baggy pants. I groaned and attempted to speak, but what came out sounded more like a ragged growl.

“Mariah! Just…stop. We ca—. Ah…”

After mustering all of my willpower, I grabbed her hand and pulled it off of my cock. As I stood, I pulled Mariah to her feet with me and growled into her ear as I led her to the elevators.

“Come here.”

When we were safely inside an otherwise unoccupied elevator car, I pulled her to me, tightly gripped her ass, and whispered into her ear.

“You…are…evil, and now you’re going to pay for it.”

She gasped when I pressed my throbbing bulge against her waist as I pulled her tighter against me—I was actually shocked at myself. I thought to myself, ‘Where did this sudden confidence come from?’

After the elevator stopped and the door opened, I pushed Mariah out and toward one of the big family restrooms as I walked hd abla porno close behind her to use her as a shield to hide my boner. Apparently, that was very amusing to her because she continued to make little quips…at my expense!

She giggled.

“Hey, J? Is that a blaster pistol in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”

Old? Yes, but it was still mortifying for some strange reason. I turned even redder before I finally got her into the bathroom. After locking the door behind me, I turned back to her—I was ready to dominate her against the tile wall by using my superior strength. Mariah, however, had planned for it and was pulling the front of her T-shirt up to expose her soft, full tits.

All of my muscles might as well have been made of jelly. Well, except for one of them. That particular muscle felt stronger than ever.

Mariah broke my silent, jaw-on-the-floor worship of her tits as she pulled down her shorts.

“Well? Are you going to stand there all day with a boner, or are you going to come over here and use it?”

Not to be outdone, I cleverly replied as I crossed the room.

“Oh, yeah!”

Mariah was growing impatient (no doubt from my witty banter and masterful teasing), so she grabbed me by the back of my head and yanked my face to her’s for a deep kiss. After finally coming to my senses, I wrapped my arms around her and passionately returned the kiss as she moaned into my mouth and pressed her tits closer against my chest.

After sliding my hands down her back, I grabbed Mariah’s round, smooth ass and lifted her off of her feet, and she tightly wrapped her legs around my waist. I winced as I felt her nails scrape my scalp.

She squeaked as she held on tighter.


I assured her.

“I’m not going to drop you.”

Well, I tried to assure her the best I could with my face buried between her tits! My words were probably muffled, which would explain her quickened breathing and tightening grip. As I was setting her down onto her feet, I thought, ‘Oh, god!’

I asked.


She mumbled.

“Yeah. Sorry, it just threw me off.”

I chuckled.

“So I noticed.”

Just then, someone knocked on the door behind me, and we both froze.

I heard a woman call out.

“Is somebody in there? My son really needs to use the restroom.”

Figuring she meant a little kid, I groaned as my naturally benevolent-toward-kids nature kicked in. I looked at Mariah and she knew—she looked pissed, but she knew.

As Mariah adjusted her T-shirt and put her shorts back on, I tried to shove my raging hard-on to point down along my leg in an attempt to hide the bulge as I called out.

“Just rokettube porno fixing my friend’s costume! We’ll be out in a sec!”

The woman and her son thanked us as we attempted to innocently smile and nod as we left the room. As we made our way back toward the throng of people at the convention, we both tried to ignore how awkward we felt.

Just as the silence between us was getting almost unbearable, the lights in the dealer’s hall suddenly went out due to a power surge from the heat, which caused the circuit breaker to flip. The room was thrown into darkness, and naturally, people started panicking. Mariah backed up against me as the loud crowd started moving around.

I thought to myself, ‘Perfect!’ I reached down and whipped out my still-hard cock while pulling her closer. Mariah didn’t figure out what I was thinking until she felt me pull the crotch of her shorts to the side of her pussy. With a single thrust, I buried myself to the hilt inside of her while in that huge room full of people.

Mariah moaned and groaned as I hammered her from behind while taking advantage of the ruckus from everyone else in the room. I knew we had to be fast because the lights would be on again very soon. I figured security wouldn’t take kindly to finding Joker fucking Harley Quinn in a room full of people, so we went at it even more vigorously.

Neither of us could see a thing, but that only enhanced my other senses. My sense of touch, for example, was amplified to the furthest extents. Every slight movement Mariah made, and every time she clenched her vaginal muscles, my thick cock felt electrified! It was amazing! She felt tighter, wetter, and warmer than any pussy I’d ever felt.

My cock was throbbing. Mariah was moaning and grinding back against me, which was causing my balls to slap against her as her ass bounced off of my hips. I could smell the combination of her wet pussy and my own (harsher) man-musk.

Not everybody gets turned on by auditory stimulation, but the sounds Mariah was making (both from her moaning and begging for more and from the sweet sounds of her wet pussy sucking in my hard cock) was driving me crazy and my cock was swelling with hot cum that was ready to be released.

While panting, she whispered.

“I’m going to cum…going to cum…going to—”

With a groan, she cut off her words and came (hard) as her pussy clenched my cock as if it was a soft, wet vice. Losing my control, I grunted low and rough, while thrusting in deep and pumping my hot cum into her. I pulled out (fast) and stuffed my deflating cock into my pants just as the lights came on.

Mariah quickly straightened up (her was face flushed) and pulled the crotch of her shorts back into place. We looked at each other and grinned before we heard a voice.

“Is everybody okay? Sorry about that, everyone.”

We just looked at each other and laughed. The way I saw it, they could turn the lights off whenever they wanted to!

Hey, I bet you’ve never had that much fun at Comic-Con!

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