Colt’s Night Out


This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Colt’s Night Out

Happy birthday, colt!

“Are you going to tell me where we’re going?”

Madoc snorted and shook his head, nostrils flaring. Blindfolded with his wrists lashed together in the back seat of his mare’s car, there was little he could do to discern their path. The most the stallion could tell of their location was that they were in the car going pretty fast…probably on the motorway from the lack of variance in the road. The window was open, allowing a lick of cold air to caress his coat, and he shivered, shrinking from it despite the sharpness it gave his mind. It had been growing dark when they’d left, an orange sunset blending with the sweet sway of night, and he had no idea how late it was anymore. How long had he even been in the car?

The stallion trembled. His ears twitched to catch the sound of Amethyst swivelling around in her seat, her fingertips grazing his knee for a split second. He huffed and arched his neck, moving to her – yet she was already gone, her attention presumably back on the road.

“Ah, but that would spoil the surprise, colt.”

He groaned and rolled his eyes, though he knew she couldn’t see with the blindfold covering half his face. Amethyst chuckled, turning down the radio so that they could speak. Madoc shifted and grumbled, tail trying to flick against the car seat. Everything was different this time. He never usually rode in the back – not at all! He twitched his ears, turning his head from left to right as if he could work out where they were going if only he concentrated hard enough.

A brush of her fingertips on his leg drew his attention and he again leaned forward, aching for more of her touch only to have it pulled away just as swiftly. The stallion swung his head away, folding his arms. What game was she playing? The tingle in his sheath told him that he wasn’t particular against it, at the very least.

“Don’t worry, hun, we’re almost there and all.” He could almost hear her grinning. “Don’t worry, it’s gonna be fun.”

Folding his arms, the equine sat back, seatbelt crossed across his chest and hip, dapples showing down the line of his arm. His grey coat no doubt glimmered in the gloom, conditioned to a sheen that he maybe should have been a little more concerned about than he was, considering his attention to detail when it came to the appearance of his coat, mane and tail. Madoc snorted. It was going to be ‘fun’? Hadn’t she said that before? And didn’t he know how this one went already?

“Is it really that much of a secret where we’re going?” He demanded cockily, a smirk on his lips. “We’re heading down to see friends again, aren’t we? You did the same last year. You know you can’t pull the same trick twice, right?”

He laughed, throwing his head back as the winter chill nipped at his coat through the open window. Amethyst only chuckled in return, the chirp of the indicator blinking into existence as the vehicle slowed.

“Oh, colt, you are in for a surprise indeed if you think that’s where we’re going.”

Madoc frowned.

“Oh, come on, I’m sure of it this time. Where else would we be going this late? Aren’t we going to do drinks and pizza again?”

“Mm…sort of. Next weekend. I wouldn’t deny you that, sweetie, trust me.”

He pricked his ears.

“Then why aren’t you trying to keep it a surprise?”

“Because this is the real surprise, not hanging out with everyone next weekend and having our usual laughs. That’s good too, but this…this is something special.”

She paused and his shoulder bumped into the window as she wove the car down what felt like a smaller road, something windier than the long, straight stretch they’d previously been driving along. The stallion’s brow furrowed and he nosed at his bound paws, tempting to pull at the knot with his teeth. But he had to admit that part of him was curious as to what the red mare had up her sleeve. He grinned. He’d learned long ago that she always had one more trick left and, well, there hadn’t been a ‘trick’ yet that he had not enjoyed either.

“Don’t worry, colt, we’re here now.” The car drew to a stop, engine thrumming softly. “All will soon be revealed.”

He inhaled sharply, turning his ears to catch the sounds as Amethyst stepped out of the car, groaning as she evidently stretched her arms above her head, working out the kinks of the drive. He knew her routines by now.

The door beside him opened and a familiar paw closed around his forearm, guiding him from the car. Obediently, he followed, throwing his hooves out to stand on a gravelly surface, which shifted slightly beneath him.

“One more thing. You’re not quite ready to go in – looking as you are, that is.”

Madoc shook his head, about to ask what on earth Kadıköy Esmer Escort she was talking about, just as a slip of leather pushed over his nose, metal squares cool behind the line of his lips. He tilted his head, trying to work out just what exactly was being put on his face as another leather strap flipped over the top of his head just behind his ears.

And then reality dawned.

He shivered. A head collar. It was a head collar. Just like what the four-legged horses wore when they were being led from field to stable or wherever else. His cock throbbed, tip pushing out from his sheath to press against the interior of his boxer-briefs. He only hoped Amethyst did not notice. Not this time.

The mare giggled, finger on his nose to guide him.

“Head down, colt.”

Breathing shallowly, he allowed her to buckle the head collar around his head, sheath plumping. She didn’t say anything more as she clipped what had to be a lead rope to the ring beneath his chin, tugging it lightly as she set off in god knows what direction.

His cheeks burned. Surely nothing bad could come of him being led around in public, but it wasn’t exactly kosher either! Someone would give them funny looks, that much was certain.

It was only a minute or two of walking along in companionable silence, however, before his hooves hit something solid. He stumbled, only caught by her steadying paw on his shoulder. He stood still, a glimmer of brighter light seeping in under the bottom edge of the blindfold. Amethyst tapped his thigh with something long and thin, rapping the fabric of his trousers flat against the muscle of his leg.

“Out of these. Now.”

Madoc balked, nostrils flared.

“I’m not stripping off in a car park!” He swallowed. “If that’s even where we are.”

Clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth, Amethyst undid his belt for him, letting his jeans fall slack around his hips. Madoc whined and shook his head, though there seemed to be little he could do about the impending situation.

“No, you don’t need these. Trust me. Step out of them now.”

Pinning his ears back, Madoc grumbled under his breath and wriggled his hips, pushing his jeans down as much as he could with his bound paws. They fell around his fetlocks and he gingerly stepped out of them, the tip of his shaft pushing out against his boxer-briefs. Amethyst giggled.

“There’s a good colt. Come now.”

She tugged the lead rope, leading him forward as a door creaked open. He pricked his ears, sound washing over him. He pulled on the rope, voices clamouring on all sides – how soundproof had that bloody door been? – and jerked his head up high, a whinny on his lips. Smoothing the flat of her paw down his neck, his mistress calmed him, lacing her fingers through his silvery mane.

Madoc snorted, eyes rimmed with white even though the blindfolded was clapped securely over both. Just where the hell were they? He leaned into Amethyst, tail flicking anxiously. He couldn’t deny the throb of his cock, however, excitement tingling beneath the surface.

The mare tapped his nose.

“Eyes closed.”

Madoc swallowed, bobbing his muzzle just the once as Amethyst removed his blindfold. The room thrummed with noise and it sounded as if he was standing in the middle of a crowded bar, energy and heat pulsing through the air as too many bodies pressed into a space too small for them. A knife made quick work of the rope binding his wrists and he rubbed the spots where the rope had pulled, drawing a sensitive line through his coat down to the skin. He wondered why she’d thought to bring a knife out with her, dipping his chin down to his chest as he swallowed surreptitiously.

“Shirt and underwear off too, colt.”

He inhaled deeply and tried not to think about what he was doing, the voices around him, as he complied. His shirt was easiest to begin with and he dragged it off over his head with a nervous nicker, shifting his weight from hoof to hoof. Long tail flicking against the backs of his legs, he took a second deep breath, steadying himself the best he could, and pushed down his underwear quickly. Madoc stepped out of the discarded boxer-briefs so slowly that it was as if he was hoping to be told that he could put them back on and stood uncertainly, resisting the urge to cover himself with both paws. His sheath tingled and he groaned inwardly. His tip wasn’t poking out…was it? He nipped his bottom lip. His sheath felt full – too full.

“Hey, he’s a fine one – isn’t he?”

Madoc stiffened, cock slipping out half-dropped from his sheath as his cheeks heated up in a burst of fire.

“This better not be a bar, Ammy,” he hissed, neck blotchy with heat as he ducked down to her level, ears back to his skull. “What’s going on? Who’s here? And where the hell have you brought me?”

Amethyst chuckled and nickered softly, kissing a line up his neck to his cheek and forehead. Despite himself, the stallion shivered beneath her touch.

“Oh no, colt,” she assured him, brushing her lips over Kadıköy Eve Gelen Escort his eyelids in a kiss as light as a feather’s passing. “It’s something much better than that. Though there is alcohol here too, if so desired.”

He could sense her grin, heart hammering, faster and faster and faster.

What now?

A whip cracked and someone moaned, a low, deep, guttural sound. He pricked his ears, head up.

“You can open your eyes now.”

Blinking as he readjusted to the light, however dim it was, Madoc’s jaw dropped, the stallion striving trying to take in everything about the room in one fell swoop. It wasn’t a bar, although there was a bar at one end, a cheerful tiger pouring a line of shots for the patron he was currently attending to. He couldn’t deny that his cock didn’t swell with blood at what he was presented with – a whole room of furs in various stages of dress and undress engaged in fun with one another. A leopard snarled as she pulled the flogger back, letting the tips sing, and brought it down across the buttocks of a bound okapi, letting him buck and writhe beneath the blow. There was no escape, however, as he pulled and yanked at the leather bonds, but his hard cock bobbing below his stomach told a different tale of his enjoyment, pre-cum glistening even from a distance.

He inhaled slowly, trying to draw out the breath even as his nostrils flared. Too much to take in. Far, far too much. A zebra brayed as she was bent over against the far wall, tail hiked for her lion partner, who yanked on her reins, teeth at her throat. He claimed her roughly, cock spearing deep into her tight passage as her breathing grew laboured, eyes closed and legs shaking. Closer to the bar, he groaned at the sight of a bear on his knees, eyes turned up to his master as he gulped down the larger ox’s cock, paw flat on a stomach riddled with muscle.

And right beside him stood his mare, clad in a purple and black corset and a thong that left her legs on show, muscle shifting beneath her coat as she adjusted her weight. She laughed softly and wound his lead rope around her paw as he swept the room with his gaze over and over again, finding something new to gawp at each time. Was that a bondage table? His cock throbbed, drooling pre-cum.

Madoc shook himself, trying to angle his hips so that his hard-on would not be quite so obvious to furs passing by. Turning away, however, only presented his cock to onlookers via a different angle and earned him another wolf-whistle from a cheeky stag with a beer clasped in his paw.

“Where…have you brought me?”

Amethyst wrapped her arm around his waist and dropped a kiss on his cheek, lips warm as they brushed over his dappled grey coat.

“Happy birthday, colt. I thought you would like it!”

Nickering, he blushed and pawed the floorboards, hoof clipping the wood sharply. Amethyst rapped him on the shoulder, turning her back to him as she stepped away, expecting him to follow. When he resisted, taking up the slack in the lead rope, she cast him a sultry glance back over her shoulder, tail lifted high enough for him to see the thong pressed between her pussy lips, dark with her own arousal.

Amethyst grinned and blew him a kiss.

“Unlike you to be shy, colt…” She swayed her hips, giggling as his eyes followed the motion. “Don’t you want to have fun? I know you do. Come on now.”

He shook himself as he followed, heart pounding as he looked from left to right, eyes wide. She, thankfully, did not lead him straight into the throng and instead selected a vacant sofa against the wall, plopping down onto the plush surface with a soft sigh. Winking, Amethyst flicked the lead rope at him, letting Madoc catch it, confusion crossing his eyes.

“Go get me drink, colt,” she said, eyes twinkling. “You know what I like.”

He swallowed.

“How do I pay?”

The mare chuckled and waved her paw, eyes roaming the room with what he chanced was a hungry air.

“I have a tab here already, don’t worry about that.”

Nodding, he turned before he could think too much about why his mistress had a tab at such an establishment. The thoughts still crept in, however, and made his cock throbbing, drooling slick pre-cum as he eased his way through the crowd. The patrons clustered in groups where the ‘action’ was, if he could phrase it that way, so it was easy enough to avoid having to push his way carefully through a group. He grimaced, cheeks too hot. If it was hard to do in a normal bar without aggravating anyone, he didn’t want to think how difficult it would be with his cock dropped and swinging.

“You’re new here…”

The voice came from over his shoulder and the stallion squealed as a paw landed on his rump and squeezed. He whipped his head around, a snappy retort springing to his lips and dying just as swiftly.

A muscled bull smirked and patted the stallion’s shoulder, fingers curling around to press into his rear delt, if but briefly. Madoc’s ears shot forward, the stallion gulping as he backpedalled, Kadıköy Evi Olan Escort tail tucked down over his rump. It helped, a bit, that the bull wasn’t wearing any clothes either, yet Madoc couldn’t help his cock pulsing another drool of pre-cum, trickling down in a long rope to the floor.

The bull grinned, black paw dipping to his balls where he rubbed lightly as if soothing away an itch in the most alluring way possible, even though his cock was not protruding from his sheath at all. Madoc’s nostrils flared, sucking in breath that didn’t seem all that keen to come all of a sudden. He couldn’t have said truthfully that he wouldn’t have wanted to see just what the powerful male was packing, however.

He started, tail twitching. The bull stood patiently, his smirk deepening as he waited on an answer.

“Uh…yeah…” Madoc fumbled with his words, tongue thick in his mouth. “But I’m getting a drink for…my mistress now.”

It took him a moment to let the correct words slip from his tongue, but he didn’t need to be wearing the signature loop of leather around his neck to know she was his mistress and well and truly in the peak of her role that night. The bull needed to know that he was claimed, even if he bore no outward sign of it currently.

He shivered. What would Amethyst think of a strange male groping him in public?

“I’m sorry,” he muttered, turning from the bull. “But I really have to go.”

Trying to quell the heat in his cheeks, Madoc breathed more easily away from the bull, wishing that his cock would at least soften and allow him some dignity. But perhaps that was the lure of the place that Amethyst had found: there was no dignity left. Or at least not the kind that kept furs having their fun behind closed doors and closed doors only.

The bull… His eyes took on a dreamy cast as he waited at the bar, ordering a Chardonnay for his mistress – her recent favourite. He flicked his tail lazily, leaning forward and unconsciously pushing his tight rump out for admiring eyes. That black coat and curved horns… He wouldn’t mind holding onto those as he drove beneath the bull’s tail, letting him bellow as he painted the floor with his load.

Groaning, Madoc shifted, cock throbbing near painfully with raw need. More likely his mistress would order a male like that to pin him down and fill his tail hole, not that he would mind that pleasure either. He trembled, skin shivering, as he collected the wine glass with a sheepish nod to the bartender, carefully not to bump into anyone else with his shaft as he turned.

He just had to get back to his mare, he thought, striving to calm his racing heartbeat. It wasn’t that hard – he’d made his way through the crowd already. He inhaled slowly, ears flicking to catch every nuance of noise swimming around him. Piece of cake. He could do it.

He was halfway back across the room, heading for the lounging mare, when a paw landed heavily on his shoulder.

“Where’s your hurry, little stud?”

Madoc froze as the paw bore down and, without consciously commanding his body, found himself on his knees, muzzle turned up to the looming, dark-furred bull. The stallion licked his lips, the bull’s leather jockstrap barely hiding his growing bulge now that Madoc was on his way back from the bar. The bovine stomped and snorted, his ropey tail flicking as the stallion snorted nervously.


The bull shook his finger, wagging it disapprovingly in front of the equine’s muzzle. Madoc’s cock bobbed, flexing as if to slap against his own stomach, but it drooped too far to rise even close.

“I don’t think I said you could talk now, did I?” The bull grinned. “I have better things to do with a sweet muzzle like that than chatter.”

Madoc didn’t have time to part his lips to ask what the male wanted, but a finger hooked into the corner of his mouth, opening his lips anyway. He coughed, clasping the wine glass in two paws, and whinnied shrilly as the bull tugged down his jockstrap, letting it push up beneath his balls. His meaty shaft spilled out, foreskin pulling back to expose the drooling head, as dark as his fur. Madoc tried to yank his head free, tail clamped down, but it was no use as the stronger male forced his cock into the helpless stallion’s muzzle.

He should have resisted. He should have put the glass down and fought. Perhaps even he should have neighed for help. Madoc closed his eyes, the bull’s cock sliding over his tongue to the back of his throat. But he did none of those things.

Groaning softly, Madoc gulped, cheeks heated as the bovine’s crotch brushed his nose, as deep as the bigger stud could go. How long had it been since he’d had a cock in his muzzle? He’d cleaned off the last stud that his mistress had brought home, making him sleep on the sofa while they had their fun, but it had been too long since he’d had his lips stretched so wide in a real blowjob. The colt whined plaintively around the bull’s cock, forelock falling over his eyes as he bobbed his head slowly, relishing in the sensation of pre-cum drooling onto his tongue.

His paws trembled and the wine sloshed in the glass, leaving him clutching for it with a hammering heart as he tried to peer down to check that he hadn’t spilled any of that. The bull patted his head, making his position all the more treacherous as his body shook from the firm impact.

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