Claire and the Boys Next Door Ch. 05


That night at Geoff’s was the most intense experience I’d had yet, and whilst part of me wanted to relive it immediately I was also slightly overwhelmed. Without the heat of the moment it was so far beyond my every day mind frame that even a few seconds contemplation of what had happened made my heart race and my face flush. I never really strayed into feelings of regret, though, and even the awkwardness towards the end was mostly because people stopped paying me attention. I still had to put it right out of my mind to be able to sleep, saying to myself that I wouldn’t make plans to explore this new part of my life too quickly.

I woke extremely early the next morning and once again lay in bed thinking. It was immediately a different story to the night before, I still felt the images creep into my mind all the time but now, just like previous times, the fear was going leaving just the excitement along with growing frustration that it was now only in my head. I wanted to be right back round there dancing for them, stripping for them. I was really becoming a boy’s dream, the perfect airhead or something, but I couldn’t even dwell on that particularly as the thoughts of last night crowded everything else out. I shook my head smiling to myself and figured a bit of breakfast might clear things. I was wrong.

My parents had already left and as I ate a bowl a cereal I saw Tom’s Mum’s car drive past, presumably on the way to work. I should probably return the costume, I thought. I went through to the front room and checked if his Dad’s car was there, it wasn’t so he was home alone. It had been an innocent thought at first but almost immediately a further idea entered my head, I should go round there wearing the outfit shouldn’t I? It was the least I could do to thank him for lending it to me.

As soon as it occurred to me I knew I’d do it, in this sort of mood it was pointless to imagine otherwise. Besides all I was doing was wearing an outfit, Tom was on his own and easily the meekest of the guys I’d shown off for. I’d take another outfit with me, show off a little and then change in a bathroom before being on my way. Maybe I’d let him see the underwear. Maybe. I quickly headed upstairs knowing that if I thought about this too much my story might begin to unravel. It was better to just act.

As I started getting dressed the outfit already felt like an old friend, the stockings, the cheap frilly knickers, and, of course, the short, black fake satin dress that hugged my breasts so tightly. After those I pulled on the garter, arranging it so it sat just under my skirt but above the stocking top, tied the apron tightly around my waist and settled the cap in my hair. I looked at myself in the mirror as I had yesterday, the sight still took my breath away but I realised there was still something missing. A quick fumble in the bag found the choker and I fastened it around my neck with the bell at the front.

As I stared at my boobs pressed together and straining at the fabric I wondered if I dared take a few pictures. If I did what would I do with them? I bet there are places online that would love something like that. Posting myself online was another new and very dangerous idea, I knew I didn’t want to go there yet so I shoved some normal underwear, a pair of jeans and a pretty conservative top into my bag and headed downstairs.

Until I got to the front door I’d been intending to wear the same coat as last night but my new, naughty mood wanted to not bother. I again went and peered out of the front room window, the street looked as deserted as ever. I’d be round there in seconds and if Geoff saw me, who cares? I still couldn’t believe it as I headed to the door, my stomach was starting to feel the excitement and I was already in that weird state where I just did things even as most of me seemed to think it was a crazy, terrifying idea. Quick as a flash, though, I was outside a locked door wearing nothing but a french maid outfit only really fit for the bedroom.

I was still largely invisible from the street at my door and I wondered which way I would go. I realised that in my heels I’d never move very fast but if I took my shoes off then I couldn’t take the short cut through the gardens. Opting for speed I slipped off my footwear and set off.

I couldn’t see anyone as I crept to the end of my drive, I was going slowly at that point as I figured the only way I’d be surprised is by a car and the longer I was near my house the easier it would be to retreat if I heard an engine. At the end of the drive, though, it was the point of no return. I still hesitated, I could feel the slight breeze all over my body. I supposed I was more covered than in the bikini but that was easy to explain, I had no idea what I might say to a passer by whilst dressed like a sex fantasy.

Just as I wondered if I was frozen in place I realised that numerous people could be watching from a window and I’d never realise, that spurred me into action and I set off at a brisk walk. Almost immediately I did hear a car, I sped up, even jogging Betturkey a little. I felt my boobs bounce. Tom’s drive was tantalisingly close, surely I could make it!

I didn’t. I heard and then saw the car pass me a few steps from the turn to Tom’s, I was treated to surprised glances from a suburban woman and, most intently, her husband in the passenger seat on the side nearest me. She was slightly outraged, he seemed delighted and I couldn’t help but pause as he craned his head backwards as they drove off, letting him have as good a look as he could. It wasn’t really much but it probably made his day.

I shook my head to myself as I headed down the drive. Our estate was a dead end but there were plenty of houses and the people were total strangers. I didn’t think anything could come of it, just a good story for him at work, an argument with his wife later and an undeniable thrill for me. As I headed down the drive the thought occurred of finding his house and putting on a teasing show at the window later, assuming I could get him alone. It was a nice fantasy for a few moments but I didn’t think it would be even possible to find the window. I chuckled, I really was obsessed with the idea of showing off at the moment.

I was soon mostly hidden and stood at Tom’s door. I quickly thought through again if there was any chance his parents would be home but it still seemed a tiny risk, both cars were gone and I knew they worked normal office hours. I made sure everything was in place, put my shoes back on and rang the bell.

It took a little while but I heard sounds from inside, Tom was probably having a lie in. I wondered if he’d even bother to open up if he wasn’t expecting anyone but soon enough I could hear someone starting to open the door. I was briefly incredibly nervous that it would be his Dad stood there but I soon saw Tom’s face which took on a familiar startled expression.

“Surprise!” I threw my arms out in a cheesy pose.

“Claire, what are you.. err.” He quickly looked behind him and then turned back looking even more terrified than he often did during our ‘adventures’. He seemed lost for words and didn’t even step back to let me in.

“Well, that wasn’t quite the greeting I was..”

“Who is it, Tom?”

I now froze too, the shout came from inside and very close. Tom continued to look scared but reached out to presumably close the door.

“Sorry, you’d better get..”

“Is it Jim or someone … oh, wow.”

It was too late, before Tom even got the door halfway shut another guy about my age, presumably a friend of Tom’s, stepped into view. He was staring at me.

“Surprise!” I was so scared that although it made no sense I’d repeated what I’d done for Tom when he opened the door. The new guy watched bemused, then turned to Tom.

“Did someone order you a strippergram?!”

“I, er, well…” Tom didn’t have a clue what to say. I figured I needed to say something.

“Well, messieurs, someone did ask me to come round ‘ere zis morning.” Yvette from last night came back to me in a flash, at least it explained the outfit.

“Wow, did *you* order one or something?” Tom’s friend was sounding less shocked and more excited with each sentence. “It looks like a good idea.” He stepped back from the door and Tom followed. “Come in.”

I didn’t know what to do but stepped into the house in a daze. As the new boy looked away for a moment I made eye contact with Tom, his face was pure confusion and he shook his head suggesting he hadn’t a clue what might come next. I had hoped he’d come up with some explanation but it didn’t seem as if he’d do anything. I supposed it was understandable given the circumstances being thrust on him.

The new guy had gone into the front room and sat down on a sofa, I and Tom followed. I stood nervously and Tom milled about beside me.

“So, er, what’s your name?”

“It is Yvette, m’sieur.”

“Oh, right, I’m Alex.”

“Pleased to meet you, Alex.” I curtsied.

“And this is Tom, the guy who organised this, or you … I, guess.” He ended the sentence with an upwards inflexion, looking at his friend.

“Oh, yes, hi.” Tom ridiculously stuck out his hand to me, it seemed he was going with this. I couldn’t quite believe it but I shook his hand.

“Pleased to meet you too, Tom.” I said, turning my body slightly so my face ended up hidden from Alex. I mouthed “what are you doing?” I again got a confused silent shrug, though his nerves did seem a bit more under control.

“So, er do you dance here or do we need to set something up or…” What had started like a confident sentence trailed away. “Sorry, I don’t really know what’s going on I guess.” Alex looked at me expectantly.

“I am just zee maid.” I had no plan but the coy act from last night seemed best, at least I hadn’t yet said that yes I was a stripper.

“Oh, right.” There was another awkward silence, after a very short time I felt the need to break it.

“What shall I do, sir?” I addressed it to Tom, if he was going Betturkey Giriş to pretend he’d ordered me somehow then he needed to figure this out. As he looked at me I started to become conscious of the situation for the first time, how I looked and how they were looking at me. I could see Alex running his eyes up and down my body now I wasn’t addressing him and Tom was stealing glances at my breasts even as he wondered what to say.

“Well, you can just tidy up the front room for now, Yvette.”

I was fairly surprised by this, as was Alex I guessed, but I was happy to comply for now. “Oui, m’sieur.” I looked about, there wasn’t much to do but there were breakfast things on the coffee table. I started to tidy them up.

Alex gestured to Tom and they walked over to the other side of the room and started whispering. I carried on fussing with the plates pretending nothing was amiss.

“What’s going on, is she a, y’know? Did you get her to come?”

“Well, er, I guess I got her to come.”

“What does that mean?” I was wondering the same thing, he would have to pick a story soon.

“It’s, er.. I’m not quite sure what she’ll do. It, um, just said a sexy french maid would come round, and, well, that sounded alright.”

“Well, sure, she’s gorgeous.” I could see both boys have a look at me, I couldn’t help but make sure my knickers were visible to them as I bent over the coffee table.

“But, I mean, where did you find the advert? A sexy French maid? She’s got to be a dancer, doesn’t she? Was it on craigslist or something?”

“Yeah, that’s right.” Tom seized on it a bit too quickly I thought, but Alex seemed satisfied.

“Well, she’s must be something, I’ve heard they have all kinds of stuff on there. How much did you have to pay?” I wasn’t sure where this was heading but kept ‘working’.

“Oh, I, er, had to give a few hundred dollars. I used my Dad’s credit card, it said they were ‘discreet’ and I bet he never even notices, he uses it for everything and my Mum is always going on at him to pay more attention to finances.” He was babbling still.

“Well, two hundred dollars is way too much for a cleaner, isn’t it? How long for?”

“Erm, I think it was for the morning, till 1 or so.”

“Yeah, way too much and she must know what she looks like, I bet she’s just waiting for us to get things started.”

“She maybe just likes the act, the accent and that.” Tom was getting into it, I was slowly starting to realise exactly what was happening and what the boys were expecting of me. I picked up the dishes feeling a familiar hot, embarrassed yet delicious sensation as I walked past them to the kitchen. I could almost feel them staring at my body as I passed.

“That outfit is great, Yvette.”

“Merci.” I curtsied again in front of them, bending forwards so my cleavage was even more prominent, then I carried on.

“So, shall I go wake Matt, he’s still asleep?”

I finally realised what must be going on, Tom had had a few friends over who’d obviously stayed the night in a spare room.

“Might as well.”

Alex headed upstairs and I looked over at Tom. He headed over quickly and started whispering very quietly. “What are you doing?”

“I thought I was just returning the outfit!”

“Yeah, but turning up dressed like that, what was I to do?”

“I thought you’d be pleased, it was supposed to be a thank you. Not an invitation to have me show off for your friends!” I think we both realised that was bit silly, obviously me choosing to come round dressed like this was precisely so I could show off.

“He saw you, what could I say? I mean, you really do look like you’re a stripper, you know.” He stepped back looking me up and down.

We both looked at each other. “So, what now? Are you really going to make me perform for them?” I was already speaking like it was out of my hands.

“Well, I guess you could leave now.” Tom barely finished the sentence it was so hesitant. “If you had to, though, it’s just.. it would be hard to explain if you did and..”

“What are you saying?! I have to get naked just to save you a bit of embarrassment?!” I was trying to sound as indignant as possible whilst whispering.

“I didn’t really say.. er, I mean, I don’t know if you need to get naked. Maybe take the dress off and..” he trailed off again staring at my body.

“Oh, well, I guess I *could* just dance and..”

“Though, perhaps you’re right. 200 is a lot isn’t it?” Tom wasn’t going to let my good idea slip past.

“You haven’t paid anything!”

“No, but they think I have, and I reckon that’s probably what they’d expect from your outfit anyway.” He paused, continuing to stare at my body under the tight, black dress. “Yeah,” he continued, “your idea is best, Claire, you should take everything off.”

“Oh, OK, well if you decide I need to strip for them I guess it’s fine!” I loved these conversations and of course the shock and fear was all there for real anyway, I’d never met these two guys and I was about Betturkey Güncel Giriş to give them a show. I changed from angry to a bit desperate. “Isn’t there another story we can tell? Pleaseee!”

Tom was looking more sure of himself by the second. “I don’t think so, Claire. I can’t think of one.”

“Can’t I keep my knickers on at least?” I looked down at my already fairly exposed body, I was just whining now. “I mean, you only saw me naked for a little while the other day and I don’t know your friends at all.”

“You’ll be fine.” He grinned. “We saw you for a good few minutes without your clothes on and you look fantastic. I’m sure the other guys will think so too.”

It was settled, then, I was about to take my clothes off for them. “But how long will I have to do it for? It’s ages till one o’clock!”

“Oh, I don’t know. We’ll see.” Tom was glancing to the stairs and seemed distracted, that wasn’t something he wanted to answer and I couldn’t blame him. It was a genuine worry on my part, though, as I’m sure we were both realising that I’d probably do it for as long as they told me to. The whole situation was almost fantastical to me even if I had just danced the night before, it was so quick and there didn’t seem a big chance of interruption. Last night my naked performance was the culmination of the evening, not simply the first act. The idea was slowly becoming real and made me feel ever so slightly sick, but it didn’t stop the excitement.

As he turned back I saw a glint of the guy who smacked my arse yesterday. “Besides, there’s no time anyway.” He almost winked as he stepped back and shouted. “Guys, come on down, Yvette is waiting for you!” He then grinned as I just glared, half pretending to be and half actually quite angry with him.

“Toooommmm!” I whispered his name in a groan but I didn’t make the slightest move to leave.

He shouted again. “She’s ready to show you how she really does her job!” There were noises from upstairs Alex and Matt were seemingly on their way.

“Off you go Yvette, there’s a good girl.” He patted my bum to get me moving back into the front room. I gave him a final look of indignation and annoyance but took my heels off in preparation to dance and went through anyway. I even let him lightly cup my bum on the way. As ever despite my inner thoughts I acted as eager to please as if I were exactly what Alex thought. I tried to get back into character as I heard them come down the stairs, from now on I would have to be Yvette the French maid again. Well, ‘Yvette’ the stripper who was dressed like a French maid.

“Jesus, I didn’t believe it, but there you are!” The new guy was obviously Matt.

“So, what’s going on, is it all sorted?” That was Alex again, still looking slightly nervous but hopeful. They both settled on the sofa.

“Yeah, I was just checking what Yvette could do for us and I think I’ve sorted something.” I’d still been unsure exactly how this was going to go but Tom didn’t seem like he was wasting any time. With Jim away Tom was having to step up a bit more, but he was still the same guy really, even when he was more forceful he had a cheeky, goofy charm.

“So, is she going to dance for us?” Matt was already sat with his arms splayed out like he owned the place and had women perform for him every day. He was possibly more one of Jim’s friends.

Alex looked at him slightly shocked but was obviously pleased the question was asked. They both watched expectantly.

“Well, if zat is what you would like me to do?” I looked brightly about, an obedient, willing servant.

“I should think so.” Matt again, totally confident.

“Yes, that’s right, Yvette. Shall I put some music on for you?” Tom was back to being as polite as ever.

“Yes, please. And, er, you said you might want me to take some of my uniform off aussi?” I let some of my nervousness creep in now.

“That’s the idea, babe.” Said Matt.

“Err, well, yes, Yvette, I think so.” Tom was starting to sound nervous again.

“OK, m’sieur. I will take off my apron and maybe my stockings, if you ‘ave the luck, eh?.” I giggled and tried to look about to start.

Alex whispered to Tom. “Is she really a stripper? Is this OK?” He sounded unsure, I didn’t really know what I was doing but getting them to spell out to me what I had to do felt incredible.

Tom continued. “Well, Yvette, more than that, I think.”

“Everything off, even the panties.” Matt chuckled at this. “I mean, if you’re wearing them.”

“Oh, m’sieur! You want me to, ‘ow you say, be nuded for you?!”

“Yeah, ‘nuded’, that’s right.” Matt laughed, I guess he just thought I was a performer putting on an act. Mostly I was, I think.

“Yes, Yvette, that’s why we want you to dance, really. No need to be worried, I’ll go start the music.”

“But I couldn’t! I am just a maid!”

“Yeah, right.” Matt sounded sceptical.

Tom looked like his confidence might be shaken, I found myself wondering if I hadn’t pushed it too far.

He took a moment. “Yes, Yvette, you’re the maid and we’re your employers, so I don’t think you should be questioning us.” It seemed I was wrong, Tom had had enough of this particular role play. “You can start now and if you need some help to take any of your clothes off I’m sure one of us will give it.”

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