Carol’s Assignation Pt. 05


In part 4 Carol introduced her two male slaves to the maximisation of Her pleasure, by one of them licking her cunt then her clit, as the other one fucked her.

Their roles are inter-changeable, but the slave with the biggest, hardest and thickest penis is, inevitably, the one who got to fuck her the most. He also had incredible staying power, able to fuck her for half an hour without his spunk rising in his balls, and, of course a lot longer than that once she established her complete control over his, and her other slave’s, release. But now, with her slaves taken right to the edge, her friend Dawn has phoned. She wanted to call round for a chat, but once she has left Carol plans to extract more promises, and several more orgasms, from her slaves.

Oh, and She also introduced them to Enforced Bisexuality, which both excited and amused her immensely.

Carol went into the bathroom with her new slave, her former gardener; she needed a quick shower before Dawn arrived and her bedroom must reek of sex. Her other slave, Kevin was told to prep some snacks and drinks, which inevitably meant prosecco and nibbles. He wasn’t a bad cook, so hopefully between them this coming summer one could grow her something and the other cook it.

As she kicked off her shoes and slipped the hold ups down her legs, She called slave to remove them from her feet. She found herself thinking that her names for her slaves weren’t really working; Slave and Slut, maybe She just needed to call them by their best attributes,

“Yes, that might work”, she mused. The gardener had an eight inch penis, so maybe just “cock slave” should be his name. Kevin couldn’t compete on that score, he could only muster a mere six inches, not nearly enough for Her tastes, but he was very obedient, quite talented and most enthusiastic when it came to cunnilingus, so maybe he should just be “tongue slave”.

As the newly named Cock slave turned on the shower She was feeling quite pleased with herself, and once Dawn had been and went she could play with the pair of them again. She fantasised about what She would get them to do, but was quite flexible, as long as it ended with each licking the others cum out of her vagina. She smiled at the thought of that, something She had yet to experience but an act She planned on repeating at regular intervals in the future. She had developed a taste for porn showing creampies, and although most were girl on girl, after the guy had come, they never failed to get her off. The thought of both of her slaves eating cum out of her freshly fucked cunt was delicious and made her clit tingle in anticipation.

She stepped into the warm cascade and cock slaves firm hands caressed her back with a soft fragrant shower cream. Standing as her was behind her he reached around and applied the shower cream to her breast, kneading them and then teasing out her long hard nipples, nipping them hard, exactly how She liked it.

Her breasts in general and her nipples in particular had always been remarked upon by, .i was going to say, numerous lovers, but when She reads this She might not approve, so

I will say several lovers, and she loved the effect it had on men, and women come to that, as they felt them lengthen to their touch, or better still, in their hot wet mouths.

Her cock slave’s right hand slid down her body, lathering her flank, the left still tweaking her nipple hard. His hands left her Anadolu Yakası Yabancı Escort momentarily as he applied more shower cream, the coconut one which Kevin loved, which smell he had long associated with her.

His hand slid over her flesh, her cute arse, down her thighs, then caressed her cunt, his fingers sliding between her lips, one entering her hot and hungry fuck hole.

She chided him and he withdrew before kneeling and continuing to wash her perfect pins, finishing with her feet. The water cascaded down her body and she was delighted when he bent and kissed her feet in supplication, before looking up and smiling at her, hoping for her approval.

She flicked her fingers in an upward motion and he knelt up. She patted his head, and told him to hand her a bath sheet. He hurried to the towel rail, and taking the last towel, wrapped it around her body as She stepped out, telling him to wash himself then to return to her bedroom.

“Kneel and wait until I require your services,” she commanded him.

He stepped back into the hot water and she opened the door to the bedroom, walking through to the hallway then into the open plan living room,& kitchen where Kevin was just finishing his prep work.

“Almost done?” She asked him.

“Yes, Goddess.” he answered.

“Good. Go and get a quick shower.” She said as she turned and headed back to the bedroom.

He finished off and walked to the bedroom, as She was towelling herself off.

“May I do that for you Goddess?” he asked.

“No Kevin,” she replied turning to face him as she did, “but what you can do is go in there,” she pointed to the bathroom as She let the towel fall to the floor, “and suck his cock. When I come in I expect to see at least half of it in your slut mouth.”

He hurried away, leaving the bathroom door open. He stepped into the shower, knelt and told the gardener “Goddess ordered me to suck your cock, we’d better not keep her waiting.”

The gardener had his erection in his hand, and angled it downwards until it was horizontal.

Kevin mouth opened wide and he fed it in, inch by inch. He gagged at a little under four, withdrawing slightly before trying again.

“Good boys,” said Carol behind him, “now Kevin, take my razor, lather him up and shave his balls. Slaves do not have unruly pubic hair in this house, and trim the rest right back.”

Five minutes later and the task was done, no nicks, no blood, and Kevin put the razor down, thinking “I knew she’d do that!”

“All done?” she asked.

“Yes, Goddess.” replied Kevin.

“”Good. I will now inspect your work while you shower, and make it quick.”

The Gardener, her Cock Slave stepped out of the shower and took a previously discarded towel and dried himself off, as Kevin lathered up. The smell of coconut reminded him of first meeting Carol all those years ago, when she wore coconut sun lotion as she sun bathed. His cock stirred and his own shaven balls tingled at the thought.

Two minutes later he turned off the water and used Carol’s towel to dry off,before entering the bedroom to find Her sitting on the bed, her slave standing before her, hands behind his back, disappointingly untied he thought, and stepped to the side in order to see past him.

Carol was sucking his cock, and as she saw Kevin she looked him in the eye, holding his gaze before baring Anadolu Yakası Yeni Escort her teeth and then raking them down his hard shaft making him groan and the purple veins bulge. She withdrew her mouth, wiping the back of her hand over her lips, saying “and who sucks your cock better, me or this slut?”

“You do Miss Carol” he replied.

She looked at Kevin as she wrapped her lips around the shiny purple head, bobbing six or seven times, declaring. “More practice later for you I think.”

She ordered both to kneel at her feet.

“I’ve decided to re-name you,” before telling them their new slave names, asking them to repeat their new names to Her.

Kevin wondered if he would be allowed to fuck her while the Cock slave was around, cock slave being a quite specific title after all.

She directed them to get her some clothes to wear, black underwear and a black dress, no stockings, leaving her feet bare. Then ordering Kevin to go and kneel in the corner of the spare bedroom, and Cock slave to kneel in the corner of her bedroom, she went into the living room, closing the doors behind her.

Within minutes the door bell rang and she went to the door and looked through the spy hole: Dawn stood there, black hair shimmering, her perfect make up spoiled by a tear which had escaped her left eye.

Carol opened the door a d greeted he with an air kiss and a hug, ushering her into the hall, shutting the outside world out, if only for half an hour.

The bubbly was popped, Kevin’s canapes offered and they sat as Dawn poured her heart out.

Basically her husband was a shit, more interested in golf than her, and don’t even ask about sex!

All she wanted was a little attention, a glass of cold chardonnay after a hard day in the office, would a foot rub be too fucking much to ask? And a good hard fuck once a week, even if he did have the smallest cock she’d ever seen never mind sucked! They laughed and she relaxed as she unburdened herself on her friend.

In truth, Carol hadn’t known her that long, and even though Dawn was a little younger than Carol they had gotten along from day one, meeting on the outside balcony overlooking the sea as they both sipped a cold glass of prosecco.

“Sounds like you need a little distraction” said Carol.

“like a Night out!” Cried Dawn excitedly.

“Well I was thinking more of something more, shall we say, intrinsic.”

“What’s that mean?” Asked Dawn.

“Perhaps an orgasm…or two,” said Carol, a plan hatching in her dirty mind.

“Chance would be a fine thing!”

“Well, I’ve had two, no three this afternoon already.” Replied Carol.

Dawn sat open mouthed.

“Remember I told you about the guy I had a thing with?”

“Yes, the guy from the east coast.”

“That’s him. He’s called Kevin, but behind closed doors I call him …” She paused dramatically “tongue slave,” before draining her glass. “A top up is required.”

Dawn had many questions, too many to recount here, which Carol answered, but the latters one question was more pertinent than all of them: “want to see?”

Of course Dawn did and Carol motioned her to bring her drink. She paused at the spare bedroom door. “Once I open it, there’s no going back, and you must promise not to speak a word of

this to anyone.”

“I promise.” Replied Dawn , rIsing two fingers to her temple Anadolu Yakası Masaj Salonu in mock salute.

“I mean it Dawn. If you do then you and I will have a serious falling out.” Warned Carol.

“Ok, I get it, now open the fucking door.”

Carol opened the door to the dimly lit room, with its black and red decor, and walked inside.

“Whats he doing? ” asked Dawn.

“Kneeling, waiting for me to use him.” stated Carol.

“Fuck, thats horny. You mean he does whatever you want?”

“Of course, without a thought for his own pleasure. Mine to command.”

Kevin was breathing hard now, he’d never even met Dawn, although Carol had told him she was, for her age, really quite gorgeous and curvaceous.

“I need to get me one of those.” Laughed Dawn.

“You could always try mine out, see if you like it, the Domination I mean.”

“Are you serious?”

“Why not? It’s only a bit of cunt licking after all!” Said Carol with a laugh.

“And him, would he do it?”

“Of course silly, he’s my slave. He does as I command, otherwise he can fuck off back to the east coast.”

They laughed together.

“Oh, are you wearing stockings?” Asked Carol.

“No, tights.” Replied Dawn.

“Well this slave always works better whenever I wear stockings, its his fetish. You get undressed and I’ll get you some.” You traced the back of her finger down Dawn’s cheek. “With your colouring, black I think.”

Carol stepped into the bathroom, closed the door and then through to the main bedroom, opened her lingerie drawer, selecting a pair of plain black holdups, hand washed by Kevin only yesterday, after he had lucked his spunk of them of course.

He returned without so much as a glance at her cock Slave, closing the door as she left.

Dawn was still wearing her underwear, a tasteful black and silver platform bra, which pushed her tits up and matching knickers, with a full arse of sheer black gauze like material.

“Leave them on, he can remove them later,” handing her the stockings, “and put hour shoes back on, it enhances the effect somewhat.”

Dawn sat on the bed, and pulled the stockings up her calves, smoothing them out over her thighs.

“Do you shave?”



“Thin landing strip.”

“Good.” Before clicking her fingers, at which her slave jumped, and then stood, turned and walked to Carol, kneeling once more at her feet.

“I’d like you to meet my slave, I call him tongue slave, but please you call him slave. This is my friend Dawn.”

Tongue slave turned and bowed to Dawn.

“Hello Miss Dawn, its a pleasure to meet you.”

“He’s very well mannered.”

“He’d better be, unless he wants this” Carol idly pointed her red painted toes at his genitals, catching his cock with the gentlest of kicks, “spanking.”

She turned her head to Dawn and smiled wickedly.

“Oh fuck.” Was all Dawn could say.

“And now. Dawn requires her cunt licking, and when she’s allowed you to make her come, bring her next door.”

Her slaves eyes flashed, the penny dropping as he realised that once he had made her come, she was going into Carol bedroom where her well endowed cock slave knelt.

“And do not fuck her. She needs her cunt licking,” and turned to Dawn as she continued, “and arsehole rimmed, if you’re into that Dawn darling.”

“Used to love it, but its been a while, a long long while.”

“Well enjoy it, just make sure you come on his tongue.”

She patted Kevin on the head. “Get that tongue to work, and if I hear one word of complaint you’ll be getting a cock spanking later.”

She turned and went into the hall, closing the door quietly behind her.

To be continued in pt 6.

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