Boss Unknowingly Sucks His Subordinates


My name is Jacob, and my wife, Olivia, and I live in Brentwood, Tennessee, an affluent suburb of Nashville. I’m a senior state official working in the Tennessee State Capitol area, and at the time this story began, I was fifty-two years old and Olivia was fifty.Olivia and I met after college, and we have had a wonderful marriage, raising a son and a daughter who are now out on their own. We had a great sex life too, at least until Olivia became premenopausal and lost interest in sex of any kind, including oral. For the first time in my life I began going to porn sites, and although I enjoy the videos and photos, I think I find greater sexual pleasure in reading the stories.It has always been a turn on for me when other men gawk at Olivia, and I sometimes fantasized about her fucking other, well-hung men. That’s why the cuckold stories fascinated me at first, and then I began to focus on the bisexual aspects of those stories. My college roommate and I experimented sucking each other’s cocks, and I found out that I was, and still am, much more sexually submissive than he was.I enjoyed taking the bottom when we started out sucking each other in a sixty-nine, and it didn’t take long for him to lose interest in sucking me off. I continued sucking his cock for the remainder of college though. I know it sounds kind of strange and counterintuitive, but I got immense sexual satisfaction just from servicing him. I also developed a taste and hunger for his cum, although I had never sucked anyone else after college, at least not until the time the events in this story occurred.Taking My Interest Beyond the StoriesCraigslist still allowed postings to the ‘personals’ section at that time, and I soon began reading the ‘men for men’ posts, just to see how much of that type of activity was going on. I found out quickly that there was a lot more activity for younger men, from their late teens to early thirties.Many of the posts were obviously from gay men, instead of bisexual men, because the postings were written in a way to indicate that the men were looking for kissing, romance, anal intercourse, and other more-gay activities, instead of just the bisexual cock sucking that I was interested in. I started focusing on the postings from men in their mid-thirties and older, and specifically those just interested in receiving blowjobs. There were very few postings from men who just wanted to be sucked off, without reciprocating.I soon came to the realization that there is a much higher percentage of men trying to find cocks to suck, than there are men who just want to be sucked, with no reciprocation, but there were plenty of posts from men who wanted to suck and be sucked. I didn’t want to be sucked, partially because I cum way too fast, and have a post-ejaculation let down, that I call the ’blues’, and then I don’t have the desire to finish the other man. I just wanted to focus on giving the other man pleasure.The postings from the alpha-men, who just wanted to be sucked, were few and far between, because men like that are more likely to try to find pussy to fuck. They often took dominating postures, not wanting to chat very much online, and just demanding what they wanted from a cock sucker.It took me a couple weeks of reading those postings to get the courage to respond to the few men who only wanted to be sucked, and I was happy that Craigslist allowed me to communicate anonymously through emails on their site, instead of exposing my email to the public with that kind of activity. If my activity became known publicly, my career in government would be at great risk since my opponents would have a field day with it.I had several, arousing email exchanges with men on Craigslist, but most of those men were too aggressive for my taste, and I couldn’t tell if they might have been lying about being married. I was hoping to find a normal married man who just wasn’t getting the sexual relief he needed at home. I came close to meeting with one of those men but chickened out since I wasn’t comfortable that he’d be a good fit for my desires.Posting My Own Message and an Intriguing ResponseAfter looking at the Craigslist postings for a month, and responding to a few of them, I decided that it might be better for me to write otele gelen escort a post myself, so I could clearly detail what I was looking for. I also established a new, anonymous, Yahoo email account to correspond with any respondents after the initial contact, to make it easier than going through the Craigslist site.My two-paragraph posting read, “52-year-old married man would like to meet another, bisexual, mature married man, to suck your cock with no reciprocation wanted. I’m a non-smoker, 6’ tall, weigh 185 pounds, and am drug and disease free. I have a little experience from college and expect that if you respond, you are also a non-smoker, drug and disease free, and that you haven’t been that active with men.”“I’m looking for a married man who isn’t getting the relief he needs at home, and I’m not into any kissing, hugging, or other gay-like activities. I’m a high profile, public figure in state government, and our interactions must be handled with the utmost discretion. I have attached a photo of my rather unimpressive genitals to encourage you to share a photo of your cock and balls with me.”My hands were shaking as I pushed the key to make my post, and I was both apprehensive and curious about what kind of responses, if any, I’d receive. I found out that it can take a few minutes for Craigslist to process a posting, and when it finally popped up on the website, I was ashamed of myself for doing it.I got several responses right away, but none of them were enticing. One man even chastised me for be a cock-sucking, state official. I used, Daniel, as an anonymous first name to communicate with the men and expected they would do the same. I got fewer responses as my posting got farther down on the list on the site, but I finally got a response from a man who used the name, Ethan. He included several photos of his impressive, uncircumcised cock in various states of hardness, and of his egg-sized, low-hanging balls.His post read, “I have been trying for weeks to connect with a hungry, older cock sucker on this site, and yours is the first posting that I’ve felt comfortable responding to. I’m also an official in state government, and discretion is of the upmost importance to me as well. We may need to meet the first few times at one of the restaurants in the Capitol area I’m aware of that has a glory hole in one of the restroom stalls.”“I’m a mostly happily married 35-year-old man, 6’ 1” tall, and weighing 195 pounds. My wife has been withdrawn and moody for the past several months, and I could sure use some relief in your mouth. As you can see from my photos, my thick, uncircumcised, 8” cock should provide you with a good mouthful, and I shoot huge cum loads. I love having my balls sucked too. And no offense, but I like the idea of fucking the face of a man almost old enough to be my father.”He gave me his private email address, and said, “I look forward to hearing from you, and please contact me at my email address, instead of through the website, since our browser history is monitored at work.”I was excited getting his response, and quickly drafted my response to him, hoping to keep him interested. I said, “Hi Ethan. Thanks for your quick response. I like your personal stats, and especially those impressive cock photos, and I’m happy that we both need to be discreet, which makes it safer for us.”“This is my first time doing anything like this since having some bisexual experiences with my roommate in college. I became his submissive cock sucker in our relationship, and I’m hungry for more and willing to please. What is the name of the restaurant with a glory hole, and when can you meet? My schedule is flexible, and I can meet at any time. Thanks again for your response. Daniel”Hs response came back in only about five minutes, saying, “Hi Daniel. My schedule is flexible too, although my asshole boss can be a stickler with our lunch schedules. We can meet tomorrow at the Town Center Restaurant (not the real name) at noon, since the lunch crowd will make it easier for us to remain anonymous, at least for now. I’ll be in the last stall at noon, and you can go into the one next to it.”“I’m looking forward to feeding you my balgat escort big cock and load. Just put a finger through the hole and tap three times, so I’ll know it’s you who wants to be fed. And for our safety, there will be no talking. After you get me off, I’ll leave first, and you need to wait a couple of minutes before coming out. Ethan.”I acknowledged the time and place and had a sleepless night thinking about the risk of meeting a stranger in a public place to suck his cock. But I was excited too and could hardly wait to taste a cock and cum for the first time in almost thirty years.Meeting Ethan to Suck His CockIt was Monday and my office was busy at that time with us working on several government initiatives, and I just hoped that I wouldn’t be called into any late-morning meetings or have other issues that could spoil my plans. I was usually adamant about making my assistants keep to strict time schedules, so we could work better as a team. But I didn’t deny, James’, one of my deputies, request to leave for lunch a little earlier than usual, at 11:50 am. I didn’t want to risk having any arguments or discussions that would interfere with my plans.I left my office at 11:55 am for the five-minute walk to the restaurant and was nervous walking in there. I was imagining that everyone was watching me, knowing that I was there to suck a cock, and quickly made my way back to the restroom. The door to the last stall was closed, so I knew he must be in there, and I went into the one next to it.It wasn’t that well-lit in there, and I sat on the toilet before focusing on the large, oval-shaped glory hole, which appeared to be eight inches tall and five inches wide. I stuck my finger through the hole and tapped three times, as instructed, and seconds later his uncircumcised, thick, and soft six-inch cock came pushing through the hole, with a low-hanging set of egg-sized balls.He said there would be no talking, and it felt odd taking a stranger’s cock into my hand without a word spoken between us. I just had to trust that he was who I thought he was. I stroked his thick, heavy cock for a few seconds before leaning in to take it into my mouth and tasted his precum. I began stroking his cock with one hand as I sucked it, and fondled his huge balls with the other, and he started slowly thrusting into my mouth.I loved sucking his cock, that had grown to eight inches long, as I saw in his photos, and although I was slurping and making sucking sounds, I tried to be as quiet as possible in case someone else came into the restroom. I hated having the partition between us, since I wanted to hold onto his ass and help pull his cock into my mouth, but I still loved sucking his thick and tasty cock.After sucking him for what seemed like five minutes, I felt his cock stiffen further, begin to flex, and my mouth was flooded with an unusually big load of his tasty and thick cum. I kept sucking, getting every drop of his cock cream, until he pulled his spent cock from my mouth, and I heard him zipping up and fastening his pants. He left the restroom and I waited for two minutes before leaving, as he had instructed me, and then I walked into the restaurant.The whole encounter, from walking into the restroom to walking out, had only taken less than ten minutes, so I decided to stay and have a quick lunch since it was reasonable to assume that the other man would have left the restaurant. I sat on a stool at the counter facing the sidewalk and had a sandwich and iced tea.I was just about finished with lunch, and still had time to get back to the office, so my staff couldn’t accuse me of taking more than the allotted time. I always gave them shit about taking long lunches, and noticed that James, from my office, walked out the restaurant door and passed in front of me, allowing him to get back to work on time. That’s a popular restaurant and I didn’t think too much about him being there.Talking with Ethan About it That Night and Making Plans to Suck Him AgainMy afternoon at work seemed to go slowly, and I couldn’t stop thinking about sucking Ethan’s cock that day. I could hardly wait to correspond with him when I got home that night, and I was anxious to see elvankent escort if what I did was pleasurable for him and find out if we could meet again.Olivia and I had dinner before she went to the family room to watch television, and I went to my den to check my email. I was pleased to see that Ethan had already emailed me, saying, “You did a nice job on my cock today, Daniel, and I’m lucky to have found such a hungry and eager cock sucker. You didn’t hesitate to swallow my big load. I’ve got a high libido and would be happy to feed you at least every other day if you’re up for it.”I emailed back, “I loved sucking your big, thick cock, Ethan, and your huge cum load was amazing and tasty. I like the idea of sucking and feeding from you as often as you desire, and I’m hungry for more when you want it. Let’s plan on meeting again on Wednesday, at the same time and place.”Ethan wrote back, “Sounds like a plan, old man, and next time I want you to spend quality time sucking my balls.”It was exciting to me that, Ethan, a thirty-five-year-old man, was taking charge of our cock sucking relationship, acknowledging me being older, and telling me what he wanted. It reminded me a little of when I was submissive to my college roommate, and I loved servicing him according to his wishes.Tuesday and Wednesday morning at work passed agonizingly slow, and I could hardly wait to suck Ethan’s cock again, and get a taste of his huge, hairy testicles. My mind was so focused on leaving the office on time to meet Ethan, that I barely noticed James’ request to leave for lunch a little earlier than usual again, as he did on Monday.I got to the restaurant right on time and was nervous when I passed the head of one of the other agencies who was waiting for his table. We acknowledge each other with a handshake and brief comments, and I was feeling guilty and exposed as I walked into the restroom. I tapped my finger and Ethan pushed his cock and balls through the glory hole as before.After sucking him off and swallowing his cum, I focused on sucking his huge balls, that I could only get into my mouth one at a time. I sucked his balls for a couple of minutes, and then quickly sucked on his cock again, as I felt it hardening and oozing his remaining ejaculation. His cock was almost fully hard when he pulled it out of my mouth, zipped up, and left the stall.I waited a couple of minutes before going out to have lunch at the counter and was a little surprised to again see James walking past the window. That time he saw me and waved, as he headed back to the office. Something dawned on me and I couldn’t help wondering if it was a coincidence that James had asked to leave early on both Monday and Wednesday, and I saw him at the restaurant on both days. Then I stopped thinking about it, since that is a popular and busy restaurant, frequented at one time or another by many of us working in state government.We chatted by email again that evening, and he said, “You did a great job draining my cock again, Daniel, and it felt so good having my balls sucked. And then shit, you hungry cock sucker, when you started getting me hard again, and sucked the remaining drops of cum from me, I had to pull away to save time for lunch, since it would have taken me over ten minutes to cum the second time.”I replied, “I enjoyed sucking you off and sucking your big balls, and I probably would have kept sucking you for a second load, if you hadn’t pulled away. I love sucking your big cock, and hope that we can meet in person someday soon. But for now, I’m looking forward to sucking you again on Friday at noon.”Ethan replied, “Friday is good for me, and learning how hungry you are for cock and cum, I’ve been wondering if you’d like me to introduce you to a big-cocked friend. I’ve got a coworker who is married, my age, and he also happens to be black. He’s told me before that he’s for a long time wanted to dominate a white man and fuck his mouth but hasn’t yet had an opportunity he felt comfortable with. As long as you’re not a racist or squeamish about sucking some black meat, I’m sure he’d be happy to feed you too.”I had never even thought about sucking a black man’s cock, but the idea seemed nasty and appealing to me. So, I replied, “Yes, Ethan, I’d like that. Maybe he can feed me on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I can suck you on the other workdays. Please give him my email address and encourage him to contact me, and I would appreciate it if you contacted him immediately, so we can maybe talk tonight and I can make plans to suck his cock tomorrow.”Talking with and Making Plans to Suck Jared

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