Black Mistress-White Bitch Ch. 09


Mistress Angel and my sister ho, Suze, were just finishing up their shopping at Sensual Sister’s when I entered after servicing Leroy, my first client. Shock registered in Suze’s gorgeous hazel eyes as she noticed my wretched appearance. I knew that I looked like a gutter whore with my hair a mess and my torn stockings. I couldn’t help but feel like one as well.

Shock must have also registered in my eyes too when I took in the sight of Suze’s new attire, because she instantly diverted her eyes and blushed shyly. In my absence, Suze had been made to wear some of her purchases. She now wore a skimpy mini-dress that was eerily similar to the one I was wearing. Narrow six-inch wide straps crossed over her shoulders like suspenders and attached to the tiny skirt in front and back. While Suze’s tits were a full cup size smaller than my Cs, the narrow straps still allowed plenty of tit flesh to spill over on either side. The skirt was no less concealing, as it barely covered the tops of her red stockings. The only real difference between Suze’s so-called dress and mine was that while mine was hot pink hers was bright whore red. Completing Suze’s whorish ensemble was a pair of open toed six-inch high heels with buckling ankle straps.

As I approached Angel and Suze, Angel only smirked meanly and asked loud enough that several near-by patrons could hear, “Did you show my friend Leroy a good time you cracker ho? I had better not hear any complaints.”

A half dozen young black ladies glared at me with a grandiose air of superiority. Lowering my eyes, I answered, “I … I think so, my Nigger Mistress.”

“It looks like old Leroy gave you a pretty good romp,” Angel stated brightly.

After taking a deep breath, I answered, “He told me to tell you that I’m a damn fine ass fuck for a white girly. my nigger Mistress”

I couldn’t help blushing something awful. Yet for some reason I felt a degree of pride in Leroy’s words.

Several of the young shoppers snickered callously, while I on the other hand, wanted to simply die of embarrassment.

I was glad to see that Angel and Suze were nearly finished with their shopping. I noticed that many of the items they were purchasing were very similar to the slut clothes that Angel had forced me buy in the past, only the color had changed. I was mildly surprised to see that Angel had picked out a pink sting bikini which I could only assume was for me.

Suze and I followed Angel to the check out counter where Angel presented my bankcard to pay for the purchases. I signed for the shopping trophies as they were packed into three large shopping bags. Angel slipped an arm around Suze’s slender waist and began leading her towards the door.

Glancing over her shoulder Angel gave me a quizzical look which I understood immediately. I scrambled to pick-up the three shopping bags and follow Angel and Suze towards the door. I wasn’t quite fast enough, and the door slammed shut in my face just before I could catch it.

I hurriedly bent over to set one bag down so I could open the door. Much to my horror a round of snickered comments and humiliating laugher sounded throughout the store. In my perplexed state, I had completely forgotten I wasn’t wearing panties. I was giving anyone who cared to look a prefect view of my lower feminine anatomy. My face burned red with shame as I quickly righted myself and opened the door. Leaning over again to pick-up my bag only added to my humiliation, as my right tit popped free of the strap trying to hold it. The young black girls continued to laugh and mock me with their crude comments as I struggled to replace my exposed tit. I used my foot to hold open the door as I adjusted my dress.

The mocking laughter reached a feverish pitch as I bent over once more to pick-up the burdensome packages Angel had given me charge over. I couldn’t help but flash the verbally abusive black girls again, showing off all my female assets. My face burned with humiliation as my mind was sheared with shame.

Gathering what little dignity I could, I awkwardly stepped through the door. I breathed a huge sigh of relief as I started to follow Angel and Suze down the sidewalk. With her arm still around Suze’s waist, Angel looked back at me and asked what was taking me so long.

“Hurry up … move your lazy ass you stupid white cunt,” Angel hollered for the world to hear.

Dozens of heads turned towards Angel and then me. Black men opening leered as I struggled to catch up.

I tried, I really did. The burdensome bags were heavier than they looked, and they restricting my pace. I did however manage to pick up the pace, that is until my barely contained titties began swinging and bouncing wildly. They threatened to break free of their confinement if I moved any faster.

One-hundred-twenty feet ahead Angel and Suze looked back at me as they reached the car. Angel’s voice was filled with impatience and scorn as she screamed, “Move it, girly. Move you frigging fat ass I don’t have all day.”

By now everyone bursa escort on the street was watching the spectacle of the thirty-something white woman chasing after the twenty year old black girl.

Casting all caution to the wind I began to run. Of course, the pink 6-inch high-heels strapped to my feet wouldn’t allow me to actually run, so it was more like a trot. Within a matter of seconds my left tittie broke free of the narrow strip of pink material trying to conceal it. A couple steps later, my right tittie followed suit, as it also flopped free. The straps were now loose, and they quickly slipped off my shoulders and slid down my arms, leaving me completely topless. Modesty demanded I stop and cover my naked titties, yet I didn’t dare.

Angel continued to yell, “Move it you piece of white thrash.”

Whistles and demeaning comments from the many black bystanders filled the air as I tried to move faster. My freely bouncing titties caused a great deal of discomfort as I trotted along as fast as I could manage.

By the time I reached Angel and her car, she had opened the trunk. I was told to put the packages I carried in and to close the lid, which I did without question. Several bystanders had wandered towards the car and had begun forming a semi-circle about twenty feet back.

After closing the trunk, I wrapped my arms around my jiggling titties trying to hide them, but, Angel wasn’t of the mind to allow me such modesty.

“Put your arms down slut,” she snarled, “In fact put your hands behind your back.”

Hanging my head in shame, I quickly obeyed my owner. Much to my distress, Angel seemed content to continue my public humiliation, while a smirking Suze stood quite proudly by her side.

“Look at yourself,” Angel scolded, her voice filled with scorn, “you’re nothing but a dirty piece of white trash.”

I humbly whimpered, “Pleaseeee.”

“Please what, you cunt,” Angel snapped.

“May I please cover myself, my Nigger Mistress?”

The small crowd of black people who had gathered pressed closer in order to hear every humiliating word.

Angel ignored my plea.

“See how hard her nipples are, Suze?” Angel mocked.

“Yes, my Nigger Mistress,” Suze responded quickly as she continued to smirk.

“That is how I know the trashy cunt loves this treatment. Don’t you, cunt?” Angel lectured.

Swallowing a lump in my throat I replied honestly, “No, my Nigger Mistress. I don’t love it at all.”

Angel again ignored my words. Smiling at Suze my black owner continued, “She loves it so much, in fact, that I bet her pussy is throbbing and wet.”

With a knowing smile Suze responded slyly, “I bet so to, my Nigger Mistress.”

Angel commanded Suze, “Check it out, slut. Let’s just she how excited the bitch is.”

I was horror stricken by Angel’s words. God help me, but I was excited. Angel was right. My pussy was soaked and ached with a throbbing need. Like a fire cracker with a short fuse, I was ready to explode at any moment.

“Check it out, Suzie Q, check and see how wet the whore’s pussy is,” Angel demanded.

“Of course, my Nigger Mistress, it would be my pleasure,” Suze replied brightly. Smiling broadly Suze stepped in front of me and slipped her delicate hand under the hem of my very short pink skirt.

I lifted my head slightly locking onto Suze’s sparkling hazel eyes, hoping to see a hint of mercy. I saw no mercy, only a curious air of superiority. Suze’s finger slipped easily into my well lubed cunt, sending shivers of fantastic pleasure racing throughout my nearly naked body. Suze’s air of dominance intensified as her finger penetrated my needful pussy deeper, and she used her thumb to rub my clit. My pussy was quaking and my knees weakened with whorish lust as she began to pull her finger out. Involuntarily the muscles inside my wanton pussy contracted squeezing down hard on Suze’s playful finger trying to keep it inside me. The sensation wasn’t lost on Suze as her sparking eyes lit up brightly and the awful demeaning smirk returned to curl her lips.

“What’s taking so long, bitch?” Angel insisted.

“Just a moment …,” Suze replied. She didn’t get a chance to finish.

With cat like speed, Angel grabbed Suze’s bare arm and spun her around. Without giving Suze a chance to recover, Angel bitch slapped her hard across her left check causing Suze to stumble in her high heels. Trying to recover her balance, Suze’s feet became entwined and she tripped, which sent her falling to the ground. She landed hard on her right side causing her left tittie to pop into view.

“Don’t you dare!” Angel hissed as Suze tried to cover herself. Looking down on the helpless white woman Angle snarled, “Just who the fuck do you think you are, cunt? Don’t you ever tell me ‘just a moment’.”

“Yes … okay … please … I understand, my Nigger Mistress,” Suze rubbed her bruised cheek as she pleaded.

Angel scolded, “Now look at yourself, bitch, malatya escort you have gone and smeared Barbie’s pussy juice all over your face. Clean your finger before you make it worse.”

Sheepishly Suze’s full lips parted, and she slipped the finger that had so recently been buried in my soaked pussy between them.

“Look at me, whore,” Angel demanded.

Obediently, Suze lifted her eyes to meet Angel’s penetrating glare. It was my turn to smirk as I watched Suze swirl her tongue around her own finger as if she were sucking a most desirable cock. Suze’s air of supremacy faded away into nothingness, and was replaced by fearful submission. Even in my humiliating position, I couldn’t help feel a sense of enjoyment as I witnessed Suze’s return to reality.

“You think you’re somebody don’t you, cunt?” Angel growled at Suze who remained laying on the ground on her side. “Yea, you think you’re something special. Little Miss Southern Belle whose shit don’t stink.”

“Nooo … please … my Nigger Mistress,” Suze whimpered demurely.

“Shut the fuck up, bitch,” Angel demanded. “Well look at yourself now you fucking piece of white meat. Yea, that’s it, baby, suck your finger. Look at your sweet little southern born and breed tittie hangin’ out. You ain’t shit. Now stand the fuck up.”

Suze did as she was told, even as she continued to suck on her own finger.

After she had stood up, Angel callously ripped Suze’s finger from her mouth. “Now, both of you cover yourselves up. We have other business to attend to.”

Suze and I quickly obeyed, as the small gathering of black bystanders groaned with disapproval. As soon as I had my titties covered Angel stepped forward and grabbed my wrist as if I were a child.

“Show’s over folks,” Angel said good naturedly to the few on lookers who remained.

As a black couple moved out of the way, Angel began to lead me down the sidewalk. Over her shoulder Angel snarled at Suze, “Come on, slut, we don’t have all day.”

Suze moved quickly until she was only a couple of paces behind Angel and me.

With a grin Angel looked over her should and said casually, “You know, Suze, I was talking to your hair dresser, Tamara, yesterday.”

At the mention of Tamara’s name I chanced a glance at Suze. The look on her face said it all. If looks could kill, surely the daggers shooting from Suze’s gorgeous eyes would have killed me dead.

Then to give the dear sweet something more to think about Angel added, “She is really looking forward to your next appointment.”

As Angel and I walked with a sulking Suze trailing behind, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride. It didn’t matter that I was being led by the wrist like an unruly child. It didn’t matter that my hair was a mess and my make-up smeared. It didn’t matter that my pink mini-dress was dirty and my stockings torn. It didn’t matter that I had a black man’s dried cum caking my ass and inner thighs. All that mattered was that I had garnered my gorgeous Mistress’s favor.

After about a half a block Angel turned abruptly and led me into a run down store. The card board sign in the window proclaimed “Jimmy’s Tattoos and Body Piercings”. My heart skipped a beat as I read the sign. My mind filled with dreadful possibilities and my body couldn’t help but shiver slightly with fear.

Angel didn’t miss my fearful reaction, and she smiled her evil yet sexy smile. I instantly understood that whatever she had planned was very apt to add to my humiliation. Taking a deep breath, I determined to endure whatever she had in mind to the very best of my humble abilities. For some strange reason I felt a strong need to be Angel’s favored white slut. Suze was on the ropes and I wasn’t about to let her recover. I steeled my nerves to do whatever was necessary to keep Suze in my rearview mirror.

The front of the store, which seemed to be a waiting room, was empty expect for a burly gray haired black man slumped in a chair half asleep. Hearing the clicks of our high heels, he slowly opened his dark eyes. Recognizing Angel, he leaped to his feet causing his beer belly to bounce noticeably.

“Well, Angel, you are a beautiful sight for these old eyes. It’s been a long time.” The man said.

Dropping my wrist, Angel walked the few feet to where the man stood, “Yea, it has been a long time, daddy, but I have been very busy. I hope you understand.”

As she spoke Angel embraced the old man and held him very tight. “I’ve missed you, daddy.”

“And, I have missed you too, darlin’.” the rather short man said as he broke the embrace. Then, eyeing Suze and myself, he asked, “You’re not still up to your old tricks are you, baby?”

“Ohh please, daddy, let’s not argue. Besides, it’s very good money as you damn well know.” Angel defended herself.

“Well yea I know, sweetheart, but … well you know that I have always worried about you working for that motherfuckin’ prick Mister Big T,” the old man continued.

“Now, çanakkale escort daddy, Tyron is okay. Besides he makes sure I’m protected. He makes his money and I make mine.”

“Oh, it’s Tyron now, huh?” He said with a bit of a frown then not waiting for an answer continued, “So what’s on your mind, honey? Bring your old man some skinny white pussy?”

“Ohh you know daddy, you can have a crack at them later.” Angel smiled, “After all, we gotta keep your ole pipes cleaned out don’t we.”

With a broad smile and a loud roar of laughter that revealed several missing teeth, the old man agreed, “That we do honey, that we do.”

“But first,” Angel’s tone suddenly got deathly serious, “you need to perform some of your magic.”

The old man smiled, “What kind of magic, sweetheart?”

Angel leaned forward and began to whisper in the old man’s ear. As she whispered his toothy smile got wider and wider.

“Wheee, girl,” he grinned brightly, “You know I love to pierce white women’s nipples.”

“Daddy!!! Hush!!!” Angel scolded with a laugh, “Don’t give away all my secrets.”

Suze, who had come up to stand just a foot or two from my right side, reached out and grabbed my hand and squeezed it tightly. She was trembling. I flashed a look in her direction and saw her brightly sparkling hazel eyes filled with horror. My stomach knotted up with fear but I willed my body to remain calm and not show the sense of dread I felt. I willed myself to be strong. I’d show that spoiled little southern bitch who the strong one was.

“Well let’s get started,” the old man grinned. Then while openly ogling my body up and down, he said cheerfully, “The sooner we start, the sooner we finish, and the sooner I get to bust me some sweet white pussy.”

“Come on,” he stated as he turned to walk towards an office along the back wall.

“Come along, girls,” Angel demanded coolly as she began to follow her father.

Suze squeezed my hand tighter as we followed Angel into the office.

The room seemed too large for its sparse furnishings. There were a couple of beautician style chairs in the center with a medical examination table between them. The room certainly didn’t offer much privacy, as the front wall contained windows half way up. Under the windows were three chairs that didn’t look very comfortable. Sitting on a counter across the back of the office were trays of what appearing to be gold and silver jewelry.

Turning towards Suze and me, Angel snapped, “Both of you get naked NOW.”

I had the top of my dress pulled down off my titties and pushed down to my waist before Suze had even moved. In another five seconds I had pushed the dress down my legs and stepped out of it, leaving it lying on the floor. An instant later I was standing straight up with my hands submissive behind my back, and my shoulders pulled well back. It took Suze nearly twice as long to assume the same degrading position.

The old man looked as if he was about to have a heart attack as his dark eyes shifted back and fourth between Suze and me. I thought he was about to start drooling.

“Daddy,” Angel joked, “control yourself. They are just trashy white whores.”

He couldn’t help but use his tongue to lick his lips as he ogled my bare titties and their hard nipples.

Looking at Suze, Angel stated matter-of-factly, “You will go first, cunt.”

Angel hadn’t even finished the words before tears began to slowly trickle down Suze’s lovely cheeks. For a full 15 seconds Suze stood still, in a state of shock. Abruptly, Angel grabbed her by the arm and all but shoved her into one of the beautician chairs.

In the mean time, Angel’s father had begun to scrub his hands at the sink along the back wall. While he did that, Angel seated herself in one of the chairs at the front of the office. She rested her elbow on the arm of the chair and extending her forearm out parallel to the floor.

With a wicked smirk Angel commanded, “Barbie, come ride my fingers while we wait your turn.”

Without a word, I turned around and damn near pissed myself when I saw several black men standing outside the windows across the front of the office. Recognizing a couple from the scene earlier on the street, I could only surmise that they had followed us. I told myself I didn’t give a shit who was watching or what she demanded of me I was going to obey Mistress Angel without question.

I took the few steps to where Angel was sitting and spread my legs so that my pussy was directly over her hand.

“Turn around, slut. You need to watch your sister,” Angel ordered.

I repositioned myself facing Suze and with my ass towards Angel. She lifted two fingers up as she ordered, “Now fuck yourself!”

Without hesitating I squatted until I felt her fingers press against my juicy pussy. Lowering myself further, I felt her fingers begin to penetrate my well lubed cunt. My naked body shook with lust and longing. I squatted lower, taking all that Angel offered.

I didn’t care that a half dozen black men and a couple of black women were watching through the office windows. Trying to block the scene from my thoughts, I began to fuck myself up and down on Angel’s fingers. My naked titties bounced as I pumped up and down with hard forceful strokes. My craving pussy spasmed with unrelenting lust.

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