Based on an Untrue Story


My name is Jerome. A while back, I read a story that I thought was supposed to be just a cheating wife story. The narrator thought he was being sly, getting some from his buddy’s hot wife, but he ended up getting fucked by his buddy, and he liked it. I’ve never been into guys before, but this author knows how to tell a story, and I found myself thinking that it sounds like fun. I told him so in a private message. He said that ironically he’d never done it either! I checked his location and I was disappointed to see that he’s on the other side of the country, so we couldn’t satisfy each other’s curiosity.

From time to time after that, I checked the personals on my adult websites for a potential hook-up, but everyone seemed like they fell into one of the stereotypes, macho or sub. The macho guys made me feel like meat, and the subs came across as almost too excited at the prospect. If I was going to do this, I wanted it to be with an ordinary guy who just happened to like guys.

One morning, after an evening of unproductive searching, I had barely booted my work computer up when I felt like an idiot. My co-worker Matt is gay and knows I’m straight, but he was always joking about how he was going to convert me. HR talked to him once, but I told them I was okay with it. What would make it a little creepier if I did have a problem with it is that some people think we look like brothers. I have a moustache and he doesn’t, but we have the same sandy blond hair and similarly angled chins.

I didn’t even have to bring the subject up myself. Aileen had made a trip to McDonald’s and taken orders for all of us. She handed a Happy Meal to another co-worker and said, “Sorry, they were out of boy toys.”

Matt and I had both ordered. He put his hand on my shoulder and said, “At least I’ve got mine.”

I told him, “You couldn’t handle it.” There was dead silence, and then we all laughed, no one louder than Matt.

After lunch, Matt messaged me on our intranet. “What was that about?” he asked.

“I’m opening myself up … to new things,” I told him. It was a single message, punctuated as you see it here so he’d be sure to catch the double entendre.

“We shouldn’t have this conversation on the company’s system,” Matt answered. “Do you have my cell phone number?”

I told him the contact number that was stored on mine, and he confirmed it. After work, I called him and told him the story. “The guy made it sound so exciting, I decided to try it myself.”

Matt laughed, “I’m glad you’re not into murder mysteries!”

“Cut the bullshit,” I said. “Are you up for it or not?”

“I’m in! I’m in!” Then he asked, “So, what else did he write?”

“Well, most of his stuff is hetero, but he did write a couple other man-to-man stories. One was a guy whose dating service screwed up and fixed him up with a guy named Leslie ’cause they thought Leslie was a woman.”

“Oh, God, that old trope,” Matt sighed. “I feel sorry for every Terry, Pat and Chris.”

“Sorry or envy?” I asked.

“Ha ha ha,” Matt laughed sarcastically. “I mean the straight ones. Of course I wonder how many lesbian pairings get started the same way.”

“Not that it has any appeal to you,” I observed.

“Only by proxy,” Matt agreed. “How ’bout college stories? I know they talk about women experimenting, but I can tell you firsthand that men do too.”


“No, I knew I liked guys even before I knew what I wanted to do with ’em.”

“I did see a story about a wild frat party where a circle jerk turned into something more, but none where a gay guy seduced his straight frat brother.”

“It’s a start,” Matt said.

“What is?”

“Sorry, I was just thinking out loud.” There was an awkward silence, except for the sound of computer keys. “How’s Friday at seven sound?”

“If I have anything, I’ll cancel it.” I joked, “Sorry, Mr. President. My Middle East peace plan will have to wait till next week.” Then I imitated a foreign accent. “Sawright? Sawright.”

“You’ve been to my place before, haven’t you?”

“I haven’t been inside, but I took you home from an office party once.”

Matt laughed. “Did anything happen?”

“If I did, I wouldn’t be curious any more, would I?”

“Okay, talk to you tomorrow.”

I was worried that people at work would figure out that something was different. Matt took the first opportunity to make another one of his fake come-on jokes, and I acted the way I usually do, so I stopped worrying.

The nice thing about doing this with a friend instead of a stranger, besides not fearing for my life, is that I didn’t have to think about what to wear. I pass an adult toy store on my way home and traffic was stuck there on Wednesday. I briefly thought about stopping in to buy assless chaps, but I decided I didn’t want to spend that kind of money if this turned out to be the only time I used them.

I only heard Matt’s voice once on Friday. I hoped he wasn’t avoiding me. Worse, I was afraid he’d think I was avoiding him. I made an excuse to ask him something in a chat, Cebeci Escort and he didn’t act like there was anything unusual. When I got off work, I headed to a department store and bought some cologne. It wasn’t expensive, but I knew it would be fresh. I figured I owed him the same consideration I’d show a woman if I thought I was going to get laid. I didn’t buy new underwear for the occasion, but I put on a pair that I’d only worn once since I bought it a couple weeks ago.

It was about ten till when I pulled into a parking spot at Matt’s apartment complex. I tried to make myself wait until exactly seven o’clock before I got there, but I got so nervous thinking about taking my first dick in my ass that I couldn’t sit still. As soon as my watch clicked over to 7:00, I knocked on the door.

Matt acted surprised when he opened it. He shouted, “You made it!” a little louder than seemed necessary. I noticed that he had signs up around the place that said Beta Phi. One guy came out of the bedroom and another guy popped up behind the couch, both saying “All right,” or something close to it. Matt introduced me to the man behind the couch. “This is Chuck. He’s in my bowling league.” Chuck is black, but the safe-looking kind that bourgeois people don’t mind living in their neighborhoods, not the kind that some of them fantasize about. If I’m 5’10”, he’s about 5’8″, with an average build and complexion just on the light side of what they call chocolate.

“Gay bowling league?”

Chuck corrected me. “Not every social activity with two gay guys in it is a gay organization. Besides, there aren’t enough gay guys in this town who like bowling to have our own league. Two of my teammates are a husband and wife. We kick Matt’s ass every Thursday.”

Matt continued. “And this is Glenn from fulfillment.” Glenn’s probably six feet tall, muscular with the shade of blond hair that doesn’t have a special name. If it were long, he’d belong on the cover of a romance novel.

Chuck joked, “He’s gonna fulfill your fantasy.” Matt was the only one who laughed.

I pointed to one of the decorations and told Matt, “I thought you were in Kappa Sigma.”

Matt explained, “We’re forming our own frat, Beta Phi. ‘B’ is for butt, and you know what starts with ‘fuh.’” Glenn laughed at the joke and added, “There’s no ‘J’ in the Greek alphabet, so we couldn’t be any subtler.”

I felt hands on my waist, and I looked down to see Chuck unbuttoning my jeans. I was too shocked to do anything, so he was also able to unzip them. “Are you just gonna pull ’em down and fuck me?” I asked.

Matt responded, “Is that what you want?”

I hesitated. “Sure, I want it,” I said. “I just wasn’t sure—”

Matt assured me, “We’ll go whatever speed you’re comfortable with.” Chuck had my pants down to my ankles, and Glenn pulled my underwear down to my knees. Matt got on his knees and started stroking my cock. He licked each of my balls. It was sort of a sublime tickle, different from what any woman’s ever done for me. He ran his tongue along the underside of my shaft from the base to the head and then did the top. Strangely, feeling his chin on my cock was more erotic than feeling his tongue because I couldn’t see it. Touch was the only sense involved. He moved his head back and put his lips around my dick. As he moved in slowly, I put my hand on his shoulder to steady myself.

In the background, Chuck and Glenn had already stripped below the waist. Chuck and Glenn took turns stroking each other while they watched Matt’s performance. (They couldn’t do it at the same time because Glenn is so much taller.) Matt didn’t just go straight up and down. Sometimes he’d move to the left or right and go down sideways. Once I got to the point where all my dick could do was bob, Matt went down and took the entire length. He did something inside his mouth that I’d never felt. After he did it a few times, I could tell I was ready to come. “Do you swallow?” I asked him.

Chuck had taken his shirt off. “He tells me he does.”

“You don’t know?” I asked.

“Just ’cause we know each other doesn’t mean we’ve done each other,” Glenn answered.

“No offense, I didn’t mean to-Oh, fuck!”

I had taken my hand off Matt’s shoulder and put it on a chair nearby. Glenn moved behind Matt and said, “None taken.”

Matt let me out of his mouth. He sounded like he was gasping for breath, not just making a show of swallowing. “Are all gay guys this good at sucking?” I asked.

Matt got up and stood next to Chuck. Chuck answered, “Not at first. Were you good at eating pussy the first time you tried it?”

Glenn gently moved my hand to his dick. He continued Chuck’s thought. “You got better with practice on a woman, and you’ll get better with practice on a guy.”

I started to get on my knees, but Glenn put his hand under my arm. “You don’t have to kneel if you don’t want to. That’s just how Matt likes to do it.”

Matt added, “You don’t have to do it at all. We’re just here ’cause you wanted to. Kolej Escort Just like they tell women, you can always change your mind.”

“Never let it be said that I’m a cock-tease,” I said. I looked at my three friends. I was about to suck my first dick, and it was an important choice. Chuck’s dick was bigger than Matt’s, but when I looked at Glenn, I didn’t even have to look at his dick. None of these guys was what they used to call light in the loafers, let alone camp, but I wanted my first blow to be as masculine as possible, and that was Glenn. The fact that his dick was as thick as Chuck’s and almost as long was a bonus. I skipped the preliminaries and closed my mouth around it. I put his hands on my shoulders for good measure. They made me feel so secure that, for the first time, I understood what women like about men. I bobbed up and down just to feel him getting hard inside my mouth.

Chuck observed, “He’s eager!”

I put my hand out and waved him toward me. Chuck stood next to Glenn and I started stroking his dick. Close up, it turned out to be only a little longer than Glenn’s, not enough to support the belief about black guys’ dicks, but enough to entice me. I got to where I was going up and down on Glenn’s dick with my mouth in tandem with my hand on Chuck’s. When Glenn’s dick was really hard, I moved my mouth to Chuck’s but I started stroking Glenn. I kept this going until I notice Glenn’s balls withdrawing. Then I got halfway between them and stroked them both. I was ready for Glenn to shoot his cum into my mouth, but for the moment I wanted to savor the sight of two dicks that were feeding me at the same time. Once I saw Glenn’s knees start to buckle, I turned toward him and opened my mouth. I was treated to what seemed like four huge shots of cum. Glenn had just stopped coming when I felt a little on my cheek. I turned to my left and took Chuck’s dick in my mouth so I’d get the rest of his.

Matt was naked now. He watched all this and observed, “What’s amazing is that none of us had seen each other’s dicks until tonight.”

Chuck corrected him. “You forgot the time we went to the gym together. You hadn’t quite got your underwear all the way up when I turned around to show you a picture on my cell phone.”

Matt laughed. “You’re right. I’d forgotten about it.”

Chuck was now sitting on the couch. “Well, I sure didn’t!” he said. “Ever since then, I’ve been wondering how I could get some of it.”

Matt seemed sincerely surprised. He stood next to Chuck and pointed his dick in his face. “You can have some right now.”

Chuck stood up and turned around. “That’s not where I meant.”

Matt looked at me. “I know you were looking forward to your first time fucking a guy. It looks like you’ll have to wait your turn.”

Glenn said, “I got this covered. Where’s your lube?”

Chuck went back behind the couch. “I hid it right here.” He reached underneath, found it and handed it to Matt. Chuck and Glenn were both kneeling on the floor, and by now all of us were naked. Matt poured a little between Chuck’s butt cheeks and then did the same to Glenn’s. He also put a little on my dick head before rubbing it on his own. His hand felt warm on me.

Matt watched while I lined my cock up with Glenn’s asshole. Once I was in, Chuck rolled over onto his back. “I like it this way,” he told Matt.

It took a little effort even with lube, but I got into a nice rhythm. Judging by the way Glenn moved with me, he seemed to like the rhythm too. “You’ve obviously had more experience at this than at sucking,” he said.

“Well, I’ve had more than zero experience at fucking,” I told him. “Even ass fucking. So, yeah, that’s more experience. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?”

Glenn ground hard against my dick. “You showed promise as a cocksucker. You’re already good at fucking.”

Chuck let out a moan, and I looked over at him and Matt. I told them, “I didn’t know guys could fuck in the missionary position. Hell, I didn’t know men and women could do anal that way.”

“We can try it when you two are done,” Matt said. “Right now, pay attention to the guy you’re with.”

I looked back at Glenn. “Sorry ’bout that.”

“I’ll get over it,” he said. I thrust hard into him as if to make up for my distraction. “Especially if you hit that spot again!”

I tried to remember what angle I’d come in. I swooped in a little lower than before. It didn’t get the same reaction from Glenn, but the way it felt on my dick was awesome. As a bonus, it was the first time I appreciated the beauty of a man’s butt. It wasn’t better than a woman’s, just different. I could feel my second orgasm building up. “I’m gonna come, Glenn!”

At the same moment, Glenn yelled, “Give it to me, Jerome!” and Chuck yelled, “Give it to me, Matt!” I could see Matt’s brow furrowing and I knew I must be doing the same while I exploded into Glenn’s ass.

Matt recovered sooner than I did. I could see how much Glenn enjoyed getting fucked because his own dick was a little Yenimahalle Escort bit hard. I told him, “Lemme give you some relief.” I knelt over him and licked his balls just like Matt had done for me. That made his dick even harder. From this position I could do what I’d watched Matt do earlier. I went down one side, came back and did the other side.

Glenn told Matt and Chuck, “We were right. He is getting better with practice.”

I said, “You like that, huh?” Glenn nodded. I put my finger underneath him and fingered him. I guess I found his prostate because he started bucking his hips.

Behind me I heard Matt say, “You like him fucking your mouth, don’t you?” I nodded. “But that’s not the fucking you told me you were really looking forward to.” I felt a pair of hands separate my ass cheeks, and then I felt lube pouring between them. After the lube, the hands came off. I felt my knees separate, and then I felt what I’d really looked forward to, a cockhead at my ass. I felt a different pair of hands on my ass, and I knew that the first pair belonged to Chuck. Matt slid his cock inside me slowly. “You like it?” he asked. I nodded again and continued sucking Glenn’s dick. Glenn must have read my mind because he got up on his knees. Now, with each thrust of Matt’s cock, I sucked Glenn’s a little harder.

Chuck observed, “You’ve found yourself a great little fuck toy, Matt!”

Matt said, “He’s good, but I was kinda hoping to be his!”

I let Glenn out of my mouth long enough to say, “You can be that too!” Matt fucked me even harder, and I felt an unspeakable joy with each movement. He was going so deep that it even felt good when he was pulling back. Then his cockhead hit my prostate for the first time. All I could say was, “Oh, shit!”

“I hit the spot, huh?” Matt asked.

“If I were a woman, I’d probably say I wanted to have your baby,” I panted.

Glenn shouted, “Get ready!”

Matt thrust in and said, “Same here!”

“Move closer!” I ordered. Glenn and Matt pulled in, and I got a load of cum at both ends at the same time. I told them, “This is fantastic. I love being a little cum slut!”

I meant to swallow all of Glenn’s cum, but my tendency to overtalk got in the way. It was okay, though, because the two spurts that landed on my cheek made it that much more surreal. Chuck was tired of being the odd man out, so he came in and licked it off me. Then he asked, “Did you mean what you told Matt?”

Matt had just pulled his dick out of my ass. I looked back at him and said, “If you mean it, Matt.”

Matt turned around and lay on his back. “Hell, yeah!”

He splayed his legs and I got between them. “Bear with me. Like I said, I didn’t think it was possible in the missionary position. I’d heard guys say they did it, but I always figured they were bragging.” I crouched and put his shoulders over my legs. Glenn helped me line my dick up at Matt’s asshole.

“You’re off to a good start,” Matt assured me. I went up and down on my knees, so my dick changed angles while I fucked my friend. Once I got to where I didn’t need the training wheels, Chuck and Glenn got on either side of Matt’s face. He managed to get both their dicks in his mouth at once.

“Always gotta one-up me, don’t ya, Matt?” I joked.

Chuck pulled back and Matt said something unintelligible. Glenn pulled out and Matt did his impression of Alec Guinness. “You’ll be able to do this as well when your training is complete, young Jerome.” We all laughed and then Matt put his hands on their butts, cuing them to put their dicks back in his mouth. The erotic part of the sight wasn’t even their dicks, it was just these two butts, different colors and different shapes, but both good-looking in their own way, moving at the same time.

After a few minutes of all of us fucking Matt one way or another, Glenn informed me, “You should probably know that Matt’s into bukkake.”

Matt pulled both dicks out of his mouth and told him sternly, “I am not and you know it, motherfucker!”

Chuck told Glenn, “You know what you get for that, dude!” He pointed his dick at Glenn and started spraying cum. It got on his stomach and crotch. I had hoped it would get in Glenn’s blond hair just for the sight of it, but the angle wasn’t right Then he held Glenn’s dick up, and Glenn’s cum got on both their chests, plus a little on Chuck’s hand.

I told everyone, “I’m gonna come!” I don’t think Glenn and Chuck heard me, because they were lying down licking each other’s chests, in sort of an offset version of 69.

Matt put his hands up and brought me down so we were to face to face. “There’s one basic thing you still haven’t done.”

“What’s that?”

He put his lips on mine and his hand on my neck. I wanted to open my mouth, but I could see that he wasn’t doing the same. He kissed me the same way I kissed my last girlfriend the night I told her I loved her. After a couple seconds, he did open his mouth and I did the same. Between the two of us, we were sharing remnants of all four guys’ cum at once. I looked up and saw that Chuck and Glenn were fucking missionary style, kissing like a couple at the same time. I’d watched gay porn before, but I’d never seen two guys who looked like they were making love, and my heart melted a little. Plus, seeing Chuck’s black ass move up and down during all this turned me on in a way that sucking his black dick hadn’t.

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