The building that I work in has a gym that’s available to use. So in an effort to get in better shape I had decided rather than sitting down at my desk for lunch I would hit the gym. It’s not like I’m in terrible shape, I just needed to lose a few pounds off my 5’10, 175lb body.

The great thing about this gym was that it was hardly ever used by anyone. I could go at lunch and there was usually only one other guy naked Chris that was there at the same time so I never had to wait for a piece of equipment. Over the weeks Chris and I got to talking and started up a bit of a friendship. It was kind of nice to have a work out buddy even though we rarely actually worked out together. It was just nice conversation. From time to time we would show each other different things to try and motivate each other. Chris was in about the same shape as I was but a few inches taller and he definitely worked harder than I did and would keep me on my toes when he saw I wasn’t working out as hard as I could. I admit I liked having someone there to push me along when I needed it

Normally we wouldn’t finish at the same time as he would start earlier than I would so he would grab a shower and then about the time he was finished I would use it.

One day after our usual routine, I finished my set a bit early and decided to get cleaned up. As I walked in to grab a shower and out of the other stall came Chris. The thing was, he was completely naked, having just dried off. I tried my best to not look at him but as I moved my head away I happened to get a look at his cock. At 8 inches and thick I’m no slouch in that department but I could have sworn he was every bit as big as me and most likely a bit bigger.

I quickly apologized to him “Oh God, sorry man.”

He just smiled at me “No problem, I’m used to having this place by myself so didn’t think to cover up. Besides we’re all friends here.”

I quickly agreed and then went about my business and jumped in the shower.

The next few days after that I couldn’t help but notice the bulge in Chris’ shorts as he worked out. I’ve never considered myself gay but if I found myself constantly casting glances over at him over the next few days. Luckily he didn’t seem to notice anything so I figured I was in the clear.

About two weeks after the initial encounter and countless glances as his crotch I again finished my workout and headed for the shower. I walked in and once again Chris was standing there naked. Once again I excused myself but I had to admit that I did take a longer than usual glance at his cock.

Just as I was about to head to the shower stall Chris spoke up.

“You can go ahead and look a little longer if you like.”

I looked over at him. “Look at what?”

“My cock. I know you don’t think I’ve noticed you looking at it but I’m here to tell you I have.”

“I don’t know what our talking about. I’m not gay and I wasn’t trying to take a look at your cock.”

“I didn’t say you were gay. There’s nothing wrong with wondering what another guys coco looks like. Or tastes like.”

“Seriously, I’ve never Demetevler Escort wondered that. I’m kind of annoyed that you think that.”

“Well it’s true. Ever since you saw me a couple of weeks ago, I’ve noticed you looking at my crotch during our workouts. And just now even though you think you were being all super spy like, you just took a long hard look at it. Be honest with yourself. There’s nothing wrong with it. If I’m wrong then I’ll never bring it up again.”

I stood there for a second, doing my best to look him in the eyes but finding them wanting to look down again at his cock which seemed to be getting harder.

“Fine, you’re right. I was looking at it. I’ve never really seen one other than in porn so I guess I was curious.”

“Curious about what? What it looked like? Felt like?”

“Both I guess.”

“Go ahead then. You can touch it. I promise it won’t bite you.”

I stood there for what seemed like hours. I couldn’t deny that I really wanted to touch it but at the same time I was freaking out inside. I felt like I was suddenly dreaming. Maybe not the best way to describe it but it was a very unique feeling.

I don’t know what made me do it but I eventually walked over to him and put my hand on his cock. Having just come out of the shower the skin in his shaft was very soft. I slid my fingers along the shaft and then wrapped my hand around his cock. I could feel my heart pounding as for the first time I held a cock in my hand that wasn’t my own.

I could hear a soft moan come out of Chris, then he said “Ya, that’s right. Just like that. Feels good doesn’t it.”

I whispered a “Yes it does.” I hadn’t taken my eyes off his cock the entire time and then felt his arms on my shoulders pushing me down to my knees.”

“That’s it, get a better look at it. You know you want to.”

He was absolutely right. I did want a better look at it so I allowed him to push me to my knees and found myself starting straight at his cock. I continued running my hand all over his cock then down to his balls. Taking in the thickness of his shaft and the veins running along it. I was quite simply mesmerized by it. I grabbed it again and started working my hand up and down the shaft slowly at first and then a bit faster. I could feel my own cock getting hard as I continued working his amazing cock.

Once more, Chris moaned and looked down at me. “Good God you’re good at that. You want to taste it don’t you. Go ahead. You can start with just a lick.”

My heart was still beating fast and a part of me didn’t want to go any further but another part did. I was fascinated by his cock and so I did as I was told and licked the side of his shaft tentatively at first and found that it wasn’t so bad. I continued licking the sides and worked my way to the top of his cock. Swirling my tongue around the head of his cock and the working my way back down the shaft. I found myself feeling like I was in another world where nothing mattered but his cock yet still uneasy about the whole thing as I had never done Otele gelen escort this before.

Chris groaned again and I felt his hands on my head as I continued licking his cock and then finally working my way to his ball sack. I bathed his balls with my tongue finding that as I got more excited the faster I was licking. I finally took the plunge and took his balls into my mouth. Sucking them in as I worked my tongue around them inside my mouth.

Chris let out another loud groan “Fuck ya suck those balls.” I looked up and saw him looking down at me as I continued working his balls. Feeling a bit proud of myself that I was turning this guy on so much.

I let his balls fall from my mouth and while looking up at him took a long slow lick up the shaft to the tip. I don’t know what made me do it but when I got to the top I opened my mouth and took him in me. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, having never sucked a cock before, but I started bobbing up and down on his dick. I found I loved the feeling of having him in my mouth and continued working his cock in and out of my mouth.

Chris held my head with his hands as I worked his cock. I could feel it getting harder and thicker as I kept sucking him.

“Fuck yeah. Keep it up you little cocksucker. Take that dick in your little slut mouth.”

I couldn’t tell you why but for some reason rather than making me mad and turning me off had the opposite effect. I got even hornier hearing his words and moaned as I started bobbing up and down even faster on his cock. I could taste the per cum on my tongue and then felt his hands hold my head as he slammed his cock into my mouth and held it there. I tried to breath through my nose but could only hold on for a few seconds. Luckily Chris let go of my head and took his cock out. As I gasped for breathe he looked down at me.

“You’re living this aren’t you. You love being a cocksucker. You want some more?”

I could only say “Yes, I want some more of your cock.”

“Beg for it slut.”

“Please Chris, let me suck your cock some more.”

“Stick out your tongue whore.”

I did as told and he grabbed his cock and started slapping it on my tongue and across my face. Sliding it in and out of my open mouth from time to time before spanking my face again with his wet cock.

After a couple minutes of this he slammed it back into my mouth and started face fucking me. His hands on the back of my head as he pumped his cock in and out of my eager mouth.

“Fuck yes. You’re sick a good cocksucker, take it deep you dirty whore.”

I could feel my cock getting harder as he assaulted me with his cock and words. He kept working his dick deeper into my mouth and calling me names. At one point he reached down and grabbed one of my nipples and twisted it real hard. I’d never had that done before and while it hurt it also felt amazing. I groaned in his cock even louder as I tried to take it all down my throat.

“Mmmm that’s a good boy. Take all that cock down your throat. Soon I’m going to paint Balgat Escort your face with my cum and make you a complete whore.”

He let go of my head and I continued to bob up and down on him, working more and more down my throat. I felt I was almost taking all of him when he grabbed my nipple again and pinched it. It was all too much and my cock erupted, spewing cum all over the floor. I had never even touched my dick and yet here I was cumming all over the place. I struggled to keep sucking his cock as my body shook from the intense orgasm I was having but I managed to keep working his cock, determined to keep going.

Chris looked down at me as I continued to convulse and laughed “Fuck, you just came without anyone touching you. You are a true sissy aren’t you. Keep working that cock you sissy bitch. I’m almost ready to cover your face like a true cum slut.”

I took his cock out of my mouth and grabbed it, squeezing it hard and looked up at him. “Yes, please, cum all over me. Give me all that cum.”

I jerked him a bit more and then slapped my own face with his dick a few times before going back to his balls and sucking them deep in my mouth then licking my way back up to the top and taking him again deep in my mouth. I continued sucking his cock for a few more minutes when I felt his cock somehow get even thicker.

Chris pulled his cock away and started jerking himself. “Look up at me and open your mouth slut. I’m gonna cum all over you.”

I did as told and looked up at him, opening my mouth and eagerly waiting for his hot cum.

Chris jerked his cock a few more times before his body tensed up and shots of cum rained down all over my face and into my mouth. His legs shook as he worked as much cum out of his cock as possible. Then without warning he slammed his dick back into my mouth and started pumping again.

“That’s it bitch, clean all the cum off that dick and have a good taste.”

I had never tasted cum before but as his cock worked in and out of my mouth I found that it wasn’t that bad. It was strange but I also found myself feeling happy that I had made him have such a reaction.

After a few more minutes of cleaning his dick in my mouth I felt him go soft and he finally pulled out.

“Fuck, that was amazing. Your a natural cocksucker. Look at yourself in the mirror.”

I got up off my knees and took a look and saw my face covered with cum. I don’t know how to describe the feeling other than I felt so slutty and I both liked and disliked the feeling at the same time.

Chris started getting changed and looked over to me “I know what you’re thinking. Doing that for the first time can be a lot to deal with at first. But I will tell you this. I won’t do anything until you beg me to let you suck my cock again.”

He waited a second and then finished with. “And trust me slut. You’ll come begging.”

He grabbed his bag and walked out of the room while I stood there staring at my cum covered face. As I jumped in the shower into clean myself up I had a mixture of emotions run through me.

I wasn’t gay, yet I had just sucked a guy off, let him call me all sorts of names and cum all over me and to top it all off I had enjoyed it. Was I really a sissy and a slut like he called me?

I decided to take some time and think about it telling myself that this was a one time thing that would never happen again.

Yet deep down I knew it would

To be continued…

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