Arcade Pt. 03


‘What are you doing?’ I thought to myself as I followed the tail lights of the car ahead of me. As worried as I was about what was unfolding, I couldn’t deny the fact that I was completely aroused…especially with my dick so hard, pushing against the front of my pants, that it hurt. I tried tweaking it, adjusting it into a more comfortable position, but only succeeded in forcing another jolt of pleasure through my groin.

Jon McSwiggin, coffee shop owner from my hometown, and the guy who was with him, who had also just sucked my dick in a booth in the adult arcade, were in the car in front of me presumably driving to their house as I followed behind them.

When we left the arcade I had gotten a better look at Jon’s companion. He looked a little familiar, though I couldn’t place who he was. There was an obvious familiarity between the two, just the way they behaved with each other when they got to their car made that obvious. They waved to me and signaled for me to follow them as we pulled out from the parking lot.

Once we got back into our hometown, the streets they took were all too familiar to me and I knew which neighborhood we were heading to right away. A few of my friends from my high school days lived in this area. We pulled past several houses, all with that all-too-suburbia look to them, and I watched their car pull into the driveway of a house and the garage door opened and they drove forward but parked to the side of it. Jon’s arm came out the window and waved me forward, I was glad to park in the garage as it would mean my car wouldn’t be seen in the driveway this late at night.

With so much running through my head, I sat there in my car staring forward. Excitement, and so much fear, were battling inside of me as I sat there wondering what was going to come. Images of three naked bodies writhing together kept flitting through my mind, my dick was still so hard it was becoming distracting. There’s a really good chance someone who knows me will find out I was here with two guys, and what if one of them tells someone about what has happened, or what could happen now, and then my friends, or my parents find out? Oh my god, what was I doing here?

The sound of the garage door rumbling closed behind me nearly made me jump and when I looked up Jon and his friend were standing beside my car door, their arms around each other’s waist. His friend leaned down and looked at me through the window.

“Come on inside.” He said, and smiled seductively at me. The look in his honey-brown, hazel eyes made my heart skip a beat and my dick twitch in my pants. With trembling, sweaty hands I unhooked my seatbelt and opened my door and climbed out of the car. Jon took my hand and lead me into the house where we made our way into the living room.

I sat down on one end of the couch and Jon’s friend sat down right beside me, leaving the other end empty. He rested his hand on my thigh, rolling his thumb in lazy little circles, smiling that smile at me that burned straight into my gut. Jon went to a little table off to the side and poured himself a small glass of whiskey and when I turned towards him, he held up his glass and said, “Would you like a drink? You look a little tense.” I quickly nodded my head. I was sure I looked like a frightened deer that was ready to bolt!

“There’s no reason to be afraid.” Jon’s friend said and leaned over and kissed my neck. “You’re a lot safer here than at that arcade.” I felt goosebumps and the heat of a blush wash up my neck. as I turned back to him, and that smile! My god how could he make me feel like this just with a smile!

Jon brought over two glasses and handed each of us one before getting his own and sitting in a chair beside the couch. “Obviously you know me,” he said with a smile, “And this is my stepbrother, Jamie. Jamie, this is Stephen.” He introduced us with a wave of his whiskey glass.

Jamie raised his glass to me. “It’s nice to finally meet you, Stephen. Jon has told me a little about you already and I feel like I already know you.”

Wait…his stepbrother? I was confused, and…his stepbrother?! But they had kissed, and had sex together in the booth! The whole thought of the incestuous connection between them really had me…well, hot! How utterly, and beautifully dirty it was!

I raised my glass and clinked it against Stephen’s and took a long drink, feeling the warmth of the whiskey rolling down my throat, the same way the wave of lust was rolling through my groin.

Jamie set his glass on the coffee table in front of us and brought his hand up to the nape of my neck, ruffling my hair as he lightly scratched my scalp. More goosebumps washed down my back at his touch. “You really are as good looking as Jon said.” He told me, staring from my eyes down to my lips then back into my eyes. His tongue slowly licked across his lips leaving then glistening and wet. I thought right then that there was nothing sexier in the world than his full, wet lips as he stared at me Eryaman Escort with that damned smile on his face.

I slowly leaned forward, brushing my lips gently across his in a chaste kiss, when I leaned back enough to see his eyes they were glassy with lust, as I am sure my own were.

He came for my mouth this time, catching me in a crushing kiss. His lips pressed against mine as his tongue swept into my mouth as his hand swept down and held my face. He explored my mouth with his tongue, sweeping it around my own, and across the roof of my mouth. It was by far the best kiss I’ve ever had in my life and I was completely lost in it; and in him.

At some point, Jon had joined us on the couch and was sitting behind Jamie, his hands reaching to both of us, caressing and stroking our heads and faces. The heat from the three of us crushed together so closely felt as if it would set my body in fire.

“Come.” Jon said, standing from the couch, “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

Jamie broke our kiss first, I didn’t think I had the strength to do it, I wanted his mouth on mine so badly. He popped my mouth with a few kisses then stood in front of me, looking down at me with his puffy, red lips, then reached a hand out for me.

I looked from him to Jon and their excitement was plainly obvious in the front of their pants, and I reached out and took Jamie’s hand. He pulled me to my feet and Jon wrapped his arm around my waist and kissed my neck as Jamie started leading me by the hand towards the bedroom, Jon dragged along with me by the hold he had on my waist.

The bedroom was dimly lit by a lamp on the bedside table, so other than the king size bed that took up the majority of the room, I could see very little details of the rest of the room; but then again, other than the bed and Jamie walking in front of me, I didn’t much care about anything else.

Jamie walked to the edge of the bed and turned to face me, drawing me into his body as he started kissing me again, rubbing his hands along my jaw and behind my head, tangling his fingers in my hair. Jon stepped in behind me, his body pressing against my back, and he wrapped his arms around me, crossing his hands over my chest in a firm hug as he started kissing and nibbling at my neck. His hands began wandering across my chest and stomach as Jamie’s tongue wandered through my mouth. Pressed so firmly between the two of them, I didn’t know what to do with my hands. Which one of them did I touch? If I touched one, would the other be upset that I didn’t touch him instead? My brain and my body were wracked with so much stimulation it was like I was going into overload. I whimpered softly in frustration and tried my best to keep up with their hands and mouths.

Jon’s hand was rubbing across my nipple as the other hand plunged into my pants, gripping my dick firmly at the base. I leaned back into Jon’s body and groaned into Jamie’s mouth. Jamie drew back and began to pull my shirt up and over my head, exposing my burning flesh to Jon’s touch. His hand found my nipples and tweaked each of them in turn as he continued to squeeze and release pressure on the base of my dick with his other hand.

Jamie tossed my shirt to the side and started working on my pants, unfastening and unzipping them as he knelt in front of me and pulled my pants and underwear down to my feet. My hard dick popped out in front of his face, bouncing inches away from his kiss-swollen lips. He wrapped his hands around my ass and squeezed my cheeks in both hands as he nuzzled his face between my thigh and balls, kissing me in that spot where they joined, then licking his tongue up and around the base of my dick. I watched as his face rolled up and around, my dick rubbing across his cheek as he did it. Then he looked up at me and kissed the little mound of pubes above my dick. He leaned back and started pulling off my shoes then dragged my pants off from my feet. Jon’s hand took hold of my dick again and he started slowly stroking me up and down, pulling little drops of precum out of the slit with each tug as I stood there naked to the world.

Jamie stood and walked behind Jon. I felt his hands squeeze between us and he started undressing him. Jon let go of my body long enough for his shirt to be pulled off and my legs were so shaky that I thought I would fall. Soon Jon pulled me back into him and wrapped me up in his arms again and I could feel the heat of his hard dick pressing against my ass, his smooth hot skin against my own. He moved hips, humping against the back of me, and his dick worked its way into the crack of my ass. His dick slid up and down in the cleft of my cheeks with every pump of his hips. I felt little jolts of electricity race up my spine every time his dick slid up or down in my crack. I knew there would be the possibility that we would be fucking at some point tonight, and now I wanted it to be me taking them into my body.

Jamie moved back Sincan Escort in front of me, still fully dressed, and his hands started roaming over the both of us, touching us everywhere that he could reach.

Jon nipped my neck with his teeth then said, “Jamie has on too many clothes, why don’t you help him with that.”

Jamie stepped back and smiled his smile at me again and I immediately started working his clothes off of him. Jon crossed behind me and climbed on the bed, sprawling out in the middle of it, his head propped up on his hand, as I dropped Jamie’s shirt to the floor. The lighting here was better than in the arcade even though it was still very dim, but I could see Jamie’s body much better now. His chest was well formed but not overly muscled. His chest tapered down to a slim waist and flat belly. A light trail of hair ran down into the top of his pants. I started working on those next and was soon kneeling in front of him, pants puddled at his feet. He quickly kicked off his shoes and with his feet, kicked the pants to the side as well.

His hooded dick was beautiful. Long and plump with a thick vein running the length of it. His foreskin tightly covered the head with just the very tip exposed and he was leaking from arousal. I looked up at him as I leaned forward and swiped my tongue across the head, gathering his precum on my tongue. I made a show of rubbing my tongue inside my mouth.

“You like the way I taste?” He asked me, grinning.

Still looking up and him, I nodded my head and leaned forward and took the head of his dick in my mouth. I pushed his foreskin back with my tongue and tasted more of the saltiness of him roll across my tongue.

He reached down for me and drew me to my feet. “There’s plenty of time for that, but I want you on the bed right now.” He said to me as he gently pushed me towards the bed. Jon scooted back, making room for me to crawl in beside him. He reached out and pulled me to him and kissed me as I settled against his body, pressing myself against the front of him, feeling his dick push against my thigh, I settled into his arms and into his kiss.

Jamie crawled onto the bed and knelt behind me, his hands exploring the two of us as we lay kissing and grinding against each other. Jamie’s hands rolled down my back to my ass and he started rubbing and squeezing my ass cheeks. His warm hands were rubbing across and between my cheeks when I felt his lips kiss my lower back just above my ass crack. The sensation was amazing and I rolled my hips back, pushing my ass towards him. His hands began pulling my cheeks apart and I could feel his breath in a hot wave in the crack of my ass. He kissed me at the top of my crack, then kissed lower, then lower still. I groaned into Jon’s mouth and he drew me against him even tighter. I felt my cheeks spread open and Jamie’s lips kiss directly onto my puckered hole and the jolt of pleasure hit me so strong that I jerked back away from Jon and tried to turn so I could see what Jamie was doing. Jon shushed me and rubbed my back soothingly, I turned back to him and he said, “Tell us to stop and we’ll stop.” He stared in my eyes, which I’m sure were bugging out of my head.

“No.” I said, my breath panting out of me as Jamie continued rubbing and pulling at my ass. “I’ve just never had anyone kiss me there and it caught me off guard. That’s all.”

“You’ve never had anyone lick your ass?” Jamie asked as he stretched up and kissed the back of my neck.

“I’ve never done anything until that first time I saw Jon, you know, in the arcade that time.” I stammered, timidly.

Jamie looked over my shoulder at Jon, his eyebrows raised. “You didn’t tell me he was a virgin.” He said, almost as an accusation.

Jon’s shoulders drew up and his expression said that he didn’t know either. “I didn’t know he was a virgin.” He said, then looked to me. “You’ve never been with anyone?”

I suddenly felt very timid, and I knew I was blushing. “I mean, I’ve made out with girls. And I’ve had handjobs before, but…” I trailed off.

Jamie rested his chin in the crook of my neck, “But…you’ve never had sex with anyone? Girl, or boy?”

“No.” I answered. “Definitely not with a boy.”

Jon looked at Jamie and they were both quiet for a few seconds, then Jon looked back at me as Jamie started kissing his way down my back, ending up with his hands gripping my cheeks again. Jon popped kisses on my lips while saying, “If you let us, we’ll show you a very good time.”

“It’s ok, isn’t it?” I asked, timidly. “That I don’t really know what to do, other than sucking dick, but I want to. Do it all, that is.”

Jon smiled at me and caressed my face. “It’s perfectly fine, silly boy. It doesn’t change anything other than how we go about things. We’ll be gentler and take more time to get you ready, but we still plan to have you.” The possessive look in his eyes made me shiver and he kissed me again.. Etlik Escort He leaned back from me and continued, “But, at any point, if you want us to stop, all you have to do is say so and we will stop.” Right then, Jamie spread my ass open and snaked his tongue out and licked across my pucker.

“Aaah!” I gasped, breathing heavy again. “It’s hard to say anything when he does that.” I said and chuckled.

“If you liked that, just wait!” Jamie said and bit my cheek then kissed the spot he had bitten.

Jon swatted at him and chuckled, “I said we’ll be gentle and you immediately start biting.”

Jamie kissed and licked my ass again, then nibbled on both cheeks. He cupped my ass and bounced it in his hands. “Look at this beautiful ass! How can you blame me? It’s perfectly bite-able!”

Jon and I laughed at him, both watching him bounce and shake my ass in his hands. Jon released me and sat up beside me, causing me to fall onto my stomach on the bed. He swatted my ass with his big hand. “It is a beautiful ass, isn’t it?” he said as he grabbed a pillow and scooted down the bed beside Jamie.

Jamie pushed my legs wide apart as they both settled between my legs. Jon ran an arm under my hips and lifted me up so he could scoot the pillow under my hips, lifting my ass into the air and causing my cheeks to spread open. I felt so exposed and vulnerable. I felt anxious, and a little nervous, but I couldn’t help but watch over my shoulder as they both began playing with my ass. Jamie reached under me and stretched my hard dick behind me, drawing it back between my spread legs. Hands began rubbing up and down my back and around my sides. I was usually ticklish, but my body was so amped up that I only felt waves of arousal rolling under their hands. I saw Jamie lean down towards my ass, his face disappearing under my spread legs, and then I felt the hot wetness of his tongue licking up the underside of my dick, his tongue lapped at each of my balls, then he licked and kissed his way across my taint. When his tongue lapped across my pucker again, the same electric jolt flashed up my spine. It was so intense that it lifted me up onto my hands, arching my back. My head rolled back and I moaned my delight.

“You are so hot.” Jon said, as he continued stroking my back, running his hands up into my hair and clutching a fistful, he twisted my head to the side and kissed me just as Jamie seemed to attack my pucker with his tongue. He licked and probed and pressed his tongue into my hole. I could feel the warm dribble of his saliva as it ran down onto my balls as he slather me from behind.

He drew back from my ass, rubbing the thumbs of both hands across my hole. “Your ass is perfect. It’s made for tonguing.” He said. I loved the way he kept talking about my ass, the crass words adding to the filthy feeling of his licking my ass, and making me extremely hot.

While his thumbs played across my pucker, he leaned down and licked around his fingers, slathering them with his spit. I felt him pressing against my hole and moaned again. I knew what was coming and I wanted it so badly. He didn’t make me wait and I soon felt his thumb press into my hole. There was only a little sting as his finger broke through my opening, and then just a feeling of fullness and he worked his thumb in and out of me.

“Mmm,” he said, as he drew his finger out of me. “You’re so tight, it feels like you are pulling me into you.” He sat up and leaned over to the nightstand and pulled out a bottle of lube then settled back between my legs. I heard the bottle snap open and felt a cool drip on my hole as he started working the lube around it with his fingers. He pushed a finger back into me, working it in and out, all while they both kept caressing and fondling my body. The nerve endings on my entire body were alive and tingling at their every touch.

I felt my hole widen and looked back to see he had slid a second finger into me. Slowly, he pushed them all the way into me and held them inside. I panted against Jon’s mouth as he was kissing me. When Jamie starting working his two fingers in and out of me, all the sensations became too much and I grunted my frustration and pulled away from Jon’s mouth. I didn’t want Jamie to stop, so I just buried my face in the pillow and moaned as he worked on my ass. He pushed into me and then wiggled his fingers around, hitting a spot inside me that had me feeling like I was going to cum. I jerked my head up and yelled, the only way I felt I could react to the sensation.

Jamie stopped moving his fingers, and Jon sat up on the bed beside me, placing his hand on my shoulder. “Are you okay?” He asked tentatively.

I couldn’t believe Jamie had stopped. I didn’t want him to stop. My ass wanted him to keep going, to hit that spot again, so I pushed my ass back onto his hand and grunted, “Don’t stop. More. More.”

“I’ll give you all you want baby.” Jamie said and started working my ass again, making me mewl like an animal.

“You really like that, don’t you?” Jon asked, moving back down beside Jamie.

“Oh my god, yes! Please, I need more.” I plead with them.

Jon took the lube and squirted some on Jamie’s dick and rubbed it up and down his shaft, getting it nice and slick. He pulled Jamie forward, positioning his dick at my stretched hole.

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