Annie Babysits the Kids Ch. 02


Chapter 2…The Second Cumming

In Part One I told of watching my fiancé Anne-Marie blackmailed (?) into having sex by the guys she used to date as teenagers and how aroused and excited it made me (and from her actions, her as well). The adventure continues…


I did not mention to Annie what I saw happen Friday night, waiting to see what she would say. As expected she did not even hint anything unusual happened. The following day when I asked how babysitting went, she was only mildly distressed, and instead smiled and said it went well saying she enjoyed it! I couldn’t believe what she said. I had anticipated if she did not confide in me on what had happened she would at least have been more distraught, but was apparently wrong. I even pushed further asking if Brian behaved and she told me both him and William were fantastic! Not to give her any ideas I left her alone, still at odds with my own feelings.

I was not sure what I expected to be honest. I cannot deny I was incredibly aroused watching the two guys use her. She had always been a tease to most men and it was one of the qualities I enjoyed about her, but only in my wildest fantasies did I ever dream about her following through with other men. I knew she loved me and I her, and seeing her compromised like she was last night made me want her even more. So I wasn’t sure what to think and knew her mind was probably in turmoil as well, so let the matter drop.

Several days later she and I were watching television at her parent’s house when her mother came in telling us Mrs. Strauss had called to ask if Anne-Marie could baby-sit again this coming Saturday evening. It seems the Strausses were impressed with her last visit. Not only was their three-year-old daughter cheery and well-rested the next day but her son hadn’t stopped raving about what a nice time he had with her. It was obvious to them the night went well and to show how appreciative of her coming over on her school break, they were willing to pay her $20.00 an hour.

This was a big deal for Annie and her parents, as being in school she needed all the money she could get to help pay for books and supplies. Her parents were not well-off financially–her father was a construction worker and her mom worked as a secretary for the local church. Needless to say the church did not pay well and the construction business was slow this year. Annie’s parents were continually upset at her not “pulling her weight” at home financially.

I glanced over to see Annie’s reaction and it was one of obvious shock. Clearly she did not consider ever going back after what had happened the other night with Brian Strauss and his buddy William.

Her mom repeated the near tripling of her pay asking “isn’t that great, dear?”

Annie blinked out of her thoughts and disbelief at last replying, ” Uh…sure, great mom. But…I…I…ummm…” glancing over at me, “we already have plans for Saturday.”

This frustrated her mother as she then went into a tirade how they needed the money and the friendship between the two families. How their friendship with the Strausses were keeping them from losing the house due to their loan. Meanwhile Annie argued she couldn’t break our plans when we had not seen each other for so long and were going out dancing with some friends.

Her mom continued on and on about responsibility, and Annie wouldn’t budge until I butted in, “Oh, I forgot to tell you, the shop asked me to work late Saturday, so we can’t go out.”

“There, see,” her mom said triumphantly, “I’ll call Clara and let her know you’re available and see what time you should be there,” walking out of the room.

Annie looked at me with an expression of horror until I innocently asked her if something was wrong: “Uh, no, I just thought we could spend some time together.”

In knew what she meant. Since watching her fuck those two nerds the previous week, Annie had avoided having sex with me—whether she thought I would be able to tell or embarrassed I do not know. We were both very active sexually and ready to spend time together; she had promised Saturday would be a night neither of us would forget.

As much as I wanted her I was more interested seeing what would happen babysitting. Thinking about it gave me a hard-on. I knew the guys would obviously try something else, and the way Annie responded the last time, and knowing how much she loves sex, there was a good possibility they would again succeed.

I appeased Annie by saying I could pick her up early for dinner and take her to the Strauss’s house before going to work and she quieted down, but obviously still upset at having to face the Strauss’ son again. She whispered to me to pick her up early enough to spend some “quality time” together before she had to be there. I smiled telling her to wear something sexy but she said she couldn’t if she were babysitting. I had dated Annie since high school and knew what buttons to push on her, so after enough pleading she türkçe alt yazılı porno finally agreed when I told her we would be back long before she had to go and could change.

Just then her mom came in and saying Annie should be there at 8:00 pm, so Annie said to pick her up at 6:00 giving us plenty of time.

Saturday afternoon I couldn’t keep my eyes off the clock, knowing what I had planned. At 6:00 pm I called Annie telling her I had to drive my brother and his friends to the movies and would be there as fast as I could. This was just an excuse, as Annie would be eager for our rendezvous and I wanted to keep her anticipating us being together so she would be aroused and excited for babysitting, realizing I wanted to see her in a similar situation as last week.

I arrived at her house at 7:00 pm with her standing on the porch waiting for me, obviously upset.

“What kept you so long?” she scolded.

I could only stare at her as I stammered something about the traffic, telling her how great she looked. She smiled and told me we should get going or we’d have no time to spend together and since I was late she would order a pizza at the Strauss’ house telling me to instead go somewhere “private.”

Again I could only tell her how great she looked. As mentioned previously, Annie was a cheerleader in high school, the envy of every girl—most people even telling her she should be a model. At 5′ 9″ with a 36-27-34 figure she was enough to catch the eye of every guy in school. Keeping her athletic build she had continued aerobics after graduating school and there wasn’t an ounce of fat on her.

Tonight she was wearing an outfit I had never seen, a light blue and pink flowery, lacy, two-pieced outfit. The skirt was a sarong tied at the waist showing most of her legs and hugging her hips like a second skin. The top was also a tight wrap tying at her neck and then waist. One arm was sleeveless and long sleeved on the other. The wrap hugged her breasts tightly showing accentuating her cleavage nicely. In the porch light I could see the outlines of her breasts and thong panties through the material realizing the material was so sheer she might as well have been naked! It was obvious her parents were not home—she would never wear something so scandalous in front of them.

Topping off the outfit where black high-heels and light blue lacey thigh-high stockings. I almost came in my pants looking at her.

We went to our favorite parking place, the sexual tension obvious as I parked the car. I had brought a bottle of wine which we opened—Annie gets extremely horny with alcohol and I wanted her primed for babysitting. At first she protested saying she couldn’t be drunk babysitting but I told her we had plenty of time and it was only wine.

We made out while slowly drinking the wine. I made a point to keep her glass filled, not drinking much myself. Without realizing what I was doing, she kept sipping her glass too caught up in the moment to realize how much she was drinking. I saw her eyes get a slight glaze and knew she was feeling the effects of the wine. She had not eaten all day so the alcohol was working fast.

The feel of her body against me was driving me crazy, but I purposely kept stalling for time. Looking back I cannot believe I was passing up a chance to feel myself inside her after we had been apart for so long, but the thought of seeing her as she was last week was an even stronger desire.

We go out of the car and she sat on the hood while I slowly kissed her neck, her hands, and her bare shoulder. She was rubbing my back as I worked my way down her arm. I pulled her close to me, her legs wrapping around me as my hard-on pressing against her crotch, slowly kissing behind her ears, working my way down to her cleavage. Her skin was so deliciously salty I had to bite my tongue several times from taking her right there.

She was moaning, telling me how hot she was and how she wanted me inside her, but I still held off, continuing to tease her. I moved my hands down to her thighs, sliding them up her mini-dress pulled it up around her hips. She was wearing a light blue satin thong and I almost came in my pants seeing her body like this.

She gently pushed me away as she moved off the hood of the car, leaning me against it instead. Crouching down in her thong, the skirt still pulled up around her waist she unzipped my jeans, pulling my cock out from the strained confines of my underwear. With no preamble she engulfed the entire thing in her mouth as I groaned.

Damn she felt so good. The hot wetness of her mouth and insistent sucking drove me up the wall.

Annie is the best cock-sucker I have ever met and was in rare form. She slowly licked up and down my shaft, then taking me entirely into her mouth, sucking hard enough to be a vacuum cleaner. I was so excited thinking about her all week with those guys I soon felt my balls beginning to tighten in orgasm. Pulling doeda porno her long brunette hair with my hands I jammed my rod deeper into her throat wanting so bad to pump myself into her when I realized her babysitting.

Pushing her away she groaned and asked me what was wrong. I looked at my watch and couldn’t help smiling–7:45! I told her we barely had enough time to get to the Strauss’ house.

“Shit,” she said, “I wanted to get home and change before I went over there!”

I told her not to worry but could tell she was nervous going there dressed like a slut. She was probably more worried about the boys seeing her than Mr. and Mrs. Strauss, but I played innocent telling her to just explain to Mrs. Strauss we were on a date. She mumbled something nervously, but with so little time left, had to acquiesce.

When we arrived, the Strausses were already outside on the porch waiting for her, meeting her in the driveway as we pulled in. Annie looked towards me apologizing to them for being late as well as her attire explaining we were out on a date. The driveway was so poorly lit the Strausses could not see how revealing her outfit was and told her it was fine, but they had to leave. I kissed Annie goodnight and got in my car so they could leave.

I saw their son Brian standing with Annie on the porch and even from where I was, could see his eyes popping out as he stared at Anne-Marie.

Mrs. Strauss yelled out the car window their daughter Ellen was again at a friend’s house overnight and the baby was already in bed, so she and the boys would have a quiet evening. Brian had a friend over–William, of course—again explaining how she didn’t feel confident the two boys would be observant enough to watch the baby, hence their reason for having Annie over and pulled out of the drive.

I beeped my horn goodbye seeing Annie’s figure in the doorway, Brian behind her obviously staring and drove around the block. I parked the car around the corner quickly running back to the house. Again I couldn’t believe my luck–the family room window was opened and I could hear and see everything occurring.

“…fuck you, you little geeks!” I hear Annie yelling, “I didn’t dress this way for you perverts!”

Brian and William were both sitting on the couch and judging from the conversation, were thanking Annie for dressing up for them. Annie was standing in front of them with her arms folded across her chest as the two guys openly admired her stunning, long-legged body. They asked if she would sit next to them and watch a movie so she purposely went and sat across the room in a recliner, again folding her arms over her chest and keeping her legs tightly together.

“I’m not going to play this game anymore,” she said. “We made a mistake, it’s over, and that’s the end of it!”

The two boys looked at each other and grinned.

Brian got up and put a DVD into the player, sitting back down. Looking across the room I could see the television perfectly and wondered what would happen. I expected the boys to push her more, but they seemed to be more interested in the television. The movie came on, the scene blurry at first but then focused in on Brian’s face: “testing, testing, one, two, three, testing” he was saying on the television.

“What the hell is this, home movies?” Annie asked, still angered but inquisitive.

“In a manner of speaking,” William grinned at her, “watch” he explained.

From across the room I saw Annie step into view on the television dressed in her checkered red mini-skirt and white top. It suddenly dawned on me–those bastards taped her! Annie was confused not fully understanding what was going on.

Meanwhile the Annie on television was telling the two boys on the couch to fuck off. I watched the familiar scene play out as Brian stood by the phone threatening to call her parents. The night’s events continued to play out as to the point where they turned on the stereo and Annie started her strip tease.

If finally dawned on Annie, “You bastards!” she yelled. She jumped up and ejected the disc, breaking it into several pieces. “You’re going to pay for this.”

Brian looked at her sternly and said, “No bitch. YOU are going to pay for it. You see, that is not the original disk, and if you don’t do as we say, we’ll send copies to your parents, your fiancé, your school, and anybody else who knows you! You pretty ass will be plastered on every site on the internet within an hour.”

Annie looked horror-stricken at his glare. “You’re full of shit.” she countered, but I could see she didn’t have much conviction in it. “I’ll call the police.”

“Yeah,” William chimed in, “I’m sure they’ll be happy to see a tape of a 22-year-old bimbo fucking two guys while she was being paid to babysit. Imagine what Brian’s parents will think when they see you doing this while they had their trust in you to watch the baby! We don’t even need to edit it; it’s obvious you enjoyed yourself. Who knows how many other times you fucked their son while babysitting him?”

Annie glared, but I could see her realizing the implications. Her father was a highly respected member of the community, if even a rumor of this scandal got out he’d be publicly humiliated and disgraced. She’d be kicked out of school. She may have even thought I’d be pissed off and leave her.

In actuality, I had the biggest erection ever. I began to see the two brats’ plan and had to admit for a couple of geeks, they sure had balls.

Brain and William knew they had Annie and she finally realized it, “W-what do you want?” she stuttered.

Brian walked over to her and ran his hands up her thigh. Annie stiffened at his touch, but remained still as he gently cupped her ass. “First off, you will be our total slave. You will not do anything here or away on your own without our permission—including fucking that asshole of a fiancé you have” he said.

I felt a surge of anger but was so excited at Annie’s subjugation I watched totally mesmerized.

“The hell I will!” Annie yelled, pulling away from him.

Suddenly Brian slapped her across her ass very hard as Annie yelped in shock, “That includes talking without being given permission to talk!” he yelled. “Now as I was saying, you will only do what either me or William tells you to do, no questions asked. If you do not follow our instructions copies of this disk will be sent everywhere in town. Understood?” he asked.

“Yes.” I couldn’t hear it but could see Annie’s whispered response.

“What?” Brian asked.

“Yes,” I could plainly hear her now, her voice shaking.

“Yes WHAT?” William yelled.

I knew what he wanted not believing when I heard Annie say, “Yes, Master.”

“Good,” Brian said, “our little slut learns quickly!”

Annie stood there, her head hanging dejectedly as she realized she had little choice but to obey these geeks.

Brian told her as much as they enjoyed her attire they wanted to see more. William got up and turned on the stereo, telling her to dance.

Similar to the first night, Annie started to dance jerkily, too nervous and scared at her predicament to do anything else. The situation had sobered her; however, she had drunk over half a bottle of wine on an empty stomach and it was only a matter of time before she started feeling the effects of the wine again. As one of her favorite songs came on, soon the music took over.

Annie’s history as a cheerleader had taught her how to move perfectly, and her body was in magnificent shape. She knew exactly how to dance and tease men. As she started to get into the music the wine was clearly taking over as she started to sway her hips back and forth, loosing herself in the music. Closing her eyes she moved her hands across her torso, along her breasts, and up and around her neck, splaying her hair out.

Brian and William ogled at her and I was getting turned on myself. She definitely knew how to dance. As with the first night, the boys started talking dirty to her, telling her how hot she was, how she was their perfect sex slave, how much they wanted to fuck her. Trying to act nonchalant, I knew the talk was getting to her as she continued to dance.

She turned away gently swayed her hips. Slowly she bent down sliding her hands down her stockings and looked at them through her legs, her beautiful round ass moving to the rhythm of the music. The lighting in the room was perfect to see through her outfit, the outline of the crack of her ass pressed against the fabric showing clearly.

The boys were definitely enjoying the show and William told her they wanted to see more.

Turning back around, she slowly reached up and untied the top at her shoulder, letting go as the fabric gently folded down to her stomach. Her 36C breasts were fully exposed as her hips rocked to the music. She raised her hands over her head as she continued to dance, her eyes closed.

The guys continued to egg her on telling her how beautiful she was, how she was the hottest girl alive. She continued to dance, their words obviously having an effect on her and I watched amazed.

Brian suggested they see more.

She again turned around this time untying the dress at her hips, the whole outfit falling to the ground as she stepped away from it.

The boys whistled appreciatively and I had to agree. Standing there topless in a thong, thigh-high stockings, and black heels, she looked magnificent.

I realized I was watching almost a replay of the previous week’s events and was unable to move from my vantage point. I should have been upset, pissed at her for cheating on me, pissed at them for doing this to her; instead I was more aroused than ever and wanted to see more.

As if echoing my thoughts the guys continued to compliment her, telling her to give in to the music. Swaying to the music she slowly reached up and squeezed her breasts, the boys hooting loudly. They steadily were getting louder when Annie suddenly stopped.

“If you keep that up, you’ll wake the baby, and I’ll not put up with it!” she scolded.

The boys quieted down and Brain apologized as she continued, this time them quietly giving her compliment after compliment.

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