And Then The Maid Walked In


Consuela had never walked in on two people having sex before, let alone three.

She had knocked, she had announced that she was with housekeeping, and she had listened for voices. There were none. It was two o’clock in the afternoon, after all, and most of the hotel guests were either at the slot machines and pai gow poker tables or at the lunch buffet.

The two women and the man in room 314, however, were not hungry nor in the mood to gamble. They were too busy fucking on the floor at the foot of one of the queen beds. Consuela saw the longhaired woman first. She was lying between the legs of the shorthaired woman, squeezing her buttocks and licking her pussy from behind. Consuela looked up the back of the shorthaired woman to see the man kneeling by the woman’s head as she sucked his cock. He stroked her hair and back. She reached back and held the longhaired woman’s head in place.

The man looked up and locked eyes with Consuela. He was surprised for just a moment, but then smiled. Her heart pounded in her chest and the key card in hand became slippery with sweat. The man motioned with his head for her to come in and join them. The women hadn’t noticed her yet. She knew Lupita would come along any moment to say hell as she leap-frogged to the next room. She could push her cart into the room and shut the door before Lupita came into the hallway. She could embrace this man and discover if what her lesbian cousin said about the great taste of another woman’s pussy was true.

The sound of Lupita’s cart drew her eyes away from the man as he started coming in the shorthaired woman’s mouth. She shut the door just as Lupita approached and told her the guests in room 314 were still sleeping.

She moved to room 316 before Lupita saw her shaking knees and her nipples pushing out her uniform shirt. She pulled her cart into the doorway of room 316, cutting off any surprise entry by Lupita. She stepped into the bathroom and flushed her face with cold water.

She dried her face, relaxed, and got to cleaning room 316. She started on the beds first, as they were usually the biggest part of cleaning a room. She pulled the sheets off the first bed and wondered if the sheets in room 314 would be balled up into sticky, sweaty knots from three bodies twisting and sliding on them.

She was cleaning the mirror behind the television when she heard the moaning. It was a deep surprised “Oh!” that leaked through the wall every few seconds. She put her hand on the wall. She imagined the man thinking of her as he fucked one of the women. He may know she was just in the next room, and he may be putting in extra effort in hopes that she would hear. Her fingertips throbbed on the wall, but she was unsure if the throbbing was from her pulse or the pounding of a headboard on the wall of room 314.

She pictured the man driving his cock into the shorthaired woman while the longhaired woman kissed his back. She saw him fucking the longhaired woman from behind, yanking on her dark brown hair as she slurped come from the shorthaired woman’s cunt.

Consuela groped at her breasts, keeping one hand on the wall to feel the thump-thump-thump of the headboard. She pinched her nipples through her shirt, wondering if the two women would suck on each of them if she were in there right now. Her hand slid down the front of her skirt as she imagined how his cock would feel in her hands, how the women tasted, and how many times she would come with them.

At the sound of Lupita’s cart approaching the open door, she turned away from the wall and straightened her uniform. She snatched up the bottle of Windex and sprayed down the TV screen just as Lupita leaned in to ask how she was coming along.

The sounds from room 314 had ended before she was done cleaning the room. She heard them leave, giggling as they walked down the hall. She peeked out to make sure they were gone. The women held hands as the man pressed the elevator button. They were too far away for her to hear their conversation, but the man caught her looking. She squeaked and ducked back into room 316. She waited until she heard the elevator doors open and close before she came out into the hallway.

She stood shaking before room 314. She took gulping breaths and did everything just like before, Betturkey just like she’d been taught. She rapped on the door with one knuckle, announced that she was with housekeeping, put her key card in the slot, and then pushed the door open.

The main room still smelled of musk. The sheets on one bed were twisted much like she’d imagined they’d be, and they were still damp with sweat. The bathroom was still humid from their showers. Or was it just one shower? She wondered if they’d all been in there. Did the women soap each other? Did the man watch as they rubbed their slippery breasts across each other? Did he fuck them against the shower wall, or over the sink?

She was clutching at herself again. She had never felt this charged. She had walked in on naked people before. She had found sex toys and dirty magazines left behind, but nothing had ever affected her like this. She needed attention, and she needed it now.

She wanted to lie on the messy bed and sink her fingers into her wet cunt, but she was afraid someone would see her from the hallway. She couldn’t pull her cart in and shut the door, because Lupita would notice she was missing and come knocking. She took more deep breaths and got back to the task at hand.

She spotted the tip atop the television. Most people left a dollar per person in the room, when they left anything at all, but this was a twenty-dollar bill. There was a note attached to the bill. It asked her not to leave next time and it said they hoped she’d come back before they checked out the next day. It was signed: Robert, Wendy, and Nina.

A rush of heat struck her. She steadied herself on the nearby dresser. Her heart bounced in her chest. Her thighs pressed together, trying to squeeze her clit. She leaned against a wall out of view of the door. She propped her right foot on the nightstand and lifted her uniform skirt to her hips. The crotch of her pantyhose was soaked, and she buckled at the touch of her hand cupped over her pubic bone. She slid her hand inside the waistband and pinched her clit between her fingers. She gasped, loud enough for anyone in the hall to hear. She slipped two fingers inside and was hammered by a hard orgasm that shoved her back against the wall.

She stuck her wet fingers in her mouth while she straightened her skirt with her other hand. She came around the corned with a pillowcase in her musky hand, just in time to see Lupita coming in to ask what was taking her so long.

She finished cleaning the room, giving extra care to the beds. She wanted to leave them a note, but stopped before the pen touched the notepad. She realized that this was a great way to get fired. The housekeeping staff was encouraged not to fraternize with, let alone fuck, the guests. The housekeeping staff was supposed to be invisible and silent, not buck naked and asking one of the guests to shove her tongue in her cunt.

She saw them in the casino that afternoon as she was leaving for the day. She ducked behind a slot machine to watch them. The longhaired woman was teaching the other how to play video poker, and they were winning. The man, Rob, called for Nina as he approached with three drinks. The longhaired woman turned at the sound of his voice and took two of the drinks. Rob kissed her, and then Wendy. The action drew some odd looks from a family and one old man, but no one else. Casino regulars often saw far stranger things.

She watched them laugh, play, touch, and kiss. She followed them when they walked outside into the late afternoon warmth with their arms around each other. She followed them to the next casino with every intention of introducing herself. A tourist group got between her and them, and she lost sight of them as they went inside. She wiggled her way through the tourists and rushed inside, but they were lost in a sea of gamblers, drunks, mistresses, and suckers.

She didn’t bother looking for them. They were gone. Her chance, the last of several, had passed. She could’ve joined them when she first walked into the room. She could’ve left a note for them. She could’ve introduced herself at the video poker machine or on the street.

But she hadn’t. They would check out as she was cleaning their room, which would again smell of the sex she had missed because Betturkey Giriş she was timid and unwilling to risk losing her job. Tomorrow would be just another Friday.

No, she remembered, it would not.

She ran back to the hotel, wrote a note to room 314, and then slipped it under the door.

She was off work tomorrow.

Even when she stood outside the door to room 314 at 8:55am, dressed in a simple one-piece black cotton dress with nothing underneath, her hand still paused before knocking. She gulped for air, and then remembered Lupita was working today and could come along at any moment. She knocked.

The deadbolt opened. The doorknob turned. Rob, dressed only in green pajama bottoms, was on the other side. His hair was damp from a shower. Nina walked out from the bathroom, dressed in a nightshirt that was stressed at the button from her big breasts and a towel around her head like a turban. Wendy, stark naked, followed her.

They said hello. She said hóla. Rob held out one hand. She took it. Wendy took the other. Nina walked backwards toward the beds. Rob and Wendy followed, tugging Consuela along.

Removing her towel turban, Nina sat on the nearest bed. She ran her hands over Consuela’s hips and nudged her forward. Consuela, trembling, took a timid step. Rob told her it was okay. He and Wendy kissed her neck. She let out a sigh that had been locked inside for a day. Nina’s hands slipped under the bottom of her dress and found her knees. Rob and Wendy massaged Consuela’s stomach, back, and breasts. Her head tilted back as a dizzying heat flooded over her body. Her thighs opened at Nina’s touch. Rob bit her earlobe and pinched her nipple through the dress. Wendy kissed her mouth. Nina’s fingers brushed her clit.

Gravity seized her by the knees and her hands shot to her crotch to keep Nina’s hands there. She gasped and yelped, feeling a new wave of energy rushing through her body. She yanked at Nina’s nightshirt as she fell atop her. She kissed her, loving more and more the taste of another girl on her lips. She couldn’t wait to tell her cousin.

The three of them pushed her dress up, then off, and then to the floor. Nina’s skin was warm on hers. Their bellies quivered and she rubbed her nipples over Nina’s. Rob kissed the back of her knee. Wendy came around to the other side of the bed so she could kiss her and Nina and rub her breasts over their mouths.

She moaned as Rob squeezed her ass. She felt his mouth on her, his tongue plunging into her from behind, and then sliding out to move to Nina’s clit. She bit on Nina’s nipple as Nina bit on Wendy’s. She licked down Nina’s stomach, still tasting of olive body butter. She wanted to taste Nina, and then Wendy. She wanted to know what she’d been missing.

She rubbed Nina’s clit with her thumb and twisted a bit to reach back with her other hand to jack Rob’s cock. She tugged it, and him, toward her swaying ass while she almost spat Spanish dirty talk at him.

Wendy and Nina were in a sixty-nine of tit sucking before her. Wendy slid her hand down Nina’s body and spread her girlfriend’s pussy open. Consuela bent down and pressed her mouth to Nina’s cunt, inhaling her scent and tasting a flood of hot juice. She lapped at Nina’s clit and tickled over her opening with her fingertips.

Her mouth popped off Nina’s pussy as she felt Rob’s cock pushing into her cunt. His hands slid up her back and around to her breasts. She slid two fingers into Nina’s cunt, muttering dirty Spanish to all three of them.

Wendy mounted Nina’s face, and Nina wasted no time in lapping at her cunt. Consuela ground her ass against Rob’s stomach once he was all the way in her. She growled back at him. She didn’t know if he understood Spanish, but he understood the look on her face. He grabbed her hips and pounded into her. She cried for more, and he gave her more. He lay on her back, groping her tits and kissing between her shoulder blades. She came again, bellowing in pleasure and soaking his crotch.

She saw Wendy kissing her come from Nina’s mouth. She crawled up Nina’s body, wanting to taste Wendy’s come before it was gone. She kissed Nina’s sticky mouth, but only got a few tastes before Nina pulled her up further to her face. Consuela moaned in delight Betturkey Güncel Giriş at the kisses on her thighs. The first touch of Nina’s tongue on her clit almost made her come again.

She held Nina’s head there, feeling her tongue plunge into her hole, still open from Rob fucking her. Rob was now fucking Wendy’s mouth next to them. She watched his wet cock pumping in and out of Wendy’s mouth as he came down her throat. Consuela reached down to slip one finger into Wendy’s pussy. She sucked her finger dry and then slid off Nina’s gasping mouth. She pushed Wendy onto her side and rested her head on the inside of Wendy’s thigh so she could tongue-fuck her. Nina, still hungry for cunt, rolled over to get at Conseula’s pussy some more, and Wendy saw a fun opportunity.

Consuela looked away from Wendy’s wet cunt to see they had formed a triangle of pussy licking and finger fucking. She didn’t know where Rob was, but she didn’t care right now. All she wanted now was to fuck, and be fucked by, these two women for hours.

Rob reappeared when he tilted her head back and shoved his half-hard cock into her mouth. She slurped at him, eager to get him hard again, eager to be fucked again. Wendy rolled atop Nina to sixty-nine with her. Consuela rolled onto her back to suck his balls while he squeezed her breasts, pinched her nipples, and rubbed her clit. He was hard and slippery in no time.

He crawled over to Wendy and spanked her. She yelped and then cried out in pleasure as he knelt by Nina’s head and fucked her from behind. Consuela sat back against the headboard to watch. She fucked her cunt with one hand and pulled at her nipples with the other. Rob held Wendy’s shoulders and pumped inside her as the two women moaned and licked at their thighs and pussies. He pulled out his wet cock and plunged it into Nina’s open mouth. She let him fuck her throat, spit slobbering onto her cheeks, before he slammed back into Wendy’s cunt. Wendy groaned a loud, long hum until she cried out and pushed away from him. She slid off Nina’s sweaty body and lay shivering next to her.

Consuela moved forward, pushing Wendy’s legs apart so she could grind their slippery pussies together. Wendy resisted at first, shaking her head and pushing her away, but relented at the sensation and delicious Spanish dirty talk.

They slipped and slid back and forth. Consuela was amazed at how much sensation rushed through her body. She imagined she had a big cock and was slamming it into Wendy’s cunt. The sight and sound of Rob fucking Nina’s big tits next to them drove Consuela to grind harder and harder until she came. She cried out through bared teeth, bucking and shaking until he had to plant one hand on the floor to keep from spilling off the bed.

Startled, she awoke. Wendy was cuddled up behind her. Rob, his cock red with exertion, handed Consuela a bottle of water. Nina was missing, but the shower was running.

Consuela drank, and Nina soon came out of the bathroom, dressed in her underwear. Consuela realized, then, that the moment was ending. Rob, Wendy, and Nina would be leaving soon, and this one great morning would be the only great morning between all four of them.

She wanted more. She wanted to fuck them all over again, but their bags were almost packed and checkout was in less than two hours. They had a plane to catch. They had to go home, and she would have to be content with walking on air all day and fucking herself into frenzied orgasms every night for the next two weeks.

She took a hot, soapy, lip-locked, finger-fucking shower with Wendy. After Rob was done with his shower, she and Wendy and Nina sucked him off.

They dressed, finished packing, and then stood there for an unsure long moment before hugging and kissing. She walked out with them, watching for Lupita or anyone else she knew. She rode in the elevator with them. Nothing was said. There were only laughs and smiles.

They stepped out of the elevator, and she knew this was it. She would watch for them every day in the hotel, but knew the odds weren’t in her favor. They had this day and no others. They checked out, and she walked them to their rental car.

There were more hugs and kisses, and Nina handed her a slip of paper. It was Nina’s local phone number and address. Rob and Wendy told her they visited Nina at least once a year.

She wanted more, but she could wait a year, and Nina was only a short drive from the hotel.

She decided the first thing she’d ask Nina on their first date was how to say “Fuck me” in English.

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