An Unexpected Lover


I was finally alone. My family was off to visit relatives out of state so I was left to myself. I had quite a list of projects to tackle while I had the house to myself so it wasn’t like I was just on vacation. I also had a full work schedule. With so much on my table I decided to head straight to the bar as soon as their tail lights faded in the distance.

I sat down and immediately began flirting with the bartender. She was a gal I’d know for a year or so and a gal I’d like to date if I wasn’t married…but I am, and she knows it. I still enjoy getting some of her attention once in a while.

I love my wife and family but my sexual needs and desires had been left unattended for years now so at least on some level I was hoping to find someone to share physical intimacy with again. I’ll admit I’d been fantasizing about taking the opportunity this week. I was hoping to find another lonely soul to share some no strings attached sex. I knew it was just wishful thinking but here I am right now, opening myself to the universe and hoping for a connection. Really hoping to hook up with Irina – but knowing in my heart that it won’t happen.

The fellow that I sat next to at the bar seemed to be in a very similar situation. We struck up a conversation that quickly confirmed my assessment. He too was quite stricken by Irina’s beauty and charm. We both laughed at each other since we were both much older and neither of us would really be in her league even if we were closer to her age.

“I’m Colton” he said “can I buy you a drink?”

“I’m James” I responded “but you can call me Jamie. And yes, I’d love another drink.”

He was a well dressed man in his mid 50’s, like myself. He had a full head of salt and pepper hair, neatly trimmed. His face was clean shaven and very handsome. When he smiled his hazel eyes sparkled. He was very well mannered and spoke slowly in a soft, deep voice.

We continued to talk and he bought me another drink.

Our conversation eventually turned to our real reason for being here today. He too was feeling physically lonely and had come to see Irina even though he knew it would never be…

“Jamie” he said as he ordered me another drink “let’s move over to a booth where it’s a bit more private.”

He picked up his drink and reached over to me, helping me out of my seat and directing me towards an open booth. He kept his hand on the small of my back as we made our way across the room.

I set my drink on the table and sat down while Colton stood beside me. He motioned for me to slide in further and he took his seat next to me instead of across from me.

It was at this moment that I felt my first flash of my femininity. Up to now in my life I’d always been the “man” in any sort of intimate scenario. I felt so pleasantly confused by this bizarre turn of events. I was afraid- but at the same time I was really enjoying the treatment I was receiving. After all, it was physical intimacy that I was searching for and it seemed like my needs were being catered to, even though it was a man who was treating me this way. Despite that fact I felt a twinge in my loins. I’ve never been attracted to a man before but I’ll admit to feeling as though I wanted to please Colton in some special way for treating me so graciously.

“Jamie” he said as our eyes met “tell me why you’re really here tonight.”

Although we’d both talked earlier about being here to see Irina, it seemed now that we both knew that the reasons for us being here were much deeper. I opened up to him in a way I haven’t done before. I told him how I craved the human touch and how I longed for some intimacy in my life. I felt so comfortable talking with Colton about my physical loneliness.

He also opened himself up to me as well and I found myself genuinely interested in his story. He had been widowed a little over a year ago after a 24 year marriage. He was really just now opening himself up to the prospect of physical intimacy.

He finished his drink and asked me if I’d like to continue our evening at his condo.

Without even thinking I responded “Yes, I think I’d like that.”

I finished my drink as Colton went up and settled our tab with Irina.

He returned to the table and took me by the hand helping me to my feet. “After you” he said. I passed him as I made my way out. I felt his hand on the small of my back again as he guided me towards the exit. I swear I saw Irina wink at me as we left…

Colton stepped around me and opened the door. We walked to his car, his hand guiding the small of my back again, and he opened the passenger door for me. I got in and got situated. He closed my door gently and got himself into the driver’s seat.

We were quiet as he drove.

I was nervous as we headed into the darkness. He was focused on his driving while I was taking this opportunity to study his facial features and look at his body. He was similar in size and shape to me but a couple of inches taller. His hands were strong and his arms Demetevler Escort were long. I couldn’t help glancing towards his lap. I was becoming curious about him sexually. I was experiencing a flood of feelings and curiosity that I’ve never felt and certainly didn’t anticipate…

We pulled into the garage at his condo and parked.

Colton turned off the engine and I started to reach for the door handle…

“Wait Jamie…” He said as he put his hand on my thigh.

I froze.

He pulled his hand back and got out of the car and opened my door for me. I felt so special. For the first time in my life I understood why women like that so much. It made me feel pretty. It made me feel appreciated.

We walked hand in hand to the elevator. It was strange to me but it felt so natural to be walking hand in hand with him. It was late and we were alone as the doors closed. We started to rise.

I looked up at Colton as he pulled me closer. Our eyes met and an unstoppable urge came over me. I looked deep into his eyes, leaned up and kissed him deeply on the lips. His lips parted and the tips of our tongues touched. It was a deep but gentle kiss. It felt right.

The bell rang as we reached his floor and our lips parted.

As we walked down the hall to his unit my head was spinning. I felt so light on my feet. I’d just kissed a man for the very first time and I loved it. I couldn’t believe it. No wonder they call it “gay” I thought to myself!

Colton’s hand was still on the small of my back as we reached his door. He unlocked the door.

“After you.” He said as the door opened.

It was a beautiful condo with a stunning view of the city. Colton escorted me to a huge leather couch and motioned for me to take a seat.

“Another scotch?” He asked.

“Oh, thank you Colton, just water would be nice.” I responded.

I knew now that I didn’t need more alcohol. I wanted to remember every detail of this evening. I relaxed and looked out the window at the beautiful lights of the city as I waited for Colton to return. As I gazed out the windows I thought about what was happening, what had already happened and what I hoped might happen…and that was the exciting part…I honestly had no idea where this was going. I just knew that no matter what I was “all in!”

When Colton returned he was holding our drinks and he’d changed into a more comfortable silk robe and pajama bottoms.

“Jamie” he said “go on in and take a shower. There’s a robe hanging up by the shower for you to wear when you return.”

He smiled a gentle smile and again helped me to my feet. I leaned up and kissed him gently again.

As the warm water cascaded over my body I just smiled as I thought about the fact that I’d just shared my second kiss with a man. As I soaped and lathered every part of my body I basked in the euphoria created by this anticipation of my first physical interaction with another man. My cock and nipples were rock solid as I stepped out of the shower. I took a towel from the towel warmer – “damn Colton knows how to live!”- I said to myself as I wrapped the warm towel around my wet body.

After I was dry I stood looking at my naked self in the mirror for a moment. I was 57 years old and a bit overweight but overall I was still an attractive man. I looked at my hard cock jutting a full 7 inches out from my body. I keep my pubic hair trimmed short so it just blends in with the rest of my body hair. I thought to myself “wow, what a beautiful hard on!” I hadn’t been this hard in years. I made my cock dance a few times as I watched it in the mirror.

I reached for the robe Colton left me and I started to put it on… It was much shorter than his – and much more feminine. As I tied the belt I noticed just how flattering it actually looked on me. It was dark blue silk, just long enough that it covered my cock and balls but allowed the rest of my legs to remain in full view. The sleeves only made it about three quarters of the way down my arms but they were wide sleeves so they still hung nicely on my body.

As I opened the door and began to make my way back to Colton I heard music playing softly. I entered the room, the lights were soft allowing the lights of the city to shine. I caught my reflection in the windows as I stood before Colton.

“You clean up well” he said with a soft smile.

I paused for a moment as I gazed upon Colton. He was just sitting up in the couch with his drink in his hand. His silk robe glistened in the soft light. His eyes gazing back at me. As my eyes scanned the beauty of his body I could see a clearly defined silhouette of his semi hard cock heading down his right pant leg. The sight really turned me on and my own cock jumped right out from between the opening of my robe. I started to turn in my embarrassment but in a flash of genius I began to dance a bit to the music as I turned, covering my embarrassment. I again caught a glimpse of myself Otele gelen escort in the mirror and realized just how sexy I looked in my short robe dancing slowly in the moonlight. I continued to dance. I watched as Colton tapped his foot and enjoyed my show. The longer I danced, the longer the silhouette in his pant leg became.

He set his drink down and I reached down to him. Grasping both hands I pulled Colton to his feet. “Dance with me” I said.

I pulled him close as our bodies moved together with the music. I put my arms around him and rested my head on his shoulder. We held each other and softly swayed. I felt so loved as he held me and rocked me slowly.

I looked up at Colton and again felt the overwhelming desire again sweep over me. I leaned up and put my lips on his.

His lips were soft. I could feel his stubble as our cheeks touched. It was a strange feeling, to be sure, but I found it to be erotic just the same. Our lips parted and again our tongues touched. Our kiss became more heated as we danced together. Our tongues began to wrestle in each other’s mouths. I pushed my hips towards his and spread my legs. I was instinctively dry humping him just like the girls used to do to me at high school dances. His hand that had been massaging the small of my back as we danced moved lower and grasped my ass. Gently he pulled my ass moving me closer and up his thigh until I felt our cocks touch and rub each other through the light fabric. We were now both fully engorged. His cock felt wonderful as it slid against mine.

Colton broke our kiss and began kissing my earlobe and neck. He kissed his way to my shoulder and pulled one side of my robe away exposing my left breast. As we danced Colton took my nipple in his mouth. He suckled and nibbled. I thought I’d cum right then and there it felt so wonderful.

All the while we were still dancing and I was looking over Colton’s shoulder at our reflection in the windows. We were beautiful. I pulled him closer. I looked down at him as he looked back at me. He still had my nipple in his mouth. I bent down and pulled his mouth back up to mine.

We kissed some more as I untied his robe and pulled it off of his shoulders. I let it fall to the floor as my hands worked their way down his beautiful body caressing his chest and nipples. I kissed his neck and shoulders, just like he’d done to me. I took his nipple in my mouth and suckled. I nibbled and pulled a bit as he moaned softly and I felt his cock bump against my elbow.

Taking that as my cue I began to kiss his stomach working my way down. I lowered myself to my knees. Gripping the waistband of his pajama bottoms I drew them down to the floor as I settled myself on the floor as well.

My face was right at his cock as it had sprung loose and droplet of pre cum splashed on my face as his cock settled right in front of my mouth.

I’ve never been this close to another man’s cock before. I never thought I would be. As I looked at the cock, the tip wet with pre cum and glistening in the moonlight, I felt the heat, I felt an overwhelming desire to consume, to consume and to please. I found myself overcome with the desire to taste this beautiful wet hunk of man meat. To take him entirely in my mouth.

Without hesitation I leaned in and darted my tongue at the tip. I tasted a drop of semen for the first time. It tastes nice, I thought to myself. Not much to it. Just a pleasant, almost a sweet taste.

I grasp the base of his cock with one hand and cup his balls with my other. I stroke him a few times as I gaze at the manhood in my hands.

Colton’s cock was similar to my own. About 7 or 8 inches and relatively thick. Not stout, but thick. The mushroom was pronounced, purple and full. The shaft was solid. He too, kept his pubic hair short, but not shaven. If had ever dreamed about taking another man, this would have been my dream cock and here I find myself holding it, desperately wanting to pleasure it. I’m mesmerized by its beauty. Another drop of pre cum forms on the tip as I stare and stroke.

I release his balls and grasp his ass. I pull him close as my mouth opens and I take this beautiful cock into my waiting mouth. The head is hot. It’s much larger in my mouth than I had expected. I wash my tongue all around the head and taste some more of his pre cum. “He tastes as beautiful as he looks” I think to my self. I push my head towards Colton’s body taking as much of his cock into my mouth as I can. My lips meet my hand as I continue to stroke. I feel the flaming hot head of his cock as it touches the back of my throat. I stop for just a moment to relax and avoid gagging. I push further as my throat relaxes. I can’t believe it but I’m actually deep throating a man. The thought only increases the burning desire to fully satisfy my beautiful new lover. I pull my head back, sucking as hard as I can. I taste more of Colton’s semen as my tongue again washes all over his mushroom head. Again Balgat Escort I bring his ass towards me and push his throbbing cock deep into my throat.

I hear Colton moan.

“Jamie” he says as he reaches down and lifts me off his cock and to my feet “come with me.”

He sweeps me off my feet with one arm around my shoulders and one under my knees, carrying me to his bed.

As he lays me down at the foot of the bed with my legs hanging down, he opens my robe.

I’m laying naked on his bed, looking up at him as he stands naked between my knees looking me over. He smiles that soft smile at me again. He looks at my throbbing dripping cock and the look on his face shows he is pleased with what he sees. His cock stands erect, still glistening with the mix of my saliva and his pre cum.

“Jamie, I want to make love to you.” He says in his deep soft voice “May I?”

“Oh gawd yes!” I blurt out almost crying… “Please take me now! Take all of me Colton.” I plead.

He reaches into a dresser drawer and pulls out a bottle of oil. I smell lavender as he begins to spread and rub it on my body. He oils my cock and balls. I fear I’ll cum if he continues to caress and massage my organ. He senses my building orgasm and begins to rub my torso and chest as I calm down a bit again. My eyes are closed and I’m in a near dream state now as he begins to strongly massage and kneed my breasts. He leans down and kisses my nipple. He takes it in his mouth as his hands continue to massage. I’ve never experienced the true delight of having my nipples sucked and twisted and pulled like this. Again I’m sensing a quaking in my loins as he suckles at my breast.

Colton stands back upright and pours some more oil on his hands. This time he begins to apply it to my balls and ass. He’s very gentle as he massages his hands and fingers around and around my rosebud. I’ve done this to myself a thousand times but this is the first time I’ve experienced another person stimulating my backside. I’m in heaven. My head is spinning. I begin to moan and almost cry from the passion I’m feeling.

Suddenly I feel a finger penetrate my sphincter. I freeze for a moment and I swear a bright light flashed in my head.

“Oh gawd!” I cried. “Take me! Love me now Colton!” I screamed.

He continued to probe. I opened my eyes for just long enough to see the lustful smile on Colton’s face. He probed deeper.

Then, for just a moment he stopped probing. I felt like time stood still. He applied oil to his cock. He lifted my legs up onto his shoulders. He placed his molten hot cockhead against my opening. I took a deep breath in anticipation.

Slowly my new lover pressed his cock against my sphincter. He backed off and applied another few drops of oil between the head of his cock and the opening of my ass. He pressed his cockhead again against my wiling rosebud as I relaxed and accepted my lover into my most intimate place. His cockhead popped past my sphincter and I gasped. We both froze for a moment. I was expecting a great deal of pain (which at this moment I was gladly willing to accept) but there was none, only pleasure. Immeasurable pleasure.

I exhaled and grasped the backs of his thighs pulling him deep into me. I felt his hot manhood fill me. I felt his thighs press hard against my buttocks. My lover was deep within me and I’ve never felt so euphoric. My head was spinning as I enjoyed the feeling of heat and fullness in my bowel. I was being fucked. I’d totally yielded myself to this wonderful new lover. I felt so right.

Colton began to fuck me. Slowly at first.

I began to moan and cry out as I expressed the extreme pleasure that he was giving me. Nothing has ever produced the level of pleasure that I was receiving from Colton and feeling it so deep in my body.

I looked up at my lover and he brought his face to mine. He kissed me passionately as he began to plow his wonderful cock deep into my bowel over and over again.

By now I was fucking him back, wrapping my legs around him and kissing him with a passion I’ve never known. My cock was between our stomachs providing ample lubrication as my pre cum was being practically pumped out of me right now.

Colton and I continued our dance of love. He pounded his big hot cock into me as I met his every thrust with my open and receptive ass. We continued to kiss passionately.

Then he raised up and released a great guttural moan as his seed began to pump into me. He moaned as he thrust. I felt the heat and the fluid as my ass became more slippery. He came and he came.

Watching his face grimace as he moaned and cried out in the heat of the moment was enough to put me over the edge. Without touching my cock I began to cum hard propelling my spunk into the air and onto my chest. I’ve never cum so hard or so much. I just kept squirting until Colton finally stopped pounding his cock into me.

He lowered himself slowly back down until he was resting comfortably upon me. My cum was spread all over our chests and stomachs as we slowly rested together in a heap on his bed.

His cock remained in me and mine remained comfortably pressed between our bodies. It was a moment I wished would last forever…

I kissed Colton again and he kissed me back. He kissed my neck and lapped with his tongue at a glob of my semen that had shot up to my neck.

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